She Wanted it Down and Dirty...Part II

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What a hungry wife will do
This is Part II of a series. Please read She Wanted It Down and Dirty... Part I first.

"Damn, white girl, you really know how to turn me on with your freaky style," Otis told her as he blew his second load of cum in her tight little white pussy!

Just like before as his jism slipped past her soft pussy, Mandy reached back between her legs to gather all his and her love concoction. She made slurping sounds as she licked up every drop.

Mandy's pussy was still hungry and it quivered all over Otis' long hard throbbing cock. His breath was labored while he slowly pumped her wet hot pussy. He loved how her pussy massaged his long thick cock letting him know she needed him to fuck her wet hungry pussy. This was his first piece of white ass and he was going to fuck the bottom out of this pussy.

Mandy could not remember the last time she was fucked like this. Otis' cock touched spots along her pussy walls she did not know she had. Her pussy was quivering like a school girl as she felt the strong throbbing of a big black cock deep in her pussy. The sensation was a bliss she had never known. She did not know how she could ever go back to fucking her husband's little dick. Just as that thought formed in her head Otis' slammed his cock even deeper into her stretched pussy and she lost her thought in the pure bliss. Mandy lost count of the orgasms his large black penis brought her to.

At that moment Otis did something she thought would never happen to her. He hawked up a wad of spit then spat it in her untouched asshole. The sheer perception of what he was doing to her made her feel so cheap and degraded. This emotion sparked a lust in her she never could have imagined. Lust ran from the tip of her clit all the way up to her nipples and exploded. Her nipples and clit throbbed in harmony as the thrust of his huge cock along with the degradation filled her mind and body.

No one had ever spat on Mandy before, in fact before this, she thought, was the worst thing any one could do to some one. But, now, she was so turned on as the saliva puddled in her asshole. Her body shivered with excitement as she did not know what to expect next. Her husband would never make her feel this cheap or exhilarated.

Mandy’s pussy double clutched his dick and Otis strained not to pump another load deep in her hot tight pussy. His mind reeled as he grunted out, “Do not cum, do not cum!” Her tight white wet pussy massaged his long throbbing tool. He did all he could not to cum so quickly in her sweet pussy.

But, this was some of the best pussy he had ever sunk his big cock in. The pleasure mounted and all he could do was slap her tender ass cheek, but, the slap caused her tight pussy to pulsate with pleasure. Slap, slap, slap, but, the slaps just turned Mandy on. Otis could feel his balls boil towards eruption as his long dick plunged into Mandy’s hot pussy.

He refused to cum in her milking hot wet pussy. Otis was quickly approaching climax so he had to do something to keep his big dick hard. He did not know where the thought came from as he plunged his thumb into her asshole for a second time.

The squeal was erotic and soul shaken as her asshole quivered around his thumb. Otis was so focused on how his thumb forced open her brown eye he lost his attention of her good pussy. The erotic squeal made his ears enjoy the erotic delight.

Mandy was in sheer bliss and she came slap after slap. Her body never endures such pleasure or had been treated with such disregard. She knew now that her husband treasured her, but, her heart craved depravity. Her ass was being slapped and she loved the way it made her feel cheap. Not long ago she heard that some women loved to be treated like this. She thought they were out their minds, but, they say don’t knock something till you try it.

Mandy could tell Otis was about to shoot his man juice into her milking pussy. She did all she could to massage his thick dick with her pussy muscles. She was becoming addicted to big black cock and the hot jism that filled her wanting white pussy.

She knew it would not be much longer as she contracted and released her sugar walls around his hard dick. But, she was caught off guard for a second time when she felt his thumb invade her tight ass. A lust fell upon her like nothing she ever experienced before. Her asshole quivered around his thumb and Mandy came with an mind blowing eruption.

Her heart fluttered, her eyes rolled back in her head and her mind went blank. Her body bucked like a young bronco pulling both his cock and thumb into her two orifices. The pleasure flashed from ass to pussy and back again before she went limp.

Otis did not stop fucking her with his thumb and cock even thou she was delirious with lust and passion. She creamed and squirted all over his penis and nuts. This was the hottest piece of ass he ever fucked and could not get enough of her wanton ways.

It added to his fantasy of fucking a white that she loved everything he did to her. He loved the fact that she was coming and creaming at every erotic gesture he did. A sexy hot white woman craving his cock! He was ready to shoot his seed into her hot white pussy.

He grunted, “Damn this hot white pussy is good,” as he pounded her pussy and pumped her ass with his thumb and cock. Even though she was dangling from his thumb and penis her pussy and asshole were quivering around both his limbs. He could not hold back any longer and with one final thrust he ejaculated his spunk deep in her tight pussy.

Otis was spent as his strokes slowed and his cum oozed from her pussy. Mandy was slowly coming back around as she felt her self still coming from the fervid fucking. This ignited more desire in her; she was cock hungry all over again. Even though she felt Otis’ cock slipping from her pussy and when he removed his thumb she began to whimper for more.

Otis was still horny, even though he needed about 30 to 45 minutes to recuperate. But, Mandy wanted cock right now. Otis did not know what to do when she went to sucking and licking their juices from his limp dick.

Then it came to him as he picked up his cell phone. He called two of his boys to see if they were in the area. Just their luck, both of them were not far and told him they would be there in ten minutes.

Mandy was just about done cleaning his cock nuts and asshole when the door bell rang. Otis yelled, “Hold on,” as he was loving the way she was tossing his salad. Her tongue was all over his butt hole she even rimmed the orifice to curl his toes.

She really did not know what Otis was setting up because she was in such a state of euphoria his voice was just a muffled sound to her. All she could focus on was how good his cock and ass tasted with their love juices mixed in. She never sucked her husband ass before, so this just added to the depravity she craved.

Otis finally got her to take a brake so he could answer the door. There stood Jihad and Marcus eager to see the white girl they were about to pleasure. Otis told them to get undressed and when they were done join them in the master bedroom.

Otis was greeted by Mandy as soon as he got back in the room. She was cock hungry as well as soaked and wet. Her face became twisted when she saw Otis’ cock was still deflated. This did not bother Otis because he knew what was about to happen.

“Suck my cock,” he ordered! re-establishing his authority over the situation.

Mandy quickly obeyed.

“That’s it you white freak, suck my big black cock,” he told her.

Mandy was getting even more worked up as he treated her like a slut. She darted her tongue in his ass to show her lust. Otis squeezed his buttocks to have his asshole clamp down on her invading tongue. At that moment Marcus and Jihad walked in and grinned widely.

Marcus took aim at the wet pussy that was before him and sank his big cock in it. Mandy looked back between her legs to see another large black cock fucking her wet pussy. She looked around and saw Jihad stroking his big black cock. When her look returned to Otis she just gave him a deep lustful look. As she moaned from the pleasure Marcus was pumping into her.

Otis waved Jihad over and he took his place in Mandy’s hot mouth. It was not long before Marcus and Jihad were groaning from Mandy’s skills.

“Damn, this white girl has a hot mouth,” Jihad let the room know.

“Bet it’s not as good as this hot wet pussy,” Marcus compared.

“Slap her ass and she will get hotter and wetter as she moans on Jihad’s cock,” Otis offered.

The slaps rang out and Mandy did just as Otis said. The room was full of groans, moans and slaps as Jihad fucked her mouth and Marcus pumped her pussy.

Mandy was in big black cock heaven, one filled her mouth one pumped her pussy and one was in standby. Her pussy clutched her ass stung and her moth was full of big black cock. What would her girlfriends think. What would her husband do if they saw her now? It just did not matter as she sucked and fucked big black cock.

Marcus was not quite as long as Otis but he was just as thick as he fucked her pussy. Jihad was not quite as tasty as Otis but his cock was good as she sucked it. He could not take any more when she cupped and massaged his balls. He groaned and began to fill her hot mouth with hot cum which she greedily drank down.

Once her mouth was free she began to moan a very salacious moan. She had every dick in the room hard and throbbing. This was due to Marcus fucking her pussy good and hard as he slapped her ass. The pleasure over whelmed her and she came. Her pussy doubled down on his cock which caused Marcus to erupt and dump his man juice into Mandy’s hot pussy. It was time to switch places as all the cocks remained hard to Mandy’s delight.

“I want to fuck that hot wet pussy,” Jihad demanded.

“I’ll fuck her hot mouth,” Marcus claimed.

“Well, that leaves the ass for me,” Otis informed.

“Wait, this fine white girl takes it up the ass?” Marcus questioned.

“She will do what ever I tell her,” Otis bragged.

“I don’t care where you two fuck as long as I get my turn in that hot wet pussy,” Jihad informed as he lay back with his cock sticking straight up and throbbing.

Mandy’s clit throbbed and her lust deepened as these big dick black men decided how they were going to fuck her. She never took on three men at once before yet alone three big black cocks. All she knew is that she wanted every one of them badly.

Now Jihad was as long as Otis yet not as thick as her pussy hovered over him. Mandy let the head of his cock slip past her soft pussy. She gasped and he groaned as she paused to savor the pleasure. Inch by inch Mandy slipped down Jihad’s long big cock. When she felt his tight nut sack on her firm ass cheeks she began to rotate left than right.

Marcus grabbed her by a lock of hair jerked her head back and slapped her face with his hard penis. Pre-cum was all over her face as she groped at his slapping dick. It inflamed her further as he teased her with his hard dick, he finally let her lick his nut sack.

Otis had his eye on her tight asshole he massage the hole, then caused her to bite Marcus’ dick shaft as he popped his thumb in her butt hole. He was stretching her asshole out so he could fuck it with his big black cock.

Mandy was a bit overwhelmed at first as her brain had trouble sorting all the pleasure out. She soon relaxed her clit and nipples began to jump as her mind sorted through the bliss. Teasing and sucking cock, riding a long hard dick and getting her asshole ready to be fucked.

Otis rimmed her asshole with the tip of his dick forcing it to open. It slipped in and Mandy exploded on Jihad’s long cock. Her asshole quivered around the head of his cock sending jolts of bliss through the both of them.

“I can’t believe she’s letting him fuck her ass,” Marcus said in surprise.

“This is my little white freak, I own this pussy,” Otis bragged.

“Your one lucky brother cause this is some good pussy,” Jihad admired.

Hearing his boys confirms how lucky he was and he even heard some envy. This made his chest stick out and his cock throb as it inched deeper into her tight quivering ass. Even the sight of dick in her mouth, pussy and ass of this sexy hot white woman was an erotic fantasy coming true.

Mandy had never come so much in her life and this level of cock was definitely porn caliber. Her pussy could not stop throbbing and her lust was out of control. Mandy could not’t believe she has dick down her throat, dick deep in her pussy and now dick up her ass.

She just realized this is how she had always wanted to be fucked, down and dirty. She was no trophy wife; Mandy was a slut through and through. Not just any kind of slut, but, a big black cock slut.

Her clit throbbed as the thought rang out in her head. Big black cock slut, big black cock slut was her thought as she creamed Jihad’s cock again. Her body shook violently as she sucked, fucked and took cock up her ass.

Otis had half his thick cock in Mandy’s ass this was a new and unique sensation to him. It was as when he first got his first piece of pussy. His cock throbbed and his nut sack yearned for relief. Sweat formed on his forehead as he struggled not to cum.

He looked around at his boys to see them in a euphoric state of mind. As one fucked Mandy’s hot tight wet white pussy and the other rammed her throat with his long hard dick. He never would of guessed this hot little house wife could handle three stiff big black cocks. Not only was she handling all the cock, she was getting every one off.

Mandy came again and again as cock fucked her mouth and pussy. She was not sure if the cocks were getting her off or just the thought of all the black cock was getting her off. At that moment Jihad drove deep into her pussy and she knew it was the cock getting her off as she creamed all over his cock.

Marcus nuts erupted when Mandy sucked deeply on his cock. He grabbed the back of her head and thrust deeply into her suction. His balls tightened as he ejaculated his cum into her hot hungry mouth. Her suction was so sweet it was as if she charmed his cum from his nuts.

When she creamed Jihad’s penis and felt the hot cum of Marcus’ hit the back of her throat. Mandy came again causing her pussy to double clutch Jihad’s dick and massage his shaft. The pleasure on his cock caused him to tense up, he tried to fight the feeling off so he could fuck her good tight wet white pussy a while longer. But, the pussy was to good! Mandy’s hot wet pussy milked his cock of every drop he had.

Otis watched and heard his friends explode then he felt her ass pucker around his cock. He was not ready to cum. But, her tight asshole and the erotic scene that was unfolding before him made it hard not to splash her bowl with his man juice.

He tried to focus on Marcus grunting as his cum was sucked from his cock. But, that was a hot scene as he watched Mandy suck down his cum. He turned his attention to Jihad thrusting his cock in and out of her wet white pussy while he pumped her asshole. This made him very excited as Mandy slammed her pussy down on the base of his cock and milk his cum from his dick.

Otis just closed his eyes as he fought not to cum in her tight white ass. He could not tune out the grunts and erotic moans as he fucked her ass. When he opened his eye, Marcus fell back on a chair panting and Jihad was slipping out her hot pussy.

He was the last man standing so to speak as he refused to cum. He lifted her hips up slightly so he could really pound his cock into her ass. Mandy’s moans grew almost hysterical as his thick cock plunged in and out of her tight ass. The more intense the moan the more her ass grabbed his cock. His nuts felt so good slapping her wet ass cheeks.

Jihad and Marcus stroked there dicks back hard as they watched Otis fuck her tight ass. They hoped Otis would give them a turn at her sweet tight ass. They watched her breast jump and her nipples sway with every thrust of Otis’ cock. The erotic action had them ready to shoot there jism again.

With all the moaning, groaning and balls slapping, no one heard the keys unlocking the front door.

Mandy’s husband was home and he knew how he left his wife this morning. He brought her flowers and candy in an attempt to make up things to her. Little did he know she did not need any making up.

Otis could not hold back any longer, he grabbed her hair and began to fuck her hard and deep. His penis was throbbing as it stroked the walls of her bowels. The sensation drove them both wild with lust as they neared climax.

Mandy for some reason looked around the room to see Jihad and Marcus stroking their big black cocks. The sight gripped her passion and drove her closer to orgasm as she felt her bowls give way to the monster cock in her ass.

Mandy erupted with such an erotic moan that Jihad and Marcus shot there cum all over her face and breasts. The hot cum triggered another orgasm and Mandy’s asshole clutched, sucked and massaged Otis’ cock. There was no more holding back as he drove his cock balls deep into her tight white ass. Ounce after ounce of man juice was pumped up her ass.

The panting, moaning and groaning became less intense as cum dripped from Mandy’s chin, nipples, and pussy. Otis slowly pumped her ass and withdrew as they returned from their deep lust.

Just as his sperm was seeping from her ass they heard her husband say, “What the fuck is going on!”