Party Hard Even in Bed

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It's time to get out and party hard with you big boy.
Monica walks into the room grinning stupidly at me. While glaring at her, I turn from my computer desk and watch her as she walks over to my closet, throwing it open, she starts to rip clothes off of their hangers, looking at each piece. As she does this, I clear my throat and start to speak, only to get interrupted by her as she is holding up my red skirt that is two sizes too small.
“Does this fit you enough to dance in?” She says. I look from her, then to the skirt in her hand, and I shake my head
“Wait, wait. Why are you asking Monica? Last time you asked me something like that, you ended up stealing my clothes.”
“I am not going to steal your clothes. I am asking to know if you can dance in it… So can you dance in it or not?”
“Yes I can dance in it. I wore it to the last party with Dave.”
Smiling, she jumps up and down with glee, “Yeah then throw this on and this black lacy shirt. Cool?”
Standing up, I grab my skirt and shirt. Huffing, I turn to walk to the bathroom, but before walking I turn back to her and state, “Do I even want to know why I am putting these slutty clothes on?”

Smiling, she walks to me, kisses me on the cheek and whispers, “I have a little surprise for you and I know you will love it after all that work you been doing at school.”
Rolling my eyes I turn to the bathroom and throw on the skirt and shirt. Looking in the mirror, I put on a little make up, fluff up my hair, and smile to myself thinking, Damn I look good. Grabbing some black heels, I walk out of my room to meet Monica in her room. Walking in I knock on her bathroom door, “Hey boo. You almost ready to go, because I am two seconds from walking back in my room and going to sleep.” Hearing her laugh on the other side of the door makes me smile. Her laugh can do that people no matter how upset they are. Whenever Monica laughs, everyone laughs. She opens the door and my mouth drops. My little sister looks all grown up walking out in a black lacy dress with her black hair curled all the way down her back.
“Hey Raven, can you hand me those black boots by the bed?” Grabbing the boots, I watch her slide them on slipping them up her long tan legs.
“Damn sis. You look so good. I am getting hot over here looking at you,” I say jokingly to her.
Laughing, she stands up and turns around shaking her ass so I get a view of what she wants to show off. Grabbing my hand she spins me getting a look at my outfit.
“Raven I must say I don't think any guy could resist you in that skirt. It makes your ass so defined that if you had panties on you would be out of luck at hiding them.” smacking her hand a way I turn back.
“How did you know I had no undies on?” saying with fake shock in my voice. We both burst out laughing now and head out the door to my red and black mustang.

Jumping in the car I look over to her, “So where are we heading tonight?”
“We are heading to Ecstasy. Its new.” she says leaning over and grabbing my arm. I start the car and speed out of the drive way heading down town, the one place I feel normal now a days. We speed down the high way, blasting all the hottest music. Exiting the highway, we stop at the light. Dancing we look to our left to find two fine ass black guys sitting in the car next to use checking us out.

I roll down my window and lean out shouting over the traffic and music, “So boys, is there something you would like?”

Smiling, the one closes to me reaches out and grabs my hand, looking me in the eyes, “Baby girl you’re the only thing I want. Only questions that I need answered now is where and how am I going to get you out of that outfit?” Pulling back my hand as the light turns green I speed off down the street heading to the club. Looking back, I find them following close behind us. I floor it. Monica in the seat next to me smiles at the look of mischief in my eyes. I realize that we have kind of got too far ahead of the boys so I slow down so they can catch up. I pull into the club parking lot.

Looking in the mirror, I fix my lips and jump out of the car. I shimmy my ass so my skirt sits just right and then turn around to find the boys parked right behind us. Looking to the one that grabbed my hand, I wink and blow a kiss. I bend over and lock the door and head to the club. Monica catches up to me and grabs a hold of my arm. We giggle at the sound of their footsteps following us in. I enter the club initially feeling the need to dance and grind on something. Looking to the dance floor I feel arms wrap around my waist and turning me around ever so slightly.
“Hey there baby girl. So how did you know that I like a chase? If I didn't know better you were teasing me outside.”

Laughing I lift up to the tips of toes and whisper in to his ear, “My name’s Raven and what’s yours sexy?” Grabbing my hand he drags me to the dance floor. Looking back, I see Monica is already being handled by his friend. Spinning me he grips my ass so it is being forced right up against his already hard dick. I bend forward and start to grind onto him. He grips my waist and pulls me back standing straight up and wraps his arms around my waist while I still grind on him.

He whispers in to my ear as I feel his breath tickling my neck, “Derrick, my name is Derrick baby.” Spinning in his arms I raise to his height and kiss him ever so gently on his lips.

Pulling away I blush and say breathlessly back, “Well Derrick, you wanna go take this baby and find a seat because I need a drink right about now.” Holding my hand he pulls me through the crowd of people. As we walk, I spot Monica grinding on his friend and kissing him. I smile to myself and think Looks like the sisters are having some fun tonight. We find a seat in the back where it is more private. As he walks up to the bar to grab us drinks, I scan the crowd looking at all the bodies moving in sync with one another and wonder to myself if that is how we looked dancing out there on the floor. Sliding in, he smiles handing me my drink.

After taking a sip of his drink, he says, “So I see your friend and my brother are getting along well.”

I laugh and shake my head while looking back at him I say, “My friend is actually my sister and yeah they sure do seem to be getting along well out there.” Looking over his glass he smiles around his cup. I can feel the heat growing on my checks looking away I cover my face.

Pulling my hand down he holds it and says sweetly, “Oh I got you blushing now. Don't cover it, I like it. It’s so sweet and hot.” Hitting him in the arm I laugh and feel myself blush harder. Smiling he looks at me and leans over ever so slightly. I can feel my breath catch in my throat as he leans in farther and his lips touch mine. My lips start to move with his licking my lip for entry I immediately open in response, feeling his tongue move with mine. Pulling away he starts to make his way down my neck, nibbling every once in a while. He’s making me moan softly in my throat. Pulling away he rest his forehead agents mine breathing heavy he kisses my nose and looks in my eyes. “Am I the only one ready to head home and say fuck staying out?” Shaking my head, I pull away making my way through the crowd to my sister and Derrick’s brother.

Grabbing her arm, I almost have to shout over the base of the music, “Can you find your own way home with him, because I am ready to leave now.” Laughing she leans over to him and whispers something into his ear and he nods his head looking at me then at his brother back at the table smiling. Thanking him I back away and walk back to the table forcing myself not to run back to Derrick. Grabbing his hand, I pull him out of his seat and to the door walking outside, I am hit with a blast of cold air. Wrapping his arm around me, Derrick maneuvers his way around the parking lot to my parked car. Grabbing my key out of my hands he opens the door for me and rushes me in and quickly heads to the other door opening it. He rushes in and I crank the heat up while quickly pulling out of the parking lot. I am now speeding down the empty streets. I try to focus on the street in front of me and not the growing hard on in his pants. Glancing over I catch him looking me over and biting his lips. I squeeze my thighs together before I get my pussy juices all over my seats. Shaking my head, I keep my eyes on the road ahead of me but out of the corner of my eye I can see Derrick moving around in his seat.

At first, I think he is just squirming because he is so ready, but then I glance over at the sound of a quit rough moan and see his big black dick out and his hand gently touching on it looking at me. Glancing back at the road, I grown under my breath, getting angry now at the fact that I live so far away from this club.
“You are going to make me get in a car crash. I am so ready to just jump over this arm rest and fuck the shit out of that dick. If you don't put it away I will be forced to at least touch it,” I say. Glancing over, I see him start to stroke it faster now. Finally saying to myself, “Fuck it,” I reach over and start to stroke his hard dick. With one hand controlling the car and the other controlling him. I hear him start to grunt and moan louder. Finally after what feels like forever, I pull down my street and pull into my drive way. I park the car and lean over kissing him roughly while still stroking his hard dick.

Pulling back I ask him, “Can you make it to my room upstairs or am I going to have to handle this out in my car?” Frowning at me, he leans forward and kisses a trail down my neck and when reaching my collar bone, he bites, holding it long and hard. I scream out in pleasure and pain. Figuring this is the answer to my question I bring my lips down and wrap them around the head of his big dick. I can hear him take a sharp breath. I can tell he is almost to his point already. I suck him nice and long then come up and start to lick and suck on his balls while my hand strokes on his long dick. I can hear him fighting the rush of pleasure about to burst out of him. Pulling away I gently tease him by licking my way up his shaft then sucking gently on his head only to engulf his full length. I can hear his breath coming faster till finally I hear him moan out in response.
“Shit Raven, baby, I am about to nut all in that mouth.” Right after he states this, I start to move up and down faster and faster while I deep throat it. Then I take it all the way out looking in his eyes I deep throat it one last time and feel his nut hit the back of my throat. Swallowing, I come up for a kiss. Pushing me off, Derrick opens the door stepping out. I follow him with my eyes as he walks around the car and opens my door. Pulling me out, he lifts me up wrapping my legs around his waist. He kisses me while walking to the house.

I pull away for a moment to say, “Back door, back door is unlocked.” Turning he starts to head to the back door. I moan into his mouth as I feel his hard on hitting my pussy through his pants. Walking through the door I pull way one more time to say where my room is, “Top of stairs left first door.”

Pulling me back to kiss him, he makes his way up the stairs to my room. Finally, when we get to the top of the stairs he slams my back up against the door. He rips my shirt off over my head and leans down and starts to work on my tits. I reach down and pull up his shirt, stopping only for a second to let the shirt pull over his head, he goes back to work on my tits. Moaning and grinding on him I pull his head up to my lips and wrap my arms around his head while the other finds its way to the door knob.

Finally the door burst open. Walking in, he throws me onto the bed; pulling his shirt off as fast as possible. He rips off his pants and then begins kissing up my legs. He works his way up to my dripping pussy. Looking up at me his lips start to work their magic on my pussy. Gripping the covers, I arch my back up, moaning out as I can feel my own release coming fast. Pulling away, he works his fingers in and out teasing me. Cursing him in my mind, I moan out in frustration.

“If you don't stop teasing me, I swear I will make you suffer tonight trust me.” Arching an eyebrow, he smiles a slick smile and brings his lips back to my pussy. Smiling, I feel my breath catching and coming faster. I know I am about to burst.
Looking down, I dig my heals into the bed and arch my back screaming out, “Shit Derrick I am about to explode.”

With that he sticks his fingers in and put them to work as well. Screaming out, I feel my release come. Falling to the bed, I start to catch my breath but realize I don't have time to. Kissing his way up my body he stops only for a minute to work on my tits some more. I feel his hard on resting on my pussy opening. I raise my hips to greet him but he pulls back. I look at him in confusion. He smiles and winks down at me as he leans over me with a hand on each side of my head. I frown up to him and I beg with my eyes.

Finally I give in and just beg out right, “Oh come on. Are you really going to make me beg? Please, I want the black dick. Happy now?” Nodding, he lowers himself on to me and stokes it in with one deep rough stroke. I dig my nails into his back, throwing my head back. He is stroking it deep and fast now. I can feel my pussy wall tighten around him. Arching up, I dig my nails deep into his back as he grips the sheets tighter.
“Fuck Derrick I can't hold it off any longer I am going to burst,” I scream out. He grunts deeply and looks down at me stroking it faster beating it up.

He moans out, “Shit I am about to nut too Raven.” Stroking it deep one last time, I feel myself burst around him. I moan out gripping him tightly as I feel him release in me. Falling on top of me he kisses gently on my neck and whisperers in my ear.

“Well I am sure happy I deiced to chase after you.” Laughing, he rolls off of me and lays next to me, pulling me into his chest. I rest my head on his chest and I kiss him softly.
“I am sure glad you did too baby.” Laughing softly, I feel sleep hit me.
Kissing the top of my head he whispers to me, “Get some sleep baby because when you wake up, we going for round two. We ain't done yet!”
I fall asleep with a smile on my lips and his dick on my mind.