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Son's friend

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Having sex with my son's friend
As many of you know, I'm a married 45 year-old mother with two sons, one 25 off on his own now, one 23 in college, and a daughter. I am 5’6” tall, with nice long brown hair, brown eyes and weight just right I think for my build. I have 34C boobs with large firm nipples. My husband Nick is a police officer and is away from home from time to time for different reasons.

We have a very good and open sex life and I have had many different men since I met my husband Nick and we started enjoying our open life style. Also if some of you have read my recent stories you know that about two months ago I started having sex with my son, Mark, the 23 year old.

Well as usual Nick was leaving on a trip to of all places Las Vegas for a conference where I love to go and party. He asked me to go with him, but with work and all I declined and stayed home. I took Nick out to the airport then as I was driving back home I called Mark to see if he was free for the evening or a couple days. You know by now what I was thinking but I'll get to that later.

He said he was off work for a few days but had a friend staying with him and was it alright if he came over too, to which I agreed sadly. I headed over to pick up Mark and his friend Aaron before heading back to the house. Mark and Aaron both worked together and since work was slow, would be off the whole three days Nick was gone.

I told Mark to bring enough stuff to stay the whole time if he wanted to which he agreed but said they had planned on going out for awhile that evening. I told Mark that would be fine and he could use my car if he wanted just as long as he wasn't going to get drunk. Even with them going out, I still thought it would be nice for me having Mark there in the house for a couple days and may be fun for them both to get out of town and into the country.

When I picked them up and they were heading for the car I noticed Cal was a couple of inches taller than Mark at about 6'-4'' and was of Afro-American descent. He was very good looking and had very warm and courteous mannerisms I noticed once we started talking.

We traveled the miles to our home with the majority of their conversation relating to work and sports. After awhile at the house and a quick tour for Aaron, Mark asked if they could shower and get ready for their night out, so upstairs to shower and dress they went.

Mark called down from upstairs and asked me if I had any more towels for the shower since there weren't any upstairs. Guess I had forgotten them after doing the laundry. I handed the items through the partially closed door of the spare bedroom and asked him if he needed anything else. He asked me if I could get some more shampoo since the one in the shower was almost empty and wouldn't be enough for them both.

I hurriedly ran downstairs and searched through the closet until I found another bottle and started back up the steps to the bedroom. As I passed by the upstairs bath, something caught my eye which I assumed was Mark in there getting ready and opened the door to hand him the shampoo.

Well when I opened the door I was surprised, there stood Aaron in front of the vanity with absolutely nothing on. He was very well defined and muscular with perfect washboard abs. Below his navel was a thin line of hair which led straight down to one of the largest and darkest cocks I have ever seen, not that it was my first black cock. It was very thick, about 7 inches long and hung down beside his left thigh. He was bigger soft than some men I've been with that had a full erection. The large pink head was almost completely covered with dark skin, it had a large vein that seemed to run the full length of the massive organ. He had a pair of very large testicles which must have been fully relaxed for they hung down halfway of his cock.

I quickly excused myself and closed the door telling him how sorry I was to have walked in on him and headed to find Mark. I mentioned nothing to Mark and tried to forget the incident.

Well I handed Mark the keys to the car and he said they would be home around eleven thirty. With a little smile I told Mark that I was going to take a bath and to let me know when they got home and if I wasn't up to come wake me so I knew they were alright and home safe. Alone now and horny of course, as I sunk into the bathtub I kept thinking about the visual image of Aaron as he stood naked in my bathroom. I have never had such feelings over a naked male in my life.

He was at least the same age as Mark I thought, yet I felt so excited thinking about how big his cock could possibly get if it was at full erection. That thought and image in my head caused one orgasm after another to wave across my body as I massage my clit thru the trimmed patch of my pubic hair. As with many others, it was one of the most intense orgasms I've had in my life. I could not believe I was fantasizing about a young black man’s cock who was one of my son’s friends.

I got out of the tub, dried off and put on a sort of silk football jersey that I usually wear around the house. I went down stairs and curled up on the couch to watch some TV till the boys got home.

At around 1AM I think, I heard the car pull in the drive and both doors close. Mark and Aaron both came in laughing and very loud. I could smell alcohol on their breath and told them to get upstairs and get settled in for the night since they both seemed to have had more than enough to drink. I told Mark that he would not have use of my car again anytime soon because that was stupid him drinking and driving.

Well he knew I was very angry and told me he was sorry and with a wink said he'd make it up to me somehow before he went home. He kissed me on the cheek as any son would and said goodnight, even Aaron hugged me and said he was sorry. I swear that I thought I felt Aaron’s bulge as he pulled me against him for that hug.

I knew they both had to see my nipples pressing through the silk material of my jersey, which by the way was the only thing I was wearing but large enough to cover my butt when I walked around. I swear I was instantly soaking wet if not shortly after as I watched them two head up the stairs.

A few moments later I heard the toilet flush and a bedroom door close. I waited about ten more minutes before turning off the lights and heading upstairs to my bedroom. I glanced into the spare bedroom as I passed by and saw that Mark was already asleep in bed. I could see a slither of light coming from the partially closed hall bathroom door.

It must be Aaron I thought as I neared the bathroom. Remember earlier that day I could not help myself as I peered through the crack in the doorway. To my surprise and delight there was Aaron, naked and sitting on the edge of the tub facing the door. There he was, stroking that massive cock with one hand and holding a pair of my panties in his other hand, which I assume he got from the damper in the bathroom.

His eyes were closed as he stroked his cock, his heavy ball sack would rise and fall with each stroke. His hard cock was about the size of my forearm and the head was very large. Every time he stroked the skin would roll over the large head and then off again. For some unknown reason my legs buckled and went out from under me causing me to fall through the partially opened door and land right at Aaron’s feet where he still had his hand on his massive cock.

As he bent over to grab me and help me up, his large balls rubbed my forehead. I sat up with my face just inches from that black monster. He asked me if I was OK, and I only shook my head as I stared at his uncircumcised black cock. My mouth started to go dry and my legs as well as the rest of me was shaking. I was so nervous and so excited at the same time I wasn't sure what to do at that moment.

Aaron, either sensing my excitement or being very very brave from drinking, took my hand in his and placed it near the base of his magnificent organ. My finger tips could not touch each other as I felt the heat and the blood pulse through the thick vein right under my fingers. Aaron told me he was so horny from thinking about me seeing him this afternoon that he had to have some relief before he went to bed.

He said that he had always wanted to fuck a white girl or a woman with experience because not many, if any girls his age were willing to let him have sex because of his size. Trying in some dumb, silly way to defuse this, I told him that I was sorry for spying on him and that he should remember that I was old enough to be his mother. As those words left my mouth and as if automatically, my right hand stroked his cock while my other hand touched and held his huge balls.

I told him that he had absolutely the largest cock I had ever seen or touched in my whole life. Which might not have really been true but it was just the thing to say at that time I think. He grinned wide and with a look on no fear of failure asked me if I would let him fuck me. He said because I was one of the hottest women he had ever seen and had experience he knew I would be able to give him the relief he needed so badly.

Well damn now he had me, looking him in the eyes as I got up from the floor, I told Aaron to stay there while I checked to see if Mark was still asleep. As I re-entered the bathroom from the hall, I locked the door and removed my jersey exposing all of myself to Aaron. With him still sitting on the edge of the tub as I had told him, I sat down on the floor right in front of him and turned my head upward so I could look him in the eyes just as I started to lick his very large balls.

He groaned with every lick and started to shake as my tongue trailed its way up to the huge saucer shaped head. I licked around the large ridge a couple of times before trying to put my mouth around it. It hurt my mouth as I stretched to engulf his organ. I could only get the large head in my mouth at first but knew I'd get more in soon. I used both hands to stroke the shaft as I continuously ran my tongue around the head. Just as I had a few more inches of this huge cock in my mouth that large vein running down it's length began to throb and spurt after spurt of thick, salty, virile semen gushed into the back of my throat. I had never known a man could cum so much.

He pushed me away from his now sensitive head and gently lifted me from the floor and up onto the vanity top next to the tub. He positioned my legs up over his shoulders as he knelt down in front of me and drove his thick tongue into my vagina. It felt as if my whole cervix lunged as I came around his thick tongue. Wave after wave of pleasure went through me as my juices matted my pubic hair and his mouth.

When Aaron stood up I kissed him and grabbed his semi-hard cock and placed the massive head against the lips of my soaked cunt. He slowly pushed his hips forward and the coronal ridge pushed into my g-spot where I immediately reached another orgasm. He moved back and forth slowly as I tried to accommodate for his size.

Every time he moved forward, I orgasmed around that massive head. I looked down and saw my lips slip only partly closed each time he pulled out than be spread extremely wide again as he entered me again. He was only halfway in and was already deeper than any man had ever been I thought to myself. He began to fuck me in smooth steady deep strokes as I felt his low hanging balls slap against my exposed anus.

That feeling made me wonder if I would be able to take him anally but that would have to wait for another time because I didn't want him to pull out of me now or any time soon. I was in heaven and with my hands placed on his perfectly muscled ass I pulled him in tighter on every movement, pulling him deep into me and I felt so fulfilled as a woman. I knew I would forever be hooked on this young man’s black cock and would have to have him again. When I felt his abdomen and ass tighten for that release of his second load of semen I felt as though I would pass out.

I felt every hot spurt as it splashed deep within my womb. I thought now I know why black women are willing to have so many children and how lucky they are. I did not want him to ever stop.

Standing between my spread and still shaking legs, Aaron gently kissed me on my mouth and slowly withdrew his softening organ from my very stretched pussy. I softly started crying because I was so satisfied, fulfilled, sore and confused. I knew that sex with others, including Nick and Mark would be hard now to satisfy me as much as this had. This young man was more man than I had ever experienced in my life I think.

I told Aaron that he could not ever tell anyone about this and that it was to remain our secret if he and Mark were to stay friends. He asked me if I was alright and I assured him that I was just tired and needed to think. He thanked me for the greatest experience of his life as he started to get dressed. I didn’t let on that I would have to and needed to have him in me again another time.

That other time has already come since this event but that will be another story. Thanks for reading about the events in my life and I'll try to share more as time goes on.

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