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Sweet Temptation

Lacey and Luke are set up by their friends, needless to say their friends knew what they were doing.
Lacey smiled as she made her way to her car. She was so happy for her best friend Kady. After an incredibly hard couple of months she was now happily engaged, with a newborn baby. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't a little jealous. Her ex-boyfriend, she thought bitterly, had dumped her several months ago for the slut down the hall in his apartment building. She tucked a strand of her brown hair behind her ear as she opened her car door. She sighed, she loved Kady but once again she was going to have to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. She wrinkled her nose as she thought of the awful saying, 'always a bridesmaid never a bride.' She couldn't shake the feeling Kady was going to try to set her up with someone named Luke. The way Kady had looked at Brad when he mentioned his best friend was coming to the wedding from London made Lacey wonder what she was up to. She pushed those thoughts out of her mind as she made her way to the school where she worked.

Luke walked out on to the balcony of his apartment in London. He was so happy for his best friend Brad, who after many years of being played in relationships had seemed to finally find the right woman for him. On top of that he now had a beautiful newborn daughter. He checked his watch; his plane would be leaving in an hour for America. He watched a bird flutter on to the railing of the balcony, and begin to sing. He ran his hand through his dark almost black brown hair. He was pretty excited about getting to see Brad, Kady, and of course Sophie. Brad had mentioned something about Kady's best friend, who just happened to be single, being at the wedding too; while Luke was talking to him in the phone. Luke had immediately told him to forget about playing cupid. Luke's divorce was still burning in his mind like an open flame.

Lacey watched with tear filled eyes as her best friend said 'I do', and kissed her husband. She couldn't help but notice the handsome man that was standing directly behind Brad. That must be his best friend, Luke, which she had heard so much about. He had a head full of shiny dark hair and as she watched she got the sudden urge to run her fingers through it. He had a strong face, which wasn't your typical pretty face. His features held something different, almost like a dark, dangerous beauty. He had carmel colored skin, which instantly made Lacey wonder what nationality he really was. Luke looked her way, and locked eyes with her. His eyes were dark, almost sinister, and an instant shiver shot down Lacey's spine. She looked away quickly; embarrassed he had caught her staring.

Luke watched the woman he was now sure was Kady's best friend, Lacey, he had heard so much about. He had caught her staring at him, but only while he was sliding his eyes over to look at her for what seemed like the hundredth time during this wedding. He guessed she had to be about twenty-four years old, which made him feel really old. He was only thirty-one, but looking at the beautiful youth that Lacey's face held made him feel fifty. Of course stress will do that to you, and for the past year he had had his fair share of that. He smirked at Lacey as she darted her eyes back over to him and then away once she noticed he was still looking at her. This wedding may not be as bad as he thought.

Lacey took a sip of her wine and looked around the dance floor. Everyone looked so happy, and she kept wishing she had a date. She did know one thing; she was staying as far away from that pretentious Luke as possible. He was now flirting with every single woman in the room, and it was really making her sick. Luke looked over at Lacey and smirked, she was sitting by herself. He half paid attention to the blonde in front of him practically throwing herself at him, and turned away to walk over to Lacey's table.

"Lacey?" Luke asked as he walked up to the right side of her chair.

Lacey's throat went dry. He had actually walked up to her, and his voice. Oh God his voice was a deep timbre, with the unmistakable British accent. A man with an accent always turned her on. She raised her eyes and saw Kady staring at her with a wide smile on her face. Lacey narrowed her eyes at her and turned her head to look at Luke.

"Yes. And you must be Luke," she said, barely trusting her own voice not to crack.

She stood up, and took the hand Luke was offering in a handshake. "Nice to meet you," Luke said with a soft smile. His very white teeth made a stark contrast against his carmel colored, smooth skin.

"So I guess our friends are trying to play cupid," Lacey said with amusement in her voice, as she sat back down. "Sit down if you want," she offered to him. He sat next to her.

"Thank you," he said softly.

Luke looked over at Brad and Kady, smiling brightly. "Yes it looks like they think since they found each other, they now know whom belongs with whom."

Lacey barely dared to steal a glance at Luke. "So you're from London? How long are you here for?"

Luke shrugged his jacket off, unbuttoned his cuffs, and rolled his sleeves to his elbows. She couldn't help but to notice his fore arms where muscled, and sprinkled with dark hair. She bit her lip, she loved it when men rolled their sleeves up. Just something about the look really got her going.

"I'm here doing some business too, so I'll be here for about another month." Lacey nodded her head, and looked over at Kady, who was smiling widely. Lacey rolled her eyes, and looked away.

"What business are you in?"

Luke leaned back in his chair, and crossed his arms leisurely.

" Real estate. Mostly overseas. I deal with real estate in London, Paris, America, Sweden. I inherited the business from my grandfather." Lacey looked down at his watch. It was a Rolex. A very nice Rolex. So he was one of those rich spoiled kids. She sighed, well at least she wouldn't have to deal with him after the reception was over. Luke looked over at her watching the conflict play across her face.

"So you're a teacher?" he asked watching her face light up.

"Yes. I'm actually a history teacher. I love it. It's a new challenge everyday. I teach at the high school level." She picked up a piece of bread and nibbled on it. Luke sat up rubbing the back of his neck. He was pretty amazed at how easily the conversation seemed to flow with this woman.

"I don't mean to be foward but you are a very beautiful woman, especially when you talk about your profession, your face lights up. It's very enchanting," Luke said watching her for a reaction. Her face turned a deep beet red, as she cast her eyes over to him.

"Thank you. I do love my job." Lacey scoffed inwardly though, beautiful was not something she had ever been called.

She leaned back to watch her friend dance with her husband. They continued to talk and Lacey found him surprisingly interesting. During that time she learned that his monther was American, and Caucasion. She had met his father whom was British, and African-American when he was in New York on business, and then, as Luke had put it, the rest was history. His voice seemed to weave its way into her mind, and cast a spell over her. When he asked her to dance she accepted without any hesitation.

The huge dance floor was packed, and they made their way to the middle of it. "I'm not really a very good dancer," Lacey said while looking around at the other dancing couples.

"No worries. Follow my lead."

Lacey did just that and to her utter surprise she was dancing like she had never danced before. The music picked up and they began dancing quickly, both enjoying the others company. Luke spun Lacey around eliciting a laugh from her. Her eyes were sparkling, and Luke was enjoying the way she moved in her tight light blue dress. He spun her again and when she spun back into his body their faces where mere inches from each other. Lacey's smile faded slightly as she looked into Luke's dark and dangerous eyes. Before anything could happen he spun her back out. Lacey laughed as he continued to spin her around the dance floor. She was having an amazingly relaxing dance with him until he pulled her closer. She didn't realize why until she heard a very slow, very romantic song come on over the many speakers spread out around the dance floor.

Luke could smell her perfume, it was very different than the women in London usually wore. Lacey smelled like a delicate flower, mixed with a hint of cinnamon. He smiled to himself, maybe it was the alcohol talking but he had a sudden urge to have her in his bed, and fast. He sighed and pulled Lacey closer as they continued to dance. Lacey let her head linger closer to Luke's shoulder, the music playing in the background was seeming to make Lacey forget she didn't know this man. What was wrong with her, just a few seconds ago she hated him, what was it about this man? She lifted her head slightly, letting her cheek rest against his. She could feel the hair on his face against hers, and it seemed everything about this man was setting her world on fire.

Luke's mouth was mere inches from her ear, and she could feel his hot breath. Not only that, but she could also smell his sent, a mixture of peppermint, and a light cologne; which was a spicy, very manly sent. She could slowly feel her resovle beginging to melt. She was quickly being caught up in his enchantment, and as much as she didn't want to she couldn't help it. He seemed to have a auroa around him that all but made women's underwear fall off. But she wasn't used to it, most of the time men like Luke didn't go for women like her. They liked the blonde, super tall, super skinny women. Not women like Lacey, she wasn't super tall, in fact she was a mere 5'4, and she wasn't super skinny, she used to be bigger than she was now, she had lost weight once she graduated from college. She had never managed to get that pesky freshman fifteen pounds off until she was out of school. Her frame held her curves quite well, and she was proud to say she weighed one hundred and fifty pounds, thank you very much.

She took a deep breath, and swallowed hard. What in hell was it about this man that could make her melt without so much as a kiss? Luke's hand tightened on Lacey's lower back as if he heard her thoughts. She looked up at him, and he smirked before planting a soft, but oh so powerful kiss on her lips. His lips were strong, and she felt the kiss all the way to her knee's. Lacey tore herself away from the kiss.

"I'm sorry," she said before pulling away from him, and walking back over to her table. Luke was quick to follow.

"Lacey. You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm the one who kissed you," Luke said quietly, so quietly Lacey almost didn't hear him over the music playing in the background. Lacey reached up and touched her mouth, which was still burning from the kiss.

"It's ok. I understand we both just got wrapped up in the magic of the moment. I mean we are surrounded by a wedding, and happiness. It's perfectly understandable," she said before picking up her glass of wine, and downing it in one gulp.

Luke took a step closer, "You can't deny there is a very powerful attraction between us."

Lacey dragged her eyes up the length of his torso to his face. The vest he wore over his dress shirt clung to his body, making Lacey's mouth run dry. His voice was really begining to get to her. It sounded like velvet wrapped in dark chocolate. She shook her head, and stepped back, away from the spell that seemed to flood her senses everytime Luke was within eyesight.

"Luke..." Lacey began, before Luke stepped foward engulfing her with his warmth and charm.

He wove his hand around the back of her neck, and dug his fingers into her thick hair. He put his mouth a breath away from hers, and looked into her eyes. "Why not enjoy it while we are both here? We are adults. Who is to say we can't just have tonight?" Lacey's mind was sending red flags left and right, but her body seemed to have a mind of it's own. She leaned forward only slightly, and that seemed to be the signal Luke was looking for. He crushed her mouth against his in one of the most powerful kisses Lacey had ever expierenced. Luke held her face in his large hands, while pushing her backwards.

They didn't even share words as they made their way to the elevator. Luckily the reception was in the same hotel Luke was staying at. He smirked at Lacey's flushed face as he pushed the button on the elevator to take them to the tenth floor. He pulled her back to him and crushed her in a powerful kiss that sent a wave of pleasure straight to Lacey's vagina. She felt the cold wood of the elevator against her back as they continued to kiss. Lacey bit down on Luke's bottom lip causing a groan to be pulled from deep in his throat.

Luke couldn't seem to get the door to his hotel room open quick enough. The alcohol he consumed had definately dulled him. He wouldn't usually be taking a woman he barely knew to bed; but there was something about Lacey, he couldn't put his finger on it. But he would sure as hell would like to try. Luke kicked the door closed, and began sheding his clothes.

Lacey watched him for a second, before joining him. Hell Luke was right. She was an adult, who was to tell her she couldn't share one night with a man she was very sexually attracted to. Maybe it was the booze talking but she felt fairly certain she could handle a one night stand. They continued to kiss as Luke guided her to the bed. Lacey moaned softly has Luke reached into her flimsy bra and pulled out her breasts. He let his head drop to take a small, pink nipple into his mouth. She ran her hands through his hair, a snap shot of her earlier memory of wanting to do that very thing flashing through her mind. She let her hands travel slowly down his back as he made his way up to her mouth, trailing hot, wet kisses everywhere his lips touched. He reached her neck, and bit down softly on the tender flesh. Lacey moaned loudly; her breathing becoming very labored.

Lacey reached down to unbutton Luke's pants, while he reached to push her panties down her legs. He succeed first, and took a step back to admire the view before him. Her body was not the tall, slim women he was used to seeing. He really enjoyed the fullness of her hips, and the strong hour glass figure she held. A deep growl of appreciation slipped passed his lips as he pushed her back onto the bed. He finished undressing himself, and joined her on the bed. Seeing the large frame cast a shadow over her made Lacey suddenly reconsider what she was about to do.

"Luke..I don't think..."

Luke cut her off, kissing her hard. "Don't think," he said, before sliding his leg between hers to spread her legs for him.

Lacey looked down realizing her bra was gone too. She had been so caught up in the whole thing she barely remembered how she got into this room in the first place. She looked down at Luke's body, and any doubts she had about it ran away. He was a tall, large man. He wasn't your typical model type, not to say he was fat by any means. His body held muscle in all the right places, while he stomach was flat. Lacey could tell he worked out by the feel of his heavly muscled legs and arms. He was big everywhere and Lacey's mind immediately went south. Her eyes wandered down wanting to catch a glimpse of Luke's penis.

He kissed her firmly, and Lacey lost her train of thought. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, tangling it with hers. He pulled away quickly, and reached for his pants pooled in the floor next to the bed. Lacey felt the sudden rush of cool air from the absense of Luke's body. She used her arms to shield her buxom breasts, while watching him reach into his pocket for a condom. He opened it easily, and locked eyes with Lacey as he began to slowly slide it on. Lacey couldn't help herself as she looked down to watch him. God he was magnificent in every way. His penis stood out proud, and hard from his body.

A shiver snaked its way down her spine at the thought of him inside her. He smiled at her as she dragged her eyes up to meet his. Lacey returned the smile, opened her arms to him. She was really enjoying this new found sex goddess she was becoming. Luke joined her, and used his warm hand to open her legs to him. He reached down, and slid a long finger between the lips of her vagina. She was already very wet, and very ready. Luke kissed her shoulder over to her neck, and dragged his tongue across her sweat moistened flesh. He brazenly pushed his index finger into her slowly, enjoying how deliciously responsive she was to him. He kissed down further to her breasts. He licked one of her nipples which stood out, and pulled it into his mouth.

The sensations where begining to become too much for Luke. He picked his head up and crushed his mouth against hers. He craddled his weight on his left fist, while using his right hand to guide himself closer to her opening. Lacey racked her nails up Luke's left arm, enjoying the muscles and veins popping out. She could feel him, and pushed up against him to guide him easier into her. She was tight, tighter than Luke had imagined. He slowly pushed his way in, as he felt her stretching to accomodate his girth. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him all the way in.

Luke's head dropped down next to Lacey's has he enjoyed the feelings shooting through his body.

"Oh God," he said, and was surprised to hear his own voice was hoarse with desire. Lacey tipped her pelvis up trying to get him to move. He lifted his body up, craddling his weight on his arms as he began pumping into her. Lacey was lost in a sea of passion, and she felt like she might drown. Luke swayed his hips back and forth, while pumping into her. He slowed his movements while locking eyes with Lacey. He could see the clouds of lust behind her eyes, and the fact she couldn't seem to get enough of him was making it all the more enjoyable. He slowly pulled all the way out, lightly dragging the head of his penis up and down her opening.

"What do you want?" he asked as his left hand traced a firey path down her body.

"I want you."

He slowly slid back into her enjoying the way her inner muscles contracting against him. He put his mouth against her ear as he began to show her just how much he ejnoyed her body.

"You have me."

He hadn't meant to actually say the words, but her sent was overwhelming his senses. Lacey opened her eyes to look at Luke and he was lost. The words bounced around in Lacey's mind for a second before she was lost in Luke's body once more.

She began to come strongly. Fireworks exploded behind her closed eyes, as she began to slowly come down from her high. She opened her eyes to find Luke staring at her, pure passion darting across his eyes. Her nails skated across his back causing his skin to ripple at her touch. Lacey's face became impossible hot as she realized Luke wasn't close to orgasm yet.

He pulled out of her, and flipped her over before Lacey could realize what was happening. She got on her knee's and positioned herself for him. His mind went blank as he entered her from behind. The new position made it impossible for her to control the pace, and that's exactly the way Luke wanted it. He grabbed a hand full of Lacey's hair, and pulled her head back as he began pumping faster into her. The second Luke pulled her hair a shot of pure passion went straight to her pulsing clit. Luke could feel his orgasm building just on the edge. He pulled Lacey up and reached in front of her to cup her full breasts in his hands. He continued to thrust into her using all of his might. Lacey was quickly losing what little breath she had. She could tell he was close, and so was she for the second time. She leaned back over, and reached down to play with her clit as they both started to come. Luke groaned before he slammed into Lacey roughly while he came harder than he could ever remember.

His face was hot, and he was sweating bullets. He collapsed next to Lacey on the unmade bed. Both were breathing too hard to even talk. Luke's mind whirrled as sleep began to over take him. He almost chuckled at the thought that that was possibly the fastest he had ever came. His breathing started to slow, as he closed his eyes. Lacey rolled onto her side sleep coming easily for them both.
--To be continued--
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