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Pollyanna - part 1

Middle-aged mom crosses the line at work
8:45 PM, the dressing room is buzzing, everyone is putting the finishing touches on their make-up. Most of the girls are already in costume, G-strings, pasties, and high heels or boots are standard for all the girls. They individualize their outfits from there, the usual stuff you see at a gentlemen’s club, cowgirl hats and vests, French Maid outfits, leather dominatrix corsets with matching thigh high boots, and schoolgirl tops and skirts.

Michelle decided to go with the schoolgirl look. Since her stage name is Pollyanna, she thought a schoolgirl theme was most fitting.

Nervously, Michelle looks around the dressing room wondering, “What the fuck am I doing here?”

Everyone is at least 15 years younger than she is, at 39 she could be some of the girls’ mother. How much had she been drinking when she let the club owner talk her into this? Was it really just the money? Things have been tight since the divorce and being a single mom in today’s economy is so hard. Child support is practically nonexistent from her ex-husband. Just her luck she married an irresponsible bastard. Everything in Michelle’s marriage went downhill when her daughter was born. He wanted a boy so badly, and when Rachel was born, he treated both of them like shit. He was already a controlling asshole, and with the birth of Rachel, he became verbally and physically abusive. All he cared about was selling ‘roids to his buddies at the gym and breeding his pitbulls. He could not keep a steady job, always getting fired or quitting. It was always somebody else’s fault or some conspiracy why he was let go each time. When the police raided their home, Michelle finally had enough, putting him out for good.

However, how did Michelle wind up in the dressing room of a strip club? After all, working for My Mortgage Inc. for over 15 years has had its advantages. The money is OK and the benefits are good. Working as a loan officer when she first started and then in the underwriting department was actually fun. But, the move to the collections department has been inconvenient to say the least. The one-hour commute to the new office is really taking its toll on her. Mom and Dad have been helping a lot however, watching Rachel in the evenings until she gets home, and filling up the fridge with groceries whenever they come over is a real big help as well. The bills never stop coming though. Rachel is growing so fast, it seems like she needs new clothes every month, and with dance class, soccer, and piano lessons on top of the usual bills, there is just not enough to make ends meet.

When he approached Michelle three weeks ago on her girls' night out, Marcus, the club owner, said, “On Friday nights you can make 500 easy, and Saturdays close to 1000 without having to spread your legs or suck a single cock. Of course, if you are willing to do that, you can make a lot more; just don’t do that shit in my club. If I get shut down and lose my license because one of my girls is trying to make some extra cash turning tricks on the side, they are a dead girl, is that clear?”

1500 for a weekend of work could go a long way towards getting Michelle out of her financial hole, even if it is only 700 a weekend, it will be a big help. It only took her a week to decide to try it. Besides, Michelle’s friend, Mary, had been begging her for weeks to take a pole-dancing class with her last year. She took it just to get Mary to stop nagging her and now it looks like it is finally going to pay off. When she said yes, Michelle told Marcus she was only going to commit to three months and re-evaluate the situation from there. Michelle was so surprised that he agreed to it and was actually hoping he would say “no” as a way out.

8:55 PM, the first girl goes on at 9, eight minutes of dancing, two minutes to work the crowd, then a five minute break before the next girl comes on. Michelle is the fourth girl out tonight, Pollyanna. The soft lighting in the dressing room really brings out the beautiful features of her face. The green eye shadow matches her plaid schoolgirl skirt and the pink blush highlights her high cheekbones nicely. Putting on the pink lipstick and playfully pouting in the mirror, Michelle moves her head from side to side, her two ponytails, tied with pink ribbons start to swing freely.

Sitting there she thinks, “Yeah, a 39 year old school girl, who the fuck is going to give me any money to watch me shake my tits and fat ass tonight?”

Michelle feels her nipples perk up as she ties her white blouse in a loose knot under her 34C breasts. Even after having Rachel, they are still pretty firm and perky, only dropping a little from breastfeeding and age. The pasties are glued on, she is not quite ready to bare it all on stage, and she cannot risk being arrested either, it would cost Michelle her real job if she did. The short plaid skirt barely covers Michelle’s ass, which is still well toned even though her ex is always calling her, “lard ass,” and telling her that she has a big butt. Michelle briefly thinks about how long it has been since a pair of strong hands cupped her ass. Ever since the divorce, she has been too focused on Rachel to get involved with anyone.

The white knee-high stockings cover her nice calves. Michelle’s legs have always been her strong suit, very shapely, and wearing heels for so long has really brought out her calves. Patrick at work is always checking them out. He does not know she sees him, but whenever Michelle wears a dress or a skirt, he turns around from his computer a lot more than usual. Asking questions he already knows the answers to, they are just an excuse for him to peek at her legs.

9:35 PM, Michelle is up next in five minutes. Standing by the stage, she goes over her routine in her head, a high-energy start, dancing to 'Bring Me to Life' by Evanescence followed by a slow grind to 'Jezebel' by Sade. Mary had a pole installed in her basement after the dance lessons they took last year and Michelle has been practicing for two weeks with her, getting everything down. The butterflies she used to get before playing in the marching band in college, years ago, are back. The DJ begins to introduce her as she waits by the door to the dressing room.

“Gentlemen, remember your childhood girlfriend from Catholic school, the one that wasn’t scared of worms and could run just as fast as you? She knew how to throw a baseball and always wore her cap on backwards as if she was one of the guys? Well, she’s all grown up now and filled out in all the right places, but she still loves to wear her outfit from school. Everyone, make some NOISE for, POLLYANNA, the HOTTEST school girl to ever grace our stage.”

Prancing onto the stage as the music starts Michelle goes through her routine flawlessly. Teasing the men as she dances to 'Bring Me to Life', shaking her ass and tits as she moves, she just gives them flashes of her breasts, setting them up for 'Jezebel'. When Sade begins to sing, she drops her top and skirt and adds the pole to her routine. Her moves are so slow and sensuous as she rubs her pussy along the pole sliding up and down it, offering her tits to the crowd when she twirls around it. Michelle gets down on the floor and works her hips and ass as if she is giving some lucky guy the fuck of his life, and the money just flows onto the stage. A few men come up front to get a closer look while she dances and shout words of encouragement.

“I have a pole just like that one for you to fuck.”

“You can ride my cock like that anytime baby.”

“Damn you’re hot! I want a lap dance when you’re done.”

“Shake that ass baby, and let me suck on those nice tits when you’re done.”

When the song ends all the men by the stage yell as Michelle gathers up the money they threw on it. Lap dances are 25 and she already had two requests before she leaves the stage. A private lap dance in one of the back rooms is 75. The bouncers arrange them. Marcus said after she finished the 25 dances if someone wants a private dance one of the bouncers will escort her to a private room and stay with her during the dance. The no touching policy by the patrons is supposed to be enforced by the bouncer during the dance. With the money she collected from the stage and the two lap dances Michelle guessed she had about 200 so far and she still had to dance two more times tonight.

Working the room, Michelle picks up a third lap dance before a bouncer, Joey, comes to get her. Marcus meets her on the way as Joey leads her to a private lap dance room.

“Look sweetheart you’re off to a good start, you did a good job on stage and you already have a request for a private dance, don’t fuck it up. Do whatever you want in there as long as his dick stays in his pants and that G-string stays over your cunt. Too many clubs have been shut down since the Mayor started his ‘holier than thou’ crack down on strip joints and I don’t plan to be one of them. They got sting operations going on every night, don’t know who’s a cop and who’s not anymore, you feel me?”

“Yes Marcus, I understand, and I won’t fuck anything up.”

Michelle’s palms are sweating as Joey leads her into the room; her nipples harden with anticipation in spite of her nervousness. Joey collects the 75 when she turns and sees the man’s face.

“Patrick! What the fuck are you doing here? Shit! No! I quit. What the fuck Patrick, what are you doing here? Oh, my god, I can’t believe you saw me. What the fuck Patrick, Joey, give him his money back, I… I work with him. I can’t dance… I won’t give him a lap dance. No!”

“Michelle, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have,” Patrick stammers, “I, I, it's just that I, well I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just, WOW, you were so hot dancing and I, well, I just wanted to… I’m sorry, please, you don’t have to do it, and it’s OK. I just think you’re so sexy, and seeing you dance, and I wanted to tell you so many times before, but I can’t… because… well, you know why.” Patrick’s voice trails off as he looks down at the floor.

“Shit, Patrick, I’m so embarrassed that you saw me here. What are you doing here?”

“You’re embarrassed? When I saw you come out, I almost ran out the door. I don’t want anyone from work knowing that I go to strip clubs, especially you. I didn’t know you worked here; I haven’t been to a club in years and just wanted to get out of the house. I was so shocked when you were dancing on stage, but you were so hot Michelle, I couldn’t leave. I should have just left after you danced, I don’t know what I was thinking when I asked for a private lap dance. I’m so sorry.”

Joey interrupts, “Look, are the two of you just going to talk or what? As long as I’m in here, you’re on the clock so there will be no refunds no matter what happens. Mr Marcus don’t give no fuckin’ refunds. So don’t even ask for one, OK buddy?”

“Sure, no problem, keep the money,” Patrick says. “Michelle, I had better go, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’m sorry. I um, I won’t tell anyone at all about it. I won’t, you have my word.”

“Thanks Patrick, believe me, I don’t want anyone to know either, this is my first night working here and it’s such an out of the way place I never thought anyone from work would come here.”

“Well, that’s why I picked this club, it’s so out of the way I didn’t think anyone from work would be here either. I’d better go, have a good night, and I’ll uh, I’ll see you Monday.”

Michelle watches Patrick leave, thinking, “Shit, oh my god, what the fuck was he doing here? Damn, how can I go to work on Monday, what if he tells everyone, everyone will look at me like I’m white trash, like I’m some kind of slut, a single mom out there walking the streets.”

But, Patrick has been so nice to me. Ever since I moved to the new office, he has been so kind, always offering me encouragement, a shoulder to cry on when I needed it, helping me whenever I asked. He has been so easy to talk to, to share stuff with, he has been safe. Now what? What’s going to happen on Monday?”

Michelle goes through her next two sets in a daze. But, she still makes 390 after giving Marcus his cut, not bad for a first night and she really was out of it the last two dances, if she had been focused while she danced she would have made much more. Michelle’s mind is a ball of confusion on the drive home.

“What if someone else comes to the club? Will Patrick come back tomorrow or another night? Will he tell anyone at work?”

However, as she continues to drive home, her worry slowly fades.

“Fuck it, I need the money and it’s only for three months, what’s the worst that can happen anyway? Well, Stan could show up, what a prick. It isn’t bad enough that I have to drive an hour to get to work now; I have to work for Stan as well. I don’t mind Patrick seeing me dancing almost naked, but not Stan. I’ll walk right out if he shows up.”

As Michelle pulls into her driveway, she thinks about Patrick watching her dance. Sitting in the car with the engine off closing her eyes, she struggles with her thoughts.

“Don’t Michelle; don’t think about him like that, you can’t. Get out of the car and go into the house. But, he’s a guy, he has to think about me that way, he’s always checking out my legs, and he even told me he has a thing for my feet. No matter how nice they are, how polite, they are still just guys, and deep down, they can’t help themselves.”

Michelle slides her hand up to her breast as she hits the button to close the garage door. Squeezing it gently, her hand slowly changes into Patrick’s caramel colored hand. Lifting her breast, he rubs the area right under her tit, wiping the sweat away as he slowly moves his fingers back and forth. Michelle leans back in the seat as he slides his hand over her nipple; his palm brushes across it. Cupping her tit, he takes her nipple between his thumb and forefinger squeezing it, pulling on it gently. He rolls it between his fingers as it hardens, putting just enough pressure on it. He cups Michelle’s tit again, then pinches and pulls her nipple, when he releases it, his thumb circles her areola then he repeats the cycle again.

As Michelle rubs his thick forearm, she visualizes the erotic contrast of her white hand sliding along his dark skin, his other hand slides along her stomach, stopping at her belly button, pausing a moment to play with it. Not tickling her, his touch is so light it teases her just the way she likes it. Spreading her thighs a bit, she slowly moves her hips up and down a little, encouraging him to move his hand lower.

“Stop it Michelle, get out the car, and don’t think about him, it’s not going to happen. Go into the house, get your vibrator and think about anyone but him as you get off.”

Patrick’s fingers pull Michelle’s G-string to the side and part her pussy lips, she covers his hand with hers, forcing two of his fingers inside her slit. Michelle shudders as he penetrates her. Guiding him, she works his fingers in and out of her; Michelle’s wetness covers them. He rubs her g-spot each time she forces his fingers inside her. Closing her thighs, trapping his fingers, Michelle grinds her clit against the palm of his hand until she explodes. Patrick smiles and kisses her gently as he fades away. Exhausted, she climbs out of the car, her legs still trembling from her orgasm, and heads for bed. It is 3 AM and she has to pick Rachel up by ten in the morning.

Saturday night is even better than Friday. The club was so crowed, between the money she made on stage and all the lap dances Michelle cleared 1,120. No one she knew showed up either. Michelle was nervous that Patrick might come back, but he did not and everything went well.
As Michelle left, Marcus said, “You’re a natural sweetheart, a real natural,” putting a smile on her face for the drive home.

Monday morning comes incredibly soon. Michelle hasn’t been this nervous on her morning drive in to work since her first day on the job. Her palms are sliding along the steering wheel and she hopes her deodorant does not go away before she gets into the office.

“What is Patrick going to say? Did he call and tell anyone over the weekend?”

Michelle arrives an hour before Patrick does and watches the clock slowly tick towards 9 AM. Four new collection files are on her desk so she tries to immerse herself in them to make the time pass.

“Good morning, good morning.” Patrick walks in with his usual greeting for everyone as he walks towards his desk.

He looks at Michelle, smiles, and says, “Good morning,” as he always does before he takes his seat. The day is just like any other Monday, with chatter about the weekend. Some jokes that are on the cutting edge of political correctness that would make any HR rep cringe if they heard them, and customer’s cussing when called to try to help them catch up on their payments, just another day at My Mortgage Inc. Tuesday and Wednesday are just the same.

Thursday morning Michelle decides to wear her khaki skirt, it is a little too short for work but it will pass -who has money for a new wardrobe anyway? When Patrick walks in, she is standing next to Jenny’s desk. He walks by saying good morning and he has already noticed her legs. As the day progresses, Michelle catches him checking them out a few times. Everything is going smoothly until 3:00 PM when it all hits the fan. Stan, their manager, is out all week and Patrick has been backing him up. He has been in meetings all day and comes out of the last one very pissed.

Patrick says to no one in particular, “I’ve got to run some numbers for Jack and I don’t know where to begin to get them from. Other people’s incompetence should not make more work for me; I’m going to be here all night.”

He sits down and starts working just as a customer starts cussing Michelle out. Michelle has dealt with difficult customers before but this one has her rattled, calling her 'a fucking liar' repeatedly. She knows how to deal with this type of situation, and she covers each step with this one, but he just got to her. By the time she hangs up, she is in tears and has no idea why. Tommy, who sits across from Michelle, just stares at her trying to figure out what to say.

Patrick walks over and says, “Come on, lets go for a walk.”

He takes Michelle by the arm to help her up and leads her off the floor away from everyone, his hand resting on her back as they walk. His words are so calming, he reassures her that she knows what she is doing, that she is in control, not some jerk on the phone that cannot pay his mortgage. Patrick talks to her for twenty minutes in a small conference room, his hand gently rubbing her back as she gets herself together.

“I’m sorry Pat, I don’t know why he got to me, he just kept calling me a liar. I know you have a ton of work to do and I’m taking up your time crying. I just have a lot going on right now. If you need help with anything let me know, I had planned on staying late to catch up anyway so just ask.”

Smiling Patrick says, “Do you know how to run an audit so I can get 2008 over 90 day late pays for March – June so I can compare it to 2009 for the same time period?”

Laughing, the two of them, head back to their desks. The hours fly by, when Michelle looks up at the clock its 7 PM. The cleaning lady is just starting to vacuum down their aisle, the last one in the building. Patrick is still at his desk working, but the rest of the office is empty. One more phone call and Michelle is out of there.
Michelle waits for the cleaning lady to finish and turn off the vacuum then dials the last customer of the day just as Patrick yells, “Done!”

He spins around in his chair and looks at Michelle just as she says hello to the customer. She can tell Patrick is excited and wants to tell her about what he just finished. Rushing through the conversation with the customer, she hangs up and spins her chair around only to catch Patrick looking at her legs.

“Michelle, come look at this, what do you think of this spreadsheet?”

Patrick turns to look at his monitor as Michelle gets up to walk over to his desk. When he points at the screen to show her the numbers she leans over closer to him. Her right breast touches his shoulder and her long hair brushes against his cheek and clean-shaven head. Michelle is so close to him, when he turns to explain the numbers to her, his lips almost touch her cheek. Michelle pulls back quickly and Patrick shifts in his seat, dropping his hand in his lap. She can see the outline of his hard cock underneath his khakis just before his wrist covers it. He must have gotten hard looking at my legs before I walked over, Michelle thinks.

“You see Michelle, each month the 90 day numbers have gone up over thirty percent from last year and our staffing has dropped ten percent, that’s why we’re getting killed in here each day. Look at this as well,” she leans back next to him as he points at the screen, her hair brushing his cheek again. “When I graph these numbers, look at the chart.”

Michelle can sense him tense up and his hand is shaking slightly as he points to the screen. His shaved head shines in the florescent light, probably from a very light sweat that he seems to be breaking out in as she stands so close to him.

“Patrick, you did a good job with the numbers, Jack will be happy with them, and I want to tell you that you fill in for Stan so well when he is out, all of the team members like it. You really are doing a good job.”

Michelle does not move as she talks to him, she is so close, that she is almost whispering in his ear. It has been a long day but she can still smell a slight hint of his after-shave lotion on him.

Patrick stares at the screen as he talks to her now, he seems afraid to turn his head and look at Michelle, and his hand is still resting in his lap, she wonders if he’s still hiding a hard on.

“Michelle…” Patrick trails off after he says her name.

“Michelle.” This time Patrick turns and looks at her, their faces just inches apart, she does not pull back this time.

“Michelle, I…” Patrick leans closer, places his hand on her cheek and kisses her.

Closing her eyes Michelle accepts his kiss; his lips embrace hers as she rests her hand on his shoulder. The kiss feels so good she does not want it to stop. They stare at each other when Patrick finally pulls away.

“Oh my god,” Michelle thinks, “I’m at work kissing a married black man, what the fuck am I doing?”

Before she can say anything Patrick stands up, wraps his arms around her waist and kisses Michelle again. His hands slide down to her ass as he pulls her to him. Michelle can feel him though his pants as he presses his crotch against her. Opening her lips with his he slides his tongue into her mouth as his hands grip her ass. This kiss is long, and so sensual.

“Patrick, we can’t,” Michelle says to him when they stop kissing. “I want to, I really want to, but we can’t.”

“I know Michelle, but I had to kiss you, I needed to do that, I just… I just needed to kiss you. We’d better go, it’s late, and we should go.”

Patrick looks her in the eyes as they prepare to leave and says, “Michelle… may I… ah… may I kiss you goodnight… please? I just…I have to kiss you again...please “

Michelle wants him as much as he wants her, his hands felt so good on her ass. She moves closer to him placing her hands behind his neck, holding the back of his bald head. His hands slide back around her waist as their lips meet again. The kiss is long and passionate. Patrick slides his hands back down to Michelle’s ass as they kiss, but this time as he slides them down he lifts her skirt, gripping her soft cheeks in both of his strong hands. Michelle melts in his arms, forcing her tongue into his mouth as they continue to kiss; they stand together in a passionate embrace. The kiss lasts forever; his hands massage her ass before his fingers slide under her thong pulling it to the side. When he slides his fingers along her crack, brushing her rose bud, her knees almost buckle.

At the point of no return, rather than stopping, the two of them silently choose to offer their bodies to each other. Patrick sits Michelle on the edge of Carol’s desk, lifting her skirt as he gets down on his knees. Michelle helps him slide her thong off, his face inches from her shaved pussy. He starts kissing the inside of her left thigh working his way towards her special place. When he gets to the line between her thigh and pussy lips, he spends an eternity licking and sucking her there. Michelle grabs his head pushing him, trying to make him slide his tongue along her slit but Patrick skips it completely and starts kissing her right inner thigh. Again, working his way along her soft skin to that space between her thigh and outer lip, he licks and sucks until she cannot take it anymore.

Michelle’s pussy lips are swollen and throbbing, covered with her juices; her clit is engorged and peeks out from under its hood, waiting for his tongue. When he finally buries his face in her love nest, his tongue starts at the bottom of her slit, the tip spreading her lips as he slowly moves it up to her little button. Michelle puts her legs on his broad shoulders, resting them on his back as she grabs his head.

When Patrick reaches her clit with his tongue, he uses his fingers to pull her hood back, exposing it even more before he sucks it into his mouth. He presses on it with his lips and uses his tongue to circle the sensitive tip causing Michelle’s thighs to jerk closed around his head. Leaning back on the cubicle wall, she pushes herself into his mouth. Patrick releases her clit and slides his tongue inside her opening moving it in and out of her wet tunnel. He alternates between sucking her clit and fucking her with his tongue. Just when she is about to come from him licking and sucking her clit he stops and starts working his tongue in and out of her open pussy. He seems to know how to hold Michelle on the edge of her orgasm, torturing her, not letting her come. When he finally lets her, Michelle’s orgasm hits her hard; her abs contract as it flows through her whole body, wave after wave causing her to squeeze his head tightly between her thighs. Arching her back Michelle holds the back of his head pressing his mouth on her pussy until her orgasm stops. Patrick continues to gently lick and suck her clit until she finally releases him.

When he stands, Patrick unbuckles his pants and pulls his boxers down freeing his hard cock. Wrapping Michelle’s legs around his waist, he guides his cock into her waiting pussy. He enters her slowly, looking into her eyes as he moves his hips closer sliding his full length inside her, down to his balls. He pauses a moment, his manhood surrounded by Michelle’s walls before pulling back, leaving his head inside her open lips. With each thrust, her ass slides back on Carol’s desk, but Patrick grabs it and pulls her back to the edge after each stroke.

“Unbutton your shirt Michelle; I want your tits.”

Michelle unbuttons her blouse and unhooks her bra, leaning back slightly she lifts both breast, offering them to Patrick. He sucks her hard nipple into his mouth as he strokes her pussy. His tongue licking her nipple as his lips surrounds it. Switching from one tit to the other, he continues to fuck her. Feeling his head throbbing inside her, Michelle knows he will explode soon. Releasing her tit from his mouth, he puts one hand under her ass and wraps his other arm around her back lifting her off the desk. Wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs tightly around his waist, Michelle rides his cock hard. When he is about to cum Patrick slides just the tip of his finger into her ass, bringing her over the edge with his final thrusts. Michelle feels him explode inside her while her walls contract around his length, orgasming together, his cock filling her with his cum…

Michelle places her feet on the floor as he softens inside her, Patrick holds her in a tight embrace. His whole body is shaking, trembling as he stands with her in his arms.

His voice cracking as he speaks. “Michelle…I’m sorry, I…”

Michelle puts her finger to his lips silencing him, whispering softly in his ear, “Shhhh.”

The emotional gravity of what just happened has hit Patrick and it's Michelle’s turn to hold him and comfort him. For ten minutes, they stand together, Patrick’s face buried in her neck, Michelle’s arms around him, rubbing his back as he cries quietly. When he stops shaking, his body relaxing, he lets her go and waddles over to this seat, his pants and boxers around his ankles, keeping him from walking. Michelle sits in Carol’s chair, grabbing some tissues from the box on her desk, wiping up his cum, mixed with her juices that are slowing trickling down her thighs. Michelle sees her thong on the floor under Carol’s desk but does not bend over to pick it up.

“Michelle, I’m sorry, I, I shouldn’t have… I never…”

Michelle hears the sincere anguish in his voice as he speaks. He is clearly struggling with what has happened.

“Michelle, I’ve wanted you for months, thought about being with you, holding you in my arms, making love to you over and over again, but I shouldn’t have done this to you. I’m so sorry, I have so much respect for you and I’ve taken advantage of you. I…I don’t want you to think I’ve used you. I’m not like that Michelle I’m not like that at all. Please believe me, I’m not like that.”

“Patrick, I’m an adult, you didn’t take advantage of me, I wanted you too, and I respect you as well. I’ve thought about you, about making love to you, I never thought we would we would actually do it. I’m not some slut that goes around sleeping with married men. I’ve been through a divorce; I don’t want to be the cause of one. Although, to be honest with you, I never had a guy eat my pussy like you just did, to tease me for so long before letting me come. I would love for you to go down on me like that whenever I wanted you to. But, I can’t… and I won’t be…‘the other woman.’ I’m not going to give you some crazy ultimatum or turn into a fatal attraction stalking you. When we leave here tonight, everything has to go back to the way it was, everything. This can’t happen again. After tonight we will never even speak of it.”

“You’re right Michelle; I agree with you, we have to go back to the way it was. But, being with you just now was everything I dreamed it would be. I felt so good inside you, stroking you, feeling your walls sliding on the head of my cock, and if you said to me “eat me” anytime, anywhere I would drop to my knees and lick your pussy ‘til you came all over my face, your pussy was that good.”

They continue to sit and talk about what just took place. Telling each other how much they dreamed about this moment. How they would think about each other all the time. As they talk Michelle notices Patrick is slowly going from soft to semi-erect.
“I see you need some more attention over there,” she tells him smiling, “Take your pants off, Pat.”

Patrick removes his shoes and pulls his pants and boxers off as Michelle moves over to him. Getting on her knees in front of him, she takes his cock into her mouth holding the base of his shaft in one of her hands. Focusing just on the head, she plays with the rim and his hole with her tongue. When he becomes fully erect, she takes him all the way into her mouth, her lips sliding along his shaft, sucking as she works her way slowly down his length. When Michelle comes back up, she looks up to see Patrick smiling, looking down at her before she goes back down on him. Cupping his balls, she moves her head up and down, slowly making love to his cock with her mouth.

Patrick moans softly as Michelle takes care of him, moving his hips up and down in time with her head. He runs his fingers through her long hair holding the back of her head as she moves it along his shaft.

“Michelle, I’m going to come, but I want you baby, I want to be inside you when I do.”

Releasing him, Michelle sucks a drop of pre-cum off his tip before standing up. He turns her around, bending her over Carol’s desk. Placing the side of her face on the desk, Patrick lifts her skirt, exposing her soft ass. Michelle spreads her legs and bends her knees slightly as he moves in behind her. Putting the head of his cock on her open pussy lips, she pushes back to accept him as he plows his way deep inside her.

Grunting, Patrick fucks her this time with long hard strokes. Not like the first time when he was slow and sensual. He rammed his cock in and out of her, his balls tapping her cunt with each thrust, “Michelle, I can’t hold it, I’m going to come.”

Grabbing her hips Patrick slams into her one more time, his body tenses up when she feels his cum squirt into her pussy as he presses against her ass,

“Oh my god, yes Michelle, your pussy is so hot,” Patrick says, as he squirts more cum into her.

He keeps thrusting until his cock goes soft inside of her. When he pulls out, Patrick drops to his knees, spreading her ass cheeks.

Before putting his mouth on her dripping pussy he says, “Rub your clit while I eat you Michelle, I want you to come again.”

Reaching between her legs, Michelle slides her fingers onto her clit; Patrick sucks Michelle’s swollen pussy lips into his mouth, pulling on them with his lips, he stretches them as he sucks. Then sliding his tongue in and out of her, he fucks her with his mouth bringing her closer to the edge.

“Yes Pat, eat my pussy, make me come, I want to come for you so bad, eat me baby.”

Michelle feels Patrick grip her ass tighter with his strong hands, spreading her cheeks open even wider. He slides his tongue along the crack of her ass. When he slides the tip of his tongue onto her asshole, Michelle’s whole body jerks violently. He forces the tip inside her tight rosebud making her cum. Her orgasm washes over her like a tidal wave.

“Oh yes baby,” Michelle screams as she comes, her thighs shaking, clit and pussy lips throbbing as he holds his tongue in her ass.

Michelle’s body goes limp on the desk when her orgasm finally subsides and Patrick moves from behind her. He rolls Carol’s chair over so she can sit down; a big grin covers his face. Slumping down in the chair, Michelle leans back exhausted, enjoying the waves of pleasure Patrick has given her. He grabs some tissues out of the box and hands them to her before sitting in his chair and wiping off his nose and mouth. She laughs as he wipes his nose, the thought of “brown nose” flashes through her mind, and Patrick’s nose is brown, but not from being buried in Michelle’s ass moments ago. Michelle wipes his cum from her slit and tries to wipe up the stain on Carol’s chair that was left from her sitting on it, but the tissue just disintegrates.

Patrick puts his pants back on then crawls under the desk to get Michelle’s thong for her. Its 9 PM as the two of them leave the office together, Patrick walks Michelle to her car. Leaning into the car, he kisses her one last time before she drives off, headed for home.

Its business as usual the next morning, Patrick walks in saying his good mornings, the phones are ringing and customers are complaining.

That is until Carol says, “What is that smell? Patrick, do you smell anything? There’s some sticky stuff on my desk too.”

Patrick bites his lip to keep from laughing when Carol runs her fingers across her desk.

Turning and smiling at Michelle, Patrick says, “Jenny has some 409 cleaner in her file cabinet. I’ll get it and wipe off your desk for you Carol, maybe one of the cleaning people spilled some soda on it.”

“Soda?” Carol says as she moves her fingers by her nose, “This shit smells like pussy.”

Michelle and Patrick laugh as he gets up to get the 409, he winks at her as he walks by her desk smiling. Looking at the bulge in his pants, Michelle knows he is thinking about yesterday, and the special time they shared, just as the wetness between her legs reminds her of the same…

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