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Our Last Rendezvous

A couple weeks after our Thanksgiving weekend sexcapade I contacted Devon for one last taste of him
He text messaged me that he got off work at 1 a.m. and asked how to get to my dorm. I straightened up my room and made sure the sheets were fresh on my bed before going to take a shower. I stepped into the hot water and enjoyed the water running over my body. I lathered my towel with body wash and rubbed the suds over my arms moving up towards my shoulders. I moved down to my breasts paying close attention to my nipples. I squeezed the soapy cloth and watched the suds run down my stomach and down my thighs onto my feet and the shower floor.

I stepped into the stream of water to rinse those suds off. I then grabbed my razor to make sure my vagina was smooth. After a quick shave I re-lathered my cloth and rubbed it over my pussy and let the rough texture of the towel rub my clit. It felt amazing! I quickly finished my shower and hurried back to my room. I dried off and applied lotion to my entire body. I put on some pink panties and a pink/white lace bra. I put on some shorts and a tank top. When I was finished Devon text me saying he was outside my dorm.

It was snowing and the roads were getting bad and he only wore a hooded sweatshirt and ripped jeans. I quickly opened the door and scanned to get back onto my side of the building (you have to use your student ID card to gain access to your dorm on my campus). We went upstairs to my room laughing at his choice of clothing along the way. Once in my room he took off his shoes and we began to talk about things I can’t remember. I felt he was talking too much so I leaned over and kissed him. Just like I knew he would, he lost his train of thought and began to stutter. He called his family and told them he was staying with a friend because of the snow and not to worry. He smiled at me and got comfortable by taking his jeans and sweaters off. I laid down on my side and he laid next to me and we spooned.

I moved his hand from my waist to my breasts. He squeezed and fondled them until my back arched and I let out a small moan. He turned my head and kissed me deeply and we made out for a couple minutes. I broke away from our kiss and he smiled as he pulled me closer. I lifted up my tank top and removed my bra. It’s uncomfortable to me to sleep in a lace bra. As my nipples dropped out of my bra Devon quickly grabbed my nipples and pinched them. I leaned into kiss him and he devoured my mouth. I rolled on to my back and let him get on top of me as we continued to kiss.

His hands pulled up shirt and grabbed my tits while I grinded my pussy against his hardening cock. He pulled my panties off and his underwear off. He grabbed a condom out of his wallet that was on my desk and rolled it down the length of his huge dick. I laid back and he positioned himself in between my legs. He lifted my right leg over his shoulder and rubbed his hard cock over my slit. He pushed hard and entered my wet pussy. I don’t know when I got wet but I was dripping wet by the time he entered me.

He pumped away and I cried out in ecstasy clutching his arms. He leaned down and kissed me as he pumped harder and deeper into my wet pussy. I could barely take it all but it didn’t matter because it felt so good and he wasn’t going to stop. He turned me over into doggy-style and grabbed my hips as he thrust as hard as he possibly could back into my waiting pussy.

He drilled my pussy and smacked my ass so good I couldn’t help but orgasm. It hadn’t even been 10minutes and I was already cumming. I moved my ass back onto his dick fucking him back in a crazy feverish rhythm. He smacked my ass and told me to roll over. I rolled over and he turned me sideways with one of my legs over his shoulder as he re-entered me. I wanted to cum instantly. I felt him getting close to an orgasm himself so I yelled at him to fuck me until he comes. He began drilling into me so hard that it was a mix of pain and pleasure. He began saying something incoherently and pulled out of me. He then shot a big load into the condom while looking me in the eyes.

After a couple seconds he got up to dispose of the condom. As he pulled it off and put it into the trash he stated that he was still rock hard and horny. He said that has never happened to him before. He always would get soft or start softening immediately. I asked if he wanted to wait a while before round two he said no and began to kiss me again as he sat back down on the bed. He fingered my pussy to the point that my pussy muscles worked around his fingers like they were a dick. He pulled his fingers out of my wet pussy jolting me out of heaven and rolled another condom onto his still rock hard cock.

I scooted down closer to his dick. He entered me and it felt so good. My pussy gripped his dick tightly and he groaned in ecstasy. I kissed his neck as we both fucked our way to the second orgasm of the night. As I began to orgasm I dug my nails into his back and wrapped my legs around his waist as I bit down on his shoulder. He began to cum with me moaning loudly into my ear while humping my body with all his might. He let go of me and sat there looking at me. I looked at him confused asking why he’s staring. He said he just never has been able to go two times in a row like that before. He got up and threw the condom away, threw a towel at me to clean up while he wiped himself up.

He put his underwear back on. I got up and went to my drawer and put on some booty shorts and a different tank top. He loved the shorts. He smacked my ass and started talking trash about how he blew my mind sexually. I bent over and shook my ass in the air like they do on music videos. I looked over my shoulder at him being mesmerized by ass and told him he had to work to get some more of my ass. He laughed and said that means I couldn’t get any of his big dick either. I crawled back into bed and positioned myself on top of him in reverse cowgirl. I humped him a little and he instinctively grabbed my ass and started to guide it up and down. I could feel his cock starting to grow a little. I got off of him and we re-adjusted on the bed so we were spooning again. We talked for a little bit more and then dozed off to sleep.

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