Repopulating the World

By alliet14

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Allie, Rich and John are the only people to survive when a meteor hits earth.
The sirens screamed as everyone in town rushed around in a panic. Rich and Allie run to their underground bunker and close the door waiting for their friends and family to join them.

It had been on the news for weeks. A giant meteor was headed straight for earth. As in the movie Armageddon, many countries had joined together to try and destroy the huge space rock, but to no avail. So many brave men and women had lost their lives trying to save mankind. The last week, the meteor had picked up speed and was now entering the earth’s atmosphere. The meteor was predicted to hit close to China but the radiation waves were going to be devastating and would affect the whole world.

Allie and Rich waited patiently. After about an hour after they arrived at the bunker, the earth began to tremble. The can goods they had stored were falling off the shelves. They could hear screams of fear and pain above them. Allie began to sob knowing that life as they knew it was over, life in general could very well be over. Then everything went dark.

Allie woke up. The bunker was so dark. She pushed one of the shelves off her leg as she tried to sit up. Pain shot through her body. She felt around her. She knew there was supposed to be a flash light close by her. She found it just in arm’s length. She turned the flash light on. She shined around her. Everything that had been neatly stacked was all over the floor. She continued to scan the bunker looking for her boyfriend, Rich. She saw him lying face down just a few feet from the stairs that led out. She tried to get up to go to him but a severe pain shot through her leg. She pointed the light to where the pain had come from. One of the timbers from the roof of the bunker had fallen across her leg, and she was bleeding. She reached and after several tries she got the timber to move enough so she could free her leg. She crawled over to Rich. She placed her fingers on his neck to check for a pulse, good he was still alive.

“Allie, are you ok?”

“Oh Rich, you are alive.”

“Yes baby, I am fine, are you?”

“My leg hurts”

Allie relived that day every night when she tried to sleep. Now months later. She and Rich roamed the country. Unfortunately in that time, they had not met anyone else alive. Each town the came to was filled with empty building, rotting corpses, and the smell of death.

They slowly walked down the street a town in South Carolina. The months of walking had taken its toll on both of them. Their clothes were worn and their bodies were tired. They walked into a small hardware store. As they looked around, Rich found a generator. With some gas and oil he found, he soon had it running. They continued to gather supplies and took them outside the store. Then Rich went looking around and soon came back. He had found a small house nearby. They carried the supplies to the house and soon, they were sitting on the couch of the house, with electricity. They slept for days.

Rich kissed Allie as she slept. He continued to kiss her until she woke up.

“I have a surprise for you”

He took her hand and led here to the bathroom. In the bathroom Rich had worked to haul hot water to tub to make her a hot bath. He slowly removed her ragged tank top. Her firm breast bounced free. She unzipped and unbuttoned her shorts and underwear, and slowly sank into the water. Rich just watched as her body was enveloped by the warm water, for the first time in months, Allie smiled. Rich slowly removed his clothes and joined her in the tub. He sat facing her. Allie methodically moved closer to him. She slowly mounted his lap, taking his 5 and a half inch cock in her hand. It instantly hardened. She slowly lowered herself on him, feeling him enter her for the first time since before that dreaded day. Her movement mad ripples in the water as she slowly rode him for only what seemed like seconds before she felt his warm cum shooting into her.

After the bath, Rich and Allie laid naked on the bed in the master bedroom of the house where both drifted off to sleep.

Rich was a good man. He was 23 and before the dreaded day, he had helped his father tend the family farm. He stood 6 foot and was around 180 pounds. His body was toned from the hard labor of the farm. Clothed, he looked like a god. Unfortunately he was not well endowed. His short, thin cock left a lot to be desired.

Allie was picture perfect. At 19 she had long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a body that any man would lust to have. She stood 5’6 125 pounds. He body was toned from cheer leading and softball, and her most noticeable attribute was her heart shaped butt.

The two lovers were awakened by what sounded like a man hollering. Rich quickly got up and put on his clothes while Allie covered herself with the blanket that was on the bed. She trembled in fear as Rich went to investigate the sound. After a few minutes, Allie heard Rich call for her to come to the living room. Allie got up and put on her shorts and tank top and walked to where Rich was.

As Allie walked in, she was surprised to see Rich was not alone. Accompanying him was another man.

“John, this is my girlfriend Allie, Allie this is John. He also survived the meteor.”

Allie smiled and waved as she took Johns appearance in. He was a head taller than Rich. He was wearing only a pair of ripped jeans with no shirt. His chest and abs looked as if they were chiseled. Allie instantly felt moisture building between her legs. What intrigued Allie the most was that John was African American.

Allie’s knees got weak and she sat down. All she could think of was how big his cock would be. She had always heard that black men were extremely big, and she yearned to be satisfied by something bigger than Rich.

The three sat down and talked about their adventures. John had come from the west, and like Rich and Allie, he had not come in contact with no other survivors. It seemed that the only people on earth were sitting in that room.

The three started talking about the future. Rich made the comment it was up to them to repopulate the earth.

“What do you think about that Allie? You are going to be the mother of a new race.” Rich joked.

“Oh I can’t wait”

“And I will be the father”, he added.

Allie rolled her eyes. “I am sorry Rich, but I don’t think you are ah, man enough to be the father of civilization.”

“What do you mean? We are a couple. Who else are you going to get pregnant by?”

Rich looked at John, then at Allie.

“You are not the only man around anymore, being I am the only lady, I think I should be at least satisfied and not just used as a baby factory”

John smiled big “Ma’am what are you saying?”

“I am saying that the new mankind is not going to be fathered solely by Rich.”

“Gentleman, I would like both of you to take off your clothes and present yourself to me, the Queen” Allie giggled.

Rich took off his shirt, and then peeled his pants down. His little cock was standing straight out. John laughed as he unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down his thick hips. Allie’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as Johns cock swung between his legs. Allie squeezed her legs together; she could feel her juices running down her legs as she looked at John’s huge cock.

“Rich honey, why don’t you help John get that big piece of meat ready to repopulate the world?” Allie said devilishly.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Get your sissy ass over here and suck my cock until I am ready to fuck your hot girlfriend”

Rich slowly moves toward John. He dropped to his knees and took John’s cock into his hand and began to stroke it. Allie stood and removed her clothes and lies back on the sofa, and played with her hard nipples. Rich raised Johns limp cock up to his lips. He opened his mouth and slid it into his mouth. Rich felt John’s cock begin to harden as he begins to wet it with his saliva. He worked his tongue up and down the cock. Then took it into his mouth, and slid it until it touched the back of his throat, then he began bobbing his head up and down until John’s 9 inch cock was ready. John pushed Rich away from him.

“You gonna make me cum bitch. Now get over there make sure your ladies pussy is ready to be stretched”

Rich crawled over to Allie, who opened her legs wide. Getting her wet was not a problem as her juices had formed a wet spot on the sofa. Rich placed his finger in Allies wet pussy while he lowered his mouth and began to suck on her clit. He knew she loved it like that. John walked over and sat on the sofa and began sucking on Allie’s firm tits. She was in heaven and soon her body reacted by going into the most intense orgasm that she had ever had.

When Allie had recovered, John pushed Rich out of the way and turned Allie over onto her stomach and lifted her ass up so she was on her hands and knees. He placed the head of his cock at her sloppy lips and pressed it inside. Allie screamed as his big cock attempted to enter her. John continued to pump his cock until his head finally entered her tight pussy. He pressed his hips harder as he slid deeper. Allie screamed in pain. The contrast between Rich’s small cock and John’s monster was more than she had prepared for. John had half his cock in her when he began to move his cock back, and then pushed it back in. He began to fuck her with a quick hard rhythm.

Soon the pain that Allie was feeling turned into complete ecstasy. Her tits swung underneath her as John’s cock stretched her pussy to the limit. She was moaning while gripping the back of the sofa.

“Oh fuck your cock is so good. I am going to cum…ooooh fuck”

Allie’s body began to tremble, and push back on John’s cock. Her orgasm was more than John could stand and his cock began shooting jets of hot cum deep inside her womb. John continued to pump until his balls were completely empty. He pulled his cock from Allie, and she whimpered as she felt empty. Some of John’s cum was leaking from Allie.

“Ok sissy, don’t let that cum hit the sofa”

Rich quickly moved to Allie. He opened her ass, and ran his tongue into the gaping hole that John’s cock had left. His tongue went deep into Allie’s pussy, sucking John’s cum from it. When he was done he turned and John had his cock at his lips. Rich was a good boy and cleaned the mixture of Allie and John from his cock.

Hours later the three lay on the bed.

“This is going to work out perfectly” Allie said stroking both men’s cocks. “John will fuck me, and Rich will clean up the mess. What more could a woman want.”