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I party with a local in Jamaica
All I could think of was that my parents should be on that international house hunting show! But why bring me along? This whole looking for the dream house thing was BORING! I’m sitting in the back seat of this mini-bus while George ferries Mom and Dad from house to house on the island of Jamaica. So as my parents look, I sit in the back playing games with my i-phone, or sending suggestive texts to my boyfriend Brad, telling him how I’d rather be sucking his cock than here with my lame-ass parents

“So, girl, why ain’t you in wit your parents lookin’ at dream houses?

“That is sooo boring!” I answered. “I’d much rather be back home!”

“And your parents brought you here, why?” George asked, standing by the open window.

“Because, if they didn’t, Brad and I would be partying.”

“Ah! De truth comes out!” he said, smiling. “What kind of partying you do, girl?”

“The usual! A little beer. A little grass.” she said, pausing before adding, “And a little…. Other fun”

“You wanna have fun wit de sugarman?”

I looked up at him as he lit a joint

“You got some for me?” I said, smiling up at this tall dreadlocked black man.

“How much money you got, girl?” he replied, smiling down at me.

I frowned! “Not much! Maybe ten bucks!”

“Well, dat’s not enough to get you high for long. At least on de high quality stuff, I can get!”

Totally bummed that I wasn’t even going to get high, I looked up again, watching an evil grin cross his face.

“Don’t get all down girl! Dere might be a way dat de Sugarman can get you what you need.”

My face brightened. “How?” I asked.

“Well, if you do de Sugarman a couple favors. I might be able to hook you up wit some fine Jamaican Ganja!”

“Favors? Like what?”

Without a word, he stepped closer to the car window, filling it with his bulging shorts. I was a little shocked, when it finally struck me what he was suggesting. “You mean, you’ll give me some grass if I suck your cock?” I said, somewhat awestruck at the massive outline of his manhood as it snaked around his shorts. Stepping back he offered me a hit

“De more you do for me, de more I can do for you, girl.” he said as he stepped away from the car. Leaning down, he smiled at me, handing me his business card. “Your parents are plannin’ to go out to dinner, tonight. You could tell dem dat your not feeling well, and stay behind. Call me! I can be dere in five minutes.

True to his word, five minutes after I paged him there was a gentle knock on my door.

I hadn’t waited idly by, hoping for him to show up. I had put on a semi-see through nightgown that hinted at what I had to offer. Five foot five inches tall, curly red hair, a neatly trimmed bush, and B cup breasts that I wasn’t overly fond of. Instead of having round, full breasts topped with little nipples, Mine were smaller, and the nipples were pointed, almost like an afterthought.

As I opened the door, there he stood, towering over me, his eyes traveling hungrily over my body, his full sensuous lips taking a deep drag on a homemade cigarette. He offered it to me and I took a long hit, savoring the feeling as it swept into my bloodstream, making me instantly giddy.

“Oh, fuck! This is some good shit!” I said, smiling.

“Take another hit, girl. Dis one’s on da house. But if you want more, you gotta show da Sugarman a little sometin’. With that, his lips met mine. More like engulfed mine, and his tongue pushed past my lips, grazing my teeth, taking my breath away, adding to the high from the joint.

“Why does everyone call you Sugarman, anyway?” I asked after breaking the kiss.

“Cuz I taste so sweet, girl!” he answered. “Don’t just stand dere! Go ahead and taste it!”

My head was really spinning, the grass taking hold of me, intensifying the feelings. I shucked the nightgown and dropped to my knees, as I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to his ankles. No boxers! Just the largest, most magnificent looking ebony cock I’d ever seen!

Wrapping both hands around it, there was still more than I could fit in my mouth, but I had to try! My panties were wet just thinking about this huge snake and what I wanted it to do to me. I kissed the shiny ebony head, my tongue sliding all around the firm but soft helmet, my mouth stretched to the max, my eyes focused on the throbbing vein that ran the length of his massive member.

“That’s a great start, girl, but you need to relax your troat, and take more of it!”

I tried to take more but the gag reflex got the better of me, bringing tears to my eyes as I drooled all over the length of his magnificent member.

“It’s OK girl! It’s obvious dat you’ve never had a cock dis size before! Relax your troat! I promise not to choke you to death.” he said smiling down at me, his white teeth showing in stark contrast to his black face.

As massive as his cock was, it wasn’t super stiff and had a natural curve to it that helped as he pushed it to the back of my throat. I pulled it from my mouth, and in spite of the danger I felt from choking, it was less than half wet!

Still a little hazy from the weed, I decided to lick it like a popsicle, down the underside, nibbling gently until I got to his nuts, Almost the size of an egg, hairless, encased in crinkly black skin, I sucked one into my mouth, massaging it with my tongue until I heard him moan. I looked up, past his shaft, to see that great toothy smile.

“I see we have some experience suckin cock, girl!” he said.

Letting his testicle pop out, I smiled back, “Yeah! But nothing this big! And I‘ve never done a black man before” I replied before enveloping the head again and sucking hard as I bobbed up and down on his hardening member.

He took hold of my head and began feeding more and more of his cock into my face. I desperately wanted to swallow all of it, but just couldn’t. I gagged, hoping he would let up. He didn’t. He just kept sawing in and out of my face. I could hardly see for the tears!

Suddenly, his hands let go of my head, dropping into the top of my nightgown, playing with my chest, saying, “Stroke it while you suck it!” Catching my breath, and getting tingly from his attention to my breasts, I renewed my assault on his manhood.

Pinching and pulling on my nipples, he added. “Dat’s it girl! Make me cum! Taste me!”

Moaning on the meat in my mouth, I bobbed faster and took him deeper, both hands wrapped around him, jacking, urging, wanting to taste the warm saltiness of his essence.

He grunted as I felt his cock expand in my mouth, tasting the warm jets of semen as they spat out the slit in his crown, filling my mouth to overflow, feeling it drip down my chin and onto my breasts as I struggled to swallow.

“Don’t bother cleanin it up, girl! It will make it easier slidin into that pretty little cunt of yours!” he said as he lifted me up off the floor, offering me another hit on his blunt. “If I’m givin you a proper fuckin. It’s gonna be in your bed!” he added, leading me to the queen size bed in the center of the hotel room.

Placing me on the edge of the bed, he knelt down, prying my knees apart, staring at my vulnerable gash, the lust in his eyes apparent as he lowered his face to my pussy. His hot breath gave way to his tongue as it traveled from my clit down into the weeping folds of my womanhood. Not stopping there, he rimmed my asshole, making me squirm. “You like dat, girl?” he said before moving forward and sinking his tongue deep into my hungry cunt. My answer took the form of my hands grabbing his dreadlocks and pulling him closer as I thrust my hips up to meet his invading tongue.

“Ohhhh! Fuck!” I moaned as his lips wrapped around my clit and his tongue rasped against the emerging tip. I looked down at his dark face contrasting with my pale skin. “Don’t stop!” I pleaded as I felt a finger slip up inside me, probing my interior. One finger became two, then three. Bucking against his face and fingers, I felt myself rapidly approaching an orgasm. What started out as a moan soon became a howl as my cunt contracted around his probing, scratching fingers. Drenching his face with my juices, I felt him licking and sucking on the tender flesh of my clit and cunt lips until I could stand it no longer. “Fuck me!” I screamed, “Fuck me now!” He just smiled. ”Oh God ,please!” I begged.

Laying on his back, he invited me to impale myself on his still stiff mast. I straddled his hips, reached for his glistening shaft, smearing the leaking head up and down my more than ready slit. As his crown split my lips and began to sink into me I gasped. “It’s so fucking big! But it feels so fucking good!” Slowly I sank down further and further, until I felt his balls rubbing against my outer lips. He reached up, cupping both breasts in his hands, rubbing his thumbs across my stiff aching nipples as he arched his back, lifting me off the bed. He dropped suddenly and I slammed down hard and deep. “Oh my fucking God!” I wailed as he did it again and again. I felt so incredibly full. His cock caressing every inch of my cunt from my g-spot to my cervix. I could feel another orgasm building rapidly as he leaned up, sucking my right nipple into his mouth and chewing roughly on it. I felt his thumb stroking my clit as I bounced up and down on his massive member. “Oh fuck ! Oh shit! Feels…soo.. Good!” I wailed, my words running together, becoming incoherent babblings of a girl on the edge of cumming again.

Releasing my breast, he leaned up and kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself on his tongue which he had driven deep in my mouth. I orgasmed again, screaming into his mouth as I felt my muscles contract on his cock, trying to milk his sperm from deep within him to deep within me. I heard him moan back just before I felt the first heated splash of his salty essence as his cock spewed copious amounts of cum deep inside me.

Looking down through half closed eyes I saw the froth from our frenzied fuck coating his cock as the last ropes of sperm stretched from his deflating cock to my battered cunt. I collapsed, totally drained from the exertion of multiple orgasms, curling up beside him. I was sore. Sore from being battered and stretched by his magnificent onyx colored member, his less than gentle treatment of my breasts. But I was thoroughly sated. I lay there with my head on his chest, the last vestiges of orgasm waning as I watched his cock drooling onto his stomach. “That was incredible!” I whispered. “I have never been so thoroughly fucked before.”

He offered me another hit as we lay together and I started playing with his cock, smiling at the effect my hands were having at re-animating the monster. He moaned as he cupped my breast, drawing little circles around my nipple His other hand slid across my belly and parted my cuntlips, sinking deep inside me, before withdrawing and offering me a taste of our amazing fuck.

We were jolted back to reality by his phone ringing. He turned to me and said, “Your parents are on their way. I‘d better be leavin.” He dressed quickly, handed me a card, and added, “If you ever get back down here, look me up. We can party some more!”

I curled up under the bedcovers, knowing that daddy would check in, but I couldn’t resist the desire to thrust two fingers into myself

Nor even two minutes had passed when there was a knock at my door. “Princess, its daddy. How are you feeling?”

Pulling my fingers from my cunt, and licking them off I replied, “Much better now daddy, much better.

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