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Strike It Rich

Another Day On The Picket Line
(This is a First-Timer story. If you would like a Part II, let me know...)

It had been another wasted day on the picket line.

As Taya and I walked to the bus stop, I had the opportunity to check her out. She was dressed in a light-blue shirt, a slightly-faded jean-skirt and white tennis shoes.

It was easy to notice her shoulder-length, silky midnight black hair, supple firm legs and a taut candy-apple sized ass. Being of Asian background, she had beautifully shaped eyes the same color as her hair and skin as smooth as porcelain.

But her best feature, by far were her tits. The way they pressed firmly against her shirt created speculation as to their size.

Taya asked if I had any plans for the rest of the day. I told her that the only thing I wanted was something cool and liquid. She giggled and said that she could provide me with what I was looking for, back at her apartment, an offer which I quickly accepted.

When we arrived, Taya gave me the grand tour.

The lack of a television set was very noticeable. When she explained that she had a TV set in the bedroom, I smiled and asked coyly if she used it regularly. She blushed, stuck out her tongue, and said the drinks were in the refrigerator. I sat down on the living room couch and had waited for about 10 minutes when she re-appeared.


She had changed into a white cotton t-shirt, loose white linen shorts and no socks. As she sat down on the couch next to me, I casually examined her tits. Though she was wearing a white lace bra, they were well shaped and globe-sized. I added my estimate to the ever-growing list: 38C???

As we discussed the progress of the negotiations, I noticed Taya wince occasionally.

I asked if she was ok. She replied that her shoulders were sore from carrying the picket sign. I inquired if there was anything I could do to help.

She smiled and asked if I could gently massage the affected area. Not wanting to see an attractive woman in pain, I agreed.

Taya pulled her t-shirt loose from her shorts and shifted closer to me. I told her that I would begin at the bottom of her back and work my way upwards. When I reached a certain point, I would ask her to raise her t-shirt to allow me better access.

Hearing this, she nodded in agreement.

I rubbed my hands together to warm them up and then placed them gently on Taya’s lower back and began to move in slow circles. As my treatment progressed, she began to relax. Her head fell slightly forward and she began to sigh softly.

As my massage approached her upper back, I leant forward and asked her to raise her shirt. She sighed in response and slowly lifted her t-shirt up and then unfastened the clasp to her bra and let the straps fall from her shoulders.

Trying to appear cool, I continued.

As my hands reached Taya’s neck, she slowly leant backwards towards me. From my current position - looking down - I noticed that her bra had shifted and left her tits bare. They were very firm with no sag. Her nipples, which looked like pencil erasers, were gently pressing into the t-shirt. As I moved to the side of her shoulders, Taya reached up and took my hands in hers.

She moved slowly downwards and after about five seconds she placed my warm hands on her tits. I could tell that she was enjoying the feeling as she leant further back, pressing against my chest, in order to give me better access. When I leant slightly forward, feeling my hot breath on her ear (not to mention my semi-hard cock pressing against her back) she turned her head and pressed her warm moist lips to mine. I quickly responded to her kiss, pressing my equally warm lips to hers. We stayed like that for what seemed like hours.

When I felt her tongue gently pressing against my lips I slowly let mine slip through her open mouth and touch hers. After we finally separated, I gazed deeply into her beautiful midnight-black eyes wondering what was next. Fortunately, for me, she turned and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

Sitting there, her gorgeous boobs captivated my eyes. Looking at her nipples, large and standing out like nubbins, I could tell she was getting aroused. She smiled mischievously as she pulled off my white polo shirt. As I began to massage her exquisite tits, she unbuttoned my jeans.

Taya reached in and wrapped her hand around my rock-hard 7” cock. I moaned as she rubbed it slowly, which made me massage her tits faster. 

Suddenly, she pulled my throbbing cock out and began jerking it up and down. The sensation was incredible. After about a minute, she leant down and wrapped those magnificent tits around it.

Looking down, I could see the head of my cock was now a reddish-purple color. I told her that if she continued, I was going to shoot a load of cum all over her globes. She released my cock and stood up slowly, her tits swaying with the motion. She pulled me from the couch and led me towards her bedroom, her beautiful ass-cheeks swinging back and forth as she walked in front of me.

Once there, I unbuttoned her shorts and quickly pushed them down her legs, leaving just a tiny white thong covering her naked pussy.

I quickly took off the rest of my clothes and let Taya see my fully erect cock. She licked her lips and gently stroked the underside from the base to the head with her fingernails, which caused my cock to jump.

I dropped to my knees, which put me face to face with her thong-covered pussy. I could see her slit through the wet spot, which I noticed was moistening rapidly. I leant forward and slowly ran my tongue from the base of her slit to the top. She gasped and grabbed my head, pushing it deeper into her crotch. I pulled her thong aside and concentrated on eating her bare-skinned pussy.

Taya began to weaken in the knees so I gently lowered her to the floor.

I pulled her saturated thong completely off and gazed at her naked cunt. It was soaked with her juices and the lips were slightly apart glistening with her wetness. I hungrily lapped up her juices, which tasted sweet as honey, as she began to moan louder.

Glancing upwards, I saw her forcefully pinching her nipples while her head was rolling side-to-side. I intensified the pressure of my tongue on her wet cunt, focusing on her clit, knowing that she was close to having an earth-shattering orgasm. When she came, screaming loud enough to break windows, she drenched my face with her sweet nectar.

As I sat up and looked at Taya, she was still enjoying her orgasm.

Her hands were on her tits, her eyes were closed, and she was breathing slowly. The carpet between her legs was soaked from the overflow of her pussy juice. When she finally opened her eyes, she smiled and licked her lips seductively.

"Your turn," she said.

She moved swiftly and pushed me flat on the carpet. Gliding her slick naked body over mine, she kissed my eyelids softly, and then my lips. Sliding down, she circled my nipples with the tip of her tongue, occasionally biting them gently. The sensation was exhilarating. She slithered her body downwards, rubbing her sweat-coated tits against my taut stomach, until she reached my belly button.

She dug her tongue in forcefully enough to stimulate the nerve endings. My body stiffened as she moved closer to my hard cock. As the head peeked out between her tits, she extended her tongue and licked it lightly from the bottom to the top of the slit.

She looked up at me and savored the taste of the pre-cum. Seeing my expression of pleasure; she opened her wet, warm mouth and took my full hardness inside. She bathed my cock while alternating between fast and slow sucking. The feeling was exquisite.

After about ten minutes, knowing that I was close to cumming, she released my hard cock. She took it in her hand, straddled me, and rubbed her wet cunt against my hardness. She plunged herself onto my cock, taking the full length inside all at once. I could feel the tight walls of her pussy clamp on and massage every inch. As she began to slowly piston up and down, her tits bounced with each stroke.

Her facial expression was one of ecstasy: forehead tense, eyes closed, and lips pursed. As I reached up and grabbed her tits, I tweaked her nipples, causing her to moan loudly. I felt my balls tighten up, as she rode my cock as I prepared to shoot my load deep into her cunt.

I yelled out, “I’M CUMMING!!”

She cried out, “GIVE IT TO ME!!!”

And just then I emptied a full load of jism into her tight pussy. I could feel my love juice splashing inside, mixing with her sweet pussy ambrosia. After our mutual orgasm had subsided, she collapsed on my chest.

Thirty minutes had passed before we could dis-entangle ourselves.

Taya slowly peeled herself off my chest, hair drenched, tits sticky from sweat, and pussy lips puffy. My condition was not much better. My hair also drenched, chest sticky from sweat, and cock red and raw.

As I slowly made my way to my feet to retrieve my clothes, she put on a robe to cover her nakedness. We walked out to the living room where I slipped gently into my polo shirt. Turning, I kissed her hard and quickly fingered her damp pussy. As I walked out the front door, I asked if I would see her tomorrow on the pickets. She smiled seductively as she closed the door.

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