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Tall, dark, and handsome

Lacey finds her tall, dark, and handsome in Jamal.
I was bored. I can't believe I was spending my summer vacation like this. Working at this store called Vanity, who hardly anyone came into during the summer. All the girls were out on vacation to beautiful California or somewhere else gorgeous. I was jealous, but I needed the money if I was ever going to go to California next summer.

It sucked, during school time a lot of girls came in with their boyfriends and while the girls tried on clothes, the boys secretly hit on me. Since the girls were all gone, so were the boys.

I know why they hit on me, too. I wasn't ugly. I was 18, very lightly tanned skin, big, green eyes, shocking auburn red hair that was layered and was just above my shoulders. (I think that's what turned them on the most.) I was 5'5" and an average size of 130 lbs. I didn't have much to offer as far as my boobs went. They were only 34 AA, my areolas were the size of pepperonis, and my pink nipples stuck out a lot. I had this cute ass, though. It was so small and tight. I let my g-strings stick out of my jeans, too. I was always wearing sexy clothes. Tight hip-huggers, and tank-tops cut to show my belly. Some girls call me a skank or a slut, but I didn't care. I thought I was hot.

It was extremely warm today, though, even inside the air-conditioned mall. We weren't allowed to have any fans in the store, it was so lame.

Of course since it wasn't busy, I was the only person working today. Two old ladies and a little girl were the only ones to come in today. Of course none of them bought anything. Even if they did, it would be obvious that they couldn't wear it. This store was strictly designed for teenage girls who wanted to dress in all the latest fashion trends. They were more like slutty trends, really. All they sold here were short skirts, shorts, and dresses, halter tops and tank tops that showed off your boobs, and of course the classic thongs and g-strings.

I couldn't complain, I dressed in this stuff, too. But it's sad, I've seen more 13-year-olds flaunting what little chests they have than I've seen seen 13-year-olds flaunting the Miley Cyrus style. It didn't matter too much, their clothes would fall apart in a matter of a month. Our clothes were cheap, but they were also poor quality.

I sat behind the counter on this particular day, looking down on a Cosmopolitan, while I fanned myself. This magazine was always full of sex secrets. Like I needed any. I was a champ as it was. I heard the usual "ding-dong" of a customer walking in and I looked up.

He was gorgeous for a black guy. Deep green eyes, dark brown hair that was trimmed, no facial hair, and cocoa-like skin. He was tall, 6'2", he looked like he worked out a little, he was wearing a plain black shirt and baggy black jeans with some Jordans. His right ear was pierced and the diamond in it shined under the lights.

"Aye girl, whassup?" He said, looking me up and down. I could tell he was checking me out and I just rolled my eyes.

"How can I help you? Looking for something for your girlfriend?" I said in a not-so-friendly tone. Guys were always checking me out, so why was it so hard to get a boyfriend?

"Naw, naw... I'm lookin' for somethin' for my sister. It's her birthday tomorrow. Ya know how it is?" He smiled. His teeth were so white, they stood out near his skin.

"Okay... Well can you be more specific, please? What would she like? Jewelery, clothes?" I was getting impatient, he was just wasting my free time.

"How 'bout some bug-eye shades? I see a lotta girls wearing those." He grabbed some oversized sunglasses in a basket on the counter. He approached me and I grabbed them and rung them up. "Aye girl, you're cute. Real cute. Whas your name?"

"$7.00 and my name is Lacey, you?"

"My names Jamal. You got some free time? Think you can talk for a bit?" He smiled again as he paid for the glasses in exact change. My knees got weak.

"Uh, yeah... It's not exactly busy here as you can tell. I guess I could take my lunch break, now." I was a little hesitant at first, because I just met him. But I thought why not take a chance? I took off my apron and walked over to the dressing rooms, he followed me in.

"Dressing rooms, huh? What you tryin' to do here?" He laughed. It was a cute laugh, not too drawn out, but not a giggle.

"No, I just figured it would be a nice place to talk. You know, privacy?" I smiled back at him and looked in his eyes. They were so gorgeous. I'd never seen a black guy with green eyes before.

"So whassup with you? You got a boyfriend?"

"Pfft, I wish I did." Oh my god, I couldn't believe I just said that. "Uhm... What about you? Do you uh... Have a girlfriend?" I hope he doesn't. I hope he doesn't, pleaaase tell me he doesn't.

"Naw. Girls these days are just fake, ya know what I'm sayin'? Always tryin' to play games." He look disgruntled.

"Well... I'm not fake. I always tell it like it is." My heart was starting to race.

"That's whassup. Need more girls around like you." He poked my nose.

"Are you still in school? Where do you go?" He looked familiar.

"Naw, I'm 19. I graduated two years ago from West High."

"Oh my god, really!? I just graduated this year from West!" I smiled. Maybe he knew me.

"I thought I saw you around. You didn't have a lot of friends, though. Did you ever see me? Guy with the really big afro? Haha, that was me." He smiled back.

"Yes! I remember. And... High school was a bad time for me. Let's not talk about it." I said, starting to get nervous.

"A'ight, it's coo. So what's it like working here? Is it busy?" He seemed generally interested in me.

"It is during school time. But right now.. No. But the other day something really crazy happened! This girl and her mom came in and had sex in the dressing room! Totally disgusting! Not a lot of people keep their jobs at Vanity. Maybe that's why." I said, feeling disgusted as I recalled the event.

"For reals!? No way that could've happened!" He said in disbelief.

"Yeah, I'm serious. The mom even gave me this card to call her. It was so weird!" I pulled the card from my purse and handed it to him. He looked at it and laughed.

"Did you ever call her?"

"Uhm, no... Why would I? The lady had sex with her daughter. That's just SO gross!" I looked at him funny.

"Why not? Maybe you should. Sometimes people's sex lives are surprising, but they can also show you just how great it is. Don't knock it 'til you try it."

"But... It was INCEST! What if she wants me to have some freaky threesome with her and her daughter?" I was disgusted.

"Oh, so it's like that? What, you a virgin or somethin'?" He shook his head at me.

"No, I just haven't done anything gross like that." I gave him a weird look. Why was he getting so defensive?

"And I suppose you ain't never had sex with a black guy before, either?" It looked like he was getting upset.

"Well actually, no... But I wouldn't mind." I felt hopeless now. I didn't mean to upset him.

"Maybe you should try it, then..." He calmed down and looked into my eyes. I could feel myself starting to melt. He grabbed my chin gently with both of his hands and kissed me. I closed my eyes and embraced it. It was great. I let my tongue circle with his like they were doing a slow dance. I softly bit and sucked on his bottom lip. Mmm, it was so soft and pouty.

I pulled back and smiled. "I... I don't know. I'm not into these one-time deals, anymore..." I looked down.

"It's okay, don't worry 'bout it. Just relax and it enjoy for now." He leaned in and started kissing me again. I felt so relaxed, like I was floating on a cloud. He nibbled on my lip and headed for my neck. He sucked hard, but it felt great. I let out a soft moan and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. It was already hard. It felt big, it made me a little intimidated.

He groaned in my ear as he started to lick it. His left hand reached my left boob and he squeezed it. He twisted my nipple around in his fingers. It hurt at first, but started feeling good. I pulled away and lifted up my shirt over my head.

"No bra. I like that." He smiled and took one of my nippled in his mouth. God, it felt great. He sucked it and I could feel his teeth softly bite it. It drove me wild and I started frantically undoing his pants. He wasn't wearing any boxors, but I couldn't see his cock, yet. His shirt was covering it up. He kicked off his Jordans and his jeans as he continued to suck on my nipple.

He pulled away and took off his shirt. He did have a nice build going on. I looked down and saw that his dick was HUGE. It looked like it had to be like 9 1/2 inches long and only slightly smaller around than a Pringles can. I was so afraid. I didn't have time to think about it though, because then he undid and pulled off my jeans, my g-string coming down with them. I kicked off my flip-flops, jeans, and g-string.

"You gotta lot of bush down there girl, but I like it." He smiled. I blushed at his comment. I hardly ever shaved. It was too painful, plus it left so many razor bumps.

"T-thanks." I started turning more red and decided to take focus on his balls. I rubbed them as he stuck two fingers in my pussy.

"Oooh - ow." It hurt at first, but as he continued to rub my g-spot I could feel myself getting wetter. I couldn't concentrate on rubbing his balls anymore, so I laid back on the dressing room bench. He leaned down and I started feeling flustered as I realized what he was about to do. I tried to scoot back and push away, but he managed to do it, anyway.

His tongue hit my pussy and I felt myself get wetter. I loved being eaten out, but I was scared for him to do it to me. I didn't want to cum too soon.

He licked the outter lips of my pussy, first. It was so teasing and I wanted to shove his head down. I controlled myself, though as he continued pumping his two fingers in and out me and licking around my clit. I moaned louder and louder.

"Oooh, OOOH! Oh my goood! DON'T STOP! Pleaase!"

He flicked my clit a few times with the tip of his tongue, then lifted his head as he pulled out his fingers.

"Why... Why'd you stop? Oh my god, why!?" I said breathlessly. He just smiled and pulled my head to his cock. I knelt down on the floor to get more comfortable. "I don't know... If I can." I said, scared.

"It's okay, just do what you can for now." He smiled, pulling my head once again to his cock.

I grabbed his cock and put my mouth over it. I couldn't even get half in. I started bobbing my head up and down, sucking as much as I could and slurping up his precum. I felt his hand go to the back of my head and he pushed down as he humped my mouth.

At first it was alright, but then I could feel myself gagging. He just kept doing it, his eyes closed and his head back. He moaned "Mmm, mmmmm, yeah. Suck it, suck it."

I tried to pull away and get him to stop, but it seemed like the more I struggled the more he pushed my head down, harder and faster. I didn't enjoy being gagged, but at the same time it turned me on. I let him take control of what was going on.

Finally he pulled my head up. I breathlessly wiped my mouth and he told me to get down on all fours and stick my ass in the air. I did what he asked and I knelt behind me. He slapped my ass a few times and started fingering my pussy.

"What are you doing?" I asked. Then he pulled his fingers away and shoved his dick in.

It was so unbelievably painful at first. I yelped as he started pumping his dick in fast and hard. Didn't he ever hear of start out slowly? ESPECIALLY with a huge dick like he had?

He didn't seem to care, though. He just kept pumping and my yelps turned into soft whimpers. The pain was starting to fade.

It started feeling really good and I started to moan. "Oooh, yes! Yesss! Fuck me like that! Yesss!"

"Yeah, you like that!? You like that!?" He grabbed my hair and pulled as he shoved his huge, black, cock in my pussy. He let go of my hair and spit in my asshole. He started gently fingering it. It felt so good, I'd never gotten attention to my ass like that before.

He thrusted harder and faster. My breathing got faster and faster until I came.

"Oooh, oh my god! Ooooooh! ooooooh!" I could feel my cum coming out of my pussy and running down my leg. He didn't pay any attention, but instead kept fucking my pussy even harder and faster. My pussy was beginning to ache when he finally came. He came inside me and his warm cum ran even thicker down my leg. When he was done cumming, he pulled out.

"Mmm, damn girl. That was pretty good for your first time."

"Oh, oh... It's hard to keep up with you." I was so breathless and exhausted, now.

Jamal got dressed and handed me my clothes.

"What's your number, Lacey? I'll call you sometime for reals. We can talk about this number you got from that lady."

"Really?" I smiled as I started putting on my own clothes, while sitting on the bench. "You're REALLY going to call me? After we just fucked?"

"Yeah, girl. I promise ya. If you're this good of a fuck every time, then maybe we have a future together." He smiled and laughed as he helped me up and I told him my number.

I felt like one of those women in a cheesy romance novel who finds her tall, dark, and handsome true love.
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