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Part 3 - The Finale (In succession to Truffles and 29)

Today, I'm having breakfast with a very special friend. Despite a thorough shower this morning, I am very much aware of the fact that no matter how much you scrub, there are just some things that only time can remove. Normally, I would worry about being in such close company with another man after my lustful sex last night, but this morning, it's just breakfast....

I know her better than she thinks I do, but I let her think that she's in control. She's so in touch with herself, her sexuality, her baggage, her feelings and thoughts, that she damn near gave me the blueprint on how to handle her. I listened, I watched, and at times she tested me - but I always passed.

Although I'll never ask her, I know that she got fucked last night. I have learned her 'tells', and she has a few that she likely doesn't even realize she has. I have almost convinced myself that despite the other men she allows inside of her, I am special to her. I need to know that, I need to believe that, or at least feel that way.

"Call me Trinity," she said to me when we first met.

I did just that. The more time I spent with her, learned her, breathed her into me, the more I wanted in. I needed in, and she knew that I wouldn't be denied. I mean, I enjoyed my freedom, in fact we both do. I've come to feel for her in a way that I struggled to describe. I wanted to protect her, love her, and be everything that she ever needed me to be, and more than she could ever want.

Confidence, humor, and all that other bullshit that she listed in her profile described me fully. I am perfect....for her. If I wasn't perfect for her, the way that she makes me feel when we are together, makes me fucking want to be. She's careful and paces herself with me. I clear her hurdles and stay patient.

I'm 5'11 with dark hair, a very standard issued cock and scruffy good looks. A decent guy by all accounts, and nothing significant about me.

But with her, I soared. She had a way of making me feel like the top of the world was my home address and no matter what the day held, I was coming home to her. Thinking of her being on the other side of that door waiting for me and feeling her breath on me, made my cock as hard as granite.

We had an unspoken agreement that she demanded be spoken. I can admit that I was hesitant to follow her lead. Women have a habit of asking for full honesty and then being unable to handle it. Often times after hearing 'the truth', most women withdraw, become more emotional than they already are, or just got pissed off and spiteful. In the meantime, I ended up looking like an insensitive asshole and feeling guilty for just being honest about my needs and wants.

Not her.

We were separated by a pond, and a five hour direct flight. There was no need in being dishonest with each other. Before I knew it, I was being just as honest with her as I was being with myself. Somehow, she clicked my filter to the 'off ' position, and gave me a signed permission slip to be my real self. As fucked up or perfect as I was, that shit was powerful. Just like she was. Just like WE were. I wouldn't let her hit the ground if I were falling myself.

We fucked other people and didn't apologize for it. However, we didn't discuss it either. She would be happy to talk about other men with me and she made that clear. I chose not to. Maybe my ego at work here, but I'll be damned if I sat idly by like some fucking cuckold and be told about her fuck flings and be okay with that.

I offered an MMF to her and that's as far as I'll go. Even that was a half assed offer that I'm glad she hasn't called me out on yet. I cringed at the thought of having to share her, and when I do ponder it, my rationale is that it's just her body. I felt like I have crept into her mind, her soul, and most importantly, her heart.

I have had plenty of women of all flavors, shapes and sizes throughout my years, but no one like her. She's special and she knows it. I've never had a woman who could push me, drive me and make me want to be a better man, like she did.

As long as we both kept up our end of the deal, there's no pressure, no bullshit, no drama, no nagging, and we sailed smooth. It worked. I stayed put, and so did she. Perfect fucking harmony with full effort resonating from both of us.

After months of waiting, she took that five hour flight and she crossed that pond. She's here. Since she arrived, she'd been very vague and noncommittal about how she was spending her week here. The only thing she confirmed is our time together. That's part of the deal I guess. Before I got pissed off about what she may be doing, I had to be calmed by the fact that I would be spending the last night with her and returning her to the airport in the morning. I made damned sure of that.

Last night, she gave me an early 'tuck in' and I knew that she was off to see someone else. I wanted to explode when I saw those words from her instant message that said, "I'll be tied up having dinner with a friend tonight, but breakfast for us first thing, baby."

I really wanted to say, "I hope that mother fucker can't get it up, or he cums so fast that you get pissed off at him."

Instead, I replied as I always did, "have fun baby".

Sometimes I wanted to confront her about it, but I knew that I was guilty of that shit too. I had to admit that there were countless times that I had responded to her text messages, while in the company of another woman.

The truth is that she matched me. Reciprocity. Balance. Four quarters for a dollar. The push/pull dynamic with her was so intense that sometimes, there's a part of me that wanted to push her out of the window just to escape that feeling, while the other half of me wanted to bolt downstairs to catch her and demand more.

The connection between us was binding, solid, unwavering. It must be. Otherwise, why would I have been willingly waiting to have breakfast with a woman who likely had another man's cock for dinner the night before? Just the thought of that made my blood hot and I felt a tense mood coming on. I've always demanded sexual exclusivity in my relationships, so why was she any different?

It's a question that I'm still learning the answer to. When you find someone that moves you, pushes you, and fills you completely, you either pursue and ride it until the wheels fall off, or you retreat like a chicken shit with your tail between your ass. With both feet in, I pursued her, and all of the humility it forced me to have.

I watched her exit the hotel and with her smile leading the way, she slipped in the passenger seat beside me, and I couldn't help but smile back....

"Good morning baby," she beamed through those full and pouty melon flavored lips.

"Morning sexy," I said lovingly.

I looked at her eyes and saw a familiar look. I knew right away that she was freshly fucked. A pang went through me like a dagger and although I shouldn't have, I felt betrayed.

Why not just cancel having breakfast with me? But why should she? She'd done nothing wrong....

"Huh baby....?" she said again, looking at me quizzically.

"What's that babe, I missed your question," I said distracted.

"Where are we going for breakfast?" she repeated.

"Oh, a little place I like to go to sometimes and it's around forty minutes from here...towards the country," I replied.

"Sounds good baby. As long as you've been there and like it...," she trailed off.

I watched the dimple in her right cheek wink at me as she talked. Her femininity was fragrant and docile, yet powerful and strong. As I did my best to summon my anger again, she reached over and softly rubbed my hand.

My cock twitched immediately.

I ignored the betrayal of my loins and looked straight ahead, focused on the traffic. After a few moments, I glanced to my left and saw her eyes closed. I couldn't imagine a more peaceful scene than that.

"Yeah, I'll bet you're tired right now," I wanted to say.

To say that is a deal breaker though and a flood of my own similar behaviors came rushing back like an annoying pain in the ass. Much to my chagrin, I'm defenseless and won't be a hypocrite, no matter how bad I want to be. I drove through the city and into the open road and allowed my thoughts to take over.

Her sex drive matched mine, and there hadn't been a door I knocked on that she didn't open, or I couldn't find a key for. Throughout our relationship, she has made me beg for things that I blatantly scoffed at with other lovers, and now I did it proudly...for her.

I exceeded her criteria. I had the total package, and I'm far from the jealous type.

Why does she need anyone else? Why can't she keep her fucking legs closed?

Honestly, I knew that she could ask me the same question, and no matter how extensive my vocabulary is, I could never find the words to formulate a sensible reply.

Today was different though. It's one thing to fuck men when I'm not around. I'm here now! Yet, she still had the need to get fucked the night before our date.

This was bullshit. I accepted all of her in a way that not many men would. No limits with her, or any of the bodily fluids that came out of her. I'm all in with her kinky desires, and fuck, I even initiated it, and asked for it myself now. I felt my hands grip the wheel tighter as I drove, anger slowly building inside of me.

"You okay over there baby?" she asked through sleepy eyes.

"Sure thing baby, I'm good. You okay?" I replied, looking at her, feeling totally smitten.

"Always with you," she replied, and her eyes smiled as wide as her succulent mouth did.

A smile from her was my high. I needed it. It took my edge off and fueled me like no other woman had.

That mouth. Full lips, always soothing and not afraid to explore dark places. I looked at her as she rested with her head back, while her more than ample breasts heaved slowly. I wondered what color her panties were. Her legs were slightly apart and instinctively, I hungrily reached out to touch her routinely bald pussy.

I stopped mid reach and placed my hand back on the wheel where it belonged.

Fuck that. I'm not interested in sloppy seconds, I'm no cuckold. I'll take her to breakfast and that's it. I'll have her on Tuesday night, all night, before she leaves on Wednesday.

"Baby, how did you sleep?" she asked testing me as she sensed my distractedness.

"Pretty good baby," I confirmed and passed.

"Despite knowing you were out getting fucked last night," I wanted to add.

"It seems like you could use more rest," I said provocatively.

"I'll be just fine baby," she reassured rather smugly through closed eyes.

"That's it? No explanation about why you can't keep your goddamn eyes open? No excuses for me at all!? The more I think about it, the more I'm ready to punch a fucking wall!

I've lost my appetite by the mile, and my stomach soon formed in knots. The thought that she got fucked by another man, likely mere hours ago, slowly consumed me. Saying things to him that she said to me, opening her legs for him, letting him take her as he pleased. It made me shamefully angry to think of that. Emotions flooded me.

It also turned me on.

I can't deny the arousal I felt having this inner dialogue with myself and it was further evidenced by the swelling of my cock in my pants. After a few subtle and discreet adjustments to my crotch, I could still feel the pre cum stirring in my balls and slowly climbing up my thickening antennae, inch by inch.

I never had this kind of reaction before, and my thoughts and feelings about this were smothering me.

How did he fuck her? Where did he fuck her? Did she suck him? Did she swallow? I bet he loved that smooth bare cunt of hers...

What the fuck is happening here??

"Mmmm, someone's horny," she purred next to me, as she reached for my swelling piece.

I hadn't realized I was driving with a cock in full rigor.

"Doesn't take much with you baby, you know that," I said, trying to keep cool.

"Find a spot baby," she said, smiling like a whore.

You really want sex now?? Maybe he wasn't that good. Maybe she wasn't satisfied, I thought....I hoped.

"Yeah baby, I need to take a piss", I said strategically.

"Mmm, sounds good baby", she moaned, just as I'd planned.

Knowing the area, I recalled a few dismal spots that yielded enough privacy. Deeming the end of a dirt road secluded enough, I yanked the car in park and exited. I walked into a brush, unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and waited a few seconds for my piss to flow.

"Wait for me," she yelled, as I stood with my back towards her and my legs apart.

As expected, she slipped in behind me, and reached around my waist and gathered my semi soft cock in her right hand. Aiming it like a pro, she held me while my streamed piss hit the grass in front of us. Once I finished, she gave me a courtesy jiggle and then walked around to face me.

"Let me clean it properly," she offered as she smiled seductively.

My shaft heard this, chimed in his approval of her offer, and began to stiffen.

She took my tool into both of her hands, rose on her toes while lifting her head up towards mine, and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"A jiggle is never enough is it?" she asked, as she pulled her lips from mine.

It took no time for her to descend on both knees and claim my damp rod in her mouth.

"Mm baby, you taste good already," she confirmed, while looking up at me with those sexy eyes.

"Fuck," is all I could originally muster in reply.

I hardened to full staff in her mouth while she used both hands to stroke me as she sucked. Her slut tongue glided across my flared head and the tip expanded in her mouth. I swear I gained a quarter of an inch more with this woman and she made me feel like I was going to break through the skin on my shaft.

I watched the top of her head bob wildly as wisps of her black hair occasionally got stuck to her hands and face, which glistened from copious amounts of my precum and infused with her saliva.

She sucked me hard at times, her chocolate hands squeezed the base of my ivory cock tightly while she cupped my balls. She pulled my member taught and slapped my tool against her flattened pink tongue. Other times she softened her mouth and her relaxed orifice felt hot and steamy, and made me dissolve inside her jaw like a melted piece of white chocolate.

"Suck that shit baby, take it down your throat," I said unnecessarily.

She was way ahead of me. I felt the tip of my sword tapping her tonsils while she hungrily pulled me in and hummed on my mushroom, she knew that drove me crazy. I extended so wide in her throat I felt like I could shatter her fucking vocal cords.

I grabbed the back of her head firmly and relentlessly plowed my cock in her mouth, making her gag and pull away after a few strokes. As she withdrew for air, a built up glob of esophageal fluid spun and dangled from my cock to her lips like a spider webbed bridge. Her neck stiffened and tried to retreat.

"Where you going baby?" I teased, as I grabbed her head again, and reloaded my dick down her throat some more.

She sucked me full and fast while using both hands in a twisting motion. It caused my rod to be fully engulfed and held hostage by her sodden hot mouth and warm soft hands. I looked down towards her face and her eyes looked up at me pleading for either mercy, or more.

I chose more.

"Eat it all, deep in your throat baby, like a good whore," I challenged.

She looked up at me through her watery eyes and it caused me to grow more sinister. I interlocked my fingers behind her head. Tight. I locked in, and pumped her face for all I was worth.

Try getting air now you disloyal whore, I snickered to myself.

The white palms of my hands felt her ebony neck bulge out at the sides as I assaulted her tunnel, and I underestimated how quickly I was going to cum if I didn't stop soon. In that moment, I wanted to cum so hard down her chamber that it would have landed directly in her stomach.

"Stop!" I commanded, as I abruptly yanked my cock out of her mouth.

"What's wrong?" she asked quizzically, through nicely frosted lips.

"Nothing, bend over."

"Baby, I was hoping for a drink, I'm so thirsty for your cum on my tongue," she begged.

"Next time. Turn around now, and don't make me ask again." 

She walked over to the rear passenger side of the car and assumed the position. She placed an elbow on the leather seat in front of her and held the head rest in the other hand for balance.

She'll need it, I silently grunted, as I tugged her shirt up across her back, exposing her caramel flesh.

I crudely yanked her pants down to her knees and exposed pretty black satin panties with white lace trim around the waistband and legs. The fabric was so soft and feminine.

I yanked those down too.

"Ohh baby, feed my hungry cunt," she pleaded, while she wiggled her naked brown ass in front of me.

Checking Door Number two,
I thought lustfully to myself, with an erection that felt harder than a flashlight.

When she opened her legs to me, I smelled it. Masculinity. Intrusion. Traces. Everything that is not naturally her. Without a word, I entered her wanton mound aggressively, with my veined cock leading the way in search of her lover.

I fucked her unrelentingly and could barely hear what she was saying to me as my thoughts drove me to literally try splitting her in two.

"Fuck baby!" she cried out, and I knew by the sound of her voice, I was being a little too rough on her.

Too mother fucking bad!!

I eased on her slightly, but grabbed her hair tight in my fist to maintain my handle on her.

Maybe you will reconsider getting fucked before our date next time

"Cum for me baby, let me drink you....please!" she wailed, needing an exit from this attack.

I just got in here, and I still have one more door to check, you fucking hussy.

I battered her cunt so deep that I felt my tip hit her cervix repeatedly, forcing her womb juices to slide down her legs and smear the front of my pants.

I kept fucking her, like a bitch. My bitch. I felt blinded and deafened by passion and lust.

"Please....," she repeated, more desperate this time. "I can't take it," she whined.

"Ok baby," I said as I came to, and I slowed my stroke inside of her violated folds.

Now to check the last door. The filthy one.

I withdrew from her slit, took my foot and stepped on her tangled pants and panties that were still caught between her legs, and brought them down to her ankles. I nudged her legs further apart and quickly entered her asshole before she could manage a response.

I'm going to sodomize her ass!

I slipped inside of her typically tight and restricted anus easily. Too fucking easily. I knew why, and I felt it in the first stroke.

There it was, hiding just past her sphincter, tucked away like a stowaway seeking refuge.




I felt the slimy cum, his cum inside of her molten ass and as much as I thought I would feel shattered, trumped, and betrayed, I didn't.

When that nestled seed wrapped around my cock, I felt a connection with her that I had never felt before.

Humility. My humility. She tested me, and I passed, I always do.

Fuck it. I'll do it, and I'll accept this too. I have to. I want to.

I rammed her cavity so hard that her gaping chasm would start to bleed any minute if I held my pace. I looked down between us as my ivory sword pierced her raisin, and felt like I wanted to crawl inside of her whole and live there always.

I placed my hands lovingly around her soft brown hips and openly enjoyed the prep work of her lover, and the cum he provided to make my job easier.

"Mmmm your ass feels so slippery inside baby, I love it," I said, testing her.

Her silence confirmed that she knew I knew.

"Damn, you dirty girl, I can shoot my load inside of you right now!" I said, pushing her.

"Do it baby," she finally replied.

As much as I wanted to flush her lover's cum from her ass with my own, I held back. I had other plans for my seed.

"Back and forth baby," I whispered in her ear. Our code phrase when I fucked her pussy, ass, then pussy again.

She gasped hard as I rammed back into her cave with her ass juices clinging to the full length of my engorged shaft. I loaded my sword so deep inside of her pussy that my balls brewed my cum in mere seconds. My legs finally weakened beneath me as my nut claimed the most recessed crevices of her cavity.

I laid across her back as I emptied the last of my virile spurts inside of her unguarded and fertile box. As my breathing and sanity was restored, I reminded myself that she wasn't on any birth control and splashing inside of her was a rarity that was always initiated by her. Until now.

After I withdrew my softened cock from her, I looked at her and thought of how she must feel right now. Filled with the cum of two men, and having every hole taken from her in a remote field outside like some animal.

I know that she knows that I accept her. All of her, as she accepts all of me.

No matter how fucked up or perfect she is, that shit is powerful.


Thank you to Soulsurvyvr (Jim) for your steadfast and unconditional support in all I do.

Thank you to the following Lush members I met just days before my trip, you welcomed me into your country, showed me kindness and gave me guidance: Angi_babi, atoshi_fan, bill_max, Oldraver49, and stillundecided.

Thank you JP - You are the original reason I planned my trip there. You inspired TrinityX to be who she is, and who I am today. Always, your Cariad. 

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