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The Best Sex Ever

Electric sex with a friend
Me and an old friend reconnected one day over Facebook. We were really good friends back in high school, but had crushes on each other we never acknowledged until we reconnected. The bad thing was she had a man and I had a woman, but the difference was she lived with him and I didn't live with my girl, but we were both having trouble in our relationships when we finally admitted we had a crush on each other in high school.

Several days later me and my girlfriend got into an argument and I never cheated on her before, but this time I was pissed off enough to do it. Me and my old friend started chatting on Facebook again a little later and somehow we got onto the sex subject and how we both liked it and boy did we find a lot of similarities. I found out she was having troubles in her relationship and hinted that I would love to be taken care of properly. She bit the bait and I convinced her to have sex with me the next day.

Since this was our first time cheating and the first time we had sex with someone outside our race (I'm black and she is Mexican) we were both nervous. I got it started by kissing her on the lips and then touching all over her body from her head to her wonderful big tits. Now all sense of nervousness went out the window as I started to undress her and she starts pulling off my shirt. Soon we are both naked in my room and I start eating her out with her cumming multiple times within several minutes as I am licking her clit and pinching her nipples just as she likes it. I began to suck and bite on her breasts. Most women hate this, but she gets overly turned on when I abuse her tities, biting, sucking, and turning them bright black and red.

I bragged about how big my dick was and she had to see for herself. She made me lay down and attempted to stuff my whole dick in her mouth but she couldn't because it was to big. She licked around my head and my shaft and attempted to swallow my dick whole. Half my dick was at the back of her throat. After her attempts at sucking my dick I put her on her back and stuck my big dick inside her pussy, feeling her pussy tearing and attempting to try and get used to this new size. She began to moan and gasp as my dick slowly gained entrance to her wet pussy. Soon I was stroking her wet pussy in and out slow and hard as her back arched and her legs tighten around my waist as she began to cum over and over again.

Every stroke I gave her began to feel electric and hot. It felt like static electricity was gracing our skin and flames would soon shoot up with our bodies being so hot and sweaty. Soon her pussy locked up and shut tight and I didn't cum not once, but was pleased anyway because I was able to satisfy her. She doesn't like that I didn't cum so she sucked my dick and made me masturbate until I came in her mouth. With my sperm shooting in her mouth she took it like a champ and instead of spitting it out swallowed every bit of it begging me to come some more so she can drink the cum from my dick. I did and busted in her mouth some more. That was the last time we had sex, but every time I see her I can't help but remember that day and wish I can unleash how I feel about her again some day.
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