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Saturday Night with the Girls and Guys

A Night with the Girls and Big Black Cocks to have Their Nasty way with all of us.

Saturday evening approached as my husband and I got ready for and evening of sexy fun with friends. 

As everbody started arriving, the drinks began flowing until somebody hollored, "lets get the game on."

We always sat in alternating sex seating, and never sat beside our significant other. There was no jealousy between each other, as we have played together for a couple of years.

I noticed that my husband was eyeing Lori's large breasts, as her bra had them pushed up to the hilt. When she would lean forward, her areola and nipple were fully viewable and my husband was eyeing them nastily. He smiled at Lori when she caught him gauking as she made no effort to conceal them, just as he made no effort to conceal his intrest.

"Helen..Helen..Helen" the guys all chanted together, as she stood up and walked around the table.

Standing behind Lori, she placed her hands under Lori's thin top and removed her bra. Lori's nipples became instantly erect and fully visible at the touch of Helens invading hands. Lori Leaned forward and grabbed Helen by the waist, planting a soft kiss against her covered pussy.

"Lori..Lori..Lori" the guys were now chanting and googling her titties on display. Lori immediately stood up and proudly bounced them in the air a couple of times.

Sam, a good looking thin man in his forties was the next person to jump into the game. Grinning, as he stood up while removing his cock. We watched as he stroked his cock to a good looking erect. He walked around with his pride in his hands and stopped behind Tonya and presented his erection to her mouth.

"Suck it Tonya, Suck it Tonya" the others chanted while Sam smiled from the polishing she was giving his knob.

Someone turned on a porno flick and got the shock of their life. They saw me on the screen being workered over by multiple well hung black studs on my birthday.

"Heys guys, check Tai out doing a porno flick" somebody announced.

"Wow, is that really you" Lori inquired?

"Yep that was my 30th birthday present"I giggled, "explaining how they used me as their cum rag over and over".

My husband jumped into the conversation immediately, describing the action on the screen as everybody starred at the large screen.

There wasn't a soft dick, nor a dry pussy in the house as they watched me being taken by monsterous black cock, in every hole. They watched as cum flowed from my mouth, my pussy as well as my tiny ass hole in massive spurts.

"She can really give a mean blowjob" my husband declared proudly as they watched my mouth on the screen.

The women were inquistive in how it felt, if it hurt, but mainly they expressed an intrest in participating if I would agree.

"What about your men, how will they react" I asked.

Looking at my husband, he smiled and nodded as he got the phone and made a call.

He returned a while later and said " it's on. Since the neighbors don't have a clue about our sexcapades, we opted to rent a suit for the night at the beach.

Promptly at eight o'clock, the driver knocked on the door and escorted us slutty looking women to the limo. We looked like real street whores with our tits and asses readily available for anybody who wanted a look.

Once the men entered the limo, we were on our way for a night of nasty fucking sex. I was chilling out when the champagne started flowing, but then the sexual tension was building fast.

Lori announced, "well girls to tell you the truth, I am a bit scared as our men will be busy in the other state room.

"It's all good" I told them in a reassuring voice as I been there and done that. These guys are cool and will take it easy with you because they love having other mens women fuck and suck them

With the second bottle of champagne gone, the girls were starting to loosen up and laugh about stupid shit as we pulled up to the beach resort.

Having already checked in, my husband escorted us to the mini style penthouse on the twelth floor, the same room I had my adventure in.

Entering the room, loud rap music was playing as people were dancing, talking and drinking.

Lori gasped when she saw two women giving head to a black snake like cock, barely getting the head into her mouths.

Helena pointed out a woman being double penetrated by two ebony warrior like stallions, as we watched the action for a moment. The darkness of their skin against the lilly white woman was making me crazy, remembering my ebony encounter.

Looking around for Tonya, Lori pointed her out across the room, sandwiched between two tall lanky dark men. One had his big black hands all over her coffee colored ass, while the other had removed her top and was busy sucking her nipples.

I noticed that there were several naked black girls around our men, on their hands and knees working cocks into their mouths.

Lori had been pulled away by two other dark skinned males who had her tiny skirt off as they were all over her. A third male walked over and ripped her top off while the other two were busy offering their big black poles to her mouth as the same time. Her husband watched as she struggled to take their cocks into her mouth while another prepared to enter her pussy doggy style.

Our men were too involved with the attention their hard cocks were getting, to pay attention to what was going on with us. They were being attended to by the hottest looking black girls with full asses and large breasts. Each of them were topless and prancing around wiggling their g-string clad asses like street whores ready for work in their faces

Tonya and I were ordered to kneel on a couch side by side, while fingers began probing our well saturated pussies and ass holes. A couple of well endowed guys stood before us with their already hard cocks in their hands just waiting for us to suck their dicks like a couple of whores..

An almost fake looking long black cock was tapping on our facial cheeks. His knob must have been three and a half inches in diameter with the smell of damp pussy all over it. He pulled our heads sideways, so that our lips were pressed onto each side of it.

Tonya smiled at me as her tongue met mine underneath his meaty shaft while our lips encircled the entire girth. With our lips touching each others, we slid up and down the shaft, allowing our drool to lubricate it. Reaching the base, each of us took a massive black nut into our mouth as we locked our lips around it and sucked completely into our nasty mouth.

Helena and Lori we placed directly infront of us, with a group of sexy black hunks armed with hard cocks ready to fuck. They had them kisssing and playing with each other while they stood around them in a circle, stroking their already erect cocks.

My pussy was raging as we sucked this big cock, and watched them suck each others pussy for entertainment. Lori and Helena we screaming in delight when I saw my man cum all over this girls face, then continued to suck him clean.

The group around Lori and Helena had them on their knees, side by side as they took turns shoving their erections into their much smaller mouths. Salvia was running down their chins as each of them had a mouth full of black sausage, over and over. Each cock seemed to be getting even longer as they began for force more black snake into their mouths.

Tonya and I had a stallion slide in underneath of us while we were sucking this one black monster.

Knowing that I was about to get some black cock in another hole, I leaned forward and took the entire knob into my mouth as Tonya looked on. I was cumming with the feeling that I was about to get gutted, and wanted to feel it like that.

A second black stud with a cock just as big, slid in underneath Tonya as I sucked the swollen cock head for all I was worth. I could feel the shaft pulsating. I knew it was about to cum so I grabbed Tonya and pulled her mouth to mine so we could savor his load together.

He spurted a huge blast, landing in my mouth as I withdrew from the head and on Tonys'a face as she took over. She took the head just as she spurted a second blast into her eager mouth, allowing it to seep from the cornors of her stretched mouth as she returned it to me. Stroking it with my hand, I worked up another spurt that hit me in the face and rolled down my cheek.

Looking over at Tonya, I could see a thicker cock head nestled and about ready to gain entry to her tight honey pot just as our husbands looked on.

"You guys like seeing your girls taking big black cock" one spoke out, "good, now your going to see it up close and personal".

Wow I thought, my man is going to see just how much they spread our tiny holes as two more cocks presented themselves to our cock sucking mouths.

We began tonguing the knobs, looking at each other and smiling when Tonya shed a look of intensity. I knew well she was being penetrated, just as I was. The feeling of being ripped flashed through my mind, but the feeling of being filled up with monsterous cock was raging even stronger.

While tooling another big cock in my mouth, I could see my man watching as this fucking horse like cock was piercing its way into me. My mans cock was getting sucked aswell, but his eyes were focused on watching me take this monster black cock, watching my tiny labia lips forced wide open.

"Mmmm" I moaned as I felt him gut me the first time, making me gag on the cock lodged in my throat.

I recieved a stinging slap on both ass cheeks as he plunged the remainder of his cock in a single thrust.

"Ahh" I tried to moan, but the meat in my mouth muffled any sound I could make as this point.

He began pushing it into my gut, as I managed to swallow the snake in my mouth, pressing my mouth towards the base. My throat felt dry, but I wanted to take all I could before he blasts another load of creamy goop in my mouth.

I could hear Tonya struggling with the big cock drilling her pussy as her man sat beside her watching her mouth take a second black cock expertly.

The girl sucking my mans placed her fingers inside my ass crack and pushed it into my wet pussy trail. Grasping my outter lips, she spread my dark pussy lips fully apart and held them apart, insisiting that my man get down there and suck on my exposed lips. She resumed sucking on his erect cock, while my pussy was being pounded with megatron black cock.His tongue began working my aching clit, careful to avoid the meaty shaft stroking my pussy.

I could see every move of my man's extended tongue flicking my clit hood, making my hardened bud stand out proudly. I could see my inner labia lips being pulled outwards everytime thick fucking thick black cock pulled outwards, then being tucked back in with the insertion of his trunk.

I watched as another slutty girl joined my man in orally working on my pussy. Spreading my vaiginal lips as far as she could, she began to tongue my inner pink as the thick snake pulled it out. I could hear her sucking my juices, and I could feel her tongue working along the inner walls of my pussy between cock strokes.

I watched her tongue my pussy and his exposed black shaft, then flick her tongue teasingly at my man. I watched as their tongues flicked each other, and my labia lips together as the black shaft pelted my fuck hole deeply. She would lick my lips, lick the meaty shaft, then tease my mans tongue with her own poker as the shaft would reenter.

As she licked the shaft, my man was nibbled around my clit, again about to bring me off as she began pulling his head closer to hers. Kissing him passionately, she rested their locked mouths on top of my erect clit, and licked me off until I was busting another nut all over that monsterous black fuck poles buried deeply inside of me.

They continued to lick and suck me until I screamed "ah shit..yess Im cumming..ahh" as the cock fucked me harder and deeper.

My man was flipped into a sixty-nine, to which I eagerly took his throbbing cock into my loving to suck dick mouth.

In position, he continued to lick and suck my pussy as he clearly saw the mammouth cock spreading my tiny labia lips apart. In and out that monster cock fucked me to another massive orgasim, spraying love juices all over his thick dick again.

"Go ahead, spread those lucious lips" the other girl told my man while I worked his cock into my throat.

Placing both palms down, he spread my inner lips as far as they could go and held them there.

"Mmm that pink meat looks so fucking sweet" she bellowed out as she pressed his head into my lips.

"Lick it" she commanded, as the black cock was slowly pushing in and oout of my well fucked hole, only inches away from his face.

"You like the way that big black cock looks against her pink meat?" she asked

"Mmmhmm" he replied as he lapped the juices from my pink meat.

"You like seeing that black snake going in and out of her tiny pussy dont you" she asked?

"Mmmhmm" he replied with a mouth full of my thick lips

"Show him how thick that black cock really is" she stated, as I could feel the snake crawling backwards out of my stretched walls. I could see the shaft backing up dangerously close to my mans face.

"Look at that stretched hole" she said, pointing out that it was still partially open after the cockhead had exited.

"Look at that fat knob that spread your wifes pussy, you like her getting fucked like that, dont you"" she instructed as another lengthy black pole approached my open hole. 

"Lick that nasty pussy" the new man wailed out to my man, as he stroked his even thicker cock to a longer length. "Are you ready to see me in action" he asked?

"Mmmhmm" my man replied as I bucked my pussy against his face. "Thats good" he replied, as I saw them jacking off their big black cocks.

Pressing his fuck pole between my saturated lips, he gave a little nudge and stopped with his cock head visible just above my entry. Sliding it back and forth while my man licked and sucked my wanting black cock pussy, the second black cock was ready for action.

"Bury your tongue inside her nasty pussy and keep it there" one of them barked

"Mmm" I moaned, feeling his hot poker tongue swirling around inside of my moist box, when I felt his cockhead pressing inwards a bit then stopped. The second one placed his cockhead at the opening, telling my man to spread it wider.

"Mmmahhhh" I moaned, feeling the second knob attempting to enter, as I gagged for air on my mans cock.

"Move your tongue around slowly" as I saw the shaft riding along the tip of his tongue

"Lick that pussy good" another one snapped as the cock pressed forward between my lips. I could see the girl pressing my mans head forward and holding it there.

One cock pressed into my pussy, as I watched the second knob sliding back and forth between my wet lips.

"Thats right, make it wet for me" as it pressed in a bit more, while he watched the black sausage spreading my lips wide as it snaked its way inside of my opened lips.

"Ahhh" I moaned, as I felt the lengh of his cock in my gut, pounding it in and out while my man watched from his close up position. I was in heaven when Lori sat above me, and spread her pink lips. Lowering her pussy onto my face, my man moved over allowing Lori could suck his cock.



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