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Teen Diaries 18 - Trying a BBC

Geena's curiosity leads her to answer an online ad
I'm Geena, a Junior at Westfield High. Last Friday night, my friend Amber and I were joking around and looking at personal ads online. It introduced us to a world of new terms that we found hilarious; things like BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), DL (Down Low) and BHM (Big Handsome Man). But when I went home that night, I couldn't stop thinking about one term, BBC. It stands for Big Black Cock.

I'm 5'4, 120 pounds, red-headed with lily-white, freckly skin. I combed through a few ads on Saturday morning and by lunch time, I had plans to meet up with a black guy in his late 30's named Deandre. He lived about a thirty-minute drive away in the next town over. His wife and kids were away visiting their grandparents. His ad was asking for a young white girl to come try his BBC. He was especially interested when he found out I was 17 with big boobs (34DD) and had never had a big dick before.

As I parked my car, the first thing I noticed was his lawn, which was overgrown with some Fisher Price toys in front. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. It took almost a minute for him to answer and I stood there a little embarrassed in my kitten heels, pleated skirt, yellow thong, lacy yellow bra, and tight white tank top. The door opened and Deandre was taller than I expected 6'2 to be.

"Hi baby," he said with a deep voice and a big grin as I stepped into his house. It was kind of messy, with stained carpets and all of the furniture looked really old. He was very built, with biceps about as big as my head and I admired his body under his wife beater and jogging pants. "You want anything to drink?"

"Oh... Maybe some water?"

He walked to the kitchen and I followed, noticing that his pants were hanging low, allowing me to see his grey briefs. He grabbed a glass and filled it with water and handed it to me. "Here you go, baby doll," he said as he started looking over my body. I took the glass and started to drink and he tipped it up a bit so some water dripped down my chin onto my chest. I choked on the water a bit and pushed the glass away.

"Sorry, baby doll, I just love water on big white titties. Mmm mmm!"

"Oh yeah?" I asked, watching him bite his lip as I took the glass and poured it out on my tank top letting my skin and yellow bra show through.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby doll. Just like that," Deandre said as he put his hands on my hips and pressed against me, looking down my cleavage as his hands slid up and cupped my boobs, squeezing them together. "How'd a little white girl like you end up with such perfect titties?"

"Just lucky, I guess."

"No, baby doll, I'm the lucky one."

Deandre peeled my wet tank top up and over my head, sliding his big index finger down my cleavage and fingering it before reaching around and unhooking my bra. He slid the straps off my shoulders and watched as my boobs held the cups up all by themselves.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby doll. Jiggle that shit off," he asked as he bit his index finger. I shook my shoulders from side-to-side shaking my boobs and loosening the bra off as it fell onto his dirty kitchen floor. He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, pressing my boobs against him as he set me on the kitchen counter and bent down to suck on my nipples. He pulled back and cupped each boob, pressing his thumbs against my nipples and rubbing them as he leaned in to kiss me, giving me lots of tongue and sucking on my bottom lip.

He got down between my legs, holding my legs up and looking up my skirt as he leaned in and pressed his nose against my panties, taking a sniff. "Is your pussy pink, baby doll?"


"I gotta see that shit," he said as he pulled my panties to the side. "Oooh baby girl, you shaved your little puss! I love that shit."

He leaned in and started licking my slit, licking up to my clit and then back down, gently parting my lips with his tongue. It felt so good, I started to moan and he started to make grunting noises as he buried his face between my legs and spread my hole with his tongue.

"Shit baby, you're so fucking tight!"

He stood up and dropped his pants, releasing his BBC. Actually, that expression is an understatement, this thing was a monster. His ad said it was 12 inches long and it seriously was. He picked me up off the counter and I stood up, looking down at it. It was longer than my forearm.

"Suck on my dick, baby doll."

I got on my knees in front of his beast. His dark skin was even darker on his dick and the head was darker than that. It was a big head, and I had to open my mouth as wide as it goes to get it in. I slid it to the back of my throat but quickly realized there was no chance in hell it was going down my throat. I grabbed the rest of his mighty shaft with both hands, neither of which fit all the way around it. I started stroking it as he said, "Oh yeah, baby doll" over and over.

He reached down, grabbed his dick and grabbed my hair, pulling it out of my mouth and resting it on my forehead. His dick was longer than my face. It was so wide that I couldn't see around out of either eye. I felt his big balls hanging low down my chin and touching my neck with curly scratchy pubes.

He bent down and picked me up again. "It's time to go to the bedroom, baby doll."

He walked me out of the kitchen, past the front door, into a messy living room, and down a hall to the end where he opened the door to the room he shares with his wife. A king bed with navy blue sheets that hadn't been made was my destination as he tossed me gently onto it and took off his shirt, letting me see his big pecks covered in curly hairs and six pack abs.

He reached under my skirt and tore off my thong as he pulled my ass towards the edge of the bed. He leaned down and kissed me, then groped my boobs and sucked each nipple before holding my legs apart and resting his dick on my pelvis. I looked down to see it touching my belly button.

"You ready for this shit, baby doll?"

"You have to wear a condom."

"Oh baby doll, I don't have any. You got a magnum with you?"

"Oh... no, I don't."

"I promise I won't cum in you. You ready?"

I nodded as he leaned back and angled his big dick against my hole and started to press in. Unlike the average-sized dicks I've fucked before, his dick didn't slide in easily. I felt my skin tighten up and get pulled as my walls spread a little too wide, making me wince and gasp as his head entered my vagina. He gently rocked it in and out, trying to go deeper but not getting too far.

He pulled out and got between my legs, spitting in my hole to add more lubricant as he slid the head in again. Now it started to go deeper and I started to uncontrollably say "Ow" over and over.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby doll. Your little pussy is so fucking tight and perfect."

Deandre looked down and spit on my clit, sliding more fluid inside me as he got it to go a little deeper. He started rubbing my clit as he continued to work on getting his dick deeper. He finally got to six inches, half his BBC, and started humping me with a little more speed and passion, leaning over me to play with my boobs. He shook them, held them together, sucked on them, all while pushing in and out with half of his mighty tool. I started to cum hard and he began to kiss me, grunting as I grabbed the sheets and started to scream with pleasure. I had never had an orgasm that intense before.

He was getting pretty sweaty all over as he got back on his knees between my legs and started working it in deeper. He was going deeper than any guy ever had and it was getting pretty intense. For a few minutes I felt like I was being ripped apart by him and tears started to run down my face.

"Don't worry, baby doll. I'm not gonna go any deeper than that."

He pulled out and rolled me over, lifting me onto my knees as he mounted me from behind and slide back inside, plunging it as deep as before and drilling me. My boobs were being slammed so hard they were hitting my chin and even felt like they might fly off me with the intensity of his thrusts. He grabbed my hair and then my shoulders as he started to moan loudly, saying, "Oh fuck!"

He pulled out quickly and turned me over, jumping over me and squirting his hot cum all over my breasts and neck. It shot with a lot of force and there was so much of it. It looked whiter than I'm used to as I watched it squirt out of his deep black cock. As it slowed down, he rested it on my chest between my boobs and squeezed them together, sliding it between them, using his cum as a lube.

"Okay baby doll, lick all this cum off my cock so I can fuck you more."

"You're not done?"

"Fuck no, when a brotha has a hot little thing like you, you fuck her until you can't fuck anymore."

I leaned forwards and sucked on his head, the last bit of cum sucked out of it into my mouth. It was salty and bitter. I licked up and down his shaft, wrapping my mouth around the sides of his cock trying to get all the cum off it. I couldn't risk getting pregnant. When I was done, he got back between my legs and spread me open again. As he continued to fuck me, he rubbed his cum around my boobs and had me lick it off his thumbs.

He was getting so sweaty that his pits started to stink. Sweat was beading on his big chest and dripping onto me as he sucked on my neck. I wrapped my arms around his head, feeling his short buzzed hair as I moaned. It didn't take long for his big black cock to hit all my pleasure spots at the same time and cause me to cum again, this time even more intensely than before. I was screaming, sweating, and I lost vision as I felt something gush out of my pussy and he pulled out. A liquid was gushing out as I orgasmed and I thought I was peeing.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby doll. You ever squirted before?"

"Um... no," I said between breaths. Is that what happened? I squirted?

He put his cock back in me and now my pussy was so wet that it went deeper, touching my cervix but still leaving at least 5 inches of his dick hanging out. He reached under me and picked me up, grabbing under my butt and sliding me up and down on his dick while on his knees. He stood up on the bed and bent over, resting my head and shoulders on the bed as he held my ass up and fucked me while bobbing up and down.

"Oh shit baby doll... oh fuck yeah... oh fuck..." He said as his leg started to twitch and I felt his cock seizing up. He was pressed against my cervix and I swear I could feel a hot rush of liquid slide up around the walls of my vagina. He stood there shaking as his dick continued to spasm and then I felt it. A drop of warm liquid rose up out of my tight hole around his cock and dripped down my ass cheek.

"Oh God, did you just cum in me?"

"I'm sorry, baby doll. Your pussy is just so tight. I thought I had time to pull out but your shit squeezed around my cock and I couldn't help it."

He stood up and slowly slid his dick out, holding my ass in the air. As his cock slid out, I felt my walls close, holding his load deep inside. He let me go and I got on my knees, squeezing my vaginal muscles as I felt his big load ooze out, dripping onto the bed and down my clit.

"What if I get pregnant?"

"Shit, baby doll. You can go take one of those pills to get rid of it. And if you are, it might be a boy with a big ass dick like mine." He laughed at that. "Besides, it's all your fucking fault if you do. What did you think would happen if you let a big ass dick fuck your tight little puss without a condom? Stupid bitch."

I was offended, so I got out of bed, put my clothes back on and walked out. As I turned around to flip him off, he was rubbing his cock and laying back in bed smiling. On my way home, I stopped and got one of those pills. My pussy feels so much looser than before, I hope it goes back to normal soon. I'd be so embarrassed if the next guy I sleep with thinks I'm loose.

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