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Shauna Robinson's Interview - Part II

Shauna Robinson's Interview - Part II

Mrs Robinson's interview ends with a bang... (Well... Three bangs, I guess...)
Shauna closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the fingers of her husband's three bosses explore her trembling body. (Bosses? Partners now, she dimly registered.)

She could feel a pair of hands knead and pinch her full breasts, and despite the shame she felt at exposing herself like this, her nipples hardened and elongated under the rough, impatient, caresses. The pleasureable sensation shot straight to the base of her belly. Almost unconsciously, she parted her legs further and raised herself up on her toes, heels lifting off the richly carpeted floor.

 She heard the men behind her laugh lewdly, yet instead of being shamed and disgusted by their vulgarity, she thrust her white pantie clad ass higher in the air, and was rewarded by the feel of busy fingers massaging at the silken covered center of her rapidly dampening pussy.

 "You need to check out these tits, Max," groaned a voice behind her. She dropped her head between her outstretched arms in shame, her long hair brushing the large desk, covering her face.

"Come here, Girl..." said a different voice as she felt a hand grip her chin and turn her head to the side. Eyes still closed, she felt herself being kissed and opened her mouth. A tongue entered her mouth. She tasted champagne and cigar. As she felt fat fingers enter her wet pussy under the now soaked panties she moaned. The man kissing her put his hand in her hair and pulled her face upwards.

 "I fucking told you, I Fucking TOLD you bastards," laughed the partner who had kissed her. "You want this, don't you, you beautiful dark fuck... Admit it... Nod if you want this, Mrs Robinson..."

 And Shauna nodded.

 She felt her hand being lifted and opened her eyes. Daniel Klein, his shirt open, naked from the waist down apart from his socks, (held up by old-fashioned elastic garters, she remembered later) had placed himself sat on the edge of the desk under her face, his straining, circumcised erection only inches from her mouth. She raised her head to look at him, saw his lustful face, saw his greying chest hair, saw his rampant cock demanding of attention. The wine she had drunk had clouded her judgement, she knew. She looked at Klein's face and instead of the polite and patrician gentleman she knew and liked, saw a horny old man. She looked into his once kind eyes and, pleading, she shook her head.

 "It's okay, Shauna," he whispered, gently grasping her face between his soft hands. "When you want to, dear... Only when you want."

 She felt a finger push into her ass. Jesus Christ!

 Shauna closed her eyes.

 Behind her raised ass she felt two sets of teeth gently nibble at her ass cheeks around her underwear. (Had they knelt down on either side of her?) She felt one set of fingers begin to thrust forcibly inside her pussy, under her panties as another, different hand began to massage her clit. She moaned, uncontrollably, feeling her legs begin to shake. Oh Jesus she was going to come! It had been months since she had. But not now, not like this, not with these men! And then she felt a mouth eat her through the silk as as a pair of hands, (TWO pairs of hands???) hurriedly tugged her panties down her legs. She moaned. Lifting one stockinged leg up she allowed them to uncover her. She heard them laugh and sigh in appreciation as she stepped out of her underwear. Then she felt a forceful hand push her thighs open wider as a soft experienced set of lips sucked her clit into a hungry mouth.

 Dropping her head once again, she shuddered in shame as she came. As hard as she could ever remember she ever had.

 Still prostrate over the desk, still shaking, with Klein still before her lowered face, she heard them breathlessly discuss her.

 "Did you feel her fucking shudder?" laughed Kaplansky. "Poor little girl probably ain't come in a fucking YEAR!!!"

 The others all laughed.

 "She's fucking tight too," observed Keller, "Shit, if she weren't as wet as she fucking was, I couldn't have gotten one fat finger inside that hot little slit."

 "You didn't TASTE the little bitch," laughed Max Kaplansky. "Those Rolling Stone English faggots got it right, Brown Fucking Sugar!!!! Here, Daniel, take a sniff of her fucking panties, here, take 'em..."

 "Oh, Fuck!" moaned Klein, reaching to inhale her soaked, sodden panties..

 They all guffawed again. Shauna heard glasses clink as the men drank. Hands caressed her now naked ass. She dared not raise her head. After an age she felt a hand grip her ass as a hairy knee moved to force her legs still wider apart. Now she looked up and opened her eyes. Klein, erection still rampant, smiled at her.

 "You're doing fine, Shauna," he whispered, almost kindly.

 "Please, I really think I should go....OHHHH!" She felt a thick cock anoint itself at the wetness at her slit. She felt herself opened and penetrated by the bulbous hot shaft.

 She was being fucked.

 Hands gripped her raised ass and pulled her wet pussy deeper onto a hard thrusting cock. Shauna's eyes widened and her mouth formed a perfect 'O' as she felt herself deeply invaded. Mindless now, she moved her ass in time with the thrusts within her as she felt the beginnings of another come. Panting wildly, she allowed Mr Klein to lower her mouth towards his cock. She looked at him again, bottom lip bitten in her teeth with a passion she knew was wrong as she shook her head.

 "Please... No... I shouldn't..."

 And then the man thrusting in her belly reached forward to tease her clit. Stroking softly but firmly on her little button.

 "Suck him, Shauna," said Kaplansky's groaning voice behind her, "Let me watch you suck him off as I fuck you, Baby... Do it, Girl..."

 And she found she wanted to, she needed to, and so she did.

 She had never done this before. Never two men. The thrusting of the man in her pussy pushed her forward and she gagged. Recovering, she raised her ass to allow the man behind to penetrate her deeper, while she gripped Klein's thick shaft in her hand, controlling how much of him she took in her mouth. Gradually, she found their rythym and relaxed as she felt the storm build in her belly. By now she was sucking greedily on the cock in her throat while rocking deeply on the hard shaft fucking in her belly. The moans of the men having her like a whore excited her, HER, a wife, a schoolteacher, a would be mother... But a whore now, wasn't she?

 A Whore.

 She sucked and fucked and found she fucking loved being a whore.

 "You ready, Max?" cried Klein.

 "Unh," moaned Kaplansky.

 "Fucking Please Yesssss!" screamed Shauna.

 Together, the two men came and flooded the ebony beauty at both ends.

 As they did, she shuddered and came yet again, swallowing creamy come greedily as her pussy muscles milked the fat cock pumping in her belly.


She remained as she was, prostrate over the desk, naked, used, ruined, eyes closed tight, as she heard them dress. She could feel cool come now trickling down her thighs...

 "Max, we need to dot the 'I's' on the Japanese thing," said Keller.

 "We'll talk tomorrow," said Kaplansky, "Daniel, give me five minutes in my office before you leave. Jacob, can we trust you to look after our guest?"

 "Sure, Max, she'll be fine," said Jacob Keller.

 After Kaplansky and Klein left, Jacob picked up the girl's clothes and kissed her softly upon her hair. "You did good, Mrs Robinson. Get dressed, Baby... And know you did good today girl, you did real good..."

 Shauna slowly dressed, at one point looking for her panties.

 "Ummm, those we keep, Mrs Robinson... It's a thing... Don't worry about it, Girl. Want a drink? You earned it..." His eyes twinkled and she saw no malice in his gaze. Indeed, he looked proud of her.

 Shauna nodded, sitting down on the chair in front of the desk. She sipped the still cold champagne gratefully.

 "You don't have to ever do this again,you know," smiled Keller, kindly... "It's a one off, Unless?"

 Shauna thought.

 "You didn't fuck me..."

 "You did okay, Mrs Robinson... Wesley is a partner... Go home... Enjoy being rich, have kids, love your brilliant husband..."

 "But you didn't get to fuck me... "

 "What are you saying, Shauna?"

 She moved behind the desk, placed herself between his legs and knelt down. She unbuttoned his pants. He sighed and placed his hands in her hair. She moaned and went to work.


 "You'll never guess!!!!" Wesley told Shauna after dinner at home some nights later.

 "WHAT?" asked a delighted Shauna.

 "Kaplansky, Keller and Klein are taking on ANOTHER new partner, Michael Flaherty, and I've been asked to be on the panel to interview his wife."

 "What's she like?" asked Shauna.

 "Really cute, but soooo Irish Catholic, just off the boat... Her name's Molly, Red Head, great boobs, seems really innocent, Cute Kid... Seems like a nice girl though..."

 "Hmmm, I'll bet..." said Shauna. "Come to bed, Wes..."

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