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Sales trip to Uganda

Things that took place on a sales trip to Uganda and my first interricial sex

            As I said before in my story, I traveled as a salesman for several years. Not only did I travel in the states but also in other countries. I remember one such visit to Kampala , Uganda . I had to go there to meet with some perspective customers. I had to spend a couple of nights there. I checked into a hotel downtown. After I had gotten settled in and had made my first visit, I came back and changed clothes. I asked the clerk where the best place would be to have some fun that night. He told me and I made my way down there. It was a lovely night club with many people in it. There was both whites and blacks present. Being from the South, I did not know much about interracial sex or even dating for that matter. I was looking for some white lady to have fun with.

            Suddenly, at the end of the bar, I noticed this very lovely black lady. I guessed her to be around 40. Our eyes met and she smiled at me. I made my way down the bar till I got to her and introduced myself to her. She said her name was Connie. We made small talk. We talked and had a few drinks. I asked her if she would like to accompany me to the hotel. She said “Yes”. We walked back to the hotel still talking. When we got to the hotel, we made our way up to the room. I opened the door and we stepped in. I asked her if she would like another drink and she said “Yes”. So we drank another drink. I sat down beside her on the couch and put my arm around her shoulder. I drew her up close to me and kissed her lightly. Soon I had her held tight against my body and was kissing her more. All of a sudden, she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked it and sucked it as we kissed.

            As we continued to kiss, I moved my hands to her boobs and began to play with them. She just lay back and seemed to enjoy it. She had on slacks and blouse, so I began to unbutton the blouse. As I got it unbuttoned, I noticed a very lovely bra covering what I thought was going to be lovely tits. Slowly I removed the blouse. Her skin was a very lovely bronze. I kissed her shoulders and neck and nibbled on her neck and ears. Soon, I reached behind her and removed her bra. Man, was I surprised. Her areolas were the size of a silver dollar and very dark in color. But the most surprising things was that her nipples were at least an inch long. They stuck straight out. I could not resist and took one of them into my mouth and sucked on it. She begin to moan. I continued to suck it in and out of my mouth. I probably sucked on it for at least 30 minutes, alternating between both of them.

            Then I lay her down on the couch and unbuttoned and unzipped her slacks. She lifted her hips up to allow me to pull them down her legs. As I got to her panties, they were a lovely red silk. Her legs were very shapely and a bronze color also. I completely removed her slacks. Now, she was laying there with just her red panties on. I could see that her pussy lips were large and made a mound between her legs. I leaned up and kissed it and found she had a lovely scent. As I began to pull her panties down, I noticed a full bush of dark, curly hair. I love hairy pussies so I was thrilled. I pulled her panties on down her legs. As soon as I got her panties off, I began to rub those hairy mounds. It felt sort of funny. The hairs were not really soft but not stiff either. They were sort of wiry. I was not sure what to expect. I continued to kiss her and alternate between the nipples and pussy.

            Soon, I made my way down her body, stopping at her navel to make love to it. When I had kissed her all the way down to her toes, I began to suck her toes. She was moaning and groaning now. I made my way back up her legs, kissing my way till I got to her pussy. I took some hair into my hands and opened her pussy lips up. What a pleasant surprise I got. Her clit was about the same length as her nipples or maybe a little longer. I could not wait, so, I immediately took her clit into my mouth and sucked and chewed on it. She was not moaning and groaning louder. I sucked her clit until I knew that the juice was flowing. Then, I moved down and stuck my tongue as far into her hole as I could. Her juice was so sweet. After kissing and sucking and chewing for what seemed like an hour, I moved up and sucked on her nipples for some time as I let my cock move up and down her slit.

            I reached down and took my cock and placed the head at the entrance of that lovely pussy. I pushed the head into her and told her to hang on. With just the head in, I could tell she was very tight. I could not hold back and thrust all of my 9 inches into her at one time. She grabbed my arms to hold me back a little. I could not wait, so, I began to fuck her with all my might. I knew I was not going to last very long. I moved in and out of that lovely hole until I could feel my cum building up in my balls. I asked her if she was on the pill and she said “Yes”. That was all I wanted to hear and immediately I   filled her womb with hot, white creamy cum. I came and came and came. It seemed like a gallon.

            When I had finished, I rolled over on my side and we just lay there kissing and talking as my cock began to soften and pull out of her hairy pussy. Needless to say, that was not the only time that night nor the next night.  

            I got her e mail and we kept in contact with each other. Needless to say, I made many sales trips to Uganda . Each time we would stay with each other. That is another story though.

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