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The Bouncer and the Barmaid

The Bouncer and the Barmaid

He found a new life and a new love...
Jimmy Laughlin was new to the city and was looking for work. An ex-Navy seal fresh out of the military, he was looking for any kind of work that would allow him to settle down someplace.

Maria was a barmaid at a local pub. She was twenty-three years old and had been working at the bar for two years, but had lived in the area most of her life.

Jimmy was walking down the street headed for the pub after a long day of waiting at the employment office trying unsuccessfully once again to find a job. He passed by the darkened alley beside the bar and heard a woman's voice pleading.

"Please don't... don't hurt me!"

He stepped into the alley to see what was going on and found a young girl being threatened by four large men.

"What's going on here?" Jimmy said to the men.

One of the men turned his attention to him and started walking towards him. "It's none of your business, mister. Just turn around and walk away."

He looked at the young girl, who was terrified as she was backed up against the wall in a corner. She had no way out and no place to run to. One of the men were on either side of her. She didn't say anything, but Jimmy could plainly see she was scared to death.

"I said walk away," The man repeated. He was obviously the leader of these hoodlums.

"I don't think the girl much wants to party with you gentlemen," Jimmy said calmly, "Are you all right?" he asked her. She quickly shook her head and looked pleadingly at him.

"I'm not going to tell you again. Now leave," the man said. He pulled out a knife and in the dim light of a single bulb overhead, Jimmy saw the glimmer of the blade as the thug flicked it open. That was a big mistake on his part.

The man took two more steps towards him, and in a flash Jimmy was on him. Before she even realized what was going on, Jimmy had dispatched two of the men. The leader of the group was laying on the ground screaming in pain and holding his knee as his leg was bent in a very odd and disturbing angle.

Another man was laying unconscious in a nearby dumpster. Jimmy had broken the leg off of a discarded table and was using it as a club to throttle the third man, while the fourth had enough sense to cut and run while he still had two good legs.

With a rapid-fire barrage of blows with the impromptu club, Jimmy put the remaining thug out of service, then turned to the terrified and shaking young girl.

"No... please... " she said, shrinking away from him as he approached her. She squatted down and curled up against the wall, making herself as small as she could and covered her face.

"It's okay, miss. I'm not going to hurt you," he said. Jimmy sat down on a pallet next to her so he wouldn't look so intimidating. Slowly she raised her head and saw him sitting there smiling at her. She looked at him for a long moment before the realization hit her. She moved quickly to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face in his shoulder, sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.

Jimmy sat there in the alley holding her for several minutes. Finally she stopped her sobbing and calmed down enough to stand. Jimmy stood up, offering her his hand. She gratefully took it and he pulled her to her feet, steadying her as she stood.

"Are you all right now?" he asked her.

"Y... yes, I... I think so," she said. She looked down at her clothes, which had gotten dirty and the sleeve was torn from being grabbed so roughly by the thugs. "Oh, my clothes! I'm a sight!" she said.

"You look fine. So what happened anyway?" Jimmy asked.

"I had just gotten off of work. These four creeps stopped me as I was walking to my car and forced me down this alley."

"Where do you work?"

"I'm a barmaid in the pub around the corner. I had just gotten off shift and was headed home. And now look at me!"

"Well, you are still pretty shaky. Are you okay to drive home?"

"I... I don't know," she said.

"Tell you what, why don't we go to your bar and have a drink until you calm down and can drive home?"

"Yes, I think I probably should. I don't think I can drive right now. And the least I can do is buy you a drink for rescuing me," she said.

"My name is Jimmy. Jimmy Laughlin," he said.

"Nice to meet you Jimmy, I'm Maria Brookes," she said. They headed back down the alley towards the street and turned the corner to the pub Maria worked in.

As they walked in the door, one of the other girls spotted Maria first. "Oh my God! Maria, honey, what happened!" she cried out. Her panicked voice brought the bartender quickly around the bar as well.

"Maria, sweetie, are you all right?" the bartender asked.

"Four men shoved me into the alley. God knows what they were going to do to me. But I'm okay, thanks to Jimmy here. He came by and took care of those thugs!" she explained.

"Well we owe this young man a big thank you then, and a drink is a good start! What would you like - Jimmy is it?"

"Yes Sir. Jimmy Laughlin. And I'll just have a beer if that's okay."

"A beer it is then. Alice, why don't you get our friend here his beer. And make sure his glass doesn't get empty until he leaves."

"Right away, boss," she said smiling. She put her hand on his arm as she was leaving, "Thank you. Maria is a sweet girl and a dear friend. Thank you for stepping up," she smiled, and left to get his beer. The bartender shook Jimmy's hand, thanking him as well and then went back to his bar after making sure that Maria was all right one last time.

"We can sit here if you like," Maria said, pointing to a little out of the way table in the corner.

"That would be just fine," he said. They went over to the table and he pulled out her chair, seated her, and adjusted it back in for her. She looked up and smiled at his courtesy.

The two of them sat there enjoying their drinks and conversation. He learned that she had practically grown up in this little town, having moved here when she was just a kid. She found out he was an ex Navy SEAL and that he had recently gotten out of the military and was now looking for work.

"I was wondering how you took care of those four men," she said, "I was so worried when you showed up. I was scared that you were going to get hurt or worse trying to help me. I'm glad you didn't," she said, looking at him, then looking down at her fidgety hands.

"No, I wasn't worried. I've been in a lot worse scrapes than that and with a lot more at stake than just getting my ass kicked," he said.

"I'm sure you have. But I'd rather not know. I'm just glad you are here now," she said.

"You are?"

"Yes, very much," she said, looking up at him and smiling softly.

"Well I'm glad I was here too. I've always been a sucker for a damsel in distress!" he said, with a playful grin.

They finished their drinks as they talked. It was getting late and Maria finally said, "Jimmy, I want to thank you once more for coming along and helping me. I can't bear to think what would have happened if you hadn't come to my rescue out there. But it's late and I need to get going. Can I ask one more favor from you?"

"Sure what is it?"

"Will you walk me to my car, just to make me feel better about going out there again?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he said smiling. He stood up, taking her by the hand and they walked up to the bar. He thanked the bartender and the other waitress for the drinks and Maria hugged the two of them and then Jimmy and Maria left the bar.

"Where are you parked?" Jimmy asked.

"Just down the street a block or so."

They walked slowly to her car and as they got close, he checked around the car before she approached it. "Sorry," he said, "Force of habit, I guess." She smiled and then he opened her door for her.

"Where is your car?" Maria said.

"Oh I don't have a car. I took the bus to the employment office earlier."

"Well, then can I give you a lift someplace then?"

"Sure I guess. I'm staying at the Munson Motel right now, until I find a job and get a real apartment or move on."

"Okay hop in. I know the Munson Motel," she said.

He got in the car and they left to take him home. While they drove they chatted some more. The two of them were getting along very well and Maria was enjoying his company a lot. She had taken to her knight in shining armor and as they turned the corner, Maria spotted a handy parking lot that wasn't being used at the time. She pulled into it and parked.

"What's wrong? This isn't the motel," he said.

Maria turned to him and took his hand in hers. "Jimmy, I hope you don't think I am in the habit of doing this, because I've never done anything like this before. But with all that has gone on tonight, and with your kindness... I... I just don't want to be alone tonight. Would you please stay with me tonight? I would feel a lot safer."

"Sure, Maria. If it will make you feel better, I can stay the night. I just need to grab a few things from the motel and then we can go to your place."

"How can I thank you for all that you are doing for me, Jimmy?" she asked. He just smiled and they resumed driving to his motel.

Arriving at the motel, he walked her upstairs to his room. "Come on in, I will just be a minute," he said. Maria came in and sat on the edge of the bed as he went to get what he needed.

The Munson Motel wasn't much to look at. It was old, and had definitely seen better days. But it was cheap and with his only real source of income coming from whatever day job he could get at the time, cheap was about all he could do. She looked around at the cracked paint, the faded and stained carpeting, and the antiquated furnishings. The bed she was sitting on had been used up several times over and had a distinct dip towards the middle of it.

"Damn," she thought to herself as she waited for him, "I know my place isn't much to look at, but this place is a real hole!" She put her hands in her lap as she sat there, afraid to touch anything. She could hear him rummaging around in the bathroom and soon he came back into the main room. He grabbed up a clean change of clothes and stuffed it into his daypack along with his razor and bathroom essentials.

"Okay that should do me for the night," he said.

"Are you sure?" she said, looking at the small daypack he held in his hand. "I take more than that when I go to the grocery store," she chuckled softly.

"Well I have gotten kind of used to traveling light."

"All right, let's head to my place then," she said. They left the motel room, Jimmy making sure the door was locked. He didn't have much to lose, but he didn't want to lose the few meager possessions he did have.

They drove across town to her apartment. Maria lived in a nice apartment complex in a good neighborhood. It wasn't fancy, but it was clean and safe. She lived in a secure building, so when they arrived Maria punched in the door access code and then they went inside.

"Welcome to my apartment," she said with a smile as she opened the door. She walked in followed by Jimmy and she shut the door after them. "Make yourself at home. Would you like a soda or something. Sorry I don't have any beer or anything, but working in a bar I see enough of that at work!"

"No problem, I've had enough beer anyway. But I would take a soda, if you have one," he said.

She went to the kitchen to get their sodas and then she came back and sat down on the couch next to him. They sat there and talked for another hour or so enjoying each other's company, both happy to be having a conversation with someone other than themselves for a change.

She asked him about his time in the military. And while he couldn't talk much about specific places he'd been or the things he had done, she sat captivated as he talked about life on board a Navy ship, about what he went through in boot camp, and in training to be a SEAL member. He told her he had been discharged while in San Diego, and he had been hitchhiking around heading east to Atlanta where he was originally from.

But it was getting late, and before long it was time to go to bed. She got up to take the glasses to the kitchen and close up the kitchen for the night. She returned to the living room.

"If you have an extra blanket and pillow, I can crash here on the couch," he said, patting the seat beside him.

She looked at him and blushed. "Actually, I was kind of hoping that you..." she dropped her head unable to finish her sentence. But she didn't have to.

"Oh, I see..." he said as the meaning of her faltering words became clear.

"You don't have to if you don't want!" she said quickly, trying to regain some of her dignity.

He smiled at her and reached out for her. He pulled her down to straddle him, sitting on his lap. Putting his hand to her cheek, he softly stroked her delicate skin. She looked up, her eyes darted back and forth, searching for his answer, for some signal from him.

"Of course I want to, baby," he said, leaning forward and kissing her deeply. He could feel the tension drain from her body as she gave herself over to him. Her muscles relaxed and she melted into his embrace. Maria wrapped her arms around his neck, returning his kiss passionately. Although they had just met only a few hours ago, she felt a certain something towards this man and she very much wanted to explore it further.

They kissed for a few moments as the passion between them built. His hands roamed over her body, exploring her form and seeking those spots he knew would ignite her. He chose his path slowly and carefully, guided by her soft moans and labored breathing.

As his hands ran up her ribcage and neared the sides of her breasts, she gasped and broke their kiss. She hugged him tightly putting her face on her shoulder.

"Please..." she whimpered in a little girl voice.

Wrapping his left arm around her waist and his hand under her ass, he used his right arm on the arm of the sofa to get up, picking her up in the process, He wrapped his other arm around her and gently carried her into the bedroom. She clung to him in a sort of reverse piggyback as he took her to bed.

He let her down as he got to the edge of the bed and she stood in front of him as he sat down. Maria was still dressed in her now torn and dirty barmaid outfit - a short sleeve crop top that was tied in front. The top was cut to just below her full breasts and the front plunged down to the knot below and between her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra either, so her interest in this Navy SEAL in front of her was obvious. She also wore a short plaid skirt barely long enough to cover her and silver open toe t-strap high heels. A cute dangling hearts piercing in her navel added a glittering interest to her bare midsection.

Her outfit was designed to attract the male patrons of the bar and it was definitely working on Jimmy at that moment. With tentative hands, he reached up and slowly untied the knot on her top. As the ends of her top fell loose, she gasped ever so slightly and bit her lip. She watched for his reaction as he peeled the two sides apart and pulled the top down off her shoulders and off her completely.

Maria had perfect breasts, 34C in size, but they stood high and proud and didn't sag a bit, and topped off with full ripe nipples that were now at full attention and begging to be kissed and sucked on. Jimmy wasn't one to waste such an opportunity. He took Maria's wrists and held them behind her back as he pulled her forward, to straddle his lap once again. Taking one of her ripe nipples into his mouth, he gently bit it as his tongue ran over the tip.

Maria moaned softly as she felt his teeth clamping down lightly on her sensitive bud. She arched her back a bit, pushing her chest towards him and offering herself to him. She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair before pulling him closer to her trying to shove more of her nipple into his hungry mouth. Her other hand began toying with her other breast so it wouldn't feel left out. But Jimmy had no intention of leaving one breast unloved. He switched between the two stiff nipples giving each one the attention it craved.

After feasting on Maria's throbbing nipples for a bit, he helped her to stand again. He knew there were more treats in store for him and he was eager to sample them all. As she stood in front of him trembling now with her need, Jimmy slipped his fingers inside the waistband of her short skirt. He slid it slowly off her hips and down her legs, accompanied by a moan as the skirt dropped to the floor, pooling around her ankles. He sat back for a moment, admiring this new view of her. She was nude now, save for her pink thong panties and silver high heels.

Damn, she really is quite beautiful, Jimmy thought to himself and smiled, knowing that at least for tonight, this spectacular woman was his and his alone. He stood and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply and passionately. It had been a long time since he had felt the softness of a woman. He had been out to sea and in war-ravaged areas fighting for his life in places most people can't even pronounce. He had been away from anything he could call home for the past five years. And now that he was done with the military life, it was time to start a civilian one.

Maria looked like a good way to get started, too. As he held her soft body next to his own, he drank in her scent - one of her sweet perfume mixed with the musky smell of her desire. It was a heady cocktail to be sure.

"I hope you taste as good as you smell" he whispered in her ear. Maria moaned, feeling her pussy dampen with his words and low deep tone.

Jimmy smiled at her reaction. He pulled her a bit closer to him. With his foot he gently nudged hers apart. She spread her legs automatically, without thinking, and he began rubbing her dampening pussy through her thin panties. Maria gasped at his first touch of her most intimate area, but then she shuddered and moaned again, louder this time as she gave in to what he was doing to her.

He rubbed and toyed with her pussy through the satiny material of her skimpy panties, running a finger up and down her slit and pushing into her as much as the garment would allow. Maria went to reach for his hands, wanting him to press harder on her but as she reached out, he took her firmly by the wrists.

"Hands behind your back and keep them there," he said, pushing her hands away and behind her. His commanding tone and firm grip made Maria's knees weak. She had never had a man take control like that and she found it exciting and very hot. She did as he told her keeping her hands behind her back even as his rubbing and toying increased.

Maria was on fire now, her pussy was soaked as were her panties. She was moaning and trembling with lustful need. She struggled to keep her hands away, but every fiber of her being wanted to grab this man and ride him like a rodeo bronc.

"Ohhh... Goddd..."

"You like this do you? You like my hand playing with your pussy?" he asked, with a devilish smirk.

"Ohhh, yess," she whimpered in reply.

"Well this is only the beginning, baby. Wait till you see what's coming up next!"

He stood up and swept her up in his strong arms turning around and setting her into the middle of the bed. It was his turn now to get undressed and as she lay in the bed panting and quivering, he began slowly removing his clothes. He took off his long sleeve shirt and she got a look at his arms. She realized why he was able to pick her up and carry her so easily - he arms were muscular and well developed.

She bit her lip again as he tossed his shirt into a corner. Crossing his arms behind his head, he pulled his t-shirt up and off him in a single motion. Maria gasped aloud as she saw him now topless, his strong upper body and six-pack abs very prominent. It was clear that he kept himself in great shape, and Maria wholeheartedly approved.

Next he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his jeans, dropping them to the floor. Maria's eyes instantly fixed on his boxers and she wasn't disappointed. She saw the outline of his bulging cock and it was no small outline either! She felt her pussy spasm as she saw what was in store for her and she absentmindedly licked her lips. She wanted what was under his shorts and she wanted it now!

Maria laid there on the bed as Jimmy continued to get undressed. Down to his boxers now, he hooked his thumbs under the waistband as Maria held her breath in anticipation. She had seen the impressive bulge in his underwear the instant he had dropped his jeans, and now she wanted to see it in person. Her eyes were locked on his crotch as he smiled then pulled his boxers off in one slick motion. Jimmy's stiff cock sprang to attention as it was freed from it's cotton prison while Maria's eyes widened and she gasped.

"Oh my God, Jimmy," she said, without realizing she had spoken aloud until it was too late. She blushed at her words, but Jimmy just smiled again, proud that his cock could elicit such a reaction from her.

"You like what you see do you?"

"Y... yes. Can I... touch it?" she stammered, still staring at the enormous tool. Jimmy stepped closer to the bed and Maria moved to the edge. She reached out tentatively and lightly touched the tip with just her fingertips. Realizing it was okay, she wrapped her hand around it and felt it pulsing and throbbing in her hand. She softly stroked it, feeling the silky texture as well as the hardness of his cock. She could feel her pussy tingling as if it was trying to ask for the cock itself.

Her heart was beating faster now and her breathing had quickened as well. Maria marveled at the fact he had gotten her so worked up and yet he hadn't even touched her yet! But that was about to change. As Maria stroked his cock, Jimmy stepped closer. Now the tool was right in front of her and Maria glanced up searching his face for permission before taking him into her soft warm mouth. His smile was permission enough.

His cock tasted as good as it looked and she softly moaned around it as she began bobbing up on down on the huge stiff member.

"That's it, baby, suck that cock," he said. Maria moaned as she worked his cock with more enthusiasm at his coaching. She reached up with one hand and began stroking his saliva-soaked cock with her hand as she sucked, adding a twist of her wrist on the down stroke. The motion of her hand added to the suction of her hot mouth felt incredible, and it was Jimmy who now was moaning as she serviced him.

"Oh, fuck, baby... that feels so good," he groaned as he closed his eyes, grabbing her head and guiding her to the speed and rhythm that he liked best. Maria licked and sucked his cock eagerly, running her tongue around the rim of the cockhead and up and down the length of the thick pulsing shaft. She paid attention to his swollen nuts, sucking each nut into her mouth one at a time, running her tongue over it and bathing each one lovingly.

Jimmy enjoyed her ministrations, but he could feel the pressure building and knew that if he continued at this pace he would cum long before he wanted to. So he pulled away from her and moved between her legs to return the favor. Taking a pillow from the bed and placing it under her hips to raise them up a bit, he laid down and nestled his face between her spread thighs.

Maria knew what he was about to do and she quivered with excitement and expectation. She had always loved it when a man went down on her and she was breathless as she waited for Jimmy to begin. Jimmy was just as eager but he wanted to relish the moment a bit more. He softly kissed the insides of each of her thighs, first at a spot just above her knees, next about halfway up her thighs, and lastly just below her crotch. Each kiss made Maria more and more excited and by the time he had kissed her the last time she was squirming and panting.

"Ohhh, Jimmy... " she moaned pushing her hips up at him. Jimmy leaned forward slightly, inhaling her musky sex scent but stopping short of touching her. This drove Maria even more crazy and she humped up at him as far as she could, but he remained just out of her reach. Finally she collapsed back on the bed, frustrated but extremely aroused. Her pussy was leaking its juices and Jimmy could see how wet she was by the glistening on her soft, well-trimmed fur.

Jimmy reached under her legs with both arms to hold her hips as he buried his face in her sweet pussy. He fastened his mouth over her fat lips and plunged his tongue deep in her velvety hole, lapping up her nectar like he was starving for it.

"Ohh fuck!" Maria gasped as her eyes grew wide. Her mouth open in a frozen "O", she grasped at the sheets beside her gripping them till her knuckles turned white. Her legs began to quiver as his tongue explored her depths, probing here and licking her there. Occasionally he took a long slow lap with the flat of his tongue over her swollen clit and each time he did, Maria squealed and arched her back involuntarily as the electricity tore through her body and set her mind on fire.

Jimmy added more fuel to that fire as he pushed two fingers from his right hand into her hot wet hole, curling the tips a bit and hooking them behind her pubic bone, searching for that elusive g-spot. Her sweet spot couldn't hide for long and Jimmy quickly found the soft spongy pad and began massaging it - to Maria's exuberant pleasure.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" became her passionate chant as she tried backing away from the torment Jimmy was giving her. But between his strong grip on her leg and the fact that she was already backed up against the headboard of her bed, Maria couldn't do much except struggle through it. She twisted and writhed as he ate her pussy and drove her insane with lust, but her squirming and bucking only served to motivate Jimmy to do more.

Maria was almost out of her mind and she didn't think she could handle anymore. "I'm gonna cum! Oh god, Jimmy I'm gonna cum!" she screamed. That's when Jimmy played one more card. With his fingers wet from her pussy juices he pulled them out of her dripping pussy and without warning, shoved them into her asshole as his mouth closed over her clit.

"Ohh fuuck!" Maria screamed at the top of her lungs. She exploded in a mind-numbing orgasm as her world crumbled around her. The room began spinning. She couldn't breathe, couldn't speak, couldn't think. She arched her back almost to the point of breaking it and froze in place, one enormous orgasmic seizure taking hold of her entire body. Her legs trembled with the effort as her breath stopped, her eyes rolled back in her head and she stayed locked in place for what seemed like an eternity.

Jimmy watched - first fascinated, then scared, until finally Maria screamed once more and fell back onto the bed, panting and twisting again as her tsunami washed over her. He re-introduced his fingers into her pussy and Maria squealed again.

"Oh, god, Jimmy no! Please!"

But Jimmy knew she wasn't finished yet. He began sawing in and out of her with his fingers as his thumb rolled back and forth over her clit. Maria twisted and pushed her hips up against his hands as she grabbed her breasts, pinching the nipples and clawing at her full firm breasts. Maria had become possessed and she wanted nothing except her own wanton desires.

Jimmy's sawing motion got faster and he added some upward pressure against her g-spot while pressing harder on her clit. Maria was losing her grip on reality again as she tossed her head back and forth, her shoulder length hair flying around like a brown tornado. Her splayed legs trembled as the volcano between them built up to another explosive eruption.

"Jimmy please! Oh fuck I'm going to cum again! Ohh fuuck!" she screamed again as she crested. This time however, it was even bigger and more violent. Maria bucked up hard as her pussy spewed forth it's sweet juice making a long wet trail on the bed sheets. Her hips fell back onto the bed, but continued to rhythmically hump upwards, as if fucking an invisible lover while the spasms of her orgasm kept washing over her.

"Oh my God, Jimmy... that was incredible! Where did you learn that?" she asked as the breath returned to her.

"Oh I picked a few tricks along the way," he said with a mischievous smirk. He laid down next to her as she worked to calm herself. Maria was panting for breath and covered with a glistening sheen of sweat, but she was smiling and giggling at what he had done to her.

He laid on his back and she snuggled up next to him, running her hand over his strong muscular chest. She traced the outline of his muscles, first his pecs, then she moved down to trace the outlines of each of his abs working playfully down she got to the lowest of his six-pack then she looked at him with a coy fingertip in her mouth as if wondering if she should.

She got up and moved between his legs, spreading them as she knelt down hunched over his crotch. She took his cock in one hand and slid her warm mouth over his stiff hard cock, and began to slide up and down the meaty pole. Maria had a trick or two she liked to use as well and she began softly humming as she sucked. The vibrations in her throat and mouth sent ripples of electricity through Jimmy's cock and balls, making him moan and spread his legs wider for her.

She sucked his cock for a few moments getting it even harder and then she went down as far as she could go without gagging. She held him there as long as she could before coming back up for air, gasping a bit. She went back down just as far the second time. She still lacked a couple inches from getting him completely down her throat, but she did the best she could. This time he held her head there for a second longer than she would have and she came up coughing and saliva streaming from her lips. She smiled though, and went in for yet another try, holding him as long as she could.

When she came up this time, she moved forward a bit to put his cock between her full breasts. She squeezed them together, trapping his cock between them and then spitting into the crease to lubricate it. She began rocking up and down his cock, tit-fucking him and licking his cockhead when it got close enough. She loved the feel of his thick cock between her breasts and he loved having it there.

After a couple minutes of titfucking, Maria's pussy was hungry again. This time though, it wouldn't be satisfied with just a couple fingers or a tongue. No, her pussy needed to be filled, needed to be stretched and stuffed with a cock. And Maria knew just the cock for the job.

So once again she moved up his body, kissing him deeply before sitting up and straddling his hips. She took hold of his steel-hard fuckpole and pointed the head towards her impatiently waiting pussy. With the fingers of her free hand, she spread open her pussy lips And rubbed the head of his cock at her opening, lubricating it and wetting her own pussy at the same time. When she was satisfied that everything was slick enough she looked him in the eyes and started sliding down his cock.

"Ohhh..." she moaned as she felt him start to open her up. She felt the head slowly split her petals and then gasped suddenly as it popped inside. She held him there for a moment before continuing, feeling him pushing deeper and deeper into her.

Maria had had other men before - she may be young, but she was far from being a virgin. She had never had anyone as big as Jimmy, though, and it wasn't long before he was in deeper than she had ever experienced. His cock was stretching her and plowing her young tight pussy like she had never felt before. She felt him pressing further and further into her, until finally she felt him bottom out inside her. She felt his cock pressing against her cervix and she felt his balls resting on her fat pussy lips. Maria was more full than she had ever been before and she was loving every bit of it.

"Ohhh goddd... " she said as she came to rest on his strong legs, her pussy stuffed with cock and his hands gripping her breasts. Maria put her hands over his and squeezed, letting him know she wanted him to play with her soft mounds. His fingers curled into the pliable milky flesh as Maria moaned and began slowly grinding on his lap. As her hips made small circles and she felt his cock moving inside her, Maria tossed her head back.

Jimmy was also enjoying himself. Feeling her warm pussy sheathing his straining cock and the motion of her hips grinding against him was really getting him excited. A little too excited he decided - he was getting dangerously close to cumming and he didn't want the party to end just yet. So he rather unceremoniously pushed her off of him to the side and got up off the bed.

Maria looked at him quizzically at first, wondering why he stopped just when things were going well. But when he grabbed her ankles and pulled her across the bed to him, she knew he wasn't finished with her. Pulling her close to him, he spread her legs wide as they hung off the edge of the bed. When her ass was right on the edge of the bed, he raised her legs up and pushed them over towards her head.

With Maria now right where he wanted, it was time to get down to business. He moved a little closer and his steel-hard cock pressed gently against the opening to her pussy. It would be the last time he was gentle. He took a firm grip on her thighs and with one single thrust plowed into her once more, burying his full length in her soft warm tunnel.

"Ohh fuuck!" Maria screamed as she felt him split her in two. She slapped the sheets, gripping the edge of the bed as her eyes widened and she threw her head back. But he didn't give her any time to rest or to recover from the suddenness of his attack. Almost as soon as he was completely inside her, he began a rapid, brutal pistoning in and out of her. Stabbing at her core with his cock, he began pounding into her like he was trying to punch a hole in her.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" she began her mantra again as he shoved into her over and over, his balls slapping against her ass and her pussy taking a beating from the abuse he was giving it. Maria twisted and squirmed and writhed, trying whatever she could to get away from the savagery, but Jimmy had a good hold on her and just kept pounding away as fast as he could recycle for another thrust. She could feel the heat building in her pussy, but she wasn't sure if it was desire or friction that was heating her up. All she knew was that she couldn't hold out for much longer at this pace.

"Ohh, fuck Jimmy, I'm gonna cum again!" she cried. She reached up to grab her legs, wanting something to hang on to when she did cum. Jimmy took advantage of his now free hands. With his left hand he grabbed a fistful of her left breast, driving his fingers deep in the soft flesh. He placed his right hand on her mound and used the thumb to rub her swollen throbbing clit. This last action was the final straw.

"Oh my god, oh my god, ohh fuuck!" she screamed as she burst again, spewing pussy juice and bucking like she was being electrocuted. She bucked and twisted and spasmed until Jimmy thought he had killed her and these were death throes! Maria thought so as well, as this was the hardest she had ever orgasmed in her life and she didn't know what was happening. But after a full five minutes of convulsing then spasming as the crescendo began to subside, she was able to regain enough composure to weakly smile at him. She was still unable to move, but at least she could smile and put his mind at ease.

Jimmy was now the one in need, however. Having made her cum multiple times, his own balls screamed to unleash their boiling load. Jimmy reached out to grab her arm and hauled her to a sitting position shoving her face down and letting her know that she still had work to do. Maria gladly accepted her assignment and opened her mouth to take him in. She took his cue and began furiously sucking and stroking his cock, trying to milk it of its precious seed. Jimmy grabbed her head and guided her in rate and depth until he felt his nuts tighten.

"I'm gonna cum, baby. I'm gonna cum!" he said. He pulled her off his cock and as she sat there with her mouth open waiting for him, he jacked off the last few strokes before shooting stream after stream into her mouth, onto her face and down on her chest and breasts.

He came so hard he had to steady himself with his free hand on the nightstand as his legs got wobbly and he almost fell. But finally he had drained his balls onto her and Maria took him back into her mouth to suck the last drops of cum from his cock and clean him up. Then as he stood there watching, she cleaned off her face and chest with her fingers licking the cum from them as well. She smiled up at him when she finished and then took his hand laying down and pulling him to her.

Jimmy crawled into bed next to her and lay beside Maria for a long time as their hearts slowed to a calmer rate and their breathing returned to normal.

"Jimmy, would you stay here in Albuquerque if you could find work or are you set in going to Atlanta?" she asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer after all.

"I don't know. I don't really have anything in Atlanta except that's where I'm from and I have a few connections there so I thought that would be the best place to go to find work. Why?"

"Well I... I would like you to stay here... with me. Would you like me to see if I can get you a job at the bar? I know Rick, the bartender you met, has been wanting to find another bartender to help out. It doesn't pay a hell of a lot but it's good steady work. And... you could have... me," she said, lowering her eyes shyly. She held her breath waiting for his answer, hoping he would agree, but preparing herself in case.

He thought about it for a minute, and then he propped himself up on one elbow and took her hand. Maria braced herself.

"Baby, I would very much like to stick around, here. I will go talk to Rick about a job tomorrow. And as for having you..." he leaned over and kissed her long and deep as he put his hand at the back of her head, crushing her lips to his. His tongue sought out hers and they played together as the couple continued their kiss for several moments. Finally he pulled back and looked at the lovely girl next to him.

"Does that answer your question?"

She smiled and snuggled up next to him. "Yes," she breathed and smiled happily as she cuddled in his strong safe arms.

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