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Taming Of Damon

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Unsuspecting Damon gets a fuck he will remember.

Damon Morris was a 19 year old freshman at the local university going through the motions. He was finally able to leave the confines of his home and experience life on his own with out mom and dad all over him. He was in his history class listening to his professor go over the lesson, which was rather boring he almost fell asleep a few times. When the bell rang, he quickly gathered his things and headed back to his dorm room to chage for the gym. Damon was not an athletic person, so he wanted to be an agent for athletes when they went pro, but that is another story.

While he was lifting weights, he glanced up and his eye caught a view of a beautiful woman on the stairmaster. He watched her reflection as he watched her pear shaped ass sway side to side while she worked out, and his cock was quickly gettting hard. After quickly finishing his work out, he went back to his room and jacked off so fast Wile E. Coyote would have applauded him. After cleaning the mess, he quickly studied and started to search the student directory to find out who she was. He could not tell becasue he did not get a look at her face so he made a mental note to see her face the next time he was at the gym. After that, he fell asleep to get ready for the next day.

During biology class while daydreaming, he looked up and he noticed the same pear shaped ass hugged in some hip hugging jeans and his eyes bulged. His biology professor looked at Damon and noticed him going off into la la land.

"Mr. Morris, could you come up and explain the structure of the human anatomy?" His professor said.

Damon was quickly subdued and went up to the front of the class to give his presentation. Some of the class giggled at him because they noticed a huge bulge in his pants. The guys laughed at him and teased and the girls sat there with their mouths partially open, trying to figure out the size of his cock. Somehow, Damon got through the presentation and quickly sat down. While he was standing there, the same woman who's ass he was staring at was also eyeing him, and she had been for a few weeks now.

Her name was Zahara. Zahara was the foreign exchange student new to the university. She was from London but her parents were originally from Morocco. She came to the university because of the medical program which was the best in the country. Zahara studied Damon from head to toe, and her hazel eyes stopped at his bulge. She, like many of the girls in the class wondered how big his cock was. Zahara had a few guys she medded around with, when they failed to do the job she turned to women to get her sexual fix.  She saw something in Damon that she had liked and her plan was ready to go into full swing.

After class, she went up to Damon and whispered in his ear.

"Nice lecture, I was wondering if you could study with me sometime." She told him, non chalantly rubbing his cock. Damon thought he was about to cum on the spot. Thanks to mom and dad, he had a pretty non-existent social life. She could tell he was getting excited so she backed off a little. Damon, breathed hard to regain his composure.

"Here, it's my cell phone number, call me when you're ready to study." she winked at him and walked out of the class. Damon stood frozen for a few minutes, not believing what was happening.

"Mr. Morris, is everything alright?" aksed the professor.

"Yes sir, everything is alright." He packed his stuff and escaped from the class.

Damon went and worked out that day real hard to try and get the edge off of his horniness. Unfortunately, the workout did not help because he was still hard! He looked down at his cock which hung down low covering half the length of his thigh.  After the work out, he went back and noticed a note on his door, it was from Zahara.

"I wanted to see of you could come study with me tonight. I could use the help in Biology. Call me when you get this."


Damon's mind was running a million miles a minute. He sat down and grabbed his call phone and called Zahara.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Yes, Zahara this is Damon from Biology class. I got your note on my door today." He said to her.

"Ah Damon, listen I need some help with human anatomy and I know that you are good at it. Can you come over in an hour to help me go over it?"

"Uh yeah, sure. I'll be there in an hour. I'll freshen up and be right over."

"Good. I'll meet you by the library."

"Alright, bye."


Damon jumped in the shower and got dressed to go Study with Zahara.

Meanwhile, Zahara was getting ready herself. She wasn't going to study, she wanted to fuck his brains out. Plain and simple. She was pretending to read her notes on the steps when he came up to her.

"Hey, Zahara?" aksed Damon.

"Hello there, let's go study." She said.

"Ok." He replied.  Damon was walking slightly behind her and he had gotten another glimpse of her lovely ass. He was getting hard again and she had purposely planned this so she could have him ready to fuck her. After the short walk,they made it to her room and he had gotten the materials out to study. Zahara on the other hand was preparing to make her move.

"Something to drink?" She asked.

"Yes, juice or water of you got it." He told her. 

She could tell how innocent he was, it was kind of flattering in a cutie pie sort of way.

He was looking over the notes and she stood right in front of him, with nothing but a pair of white thongs and heels holdinghis drink.

"I hope you like the drink." She told him. Damon's jaw dropped the moment he looked at her. She had olive tanned skin with 38C breasts that were nice and firm. She noticed that his bulge grew massively and was aching to get free. She put his drink down and pushed him back on the couch.

"I have had my eye on you for the past few weeks, and I wanted to see what you were like. I liked the bulge in your pants and I wanted to feel it wrapped around me." While she said thta she unzipped his pants and took his cock out and began to stroke it. Damon on the other hand was not believeing what was happening to him. He sat back frozen while she licked the pre cum oozing from it's head.  Zahara stroked him until he was fully hard. His cock extended to a full 10 inches, and Zahara liked what she saw.

"Trust me Damon, this is something that you won't regret." She said in a low sexy tone.

'I hope not, oh god' he thought as she took his cock inside of her mouth and began to suck him off slow. Her mouth was wet and warm and Damon was breathing very hard woth every stroke she was giving him. His hands were trembling and his mind was racing. Zahara had a feeling he was a virgin, so she had to take extra time in not getting him off too soon. She took his cock out of her mouth and licked his shaft and sucked on his balls. Damon was starting to sweat and he thought he was going to lose it. Zahara was getting a very wet spot in her thong and she was ready for some pleasure of her own. She took him back in her mouth and sucked him off to get him hard.

"Oh my god, this is incredible." he said. Little did he know the best part was about to come.

"Mmmmmmm, you liked that." She said to him.

"That was awesome." He said.

She stood up and took her thong off, revealing a beautiful pussy. She got on top of Damon and grabbed his cock.

"I want to feel this big cock inside me." She lined his cock up and started to slide down. He had a thick cock and it was starting to stretch her. She was enjoying the feeling of it and she started to take it inch by inch until she had it all inside of her. She sat still and rocked her hips, then moving up and down. Damon Took this as a sign and sucked on her nipples slow and hard. The harder he sucked, the faster she rode him.

"Uhhh, yes, uhh, suck my nipples...harder." Her voice started to cry out, and Damon obliged by sucking on each nipple equally.  Zahara was enjoying this huge cock in her and she was riding to a good orgasm as his cock was giving her a feeling she had not had in a while.

"Yes, yes, I'm a cum all over your fucking cock...uhhhh." She said out loud. Luckily her room was at the end so no one could hear her. Damon grabbed her hips and started moving with her. She tightened her pussy around his cock and felt that he was gonna cum so she slowed down to ride him slowly. The slow ride gave her a great orgasm which satisfied her. But she wanted more. After the ride, she got off of him and got on all fours beside him.

"Stand up and come behind me." She told him. She grabbed his cock and placed it at her entrance.

"Fuck me." she said to him. With that, he pushed inside of her and started to move clumsily until he got a good rythmic pace.  Once he got his pace, he was fucking her hard and fast. His hipe slapped against her ass and she was loving it.

"YESSSSS, YESSSSS, FUCK ME DAMON!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!" She screamed out. Damon was slamming her fast and hard. Surprisingly, he had not cum yet but he knew he would not last long so he kept fucking her hard while slowing down in a manner that was to help him last. Zahara was cumming over and over as her g-spot was getting nailed by his big cock.  Through all this enjoyment, Zahara wanted to feel his cock in one more place. She wanted it in her ass.

"I"M GOING TO CUM!!!" He yelled out.

"Not yet, I want your cock in my ass now." She told him. He carefully pulled out and she spread her ass wide. She then grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance of her ass.

"Put it in me, slow." She had cocks up her ass before that matched his length but the thickness of it is what made her tell him to go in slow. So he took his cock and started to penetrate her asshole, she grabbed a pillow so she could bite down on something soft.

'Damn, this is one thick cock' she thought to herself. Damon slowly put it in inch by inch until he was completely done. He started to pump back and fourth to make it a little bit easier. Luckily, his cock was lubed enough from fucking her pussy real well. The ass fucking she was getting was enjoyable and she was rubbing her huge clit to another orgasm as he moved like a piston in and out of her ass.

"YESSSS, I"M CUMMING AGAIN!!!!" She replied. 

Damon looked at his watch and he had been fucking her for over 40 minutes without stopping, and he was getting the feeling that he was ready to cum all over her.

"I'M GONNA CUM NOW!!!!!!" He screamed out.

He pulled out and placed his cock at her mouth, and he shot out jet after jet of cum. She had gotten a good amount and the rest landed on her huge breasts. Damon never felt so satisfied, let alone relaxed.

"That was the best study session I have ever had." He said, smiling.

"I am glad you liked it. I'm sure there will be many more yes?" She asked.

"You can count on that." He replied.


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