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Teacher's Lake Fun

Former teacher comes back to teach and runs into former coworker and foreplay starts
Both of them had left the school system. Both of them, at one time, were teachers who taught kids who were seniors, and both of them got to “know” one another on quite the personal level too. However, one thing or another led both of them to leave the school, and for that matter teaching altogether.

A couple years went by. Her husband, it seemed, won the states lottery. Yes, it was a lot, but the couple was “adventurous,” and he decided to do something with some of the money. He invested it in six cottages up on the lake he and his wife loved going to in the summer months. That turned out to be a great and profitable investment for them.

Now as for Darrell, the other half of the “equation” who left teaching altogether, he decided that the private sector just wasn’t for him. He found that when he was a teacher that he could do many things, as far as teaching was concerned his own way.

And so he re-applied for a teaching job and he started at the school from where he left.

He got the job. There was a mass overhaul of teaching positions and most the teachers he knew had left that school. That’s alright. He still knew Terry. Terry is Janelle’s husband. However, Janelle as far as he was concerned was no longer teaching there, but he’d heard she came in all the time to see what was going on currently, and for whatever reason, with the schools organizations and whatnot.

“So Terry, how’s everything going?” Darrell asked.

“It seems to be going well,” Terry said. They talked. Darrell asked about is wife and some of the other teachers. “Well as far as my wife is concerned…she’s a homebody. She takes care of some cottages we bought up at this lake but all in all she’s doing fantastic,” Terry went on to add. “Tell you what. If you’re around later on you may see her.”

The light skinned, polished African American teacher made a mental note of that. Janelle stops in all the time. Hmmm, now that’s interesting. Way back when, when she and I taught some of the same classes together, well we had our days, but boy that smile of hers and that body of hers…whoa, she could knock the concrete off the walls with all she had.

He said goodbye, turned around, and that charismatic smile of his surfaced on his cheeks. That smile alone made all the other female teachers smile and in doing so well Darrell started to make a lot of friends…especially the female teachers in that school.

He didn’t see her that day but out of nowhere he saw her the following day. “Is that Janelle?” he called out to her as he looked at her nice ass sway from left to right. He smiled. She gradually turned round. Yes it was. It’s her. He smiled that captivating, sophisticated smile he was becoming well known for. “Hiiiii beautiful,” he said to her in the empty corridor.

“Darrell, are you back? Are you back teaching here?” she replied as her smile embraced her at a 110 percent. She couldn’t believe it. Terry hadn’t said a word to her. “Ohhh my Lord, I can’t believe it! What brings you back here?” she went on to say as she went right up to him and he saw it coming. She wrapped her arms around him as if he was a brother but both knew that hug was a lot more then simply a friend to friend hug.

She wanted soooo much more from this very, very good looking and very tall black guy. “Ohhhhhhh Darrell, it is soooo nice to see you again. We should get together. We should have dinner or something.”

He was thinking about that body again as in her body. She looked absolutely the same to him. God, he said to himself, do you have any idea how good you look all over…and that means that ass of yours too?

“Yeah Janelle, we should, shouldn’t we?” he replied as he smiled back at her. “I wouldn’t know where to start. You look amazing. You’re still as pretty as when I saw you two years ago but knowing that Terry’s around I shouldn’t say that too loud now should I?”

“Ohhh, don’t worry about Terry,” she said as both their sets of eyes looked around the corridor as if Terry was on the hunt for any out of the ordinary activity. She knew better. She knew her husband. Terry was always in his office for one reason or another. Still they were looking around for some kind of cameras catching it all or catching someone doing something they should not be doing. “He’s in his office. He’s doing paperwork.”

“Email me or call me on my cell phone. Here, I’ll write it down,” she said.

She wrote it down and took his hand in hers and she laid it into his hand, gently. She smiled right into his eyes as if saying I want you Darrell. I want all of you and I want all of you as soon as I can have you baby. When can I have you?

“I’d love to see you soon,” he said with that charismatic smile of his.

“Me too,” she said again. “Call me tomorrow sometime, alright? Hope to hear from you.”

“Janelle, you can bet on it,” he said, and then all of a sudden he winked at her, but then he said goodbye to her as their eyes seemed to trail, slowly off the other.

On her way home, Janelle kind of felt it. She kind of felt him on top of her and she also kind of felt as if his hands, and his body, were all over hers while she drove home for the night. It was an unusually longer then usual drive for whatever reason but she didn’t seem to mind. She could still “feel” him all over her for unknown reasons. She didn’t know why but having seen him just a little while ago made her “feel” as if Darrell was right there, beside her, and if he was she knew almost exactly what she’d do.

She told herself that her idea was crazy. She told herself, seeing as how she felt, that what she’d do was mad, but she also told herself that if she could be in that situation she turn a couple streets out of the way and pull off onto a deserted country road.

She could “hear” herself saying it too, almost. “Darrell, you and I have been friends for a very, very long time haven’t we?” She imagined him nodding his head and smiling as if waiting for her to go on…especially as she envisioned her hand reaching over. “Darrell, you do know that…that I’ve longed for you for the longest time haven’t you?” she heard it in her head as her hand came even closer to his crotch.

She pictured herself smiling and she pictured him smiling back at her. Her hand rested down on his lap. “Darrell, you and I should do something about our feelings we have.” She envisioned herself staring hard into his eyes and then she “saw” it happen. “Darrell honey, do you know how much I want and need to be with you? Do you have any idea at all how much I want to be with you, in bed, right now?”

Once she said that, she finally pictured herself taking hold of his cock, and rubbing the silky, soft flesh of it. Then she finally said “Now baby, doesn’t that make you feel soooo much better? It does to me…I soooo want you Darrell.”

Her body burned for him. She couldn’t believe just how powerful the feelings she had for Darrell were in fact but they were powerful. Her body hurt all over. And Janelle could not wait until she got home. The car started to go faster. Her foot pressed down on the accelerator. She reminded herself that there were police and she’d slow down but then speed up again. She could not wait until she got home.

“Dinner will wait a bit,” she said aloud as she turned down the street.

In the house, alone, Janelle, “rushed” into her house, and dropped her stuff. All that could wait, she said to herself, but the bath can’t she thought as she ran up the stairs while undoing this that and the other parts of what she was wearing that afternoon.

Smiling as she drew the bath, she dropped her clothes on the bed, and there she stood in her bra and panties as she kicked off her shoes before heading back to the bathroom for what she considered was an overdue and very welcome bath. Her fantasies were to be engaged. She was more then happy, and more then willing, to engage them, and also willing to engage her desires as she settled down into the bathtub the 30 year old Janelle said to herself.

She closed her eyes as she settled in. “Mmmmmm oooooohh,” she murmured as she smiled and felt the warmth of the water surround her desirous needs come to the surface. “Oh Lord, Darrell,” she went on to say. “If only you were here. If only we were together. If only, mmmmmm, we were together in here I’d let you,” but then she shut up.

She listened and thought she might have heard her husband walk in. No, he hadn’t come home. He shouldn’t be home. No, he wasn’t there. She was sure of it. So she went back to do what she started out doing.

“Ohhh Darrell honey, do you know how much I want you with me in here?” she said though he wasn’t even at her house. So she went on to add “I want you soooo badly baby.

She stopped and breathed in and as she did she closed her eyes. And then Janelle said “I want that body of yours,” and breathed in again. “And I’d love to have those hands on me as well Darrell. I’d love to be able to feel you kiss me all day long for that matter honey. I really would…mmmmmm,” she eventually said as her fingers finally started to play with her nipples before going down lower so she could play with the majestic lips of her soft lush pussy.

“Honey…honey, where are you?” he called out once he walked into the house.

Terry had not seen her anywhere downstairs. Not that he was concerned but he called out for Janelle seeing as it was Wednesday and on Friday all the new Upper Classmen male teachers were heading up to the cottages. They owned six of them. He and Janelle were managing it all and that included the possible use of the remote one bedroom cottage down the way.

She stopped doing it. She froze a second. Hearing his voice made her take another deep breath of air and she finally, and quickly, pulled her arm, hand, and fingers away from her aroused pussy.

“Oh umm hiiiii honey,” she said as she quickly drained the tub and of course jumped out of it too while wrapping a towel around her. “I’m up here dear,” she went on to add as she swiftly headed to the bedroom.

He dropped the briefcase to the couch and went up the stairs. “Whatcha doing?” he asked. She said nothing. She already had on her panties and nothing else other then a t-shirt. As he entered the room she smiled and went up to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Take a bath did you?” he asked.

“Yes and mmmmmm, it was soothing for a day like today. With the get together with all these new teachers at the cottages it just seems like it isn’t under control anymore,” she said to him.

“It will be.”

The night progressed. The evening got later and later. He wanted to make love to her but she declined. She could only think about Darrell and her but of course she didn’t tell him and by nights end he was offering her a back rub, which she accepted, along with her spousal love of him.

He was up early and gone before she knew it. It was only six in the morning but he was gone. She got up. She got online. She wrote down “her” directions to the remote cottage which none of the others would be staying in. They had their own directions to the five other 2 bedroom cottages. She would give him “all” the details to that cottage as she pointed out, specifically, that it was a remote cottage, apart from all the other five of them. She also noted on it all to watch out for this and that and what to look out for too.

There were three and a half sheets of paperwork to go through so she got a file folder and laid it all in it. Afterward, she re-read all the directions to make sure he would have everything he needed. She smiled as she nodded her head.

“This is perfect,” she said. “He’ll be there around nine or so and I’ll be there, around eight, and he’ll love what I’m wearing when he arrives.”

“Good morning, Darrell” He saw her and smiled and said hi back to her. Suddenly, she felt it run through her body. The smile slipped off her face for whatever reason. He asked her if she was okay. Still behaving nervously she said “Oh uh sure but Darrell I have a uh small problem regarding this weekend.”

“What’s that Janelle?” he asked.

She stopped. Janelle looked around the room for a moment, saw that it was deserted, and finally she smiled. “There won’t be any other cottages for you to stay in, other then that one,” and she pointed to the folder which would give him directions to the one bedroom, remote one he had in his hands. “It will get you there without any problems. If you have any issues finding it, I added my phone number so call me if you need any help, okay?”

“Sounds great,” he came back.

He didn’t know it yet but the fine looking African American teacher did not know that the woman had a big heart for him. In other words, he did not know that she wanted him in the worst way. She had pictured herself with him. She had pictured herself on him. And she even pictured herself on him and kissing him and even kissing him passionately with her clothes practically off her body. She even wished it was going on right now.

“Soooo,” she went on to say as she smiled and looked into his eyes, “don’t hesitate to call me for whatever reason. I’ll be there to uhhh help you out, alright?” She fought all the desires she was feeling of putting her hand on his arm. “Like I said…don’t hesitate to call me. Talk to you later.”

He read it all over. Then he re-read it a little later on. In fact, he read it again the night before it was time to leave and he did it one last time, as he noticed her cell phone number at the bottom, and felt confident he could easily make it there, which he did. Still he decided to call her if he needed help.

She was up, showered, dressed, and properly packed. She smiled and had filled up her SUV the night before. In the early morning, she locked up, and she left. Up there at just after seven, she opened it up. The sun was up. The lake looked beautiful. The sun was shining on it. The birds were out and diving into the water for fresh fish and other food.

She opened up the cottage and once on the small enclosed deck, she looked out at the water before she went to change. Her cell phone rang. She pulled it out. He was just under two miles from the cottage.

“Hi…Janelle, right?” he asked.

“Yes…who’s this?” she said and he told her. “Ohhhhhh okay, hi Darrell. Did you find the cottage?” He said he wasn’t there yet but the directions were “impeccable.” She smiled. “I thought you’d like them. I sure hope you have a wonderful time,” she went on to say and then added, without saying it, because I want us to.”

She was wearing her new and quite exclusive looking lace mini-dress. In it, she looked hotter then she thought she ever looked in anything like that. Covered with lace all over her body from neckline to mid-thigh, she had on a “bra” and “panties” as well and in it all Janelle turned and turned and even turned again to look at her surprisingly sexier then sexy figure. She made sure her hair was done up and she also made sure her makeup looked great as well.

She was “ready!”

She heard him pull up. Her hormones automatically went into overdrive and she had to force herself to calm down, quickly. In it she thought, at some points, she almost looked like an 18 year old in some hot, slutty little outfit, but Janelle knew how old she really was. Janelle, like Darrell, was 30 years old.

He got his bags out but was not paying attention to her SUV when he got out of his older SUV. He carried his bag up to the cottage and stopped and stared at its small beauty. It was grand looking even if it was a tiny one but it appeared as if it would fit all his needs.

He opened the door and went in. He put down his bag, stepped into the cottage, and he stopped. He looked around at it. There was the screened in porch to the front of it. There was a nice but small family room straight ahead. There was a fireplace. And to the left, as he began to look over that way there was…

“Huh…whoa,” he said. She stood there, smiling. She stood there smiling and looking hotter then fucking…well he did not know what to think or say. Janelle was standing to his side, outside the bedroom, and in the hallway. And his jaw was open and his eyes were saying things she wasn’t sure she could repeat. “Whoa, wow Janelle,” he said. Then he added “Uhhh holy freaking God!” He was floored by how she looked in that lace dress she had on. Janelle stood there, smiling delightedly.

“Soooo you like my dress do you?” she asked in an almost girlish tone of voice.

“Uhhh, do I umm like that dress?” he said back to her. His eyes were frozen. He could not find a way to take them off it. She continued to smile knowing she had made the right choice in what to wear that morning.

She smiled at him and his eyes groped her physical beauty from top to bottom, or at least until the lace dress ended. “Uhhh Janelle? Umm may I uhhh ask you umm a question?”

“Sure anything Darrell,” she replied, sweetly.

“Uhhhhhh should I umm assume from uhhh that umm dress that there uhhh should be umm something going on here?” he went on to ask as his finger pointed to her and then back at himself.

She thought a second on that question.

“Well Darrell, to be honest with you, I’d hope there is. Don’t answer this… just think about it, okay? How many years did you and I work together teaching and doing projects together? We worked closely together, didn’t we?” She paused a moment. She looked at him as he looked at her, non-physically, but as far as worker to worker was concerned. “I do believe that, in a manner of speaking Darrell, we grew close. We drew very close to one another.”

She looked at him some more and studied his face. “Now that you are back in the school system and well I am, in a way also, these emotions I buried, and every other feeling I used to have for you years ago suddenly flooded my memories of us. We still get along with each other too. I still…desire you and I still have deep, deep feelings for you too.”

She stepped towards him. “I also know one other thing. You aren’t involved with anyone and you have not been involved with anyone for ages. I’m right, aren’t I Darrel?”

He felt his head nod. She was right. He was not involved with anyone and hadn’t been involved with a woman, which he hated to this day, for almost a year or so. “I guess so,” he told her. “But Janelle, okay, you’re right. We got along. However Janelle you were, and still are, married. I couldn’t step over that line…no matter how gorgeous you look.”

“And how good looking am I to you Darrell?”

His response was ohhhhhh fucking God girl…just looking at you is making the seams in my pants rip out. “You look out of this world,” he finally admitted.

“Really Darrell, do you mean that in all honesty?” she came back.

He finally broke down. He knew he had to. It was gushing out of him. Yes, he did have feelings, deep passionate ones for her, at one time back when they were both teachers. “Okay, okay Janelle,” he finally said once he started to break down. “There was a time, way back when we were both teachers that I said to myself but no one else, that I wanted to be with you in the worst possible way, but I knew I couldn’t seeing as you are married.”

“Darrell…today, this day, and possibly even tomorrow I am not a married woman. To be totally and truthfully honest with you Darrell, I want us…you and me, on one another, and whatever else comes with that. I like you so soooo much Darrell and I have for the longest time. And I am so soooo happy you and I are here today. Yes Darrell, I am telling you that I think I love you. And I’m also telling you that I want you badly today.”

She said what she said and from there she looked around the room. The fire was going in the fireplace. The small cottage was so cute and comfortable that even that early in the morning she was ready for a glass of wine…and his body in front of that fireplace.

“Let’s sit down on the couch, okay?” she said, and he agreed but he didn’t know why. He just went with her to the couch. “I’ll be right back.” He waited. She uncorked the bottle she already had opened and brought it back, even thought it wasn’t even nine in the morning, along with two empty glasses. “Here we go, sweetheart.”

She sat down beside him in that black lace dress of hers. He loved her in it. He knew that. Janelle was neither slim and slender but she was not some pudgy or chubby woman either. She was one fine shaped, mature woman of 30 years old who still, “loved” him, and carried deep erotic, and even emotional passions within herself for Darrell.

Janelle poured two glasses of wine. They smiled at one another and clinked their glasses and once they did the two of them sat back and relaxed as they watched the fires blaze.

“I’m glad you’re here,” she said a minute later.

“Janelle, I’m soooo happy you invited me over to this cottage. Thank you,” he added.

He was looking at the fire when she turned and smiled at him. He didn’t see her smile at him. As he stared at that fire, she said, quietly, “You’re welcome.” But then out of nowhere she leaned into him and kissed his cheek.

It startled him. He jerked and turned his head in her direction. Janelle was smiling as she looked his way. Fifteen minutes had passed. Both of them had half glasses of wine. Neither had drank more then a half of that.

She looked at him and softly said, as she stood up, “Let’s go into the bedroom.

She put out her hand for his. He looked at it. Her fingers looked soooo pretty to him. He wasn’t sure what to think or even what to say to her. He did note to himself that her fingers were definitely refined in a certain manner he liked. He looked up at her. Janelle was still smiling an adorable and loveable smile he thought.

He finally reached out and took her petite and very appealing hand in his as he finally stood up. That alone made her feel great as her heart soared to unknown heights. Her smile seemed to glimmer even more then it was, although it couldn’t have. She was already smiling from ear to ear, but to her it felt like she started smiling more.

She led him, slowly, into the one and only bedroom that cottage had. At that point neither needed anything else. Once inside the bedroom she walked about halfway to the large bed in the room. Then Janelle turned around, as she smiled, and the two of them smiled at each other for a moment.

He wasn’t sure what to say. “Now what Janelle?” as if that question really needed an answer. “What are you thinking?” he asked. Ohhhhhh my Lord, Darrell…I want you more then you know. I so want to kiss you and, and he interrupted her. “What are you thinking right now?” he asked.

She remained silent for a moment. “I like it here a lot. Thank you for setting this one up for me or should I say us?” he looked at her lovelier then ever face and of course her beautiful, sexy, and very hot figure as well. “I will say this. Janelle, you look…beautiful. And you also look sexy in that too but maybe I should add this. You, for sure, look hotter then ever in that uhhh dress you have on.”

Finally she said something. “You really think I look…hot in this?”

“Yes I do,” he said. “It turns me on to be honest with you. I mean how can a guy not get turned on when he’s with a woman who looks like you do Janelle?” She smiled and took his hands, gently. “What do you want to do, exactly?” he then said. She didn’t answer him right away so he said “What thoughts, right now are going through your head?”

She couldn’t seem to answer the question so he said “Right now…what thoughts are going through your mind?” Then he said do you want to have sex with me or what do you want exactly? I mean I know what I’d like.

All of a sudden she said what she wanted. After three or four minutes had passed she finally told him. “Darrell, it has to be obvious at this point what I want. What I want is to kiss you and show you how much I yearn for you. I could be with you all day and do nothing but kiss you on your lips. I could be on top of you and kissing you passionately!”

With that, having finally heard her words, and know exactly what that feeling was he took her hand in his. He led her to the bed and stood there. He put his arms around her, leaving the sexy black lace dress in place, and Darrell began to kiss her gently. He kissed her gently and slowly as he held her lovely physique against him. She kissed him back and as she did he felt that emotional passion. They kissed more heavily as the two stood by the bed and she felt his adoring lips cross over hers and suck them into his mouth.

His tongue finally slid out of his mouth. He slipped off his shoes just before he lowered his body and hers to the bed. Fully clothed, he laid back on the bed, and he made sure he pulled her body forward so the two could keep on kissing, heavily.

All they did for the next 15 minutes or so was kiss, kiss, and kiss. She loved it. His arms held her captive. His lips did too. That tongue of his, now inside of her mouth, made sure she could not and would not leave her place.

He was into it but she didn’t know and she didn’t care. They hadn’t even started “it” yet.

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