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Sweet Temptation Final

Lacey and Luke's love comes to a crashing height. The final part.
"I am so glad the school district got out a week earlier than they used to." Luke said while watching Lacey eat ice cream. They had lazily enjoyed a leisurely sleep before both woke up very hungry.

"Mmmm. And I'm glad you had ice cream!"

Luke smiled watching the pure satisfaction showing on her face.

"You say that like you haven't had ice cream in years." He said picking up his spoon and delving back into the bowl between them in the floor. She put the spoon in her mouth feeling the cold vanilla slid down her throat. "I just love ice cream."

He looked over at her, she was wearing the shirt he had on only hours before. She was radiant and he couldn't stop looking at her. She stopped with her spoon mid-air and looked at him.

"What?" She said with a smile.

"What are you doing for Christmas?" He asked throwing her off guard.

She stammered for a few minutes then answered. "I'll be spending it by myself. I assume you'll be flying back to London for that."

"What about your family?" He asked, noticing the bowl of ice cream was empty. He laid his spoon down and watched her lick her spoon clean, his mind flashed to earlier in the night, he shook his head.

"My mother died when I was 10 years old. My father joined her last year." She laid her spoon down too, looking up at his face, her eyes sliding down his bare chest over to his broad shoulders. She wasn't sure how she was able to have a cohesive conversation while he had nothing on but his underwear.

"I'm sorry about that." He said, and she could honestly see the sadness in his eyes. Oh those dark beautiful eyes. She noticed they had a gold around the outside which she found endearing.

"It's OK. My parents were strict. I was the only child and after my mother died my father simply put me on lock down. I could go nowhere, do nothing. So as soon as I turned eighteen I moved out." She shrugged, her eyes shining with fresh tears. "I actually hadn't talked to him in five years when he died."

To her amazement he actually looked like he was listening. Interested. She shook her head.

"I'm boring you with this."

He shook his head, his hair moving softly. "Not at all."

"Any man who isn't interesting in everything you have to say is a fool." He said locking eyes with her.

"You really know how to lay it on thick." She said taking a sip of her cool glass of water next to her. He watched her throat as she swallowed it.

"I'm not laying anything on thick. Why is it you always think I'm not telling the truth?"

She looked up at him with a question in her eyes.

"I can see it in your eyes when I talk to you. "

She shook her head. "I have had my fair share of bad relationships." He nodded his head as if to say continue.

She took a deep breath, this should be fun, she thought.

"Look don't think I'm some frail damsel in distress who needs rescuing." She said, a little angry he was trying, and succeeding, in breaking through her well laid out walls around her.

He closed the space between them and slid his hands up her bare outter thighs as she sat Indian style in front of him.

"But why?" He kissed her neck and she almost forgot what they were talking about.

"That's not fair. Keep doing that and you won't get an answer."

He wiggled his eyebrows. "Please excuse me miss. Continue." He kept his hands on her legs, slowly caressing her skin.

"When I was eighteen I moved here, from a small town in Georgia. That's when I met my first boyfriend I ever had. Jackson. He was, what I thought at the time, amazing. Until I let him move in. He was constantly putting me down. 'I should think about exercising more, my cooking was becoming gross, I should clean more often.' " She mocked him, Luke only waited and listened.

"I finally came to my senses and kicked him out. However, I only had one horrible relationship after the other, where the man either cheated or verbally abused me. Finally I met my latest ex. He was great. But alas, in the end he left me too for the skinny bitch down the hall." She finished and to her utter amazement she felt better.

She waited, her face ready to flinch when he laughed at how ridiculous she was being.

He tilted her chin up and kissed her closed eyes. "Their loss." He said with a Cheshire cat smile on his face.

She opened her eyes and her heart clenched at the sight in his eyes. 

"I'm not used to all this Luke."

He bit his bottom lip. He really wanted to find the men who had made this woman this way and pull their guts through their asses. She was beautiful, and generous to a fault. The way she cherished her job, teaching children. To top it off she taught in the worst part of town, and loved it.

"Get used to it because I'm not going anywhere. I wish I could stay here with you, but I've got to go back to London earlier than I thought." He finished the last word with his mouth against hers. She sighed. 



She smiled and nibbled his bottom lip. A renewed heat started in the pit of his stomach, as he slid his hand further up under the tails of his shirt she was wearing.

"I'm going to miss you as much as I hate to admit it." She said, massaging the base of his neck, where his hair lightly touched the place his collar would be.

Lacey's small tattoo on her inner wrist caught his attention. He grabbed her hand and pulled it to his lips. He kissed the tattoo.

'What's the story with it?" He asked running his finger over it. He noticed his thumb could completely cover it, it was so small.

"I got it when I moved here because I love music. The treble clef was something that got me through high school. I loved singing in the choir at school, and it was something that my father couldn't keep me from doing." Lacey smiled. Luke studied the tattoo. The treble clef flanked with two tiny stars on each side. I must be falling in love if I can look at her tattoo and love it. He thought with a small smile on his face.

"I do love a tattoo on a woman. I find it incredibly sexy."

Lacey ran her hand over Luke's shoulder her finger tips lightly grazing his much larger cross tattoo on his back. "And your story is?" She asked very much enjoying the closeness they were sharing. She felt warm, she felt like Luke was wrapping her in his emotions, and she loved it.

"My grandmother got very sick when I was child. She was the light of my life. She died and I was crushed. I felt that I needed to honor her some how. When I turned twenty I was walking down the street and saw a tattoo parlor. I walked in and the rest is history."

"It's beautiful." She lightly touched his jaw, tracing it with her finger.

"So Georgia? That explains that incredibly adorable accent."

Lacey cringed slightly. "You can take the girl out of Georgia."

Luke smirked, and started unbuttoning the shirt of his she was wearing.

"I like you in my clothes. You'll need to wear this more often. Only when we are alone of course." He kissed her now bared chest, making Lacey forget what she was going to say next.

"I don't want other bloke's getting the privilege of seeing you like this." He finished before pushing her back against the large pile of pillows laying on the floor behind her. 

He got on top of her, pulling her legs apart. He took his index finger and traced his way down the middle of her body. Slowly, he started in the valley between her breasts, and made his way to her belly button, where he stopped. He looked up at her and smirked, with a possessive look in his eyes. She was still wearing his shirt though it was now open and bared all for his eyes. He was hers, he thought, and he could not wait until he got things settled in London so he could come back and convince her to live with him. Marry him. The thought scared him, he hadn't thought of those words since his ex-wife and ex-partner had run off together.

He reached her underwear and stopped.

"I don't know why you insisted on putting these back on." He slowly started pulling them down. Lacey lifted her hips helping him remove her panties faster.

"I have to have some sense of modesty." She barely spoke the words above a whisper.

"Not when you're with me."

He feasted his eyes on the sight before him. She was fucking beautiful, and the best part was she had no clue. Luke planned on opening her eyes to just how appreciative he could be to her beauty. He started at her feet, kissing the arch of her foot. He kissed her ankle and Lacey moaned softly. He continued his path of kissing her leg until he reach her thigh. He was so close to her vagina she could feel his hot breath on her moisten lips. He took his finger and traced down the valley where her leg met her body.

He leaned down and kissed the ultra sensitive skin there. "Did you know, you have the most adorable freckle right here?" He asked his voice a deep rumble. He placed another kiss on top of the freckle. Lacey squirmed, unable to make her mouth work. He placed an open mouth kiss on her vagina. Lacey could feel the pleasure making its way through her limbs. He slid his tongue into her and slowly brought his tongue to the top of her vagina. He pushed her legs further apart to open her to him. He found her clit and sucked it into his mouth. Lacey's back arched high off the floor and her hands found their way into his hair. He continued alternating between sucking her clit and letting his tongue dive into her vagina.

"Oh fuck."

Lacey couldn't breath. She felt her orgasm looming and she arched her hips to get his mouth exactly where she wanted it. He put two fingers into her and continued to suck and lick her clit.

"You're killing me!" She almost screamed her orgasm ripping through her. She lost all control of her muscles as they began contracting. She pushed his face into her vagina as she came harder than she remembered. Luke groaned as he pulled back slightly and watched her orgasm ripped through her. He kissed his way back up her body.

Lacey's breath was coming out in heavy pants. "I think you pulled some of my hair out love." He said as he kissed her neck. Lacey laughed softly, and rubbed her hand through his hair, and down his back.

Luke brought his mouth to hers and slid his tongue against hers. He moaned softly when she nipped at his bottom lip with her teeth.

"Do you hear bells?" Luke asked amused before it clicked in his mind. Lacey started laughing as he jumped up his erection very obvious through his underwear.

He walked over to his pants which had somehow made their way under the couch.

"How the hell did they get here?" He asked looking back at Lacey. She had closed his shirt and was still laughing, her eyes swimming with tears.

He got his cellphone out of his pocket and recognized the number. His mother. Oh fuck, there might be something wrong, or she could have just forgotten the time difference, it was already almost 10 AM in London.

"Hi mom." He paused as she talked.

"I figured you forgot the time difference. No I'm flying back tomorrow." He smiled and dragged his eyes to look at Lacey. He made an amused face, and walked back over to her. "No you didn't wake me up. I was in the midst of entertaining a breath-taking brunette."

Lacey blushed a deep crimson.

Lacey could hear his mothers voice through the phone. "Mom she's from Georgia, and has the accent to match."

He locked his gaze on Lacey's and licked his lips. He laughed. "Yes you did interrupt my entertainment, oh there was ice cream involved." Lacey started laughing again.

Luke laughed. "No I'm not mom." He held the phone away from his ear. "She says I'm embarrassing you." Lacey got up on her knees and slowly slid her hand up his leg.

"You are."

He put the phone back against his ear. "You're right." He was quiet for a few seconds while she talked. "Who is your favorite son? No! Just because Max has two grandkids for you doesn't mean anything!" He felt Lacey sliding her hand further up his leg dangerously close to his semi-erect penis. He swallowed hard.

"Listen mom, before I go how do you feel about having grandkids with the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen?" He held the phone away again and Lacey could here her yelling now.

"She's happy." Luke confirmed.

Lacey stood up. Did he say kids...with her? Oh God. She didn't know what to think. He put the phone back to his ear.

"Ok mom. I thought so. Call Max and let him know he's back at second now. Yes. I'll tell her. Currently she standing here in my shirt and nothing else."

Lacey almost died. "Luke!"

He laughed, Lacey and his mother had both said his name the same way.

"So can I please go and continue entertaining her." He said while sliding his hand down her back to cup her bare ass.

"I love you ok I'll call you back later when the sun is up here and when I'm dressed."

He hung up the phone and walked it back over to the table. "She wants you to know she's looking forward to grandkids with green eyes." He started walking towards her slowly. Lacey took a step back.

"Oh and don't I get a say in all this?"

"I wouldn't disappoint her if I were you. My older brother Max has been the favorite for about six years. After he had two kids, I wasn't the favorite anymore, and I just cannot have that."

He reached where she was standing with her back against the wall. He braced his hands on either side of her on the wall trapping her. She took a deep breath, breathing in his scent.

"I don't know about you but the second I saw you I knew you would be trouble. When we danced at Kady's reception I was lost. Now hearing you talking about having kids." Lacey paused,swallowing hard.

"I..I..this is moving awfully fast Luke."

"Mmmm. I love it when you say my name." He said while slowly kissing where her heart was beating rapidly against her neck.

Lacey slid her hand into his underwear, barely touching him.

"I love it when you touch me."

She wrapped her hand around his now hard penis and bent to slid his underwear off of his body. She lightly traced her tongue up the length of his penis as she slid her body back up his. He groaned. Luke grabbed her hips and pulled her up. Lacey wrapped her legs around his waist. He positioned her with her back against the wall and slid into her. Lacey sighed and dragged her hands through his hair.

Luke kissed her mouth possessively. 

He braced his hands on the wall on either side of her and started rocking his hips. Lacey moaned, dragging her nails down his shoulders. Luke sucked in a breath through his teeth. He grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head. Lacey loved the feeling of having her hands trapped, he needed to hurry or she might burst. She buried her face in his neck and tickled her tongue across his sweat moistened flesh.

"Luke..fucking hurry." She said while nibbling on his earlobe.

"Now how can I say no when you asked me so nicely?"

He reached down with one hand, the other hand was still holding hers pinned above her head, and opened the shirt she was wearing. She pulled her arms down to let the shirt slid off her torso and pool in the floor. He let her hands go and grabbed her hips. He started slamming into her faster. Lacey tilted her pelvis up greeting his thrusts with tilts of her own. Luke was mesmerized with the woman in front of him. The second she opened her eyes to look at him, he knew he was a goner. He felt like they were the only two people in the world at that moment, and he didn't give a damn. He buried his face in her neck, dragging his tongue across her flesh.

"Oh..yeah. Don't fucking stop." Lacey said with her hands wrapped in Luke's hair.

The position was making it possible for Luke to slid all the way into Lacey. He kept wanting to take things slow, but it seemed like every time he was near her he couldn't help himself. He could feel her walls squeezing him, pumping him for all he had.

"Oh feel amazing." Luke groaned out.

Lacey slid her hands over his back, feeling the muscles there. She felt the power underneath those muscles. Luke hit a spot she wasn't aware was there as he continued sliding into her faster, and faster. She felt the pleasure shoot through her entire body as she writhed through the most powerful orgasm she had ever had.

"Open your eyes." His voice was gruff, and came out in more of a growl.

She opened her eyes and locked them with his as her orgasm ripped through her. The look in his eyes intensified it, and Luke could feel his orgasm getting closer. He was so turned on by the woman in front of him that he could barely breath. He groan softly. "Bend over love." Lacey released her legs and Luke let her touch the floor. She turned to the couch next to the wall they were standing against and bent over the tall arm. Luke took a second to enjoy the view of Lacey bent over. Lacey looked back at him and spread her legs wider.

"I'm getting pretty lonely over here."

Luke broke the distance between them and slowly ran his hands over her soft ass. He slapped her ass, first one side then the other. Lacey moaned loud and pushed her ass out further. He pulled apart her ass cheeks and slid slowly into her vagina. He looked down and pulled his penis all the way out before slamming back into her. He loved watching his much darker skin as it disappeared inside of her. He grabbed her shoulders for leverage and started pumping into her faster. Lacey squeezed her vaginal muscles around his penis every time he pumped into her. The added pressure was making Luke's breath come in fast pants.

"Oh God. Yeah..."Luke said through gritted teeth.

"You like that?" Lacey asked, feeling another orgasm bubbling just underneath the surface. Luke groaned at her words. "Mmmmm...fuck yes." He started slamming into her as hard as he could. Lacey had to grab the side of the couch to keep herself from falling off the couch. Luke slapped her ass hard and Lacey moan loud. "Fuck yes spank me." Lacey reached down and started playing with her clit, swirling around it. She started pinching her clit when she felt her orgasm starting. Luke pulled all the way out his head barely touching her entrance. He slammed back in his balls slapping Lacey's clit as she played with it.

He leaned down and bite down on Lacey's shoulder as he came. Lacey's mind went blank when she felt his teeth sink into her skin. She bucked back against him and came hard. It took her breath away feeling the combination of his orgasm and his teeth.

"Oh fuck." was all Lacey could manage. Lacey lay panting across the arm of the couch with Luke still laying on top of her. Lacey started laughing. Luke took a deep breath and moved off of her. He stood Lacey up and kissed her, cupping her face in his hands.

"I think you're going to kill me." Luke said amused. She smiled and grabbed his hand. "Let's go back to bed."

They both got back into bed and Luke looked at the clock. "It's almost six a.m. but I don't care my flight isn't until 7 p.m." Luke paused and pulled Lacey closer to him and kissed the top of her head. "You never answered me."

"What are you talking about?"

Luke closed his eyes. "Are you going to spend Christmas with me in London?"

Lacey smiled, she wasn't sure how to answer that question. She wanted desperately to spend more time with Luke; to see where he came from, but she felt this was moving fast and what was going to happen when she had to go back to work? She sighed and closed her eyes bracing herself for the answer she knew she'd give him the second he asked her the question.

"I'd love to spend Christmas with you in London."


Luke and Lacey had spent an amazing Christmas in London. Luke's parents loved Lacey, and Lacey fell in love with the city. Much to her astonishment she knew deep in her heart she was falling for Luke. 

A month had past since they had shared the time together in London, and Lacey had returned to America to go back to teaching, and Luke had to return to London to tend to some business. Lacey sat at her desk in her empty classroom grading some papers when she heard a familiar voice.

"I love when you wear those sexy glasses."

She looked up quickly and smiled widely. She stood and closed the gape between her and Luke rather quickly. She wrapped her arms around his waist. Luke kissed her trying to show her just how much he had missed her.

"I've missed you so love. London is a lonely place without your shinning face to fill my vision." 

Lacey kissed his neck above his collar and used his tie to pull his mouth back to hers. He placed his hand at the nape of her neck and massaged her skin as they kissed passionately.

"Come back to London with me."

Lacey pulled away and looked into Luke's eyes. "What?"

Luke took a deep breath,
"Look I know this is way too fast, and incredibly unbelievable, and also a little sappy, but I've fallen for you Lacey.
 This past month without has been pure hell on me. Please come live with me. I...." Luke paused and swallowed hard.
"I..." His voice cracked and he looked down steadying himself.
"I love you Lacey."

Lacey's eyes widen, and she laughed. "Luke you're such a sap." She said playfully. He laughed and kissed her full mouth playing with her tongue with his.

"I love you too, and it's scares me beyond belief!"

"Is that a yes?" Luke asked sliding his finger down the front of her conservative black, long sleeved sweater.

"I'd love to live in London with you."

Luke closed the door to her classroom and locked the door. "You know it's been an extremely long month"

Lacey backed up until her back touched the wall. "Luke we can't have sex in my classroom!" Even as she said the words she knew she was going to. Luke reached her quickly and devoured her mouth in a hot kiss.

"Of course we can."

Luke pushed his warm hands under her sweater and tickled his hands up her sides, leaving fire everywhere he touched. He cupped her bra clad breasts in his hands, swirling her rock hard nipples with his thumbs. Lacey's knees threatened to buckle as he leaned his head down and nipped at her ear with his teeth.

"God I've missed your scent." Lacey said on a moan.

 Luke pulled her sweater off as Lacey threw her glasses on her desk that sat next to them. Lacey reached for his tie and pulled it off in one sweeping motion. She untucked his shirt before quickly unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off. She was beyond wanting to take things slow, she had to feel his hot skin against hers, desperately needed it. She placed her hands on his hard chest and dragged them down slowly to his stomach. He reached for her skirt and pulled it up. Luke pushed all the papers off of Lacey's desk onto the floor. She laughed and he picked her up placing her on the desk. He pulled at her underwear ripping the boy cut shaped panties off of her body.

"Mmmm easy cowboy." Lacey said while pulling her skirt up higher on her waist.

Luke only growled at her as her vagina came into view. He placed a hot, wet, open mouthed kiss on it.
 "Oh how I've missed you." He said to her sex. She spread her legs wider. Luke stood and dropped his pants to the floor. His erection stood out proud from his body and Lacey licked her lips. She marveled at how she was the one who turned him on, and knowing that turned her on even more.

Luke slid his head up and down her wet slit and pushed his hardness into her. She moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist. She pulled him in deeper and gripped the sides of the desk.

"Fuck me!" Lacey said forcefully. Luke couldn't help but oblige her.

He started pounding her hard rocking her body back on the desk. He started playing with her clit, relishing the way her body reacted to him. He was pumping incredibly fast, making Lacey's head swim. She couldn't catch her breath and she swore fire works were going off in her head. She grabbed her nipples through her bra as he continued slamming his full weight into her vagina.

"God Lacey I'm getting close."
 He had an incredible amount of built up sexual frustration, a month was way too long to wait for sex. He licked his finger and pinched her clit, and groaned when her body jumped making her vagina muscles clench around him. Lacey threw her head back.

"Oh fuck me......yes...I'm cumming!" Luke slammed into her and leaned down to wrap his hot mouth around her hard nipple. The sensation of feeling her nipple through the lace was all it took for Luke and he slammed into her once more as he came hard. He grunted and bit down on her nipple. Lacey opened her eyes watching him come through her eyelashes. She moaned softly and she ran her hands through his hair. He layed his upper body on top of hers, trying to catch his breath.

"God. That was amazing." Lacey said as she blew some of the hair that had escaped the braid she had her hair in.

"Mmmm..." Luke moaned into her chest. He was slowly catching his breath. "It will only get better love." Lacey laughed.

"I don't know how much more I can handle."

Luke stood slightly and kissed her hard. "I'll show you."
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