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Shall We Make A Bet?

Special thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for helping me out :)
We made a bet. That’s how this Hell started.

You got home and found me, then laughed at me while I beat my cock for a fifth time that day. “You could never live without cumming. I don’t think any man can.”

“Yes we can,” I moaned. “It’s you women that can’t do without it. You’re built for sex.”

“Nope, I bet I could go a lot longer than you. You wake up hard.”

“And forgive me, but I could have sworn there have been mornings where you can’t get my clothes off fast enough.”

“Okay, but that’s rare. I wake up to something poking me every morning. You won’t win.”

“Wanna bet?” I teased.

“Sure. One week, no sex. Or masturbation. Nothing, at all.”

“You got it, after this, nothing.”

I was okay for the first few hours of the next day, then you got cruel. Strutting around in skimpy little outfits and purposely trying to make me want you. I got you back, how did you enjoy that picture, by the way? You slept unnaturally close, nearly on top of me. Accidentally, or maybe even purposely, I can never tell, your hand brushed my cock gently and I groaned as it started to harden. I did fall asleep until three am, waiting for it to pass. Little fucking tease.

When you woke up, you got me, sitting up on me. You kissed me and just before I could try ripping off your clothes, you reminded me. “Not so fast, not till next week.” I went through that day, at work and all, with a permanent boner.

And now. I’m going bat shit crazy.

I can’t take it anymore. Two days without your body. I’m going completely insane. I’m standing in the bathroom, staring at myself in the mirror. My skin is flushed, my hair wild. I’m wearing white, nearly transparent boxers and nothing else. My cock is stirring, wishing desperately to be guided into your sweet, sweet pussy. That’s it, I give in, and I can’t wait! I travel to our room, where you lay quietly, sleeping. The morning sun making your skin glisten.

You’re in a black bra and black panties, lace, barely covering your body. I climb on the bed as you’re on your stomach and I start to rub your shoulders up and down, side to side. As I move my hands from your shoulders to the middle of your back, I am kissing your neck and moving slowly up to your ear where I whisper,

“Good morning, beautiful. You look more beautiful than all the sunsets in the world. I give up baby, you win this time.” You laugh quietly, and tell me not to stop. I kiss back across your neck then I start to kiss your shoulders slowly down the middle of your back. Unsnapping your bra with my teeth and finger tips, I rub farther down your back, kissing every inch. Then I slide my hands under your legs and lift you slowly up as I slide your panties down to your knees then kiss the inside the thighs as I roll you on to your back and finish pulling them off. Light my hands rub up the inside of your thighs as I have now begun to kiss across your pussy. then up and down as I take my hands place them under your ass and spreads your pussy lips with my thumbs spread your pussy lips wide open and jam my tongue in as deep as possible. Shaping out the letters of the alphabet and hearing you moan sharply. I repeat that until you cum softly, and I kiss up your belly up to your tits where I am kissing every inch of them then moving on to your nipples which I flick back and forth in small circles as my finger tips are rubbing over your whole body.

I start to kiss your neck again as I take my hard throbbing dick and slowly insert it inch by inch into your tight wet dripping pussy and you can feel it pulsing in against your pussy walls. I slowly start to pick up speed as my hands are under your back on your shoulders holding you tight as I go harder and faster harder and faster inch by inch pounding inside you then just as I can feel your about you cum, I pull out all expect my head then with a couple thrust in and out I pull almost out and then push every inch back in then as I am buried deep in your pussy. I slide my hands down your body ever so slowly wrapping my hands around your back just above your ass and pound a few hard thrusts in, making sure to get as deep as I possibly can. Without warning I flip you onto your stomach and keep going harder and faster than before as now I have one hand full of your hair and my other is slapping your ass while you cry out for me. I start to moan really loudly.

“Oooh my God! Baby yes I’m about to cum!” I start to go deeper and with each thrust I slap your ass. I pull almost all the way out then with one final thrust I push all the way in. I do it so quickly that you fall flat on your stomach and I cum deep inside your tight dripping pussy. I pull out and fall beside you, stare deep in your eyes, and say, “I love you beautiful and amazing woman, you’re better than anyone I could’ve dreamed of.” I kiss you gently on the forehead and doze off holding you in my arms.

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