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Soldier Boy

Soldier meets best mate's mum.

He was my friend, he was my colleague, and he was my mate in arms. I, well, I was his best man.

Although I am of Indian origin, I was born and bred in the US of A. After I had finished college, I joined the American army where I met Paul. We enrolled together and had been placed on many tours of duty, abroad and at home together. We both had many wounds of war and many tales to tell.

Paul was getting married to his childhood sweetheart. I had no one special, but I had experienced the adult world.

My name is Sav, short for Satvinder. I am twenty two years old, six foot one inch tall, and my weight is around eighty kilos. I have a well-toned muscular body and am very fit, as you would expect from any US army trained personnel.

As I mentioned, Paul was getting married, and he had asked me to be his best man. The wedding was back in his home town of Houston, Texas. Home for me was back in Chicago.

Paul had asked his parents if I could stay a couple of days with them during the wedding, because my flight back home was delayed. They had a spare room as Paul was not going to be there. So they agreed for me to take his room. I had never met either of Paul’s parents; this would be our first meeting.

Both Paul and his new bride were due to fly to Florida straight after the wedding for their honeymoon.

There was a big reception with lots of drinks flying around, lots of music and dancing. We all saw off the happy couple at twenty two hundred hours, and the party continued for a couple of hours after.

Paul’s parents were Derick and Joanne, Derick was a medical doctor and Joanne did not work. Joanne only had a couple of drinks that evening, at the wedding reception. Derick only had a glass of the obligatory champagne, I am teetotal. We, Joanne and I, danced for a while during the slow numbers towards the end. I did get a boner, but I hoped Joanne did not notice, as I kept backing off.

Joanne had, I think, just turned fifty. She was five foot six tall, fairly attractive, a fine body, and all the right curves in the right places. Paul had told me how she loved her aerobics classes, and her Yoga. Her complexion was fair, she had long black hair. She wore a skirt which was just below the knee. And, of what I could see of her legs, they were very nice and shapely, muscle toned.

We all three headed off to Derick and Joanne’s home, I drove as I was the only one who had not had a drink. We got home just after midnight. Derick and I chatted for a while, getting to know each other, while Joanne said she was going to bed.

She gave me a light peck on the cheek and said, “Good night.”

I in return stood up and said, “Good night, ma’am.”

Joanne with a slight grin on her face said, “Jo. Call me Jo, Soldier.”

I, in a reflex vocal mode responded with, “Yes, ma’am…Yes, Jo.”

Joanne placed a hand on the side of my face, tapped it lightly and said, “Good night, soldier.”

Derick and I talked for about an hour before we also headed upstairs to bed. Derick showed me to my room and showed me where the bathroom was and all the other polite things people do when a guest is in the house.

I took a shower and went to bed. I could not sleep so I got my phone and was going through some text messages, when I heard a moan. This continued for about five minutes or so, when all of a sudden I heard a knocking on the wall behind me. The moaning got a bit louder, and the knocking was very rhythmical.

I was pretty sure Derick was fucking Joanne. But then all of a sudden it all stopped, all went quite. I thought that was quick; there was no crescendo or anything.

I put my phone down and tried to sleep. I could hear some noises from outside my door. A light turned on, just glowed from the gap under the door, and then turned off.

I was drifting off, but felt thirsty, so got up. I had just my boxers on and made my way to the kitchen. As I approached the open door to the kitchen, I saw a light on. I thought they must have forgotten to turn it off. I went in and there was no one in there. I found a tumbler and drank some water. Then on exiting the kitchen I was about to turn the light off. When a voice startled me, it was Joanne, she said, “Leave the light on, soldier.”

She was sitting in a two seat sofa, with a glass of wine in her hand. The light from the kitchen just gave a glow into the lounge. I never made her out before.

I took a few steps towards her and asked, “Are you okay Joanne?”

She looked up towards me and said, “Yes, soldier, I’m fine. Come in and join me in a drink.”

I took a few more steps closer, and then I was just to the side of her. She had a blue coloured, almost see through nighty on. Although not enough light to appreciate her form, she still looked amazing.

I looked away, and I said, “Thank you, ma’am, but I don’t drink. Are you okay? Is Derick okay?”

She took a sip of her wine, and said, “Why do you look away…soldier. Am I not attractive to a young red blooded male anymore?”

I was very embarrassed, still looked away as I said, “Yes, ma’am. You are attractive, ma’am, but you are my best friend’s mum.”

She placed a hand on my lower arm, and stroked it softly, “I know you were horny earlier, when we danced. I felt you.”

I got even more embarrassed, and my face must have been a beetroot red if she could see it, I said, “I’m sorry, ma’am. I didn’t mean anything by it, I’m sorry.”

She still stroked my arm, and said, “Come and sit down, here.”

She tapped the sofa with her other hand. I was very unsure about the situation when I asked, “Is Derick, okay? Where is Derick?”

She took hold of my arm and pulled me round to sit beside her. Although I could have resisted, I did not. I stepped over her outstretched legs and sat down.

She took another sip of wine, and said, “Derick, has been called away, he was on duty. He won’t be back for hours.”

I felt a bit relaxed as she said that, but was still very nervous as to what Joanne wanted.

She placed a hand on my thigh, and asked, “Soldier, I asked you if you find me attractive?”

I did not look at her directly, as I said, “Yes, ma’am, you are a very good looking woman.”

She giggled, and said, “A good looking woman. Isn’t that something you say about your mom?”

She squeezed my thigh, “Come on, soldier. Tell me what you think of this fifty year old body?”

I was about to turn towards her, when she placed a couple of fingers on my chin and turned my face towards her.

She asked again, “Look at me, soldier, when I’m talking to you. Body…What do you think of it?”

My cock was hardening and blatantly obvious at this stage; she could probably see it, as it pushed up my boxers. I looked at her; I gazed down and then back up and I said, “You obviously look after yourself, ma’am. You do appear to have a very beautiful body.”

She took another sip of wine, placed her hand back on my thigh and said, “I said, call me Jo, soldier. And what do you mean appear to have? Can you not see me?”

I again looked at her, down and back up, I could make out she was clean shaved below, she did not have big boobs and her nipples stuck out proud.

Joanne slapped my thigh, and said, “Okay, let’s show you, soldier.”

Joanne was obviously not the shy and retiring type. She stood up in front of me, and took off her nighty; she threw it to one side. Holy fuck, she was amazing, my cock got even harder if it were at all possible for it to be.

She had very long legs, her calves were tight and well formed, and her thighs were full and muscular. Her stomach was not ripped but was well formed, flat, looked hard. Her tits stood proud, they looked firm with rosy pink nipples which stuck out like little bullet’s ready to fire. She had long black flowing hair, which she had just flicked behind her, so that I could see her body.

She turned around slowly, and there were a few words tattooed on her lower back, in an arc, with a symbol in the middle of the arc. The symbol was of Hindi origin, it’s called an ‘Ohm-car.’ And the words also Hindi, translated to ‘Love the one you’re with.’

Joanne turned back around and asked, “Do you like my tat… Soldier?”

I was lost for words; I again looked at her, up and down, amazed at her beauty. Joanne then said, “I can see at least something is standing to attention down there.”

I apologized, “Sorry, ma’am…Sorry, Jo.”

She bent down and looked me in the eye, and said, “Don’t apologize, soldier. I want you to show me what you can do to this body, and I take it that you do want to do something to this body?”

She came up close to my face and said, “I want a twenty something, to show a fifty something, how to treat a ‘good lookin' woman’.”

As she stood back up, she had a hold of my wrists and dragged me up with her, I stood right in front of her, I grabbed her by the shoulders and gave her a kiss, she responded, and grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me tight into her, we began to kiss passionately. She placed a couple of fingers into my boxer’s waist band and pulled it down a bit. We broke our passionate embrace as I took off my boxers and threw them to where her nighty was.

Joanne looked down at my proud cock; she grabbed it in her hand and said, “Fuckin' hell, soldier, that’s a nice fuck stick you’ve got there!”

We resumed our embrace, this time my hard cock was between us, flesh to flesh.

Joanne grabbed my face and sucked my tongue. My hands went down to her ass, it was firm, fuckin hell she had a hard body, she was fit, fit to fuck.

I grabbed my cock with one hand, trying to find her entrance. She pushed me back and said, “Not here, Soldier. Upstairs!”

I swept her up into my arms and gave her a kiss. I carried her upstairs. As we got to the top landing she said, “My bedroom, soldier.”

I carried her through and laid her down onto the bed, we were still kissing. We kissed for a while; I laid on top of her, my cock still hard between us. I moved down to her tits and began to suck her nipples and bit softly into her firm breast flesh.

She squeezed her hand between us and onto my cock, she stroked and squeezed it. She commented, “For an Indian, you’ve got a big cock, soldier. Actually you’ve got a big cock compared to a black one.”

I don’t know how many Indian or black cocks Joanne has seen, but I could not relate. My cock is eight inches long; the shaft is about seven inches in girth, and a bulbous head, uncut. And given the right circumstances, I can cum lots, and I mean lots.

Joanne then said, “I suppose you heard us fucking earlier, did you? Soldier.”

I briefly let go of her nipple and said, “Yes, I heard.” Then went back and sucked on her other nipple.

She stroked my cock more aggressively and said, “He never finished, his beeper went off exactly at the wrong time. And he didn’t finish me off either, he had to go.”

She continued, “He can never make me cum with his pitiful little prick. I hope you are able to. I would like it if you could give me my first one of the night, suck my clit! Soldier, for starters.”

I went to go down to her pussy, when she said, “Wait!”

She pushed me onto my back, and pushed her pussy onto my face. I poked my tongue out and licked her slit; her pussy lips were thin and long. I took them one at a time between my lips and pulled on them. I located her clit and flicked it getting more spit onto it and sucked on it as Joanne let out moans of pleasure.

Then this amazing woman with her amazing flexibility surprised me, she arched her back and took my cock into her mouth. It was an unusual way to be blown, but hey, I was fucking happy.

Joanne ground her pussy hard onto my tongue, I almost had to do nothing but keep my tongue out. I was close to blowing my load.

Joanne’s hips slowed down and then she came to a stop. She was in the midst of her orgasm, when she bit lightly onto my shaft and scrapped her teeth up and down my cock. This made me shoot a load hard into her mouth and down her throat. She took in all of my cock as I blew again, straight down the back of her throat. She squeezed my balls, as I shot again. I was still cumming, as she restarted to grind her clit onto my tongue. She fondled my balls, and then squeezed them again; she kept my cock deep into her throat, as I blew my countless shots, my never ending cum loads taken down, she never spilled a drop. I could hear her as she gulped down my cum.

Joanne kept flicking her hips as I grabbed and squeezed her ass. She had another orgasm; her ass and body stood still for a moment, then she shook violently, for an amazingly long time. I was almost out of cum when Joanne slipped my cock out of her mouth, but kept my cock-head and she stroked the shaft, easing another load from my cock. She sucked my cock-head for a few more seconds, and then rose back up and got off me.

My cock throbbed in a blissful pain, from all that cum extracted from it.

I lay flat on my back and Joanne turned and lay on her side and moved a hand down to hold my cock. She then said something that shocked me, she asked, “Soldier. You fuckin' have a lot of cum, I’ve never had that load of cum to swallow even when two men have shot their loads together.”

I turned and looked at Joanne, my face in shock. She still fondled my cock and said, “Do I surprise you? Soldier. Do you think of me as an innocent woman?”

I could not think of anything to say I just stared at her, expressionless.

She continued, “I’m a married woman, and Derick, is my husband, but he’s never here. As you saw tonight, right in the middle of fucking this body, he just left. Do you know how frustrating that is for me?”

I shook my head and asked, “You’ve had two men… together?”

Joanne smiled broadly and said, “Soldier, what if I told you that I’ve had three men fuck me together?”

I turned my head quickly towards her, again in even more shock, and said, “You’ve not had three men, really, at once?”

Joanne moved her hand down to my balls, she began to squeeze and massage them and she said, “Soldier, you’ve seen my body. I need satisfaction almost on a daily basis. Do you think, I with this body and only one life, would give up the admiration of a few men I have come to know?”

I was absolutely agog, with what Joanne had said, I asked, “Who are these men?”

Her hand came back to my shaft and she squeezed it. My blood had reactivated my cock faster than ever before, It was hardening and at a very quick rate.

Joanne continued to softly stroke my shaft and said, “Ah, there you go, coming back to life I can feel. You’ve got quite a cock there, soldier. You seem to break records in reloading.”

Then she said, “Oh, you obviously wouldn’t know them, but ex-boyfriends, and ex-work colleagues. There are seven of them. They get to fuck me usually in different pairs. But on more than, I don’t recall, something like six or seven, may be more I’ve lost count, I’ve had three of them at once.”

The expression on my face must have asked the question in my head, and Joanne said, “You think I’m a slut, don’t you, a whore?”

I was pretty sure I should not pass judgement, so said nothing.

She paused for a second then said, “It’s okay, you may call me what you like, it’s my life, this is my body, and I need my satisfaction, I simply cannot get it from Derick. He fucks me, he blows his pathetic load, and then he goes to sleep. I’m left to finish myself off. That is not how I want to have an orgasm. I need cocks to give me and this body orgasms of greater magnitude, than Derick.”

My cock at this stage was stiff as a steel rod; Joanne had sensed it as she continued to stroke my shaft and fondled my balls.

In a commanding voice Joanne said, “Soldier. Look at me?”

My head turned to her, as quick as it could, like I was given an instruction by my commanding officer. Joanne said, “If you ever tell Paul, Derick, or anyone of this, I will cut this thing off.” She squeezed my cock hard and shook it from side to side.

“Do you understand? Soldier.”

I said nothing.

She again asked, “Soldier. Do… You… Understand?”

I said out loud, “Yes, yes, ma’am.” I realized I had said, ma’am.

Joanne then said, “I’ll let that one slip, soldier. But just watch it.”

I thought to myself, am I going to become one of her cocks? Am I going to be in one of her three or foursomes? I was not sure if I would like that or not, fucking in front of spectators.

Joanne instructed me to sit on the edge of the bed. My cock was so hard. I sat on the edge, with my hands behind me to prop me up. Joanne came in front of me. She dribbled spit onto my cock and rubbed my shaft with her hand.

She glanced up towards me and said, “Fat cock, soldier. I’ve fucked longer one’s, but this is the fattest. Let’s get it in.”

She then turned so that her back was towards me, and spread her legs over mine. Then from between her legs she reached and grabbed my cock as she guided it into her pussy.

She got the head in and then looked around to me, “Fuck. Soldier, I can feel you spreading me. I want to feel every inch working in!”

I grabbed her ass and opened her cheek’s, spreading her wide. She lowered herself inch by inch; she bounced, up and down. She again turned her head around, and said, “Bastard fat cock, It’s going in.”

I was still about three inches out, when she winked, and in one movement sat right down. I was okay, but it must have hurt her. Joanne stayed there for a long time, she did not move, just cursed my cock, as she said, “Fat bastard, fuckin cock, I knew I’d get it in. I don’t know about you, soldier. But I’m hoping this cock will give me full satisfaction over and over again. Now let’s fuck.”

She took my whole cock, and slowly eased off till my cock-head and about two inches were in her. She then rotated her ass in a circular motion; she slipped my cock in and out at the same time. Then she reversed the rotation. Joanne definitely knew how to make a cock feel for a man.

Joanne moved up and down slow to start with, I matched her thrusts, she commanded the pace, as she got faster and stronger. I grabbed her hair with both hands, and pulled her head back, as I increased my thrusts into her.

She was tight, I was surprised because of all the other cocks she had had. But as she admitted, I was the fattest, so no wonder she felt tight on my cock.

We kept fucking for quite a while, from a slow sensual paced fuck, to an outright whore blasting fuck.

Joanne then announced, “Fat cock, I’m cumming, ahh, fuck me now, make it last longer!”

I let her hair go and grabbed her by the wrists, I pulled her back, and I kept pumping, this time I did not slow down; hard thrusts from just cock-head to full insertion. I fucked her to make her orgasm last, as requested, but if that didn’t, then I wanted to make sure she had another one soon.

I was going to make sure she got ‘full satisfaction.’ Her words.

She had another orgasm, she ranted off, “Bastard, soldier. You fuck hard, you fat fuck, I’m cummin again. Oh my fuck, keep it going, keep it going, ahh fuck. You fat fuck, you fat fucker.”

She bounced hard on my cock. I made sure my thrusts were forceful. I was going to make her cum again. I tightened my grips on her wrists; I pulled her down with great urgency and thrust up with greater strength. I was in control; she was just someone who was there being fucked, hardest I’ve ever fucked a woman.

Probably because it was not a fuck between two lovers, it was a fuck between a soldier and a whore.

And I wanted her to know that, so I said, “Fucking whore, I’m not letting you off till you scream out loud that you’ve been fully fucked. Tell me you’ve had enough, tell me you’ve been satisfied, you whore!”

I was actually enjoying it; my cock had never felt so alive, never felt so hard, full of vigour. I felt I had the power of her seven other fuckers.

We were both getting hot, we were both starting to sweat, and our skins glowed with a wet sheen all over.

She was unbelievable, Joanne again shouted out, “Whore, aye. I’ll show you, you fuckin' fat cock. Go on, fuck me, fuck me, soldier. And fuck me with all you’ve got, come on, soldier. Let’s see what you’ve got? You fat cocked whore fucking bastard.”

We fucked and we fucked and we fucked. She went through orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. She was insatiable. She gave my ears vocal abuse, while I gave her pussy, physical abuse.

Then even I felt fatigued, when I heard Joanne shout out, “I’m cumin, you fat cocked Indian bastard, oh fuck, oh fuck, you slut fucking Indian.”

I kept fucking her and fucking her, I still pulled on her wrists. I didn’t care that she was throwing abuse at me and who I was. Yes I was of Indian origin, yes I am brown, and yes I had a fat cock, which was making her beg for more.

Joanne still cried out, “Give me that fat cock, shove it harder, you whore fucker, ahh, yes, fuck yes. O fuck yes.”

Joanne seemed to lose stiffness in her body, her head shook from side to side, and she still ranted abuse. Her body started to shake. She kicked out like a horse, she missed me with most of her kicks, but then she caught my leg, I still had hold of her. She kicked out harder, she still shouted out abuse.

Then I heard Joanne say, “Bastard, you bastard fat fucker, fuckin' let me go.”

I had not had enough, so kept pumping hard, kept hold of her wrists tightly.

Joanne yelled, “Let me go you fuckin' cunt.”

I said nothing, I kept my cock thrusting into her tight pussy, and it felt so fantastic.

Joanne yelled again, “Let me go you brown mother fucker, yes, yes, I’m satisfied.”

I let go of her wrists, she fell forward onto the floor. Her body shook violently, and she grabbed her pussy with both hands and curled up into a ball, still she shook. I thought she was having a fit.

I asked her as my chest heaved, “Jo, you okay?”

She said nothing; every part of her body shivered. I thought I was in trouble. Shit, I think I took it too far. My cock had gone limp, I was deflated and my whole body sank.

I went down to her and placed a hand on her head, “Jo, are you okay, can I help, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

After a couple of minutes her body slowed down from the violent spasms, but she still twitched now and again. I picked her up and placed her onto the bed. I cleared her hair back from her face and gave her forehead small kisses.

I felt so guilty, I said, “Jo, please forgive me I’m so sorry, please can I help, tell me what you want.”

Joanne said nothing for what seemed like a long time. I still kissed her forehead. Then her eyes opened softly, she looked at me.

And I said again, “O Joanne, I’m sorry.”

Her eyes lowered and she stretched out her legs, she turned onto her back and lay outstretched both hands still clasped on her pussy.

I kissed her again on her forehead, on her shoulders, along her arms, across her thighs, and carried on laying several kisses along her legs and to her feet. When I got to her feet, I gazed back upto her and her eyes were open, she looked at me with a soft sweet smile.

I moved back up to her and lay my head onto her chest, I looked towards her. Again I said, “I’m sorry Jo; tell me you’re not angry with me?”

She placed a hand on my face, caressed it gently and said, “You brown fat fucker that was the best fucking I’ve ever had. My other fuckers don’t even come close, not even when there are three of them. And let me tell you, two of them are black fuckers.”

I was happy Joanne was not angry with me, it made my cock twitch. I moved my head off her and gently kissed her tits, one at a time.

She asked, “Come here and hold me for a while?”

I lay besides her and wrapped an arm and leg across her. I kissed her neck, then nestled my head between her neck and shoulder. We lay there for a while.

I was almost falling off to sleep when Joanne whispered, “Soldier, you awake?”

I was a bit startled but said, “No, Jo, I’m not, why?”

She reached for my cock which was limp. She wrapped her fingers around it and asked, “Are you okay?”

I was not sure why she asked me that, so I hesitated and then said, “Yes… I’m okay.”

She squeezed my cock gently and said, “Not you fucker, not are YOU okay.”

She squeezed my cock again, and said, “Is this okay?”

I smiled to myself, as I got her meaning and said, “Yes Jo, everything is fine. Why do you ask?”

She placed a hand on my face and said, “My cunt feels sore. And I thought your cock may feel the same.”

I smiled again to myself, an even bigger grin, thinking to myself that I had done that. That my cock had done that to a pussy, and then said, “No I feel fine, IT feels fine.”

As Joanne stroked and stiffened my cock she said, “I know you want to blow a load in me. You must be quite frustrated. I know I would be, and often am with Derick.”

I was not that bothered really; I had cum a while ago so I was just happy that Joanne was happy.

I rose and kissed her tit on the nipple and said, “I’m fine really Jo, I’m just sorry you’re hurt.”

Joanne laughed and said, “You fuckin' idiot, not many men can fuck me, long and hard enough to make my cunt sore. You’ve got quite a cock there, soldier.”

I glowed with embarrassment of Joanne’s comment. She squeezed my rock hard cock again and said, “I really do want your cum in me. I want to see how much cum you can still blow?”

I was uncertain and said, “I don’t want to hurt you further. Let’s wait till another time?”

Joanne said, “Don’t you worry about my cunt, I love the way it feels right now. I’m looking forward to a nice raw fucking.”

Joanne got up and turned to face me and said, “My cunt is going to get some cum, your cum, soldier. Hopefully lots of it.”

She then went down and sucked me off; she blew me for some time, making sure I was well lubricated, and fully hard. I placed a hand on her head as she bobbed up and down. Then on occasions she kept her head still with my cockhead in her mouth, and stroked my shaft quite briskly.

Joanne then said, “You have an amazing amount of skin here, soldier.”

She then did something quite new to me. She took my cock out of her mouth, and used her fingers from both hands to pull on my foreskin, so that it created a hollow, with my cock-head below, she poked her tongue out and into the well. She swirled her tongue around and licked the inside of the foreskin, then touched the tip of my cock-head with her tongue. She pulled up the foreskin even more, and wrapped it around her tongue, and flicked her tongue across the tip of my cock-head. It felt amazing; Jo was obviously some sort of cock-expert.

Joanne looked at me and said, “Would you like a tighter pussy to fuck?”

I didn’t know what she intended, was she thinking of getting someone else?

I asked, “What do you mean a tighter pussy? Whose pussy?”

Joanne laughed and said, “Not someone else, me you wanker, my pussy but in a tighter position for you.”

I said, “Okay, let’s see you tighten your pussy!”

Joanne spat on my cock and rubbed my shaft. She then mounted me, cow girl style. Nothing unusual there I thought. She said as she started to get me in, “Oh god that feels so fuckin nice.”

She placed her hands onto my taught stomach and said, “Take a deep breath! Soldier.”

She raised her body on my cock about two inches. It was like watching a gymnast at work.

She brought both legs around together over to my head. A foot either side of my face.

She removed both hands from my stomach, and placed them behind her onto my thighs. And as she did that, I felt her pussy tighten onto my cock.

Joanne smiled and said, “How’s that feel? Soldier.”

I had the biggest grin ever on my face. I placed both my hands onto her thighs and caressed them, and said, “Jo you really are a dirty, rotten, fuckin bitch.”

My cock throbbed in ecstasy; I could feel her cunt muscles as they pulsed.

Neither of us could move in that position and Joanne knew that. The next thing she did, was she pushed on my thighs and rose up about six inches, and she said, “Go ahead, soldier. Fuck away.”

I started to thrust, slow at first, her new tightness was fantastic. I picked up the pace after a while, and then fucked her for a good ten minutes in that position. Joanne had an amazing amount of strength to hold herself there.

She said, “Soldier, I’m cumin, oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

I kept thrusting, and she kept telling me she was cumming, she went through three orgasm crests, before she rested her arms and sat on me; which stopped me from moving. Cock in cunt; throbbed, I madly wanted to release my seed.

Joanne flicked her head from side to side, getting her hair out from in front of her and said, “Soldier, you fuck well, for an Indian mother fucker.”

I retaliated and said, “Thanks you fuckin' white slut.”

She smirked, and said, “Okay, soldier, do you think you can cum soon? Cause Derick, may be home anytime now.”

I wanted to cum as well, so I asked her, “What do you suggest, whore? How are you going to make me cum?”

Joanne said, “Okay, get off the bed!”

I got off and stood beside the bed with my pecker pointing up. Joanne moved to the edge of the bed and let her legs dangle down.

The bed was just at the right height so that I could fuck her in that standing position.

Joanne said, “Come here, soldier.”

I moved closer and was about to guide my cock into her when she said, “Not yet! Soldier, I’ll tell you when.”

She placed her hands onto my shoulders and then amazingly, she moved both legs apart at once. She outstretched them along the bed’s edge, so that she was sort of doing the splits, but in a frontal position. I could see her pussy open like a flower, her pussy lips like shiny petals, invited my cock.

Joanne smiled and said, “Okay, soldier, stick your brown tree trunk in.”

I lowered my cock with my thumb on the shaft and guided it towards Joanne’s slut hole. I pushed in the cock-head, and then moved my hands onto Joanne’s shoulders.

I pushed in slowly, we were both well lubricated and I eased in, I wanted to feel every inch going in, until I fully buried my cock into her. I stayed there for a few seconds and then started to fuck this fit bitch.

Joanne felt amazing in this position, she wasn’t as tight like before, but still felt incredible on my cock.

While we fucked I said, “You’re an incredible woman Jo, your body is so flexible, are you made of rubber?”

She laughed and said, “I’ve had years of practice and I train every day. I’m glad you appreciate me.”

I increased my thrust rate and penetrated deeper, from shallow to full insertion. It was incredible that Joanne had kept her legs apart for so long. I kept fucking Joanne with her increasing encouragement.

Joanne said, “Come on, soldier, fuck this cunt, and fuck this whore in front of you.”

My energy being fuelled by Joanne, as she carried on, “Make this slut scream in pain, fuck this whore’s cunt, make it sore as hell.”

We both had our hands on each other’s shoulders, I was up close to Joanne’s perky tits, and her pointy nipples rubbed on my pecs. Our faces close together, we looked into each other’s eyes.

Her words echoed around the room, as she carried on, “Brown bastard, bet you’ve never had a white whore to fuck before. Has that Indian tree trunk ever been in a white cunt?”

I did not want to say anything back to her; I looked into her eyes with an anger which I was sure she could see. We kept on fucking as I drove her through two more abuse filled orgasms.

After her second orgasm she pulled me in with her arms and held on tight in a hug. She brought her legs around to behind my back and locked her feet together.

I then had hold of her, and took a couple of steps back from the bed. I kept fucking her, not by moving my hips, but I bounced her on my cock.

Joanne praised me, “You sure are a fit, soldier. For a brown bastard, you’re almost as fit as me.”

I bounced her slower, I could feel every inch of me in her, I felt every inch of her pussy over my cock as it moved in and out.

Joanne said, “Tell me you brown, soldier boy. How does a white slut feel like to fuck? Am I better than any of the Indian cunts you’ve got your cock up? ”

I was not in the mood to have a debate, I said, “Fuck you bitch.”

Joanne laughed, and said, “Please, soldier. Fuck you bitch, is that all you’ve got to say?”

I gripped her body tighter and bounced her faster.

Joanne smuttily said, “Oh, that good, yeah. Come on, soldier, is that brown cock going to feed this white cunt!”

And as soon as she said that, she said, “Ohh, fuck, bastard cock, I’m there again, ohh, fuck, yeah.”

I kept moving her body over my cock, it felt absolutely like another world, and Joanne said, “Keep fucking, shit head. You’re brown trunk is boring a new cunt into this white slut.”

I was also there just a couple more thrusts, and oh yeah, there I blew. I held Joanne down my cock in to the hilt, I released my first load. I lifted her up and forcefully plunged her back down, and blew again; I repeated this, over and over.

Joanne again egged me on, “Oh yeah, come on brown boy, feed this whore give me all you’ve got, you mother fucker.”

I felt cum drops as they landed on my feet, that’s when I took Joanne over to the bed. I turned around and fell backward with Joanne on top.

She was now in control; she kept riding me, drawing more cum out of me. Her pussy overflowed with every new blast, her pussy oozed cum. She jumped off me and took my cock-head into her mouth and pumped more of my seed down her throat.

She took it out after three blasts or so and said, “Jesus fuckin' Christ! Soldier, curry cum tastes divine, with some whore syrup on it!”

She pointed my cock up into the air and kept stroking, I watched my cum being pumped into the air and land onto my stomach.

All I heard from Joanne was, “Holy fuckin shit, can you cum or can you cum.”

It pained, I held onto Joanne’s wrist, to stop her from stroking me further. Oh my fuck, I’ve never cum like that before, ever. My chest heaved, I gasped for breath, and my whole body’s energy was drained.

Joanne slapped my hand away and kept stroking with a tighter grip and said, “Cum you fuckin' bastard, see how a white whore milks a cock. You made my cunt sore; now this bitch is going to make you pay. Cum, Cum, Cum.”

Joanne stroked harder she squeezed my cock; she pulled on it real hard, my cum blasted out over her hand.

Joanne commended me, “Soldier, you sure did well. I’ve never seen that much cum from three men, even if they had cum twice each.”

Joanne came and lay besides me. She gently kissed me on the lips and her hand went to my stomach, which had a lot of cum on it. She scooped it up in one hand and then rubbed it over her tits and nipples. She repeated this twice more.

She commented, “My cunt is still throbbing, it feels raw.”

Then she said, “We had better get cleaned up, and this place. Derick, may be home soon.”

I helped Joanne clean up the place as best we could. Then we both took a shower, separately, just in case Derick came back.

We had just got dressed and were having coffee in the kitchen when Derick came in and apologized to me for having left so abruptly.

Then he said, “I hope Joanne, took care of you.”

To which Joanne and I glanced at each other and smiled.

I turned to Derick and said, “O, Joanne, was the perfect host.”

I left that day for Chicago.

Paul and I met back on duty about four weeks later. We were on tour, abroad for two months.

We returned back home after that, and Paul invited me to stay at his place. That is, Paul and his wife’s place. Paul’s home was only a mile away from his parents. We were off duty for four weeks.

Paul said that I was welcome to stay there and house sit, as he and his wife had planned to go to Los Angeles for a break.

I saw Joanne every day for those four weeks, usually during the day when Derick was off at work. But also, if Derick was called away during the night, Joanne would call me for a quickie, which would last about three hours or so.

There was this occasion just three months ago, which was for six days. Joanne made an excuse to be in New York, and I met her there. We got a lot of fucking done in those six days. We were in a hotel room which we only left once, and that was to check out.

We ordered food in, and we never bothered with clothes.

We are thinking of doing that again sometime.

I wouldn’t call it love, not by a long shot, but Joanne and I have become very good friends. We like being around each other, but the best is when we fuck, it is always rough and raw. Joanne always uses abusive language to… encourage me. Believe me, it works.

It’s been three years since I first met Joanne. Even though I have other women friends, I don’t have anyone special.

If there was, it would be Jo.

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