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A sudden storm changes their relationship.
Leland Turner sat in his office grading essays from his spring semester American Lit class. Most of the work was pretty dismal with muddled thinking or just poor writing, but one essay stood out. This student had caught Mr. Turner’s attention with her sharp mind and talented writing skills. She had also caught his attention with her stunning beauty and bubbly personality. Her name was Antoinee (An-TWON-ay), but everyone just called her Sweeter. Mr. Turner had no idea where the nickname came from, but it certainly fit.

Leland found he was having trouble focusing as thoughts of Sweeter kept running through his mind. He imagined her walking toward him. She was about 5’4” or 5’5” with a peanut butter brown complexion. Her hair was dark black and straight and hung shoulder length. She had big, brown eyes and a wonderful smile. And her laugh filled any room that she was in. She literally was a force of nature exuding a positive vibe that was needed terribly in Leland Turner’s life.

The last few years had been dark ones. Leland’s wife had died from breast cancer. They had been childhood sweethearts and the grief of her lost had nearly destroyed him. After a few months of sullen isolation, he had poured himself into his work at the university. He volunteered to sit on numerous committees, had taught extra classes, and had in short, become a rising star among the faculty. But all of the work accomplishments and accolades did not quell the personal emptiness and loneliness that he felt inside.

Suddenly, there was a knock at his office door. He looked at the clock. It was almost 10 pm. Who could it be this late at night? Most everyone had left the building hours ago.

“Come in. It’s open,” he said.

Much to his surprise, it was Sweeter.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Dr. Turner. I saw your light on and wanted to make sure you were okay in here,” she said with a concerned smile.

“Please call me Lee. Dr. Turner sounds so stuffy. I was just grading your class’ Moby Dick essays. Yours is quite good, I must say. It looks like you will be getting the only A in the class,” he said. “And by the way,” he shifted gears, “what are you doing here so late?”

“I was turning in a paper for my other Lit class. I hope you don’t mind me stopping by to check on you? You look so tired.” She looked genuinely concerned at him. “You should probably go home and get some sleep,” she said.

“You are probably right. My focus is starting to wane a bit. Can I walk you out, Antoniee?” he said wearily.

She smiled, “Only if you call me, Sweeter. All of my friends do.”

As the two of them left Amberson Hall, a massive thunderstorm erupted and dropped a deluge of rain upon them. Lee took his student’s arm and they ran toward the parking lot to seek shelter in his car. He held the door for her and they scurried over to the driver’s side to get out of the rain.

Lee looked over and saw that Sweeter was soaked. Her already tight t-shirt was now clinging tightly to her triple D breasts. Her nipples were standing at full attention. Even with wet hair, she couldn’t have been sexier to him. Sweeter looked at Lee and noticed that he was staring at her chest.

She smiled, “Do you like what you see, professor?”

He ducked his head, ashamed of the lustful thoughts that he was having about his student.

“Hey,” she said with a kind and concerned voice. “I was just teasing you. I love it that you looked. I’ve had a major crush on you since the first day of class.”

Lee looked up at her and grinned sheepishly. He watched as she pulled her wet t-shirt up over her head. Without a word, she unfastened her bra, allowing her breasts to fall free. Lee knew that he shouldn’t be looking, but he couldn’t help himself. She was breathtakingly gorgeous to him. He involuntarily reached out and cupped her right breast and caressed her nipple with his thumb.

Sweeter leaned in and kissed him deeply. Their tongues pressed together hungrily. The rain pelted the roof of the car. The windows were so fogged that no one could see in, but in that moment, it wouldn’t have mattered. The two of them were swept away with desire as their kiss became even more intense. No words were spoken. The only sounds heard in the car were their moans and sighs. She reached down and began to unfasten his belt and slacks. Instead of resisting, he raised his hips and helped her pull his pants down. His cock peaked through his boxers and she smiled, taking it into her hand. She caressed it tenderly and he moaned with delight.

She bent over him and took his shaft deep into her mouth. There was no tentative licking or subtle teasing. She engulfed him and sucked his hard dick aggressively. Her wet hair hung down in front of her face. He brushed it back so he could see her when the lightning flashed outside. Between the sensation of her wet mouth and seeing her beautiful face, he almost lost it at that moment.

He closed his eyes, trying to make it last. It had been so long since he last had sex. Since his wife’s passing, he hadn’t had that much interest in it. He didn’t even bother to masturbate much. That was until Sweeter came into his classroom and into his life. He had been masturbating regularly with thoughts of making love to her beautiful brown body. And now, this was like a fantasy come true.

She adjusted her position so her knees were up on the passenger’s seat. Her ass was up in the air and looked incredibly inviting to him. He slid his fingertips down the back of her jeans, under her panties, touching her bare ass. Sweeter reached beneath her and unfastened her jeans while never relinquishing his cock from her mouth. She expertly slid her pants down to give him better access.

Lee caressed her ass. His cock throbbed. He felt as if he were immersed in some perfect sexual fantasy. His fingers dipped into the folds of her soaked pussy lips. Sweeter’s hips rocked forward. His fingers pushed deeper. The silky wet feel of her pussy sent him over the edge and he exploded deep down her throat. She continued sucking him vigorously, taking every ounce. When she was satisfied that she had it all, she sat back with her back against the car door. She spread her legs wide, and pulled her panties to one side.

She moaned deeply. Lee slid two fingers inside her and stroked her wetness. She began rubbing her clit and moaned breathlessly, “Let’s go to your place. I need you to fuck me hard, professor.”

He started the car. The rain outside was still coming down in sheets. Lee tried to keep his eyes on the road, but Sweeter’s moans kept attracting his attention. As he snuck a peak over at her, he could see her rubbing tiny, slow circles around her clit. Her pussy was so wet that he could see it dripping down on the car seat. His cock began to stiffen rapidly. He reached down with his left hand and stroked it a few times, and then returned both hands on the wheel and tried to focus on his driving.

She watched him tug his cock and it made her even wetter. She drove three fingers deep into her pussy and moaned loudly. She was imagining that it was his hard, eight inch cock, driving into her. She loved the way that it had filled her mouth when she deep-throated him earlier. She couldn’t wait to taste his thick cum again.

He drove as fast as he could and within ten minutes, he was pulling into his driveway. He used the garage door opener and pulled the car under cover. He shut off the ignition and reached for the door, but he felt her grab his arm.

“I can’t wait,” she said pleadingly. “I need you inside me. Move your seat back. I’m coming over there.”

He moved his seat back and tilted the steering wheel up as she crawled over the console and straddled his hips. She positioned herself directly over his cock and looked directly into his eyes. They both needed this so badly. She dropped down hard onto his cock and began bouncing wildly. She lifted her shirt, and her beautiful breasts bounced right in front of his face. He grabbed them hard and sucked her nipples, moving back and forth from one to the other.

He moved his hands from her breasts to her ass. He pulled her harder into him and drove deeper inside of her. Both of them were so close. Sweeter bounced one last time and then held him deep inside her. Her pussy clamped down on his cock as she climaxed. The sensation made him cum for a second time. He gripped her ass and held her tightly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stayed there, trying to catch her breath.

As they both relaxed, Sweeter sat up and looked into Lee’s eyes and smiled. “Now that we have fucked, should we go inside and make love?” The both laughed, collected their clothes, and headed in the house for a long and sensual evening.

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