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Take Me Outside

A young Asian girl asks an older man to secretly use, dominate, spank and tie her up outside.
We had chatted and messaged each other so much yet never met. The day finally arrived after weeks of waiting. The train had pulled into the station and the sexual tension made me shiver and my heart raced with excitement. All I had to do was find the rendezvous and see if she would turn up. I felt her presence close by, but it could easily just have been my over-active imagination. As Emily’s text pinged on my phone my heart skipped a beat.

“I’m in ViaFossa like we said,” she said, as cool as you like. So she was here. I was shocked at the chemistry my body was feeling and I couldn’t wait to see her in the flesh. Even though I was going to take the lead I was feeling both nervous and incredibly excited.

I left by the main exit; I wanted to run but didn't. Then I saw her. She was on the other side of the road and appeared pensive. I was incognito and enjoyed looking upon her unobserved for a brief moment. She wore a short denim skirt over black leggings with flat black shoes. Her pink jacket contrasted with her long straight black hair.

I had a semi-erection inside my chinos: there was no turning back. I turned off my music and phone and was wise enough to use the zebra crossing – I knew I was completely occupied my thoughts of Emily and what I wanted to do to her. I marched into the cafe without a clue what I would say in the next few seconds and minutes. Just enjoy whatever happens I told myself.

Emily was at the counter looking up at the menu. I zoned in on her and almost collided with an old lady. I walked straight up to Emily from behind, took her left arm with my right hand and pulled her round to face me. Not surprisingly this made her jump and she let out a little shriek of surprise. The woman behind the counter looked up but I couldn't care less. Emily and I were the only people in the place as far as I was concerned. We didn't need words; I stared into her face and smiled. My eyes we're warm and focused on her face and I still gripped her thin bicep.

“It is very nice to meet you Emily, and to see you, at last,” I said.

“It's nice to see you as well...” She cut herself off from saying what she had said many times online. They were in public, she was sharp but not without inhibitions.

“I’ll get you a coffee shall I?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said.

“Anything to eat?”

“No, thanks.”

“Two white filter coffees please,” I ordered.

The middle aged woman stared back at me without smiling or speaking, then she turned to get the drinks. She can bring them over, I thought. I picked a table for two furthest away from the counter, gestured to Emily and walked over to it. I pulled out a chair for her and waited for her to sit down, smiling. I put my rucksack on the floor and sat down.

“Tell me if you get hungry.” I said with just a hint of double-entendre.

“I’m OK, thanks,” she smiled, giving nothing away except sex appeal.

I pulled my chair closer and said, “I thought we’d go for a little walk later.”

“Is that what you have in mind?” she teased.

I said nothing; I looked at her and smiled. I moved my leg so it touched hers under the table. Her knee gave way at first, then pushed back on to my leg. I almost gasped. I hadn’t touched my coffee. Her eyed fixed on mine across the table. Almost surprised at her own boldness, she backed off by whispering, “I haven’t done anything like this before. I don’t want to get found out.” I ignored her second statement for now and reassured her first one.

“We will walk around, you will be safe." I said. "You have your phone. You can leave at any time but I will be here until 7 tonight.”

“OK,” was all she said. I could tell she didn’t want to ask me anything so I drank my coffee. Emily sipped hers. Her hands held the mug and I watched her lips purse as she sipped.

“I’m quite excited about this you know,” she whispered. She was enjoying the secrecy.

“Baby, I am beyond excited.” I stated. Lifting the tone I asked, “Shall we get going?”

“Yes,” said Emily straight away. We slurped down our coffees and walked out.

Outside in the noise and cool air she said, “Thanks for the drink. Where are we going? Am I what you expected?” The last in that sexy whisper.

I took her hand in mine and led her quickly down the street. “You are wonderful Emily. We are going to the river,” I told her. I turned right to cross the train tracks and led her south. “I like your skirt and leggings, they show off your lovely legs,” I continued.

“Oh thanks,” she beamed. “They’re not as nice as my pictures though,” she teased.

“Don’t worry, I can remember them, and you know the ones I like most.”

“I do,” she giggled. My erection filled my trouser pocket and I could feel juice at the end of my cock. I caught her looking down at my crotch with an excited expression on her face. I laughed. She made me feel wonderful. I stopped walking and took both of her hands in mine.

We looked at each other’s faces, and then Emily looked down at my crotch. A cheeky grin lit up her pretty face and her red lips opened slightly. “You can see it can’t you baby,” I said as we both looked down at my bulge. I wanted to kiss her there and then but decided to find somewhere better.

On the left was a road leading to warehouses. After pausing for a second I led her down there.

“Where are we going?” she asked in a neutral tone.

“I have to find somewhere for us,” I said. She could sense the urgency in my voice. I led her past the warehouses and parked cars and trucks. I saw a quiet cul-de-sac with no one else around. Over by some cars a large paper recycling skip stood in the corner. Behind it was a gap of about four feet, then a brick wall.

“In there!” exclaimed Emily. It was the first time she had doubts or questioned what I was doing.

“Here, I have something,” I said. I took my ruck-sack off and fished around inside. Out came a small bottle of vodka and I took a swig while Emily watched.

“Would you like some, it will get our blood going, I offered.

“OK, a bit then,” she agreed. She spilt some as she drank from the bottle and gasped as the liquid burned her sensitive mouth and throat. I took the bottle, put it away and turned to her for the moment we had both waited so long for. I moved in, took her pretty face in both hands and kissed her. Her lips were warm and soft and her cheeks smooth and cool. I felt her hands hold my sides inside my jacket, and she moved up against me.

My tongue pushed its way into her wet mouth and our spirit flavored breath merged. I opened my mouth wide and sucked her lips onto mine. She murmured softly as she began to submit. My left hand held the back of her head and I felt her soft straight hair touching my skin.

Emily looked from side to side apprehensively as she realised what was going to happen to her. On the outside she showed apprehension, but on her lips and in her eyes was lust and excitement.

I took my jacket off and Emily only hesitated for a second before doing the same. I saw a place to hook them on the side of the recycling container beside us. I turned to her and looked into her dark brown eyes. The faintest smile appeared. I grabbed her hard with both arms and squeezed her against me.

“Oh,” she gasped. Her head lay into my shoulder and I held the back of her head again. She felt warm and her hair caressed my neck.

“Okay Emily,” I said as I pushed her away by the shoulders. I gave her a French-kiss and unbuttoned her white blouse, feeling her soft breasts with the backs of my fingers as I did so. I discovered a black t-shirt over medium sized breasts with erect nipples.

“Oh good girl,” I whispered, pleased she hadn't wore a bra. I felt her tits through the material as I looked at their beautiful shape. Then I looked into her eyes as my hands lifted her t-shirt and covered her warm breasts, squeezing them gently. Her pink tummy curved gracefully around her naval.

“Hold it up for me,” I encouraged as I pulled her t-shirt above her two buns. She obliged me and looked adorable. I squatted down to bring my face to her breasts. How cute she looked on tiptoes pushing her tits out and offering them to me.

I kissed them as I massaged them and she moaned. My tongue found each nipple and her moans got slightly louder. I stood up, took her hand and put it on my erection. She rubbed my shaft through my trousers and it was my turn to moan. Her fingers felt my length from tip to balls.

“Yes baby,” I happily consented. I undid my belt, unzipped my chinos and dropped them. My loose boxer shorts allowed my hard cock to stick out. Emily was transfixed and immediately took it in her small right hand. She squeezed me through the cotton, occasionally looking up at me. I held her head with one hand, groaned at her touch, and lifted my sweatshirt and shirt with my other hand.

She squeezed my shaft fairly hard and her thumb pressed my sensitive cock-head. She didn't mind the sticky wet patch off pre-cum that stained my boxers.

“Squeeze the base,” I ordered. She felt it flex hard between her finger and thumb, then looked up at me through those wide brown eyes. I grinned at her.

After taking her hand away I pulled my shorts down, trying but failing to push them over without touching my erect cock. It sprang out as Emily watched. Her mouth opened and she put the same hand on my shaft and gently rubbed it.

She moved closer on haunches, examining the shiny swollen purple head, her innocent looking face irresistible. I brushed it against her chin to leave a sticky blob. Then I removed her hand and dabbed my cock against her checks, lips and chin. The feeling and sound was enough to make me almost lose control.

“Kiss it and lick my shaft all over,” I commanded. Then softly, “don’t suck the head yet.” She closed her eyes as the teasing overwhelmed her desires, and her small mouth puckered as she kissed my length. All down one side then all up the other she kissed, her lips warmed by my red-blooded tool. Out popped her little tongue and I shuddered. Her expression was more lustful now, yet she still looked at me for approval. She couldn’t really miss my enthusiasm as I pushed my hips forward to meet her wet touches.

“Now you can, I said firmly. Her mouth immediately took my cock-head with a hungry slurp and she moaned. “Oh yes, baby,” I breathed as the sensations rocked me. I needed this badly. My hips and abdomen had a will of their own as the feelings spread through my stomach. Both of my hands took her head and moved her back and forth on my dick. This was too good.

Tearing myself away I put my hands under her arms and stood her up. I turned her around to face the wall and she gave me an expectant glance and was placid in my arms. I put one of her hands on the wall before I squatted down. Her legs opened a little as I pulled up her short denim skirt, revealing black tights covered her fairly small yet beautifully shaped bottom. My hands were already feeling her plump cheeks through the material. I patted each side then lightly smacked each side twice. Her tone told me this was welcome. I hit harder until the dull smacking sounds got louder, as did her moans.

With one movement I brought her black tights down by the hem until they gathered around her knees. She gasped and I just stared. I could have played for ages, but things were getting urgent so I gave her two playful slaps and stood up.

I paused and she sensed me behind her as I teased her just a few seconds more. I pointed my cock between her cheeks. The heat of our bodies registered. With the lightest of touches my swollen cock-head touched her sopping pussy and slid along her warm lips. Her groans became harsher, almost pleading. With my head above her and to one side I could see her eyes were closed tight.

“It’s time baby,” I told her desperately, “look at me.”

“Please...” she whispered.

“Here it is for you Emily,” and I pushed it inside. All the way inside, in one slow deliberate move.

“Oh yes,”

“Does that feel good baby,” I said as I felt the full penetration.

“Ohhh,” she said as her hips moved back and forth along my length. I reciprocated steadily, enjoying the pleasure of penetration and feeling my lower abdomen pressing against her warm soft bottom.

When her moans complemented each and every stroke I knew Emily was ready for some firmer treatment. So I took her other arm and put it against the wall alongside the other with her hands flat. I smiled down at her as I pressed her small hands into the brickwork. She knew my intention and her eyes shone with passion.

Moving one hand to her hips, I thrust deep inside her, making her gasp. Then another thrust, firm and hard. I gathered my pace and fucked her with vigour. Her noises were becoming too loud and I looked around into the fading light. It wouldn’t make much difference as anyone within 100 yards would know what we were doing. I felt strangely protective of Emily.

“Keep still sugar, let me do it,” I said as her eagerness broke my rhythm. “I’ve dreamed of using you like this.”

“Oh have you, I...” she sobbed as I pushed hard inside. “Yes... please...” she managed to whimper.

Now I had both hands around her slim waist as I pounded her delicious bottom. Bending my knees slightly I was able to get just the position and angle I wanted. The harder I fucked her, there by the wall, the softer Emily became, until her head bowed down and flopped to my strokes. I ceased the opportunity and put my right hand on her shoulder and pressed down.

She flexed her own knees as it was hammer and tongues time. I noticed my left hand had grabbed a handful of her black hair and was pulling it towards me. Her body was so passive I could pull her by the hair one way and pusher her shoulder back the other way. As her groans got more intense I knew this was the motion that would eventually bring my own orgasm.

So my hips kept up the work, and Emily was perfectly submissive as her orgasm built inside her. My strokes slowed a fraction as I savoured the last few moments of pleasure, and I rolled my hips to feel each side for her exquisitely tight cunt. Her head turned but her eyes closed involuntarily as I lusted over her face and pounded against her buttocks.

“Use me, use me d...” she exclaimed as her last word turned into a gasp, her orgasm making her pussy clench my cock. I moved myself inside despite her uncontrollable spasms. The sensation and sounds made my cock swell even further as my own orgasm raced over me.

“Oh yes! Oh yes baby,” I uttered as my cum rose from my balls and pumped along my shaft. I grabbed her waist to pulled her tight against my bucking loins and I felt her deeply until I could squirt onto her cervix. Her noises told me that did it for her and she put both hands on my hips, holding me so incredibly tight.

My twitching cock produced a few more drops, them Emily’s head lolled back onto my shoulder. Our groans subsided into satisfied whispers as we looked into each other’s eyes. We kissed as my hand held her face and I felt her hair on my skin. Even these post-orgasm sensations rippled through my body.

“Thank you,” said Emily, breaking the silence.

“Oh baby,” I whispered into her face, amused that she could be thanking me after giving me an experience like that.

“You were magnificent,” I said. She smiled so sweetly and I could only bury my face in her hair. My cock pulled out and we helped each other get dressed.

Voices came towards us so I held Emily and gave her a reassuring look.

“It’s OK,” I whispered. We silently put our coats on, feeling sheepish after our naughty act. The voices got louder; two or three males were chatting on the other side of the recycling container. They opened a car door and talked loudly about sport, which I found infuriating at a time like this.

I looked at Emily and touched her face and hair, smiling at her. I was about to peak around the side when the car engine started. In a few moments they were gone. I snatched my bag and led Emily away.

We got back to the main road and turned south towards the river. After about ten minutes without much talking Emily stopped and turned to me.

“Let's go the other way,” said Emily nervously, “he lives that way.”

“Come on,” I conceded as I pulled her by the arm in the direction she had indicated.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked.

Then I smiled at her and saw a cute little smile in return. We made small talk as out heart rates went down and in about ten minutes we were by the river. I spotted some woods ahead and casually walked Emily towards them. She knew the day wasn’t over, but didn’t know exactly what I had in mind.
As we walked I could see a path towards the woods, and that the trees were denser on the far side.

By now Emily had worked out what might happen: her chatter reduced to almost nothing and she walked slightly quicker beside me.Once in the woods I put my arm across her shoulder as I listened for walkers and their dogs. I only saw 2 and they were on another path. A spot ahead looked inviting so I took a smaller path towards it, which soon fizzled out as we approached the thickest area of trees.

“Will it be OK?” Emily asked.

“I can see a way in round the side,” I said, avoiding her question. I wanted to hug and kiss her but didn’t. I held back some thorny branches for her as she walked into an enclosure of trees. I followed eagerly and made one more check of our surroundings whilst crouching. At that level nearly every angle was blocked from prying eyes.

Finally I turned to her and we embraced. It wasn’t long before our passions arose, her tongue finding mine and a stirring my cock in my boxers.

“This is different to what I imagined,” she said.

“Different in a good way?” I asked.

“Well, yes, I wouldn’t normally do this.”

“I know,” I said as I took off my ruck-sack and produced two blankets. I laid them on the floor over the leaves, one on top of the other.

“Oh,” Emily said as my intentions become clear.

“Well you did say you wanted it outside,” I pointed out as I took off my jacket and put it down.

“Yes, I said I wanted to be used, spanked and tied up,” she said huskily as she copied me.

“As you asked so nicely, that has been the plan all along.” I held her tight in my arms and we kissed.

I soon gently moved her towards a tree and indicated she should face it, away from me. After pressing my hardening cock against her bottom I lifted her skirt and rubbed her thighs over her tights. Then I massaged the dampness between her legs for several minutes whilst she put a hand on the tree. She looked round at me and opened hers legs slightly.

Once again I pulled down her tights and looked upon her firm shapely bottom. This time a heady aroma of sex wafted across my nostrils, even in the open air.

Emily anticipated the first light slap and didn’t move or utter a sound. The second was harder and the sound fascinated me as her cheek wobbled. Eagerly I covered each side in turn, more firmly each time. Then I hit the same side again as hard as I dared, catching her by surprise and making her yelp.

“You asked, and now you get, you naughty girl.” Then I stood and used two or three fingers to firmly massage her pussy, reaching to her sensitive clit and enjoying her wetness. I continued until her moans became more urgent.

“Back soon,” I said quickly as I darted off to get my ruck-sack.

“What!” she said.

With my dry hand I fished some black light rope from the side pocket of my bag. I put one end of the rope around one of her wrists, tired a reef knot, allowed a four inch link, went around her other wrist before finishing neatly with a half hitch. I stood up and put her hands against the small of her back.

Emily's gaze was impassive. “Oh, you are going to do it like that are you," she stated.

"You know I am baby, just like you asked," I replied. I pushed down my trousers and pressed my erection against her firm cheeks. Her pussy felt soaked as I rubbed it with my hand from the front and my cock found the slippery warm flesh from behind.

“Ahh,” she sighed as my stiff dick found its way inside. “Oh yes,” she gasped as I slapped her cheek on each back stroke. Then I gripped her elbows, pulled her onto my cock and fucked her there beside the tree.

“You are going to get all I’ve got ,” I told her as I put my mouth just above her ear. With that I ramped up the pace and power so that my lower abdomen slapped against her arse as I fucked her. Her head rocked back and forth as she moaned to every thrust.

After I’d got plenty in that position I needed a change. “Get on the blanket and lie on your back!” I ordered. She sat on the blanket and I undid her rope, tying it again feverishly with her hands in front of her. After pushing her down I took up the new position a moment later. I pushed her legs up and put then together. For an instant I glared at the pear shape of her hips and bottom as she lay beneath me and the puffy peach of her slit drove me on. With one movement I pushed my cock all the way inside her. Then I pressed her knees towards her tits, and closed my eyes tight as I felt my cock inside her cunt.

Again Emily started groaning with each stroke of my dick as I took my pleasure. Her denim skirt pulled up and her black tights pulled down contrasted with the pink of her flesh. I couldn’t resist one last feel of her tits so my left hand snaked up under her vest to find her soft warm lumps.

“Yesss,” she cried out as I squeezed a breast as I felt her hard nipple in my sensitive palm. Her mouth puckered into a round hole and her eyes were almost closed. I put her legs to one side and under my right arm as I needed to get closer to that fuck face of hers. My left hand made a pillow under her head as I pumped away at her, my lust in full force now.

Inches from her face now I could she was holding her breath for a few seconds, and then breathing in groans over and over again. This drove me wild and I took my weight onto my knees and elbows ready for the final assault. Like this I found I could drive myself upon her to slam against her upturned thighs with enough gusto to make her breathe out each time my hips moved in.

The feeling of control was immense and I sweated as I felt my orgasm getting close. Emily had lost control some time ago. Her head was back with her chin up, her eyes seemed to roll back in her head. Her breaths were deeper and one long indescribable noise. I loved being able to do this to her and every stroke was bliss for both of us.

Suddenly her eyes flashed open wide. “Oh yes, oh yes..... fuck.... fuck me, fuck me!” she encouraged. I went even deeper and stronger as I felt my cock swelling in her clenching cunt. “Ohh, aww.... aahhhh!” she went as the first spasm of her pussy rocked her body, her universe, closely followed by another.

It was enough to make me totally lose control and I groaned loudly as my loins automatically responded as I continued thrusting. My face contorted as the first pump welled up and I groaned deeply. My second shot came with such force that I made no sound as my whole body tensed up. Only on the third and forth squirts could I make some delirious sounds as my living stalk pumped its warm load into that exquisite pussy.

Now we looked into each other’s glowing faces, enjoying the post-climax pumps and pulses, savouring the final moments together, not able to find words adequate enough. I kept inside her and stroked her face as our warm lips kissed. Even this made my body tingle. I wanted to stay there and enjoy her warm body and tender touch.

Dusk had crept up on us and the chilly air met the heat of our bodies. We had only a few moments left before our day would be over.

“I hoped you liked that, Emily,” I whispered, “for me it was amazing.”

“Yes, it was special, just what I wanted,” she purred, her eyes smiling and her voice enchanting.

“Be careful what you ask for,” I said with a grin.

She giggled then I helped her to stand up.

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