The Dance - Chapter One

By Thisgirllikestowrite

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Tonight Rico Lopez's ass was mine. He was just my type; six foot five, two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle. He was a damn giant but I loved how he towered over my small five foot six frame.

Hey, one thing I need to bring to your attention, ladies, is forget what you heard about a man who was muscled up. From what I've been working with these past few months he ain't exactly got no small package; Rico was hung like a horse. I swear to God I thought he was going to rip my shit apart the first time we got down and dirty. But anyway back to what I was saying.

Both of us come from multiracial backgrounds. I am African American, Native American, and Japanese. Yeah, I'm some of everything. Rico on the other hand is Caucasian, Cuban, Mexican, and Brazilian.

We were old classmates from high school. He was the football jock turned NFL pro, while I was the glee club geek who obviously transformed into a sexy goddess nympho freak, but I wasn't fucking all reckless. I was picky, so sue me. I made my living as a phone sex operator, good money; my friends called me Richie Rich. They some wildcats and I loved them to death. Real friends that I would forever ride for.

Anyway I was at this hot night club in New York when we bumped into each other. He couldn't believe Kimmie Lee grew up into the bad bitch that she was now. I didn't know how we even got into this "just fucking" relationship. Okay I was lying. I pretty much wanted his fine ass since high school. So I flirted my way onto his dick. God damn when I threw this pussy his way my plans were to get him hooked but the tables turned.

Instead I was the one that had been craving his ass. Dude be putting in work like a mother. My panties were getting wet just from thinking about our last encounter. He had me on my balcony and oh my God he showed no mercy. My screams he had to muffle with his hand. Let me fan myself for a minute. Damn where was he? I looked at the time on my iPhone. He was late.

I quickly dialed his number. My call went straight to voicemail. I hung up the phone. He was never late. My pussy was aching and wanted some attention now. My Kitty Kat was an attention whore and greedy.

I dialed his number again and left a quick message. Placing my phone on my counter top I decided to wait and see if he would call back in the next thirty minutes or knock on my door. If he didn't I was going to have to find another means of getting myself off. I had my favorite toy and video in hand but I wanted the real thing tonight. If I had to I didn't have no problem whipping them out.

I turned on some music and started dancing randomly around my apartment as I cleaned stuff that really didn't need to be cleaned.

Ten minutes later my phone rang. I turned the music low and answered. "Hello," I said.

"Hey, sorry, I just now got your message," he said in a low voice. I frowned. What did he need to speak low for?

"No, that's okay. Are you still dropping by tonight?" I asked in my sexy voice. I couldn't help but overhear laughter in the background. And from from what I could tell it belonged to a female.

"I'm afraid not," he said.

I sucked my teeth. So he was doing some other bitch instead. That's cool he wasn't my dude. But he must be out his mind if he thought I was going to play by his rules.

"That's okay. I can make other arrangements. Hopefully he's not busy."

"Good we can reschedule. So when you want to do that?"

He must not have heard me or understood what I said. He didn't like the idea of me sleeping with someone else while I was with him for the time being. He'd made that known to me several times.

"I don't know. But right now I'm fixing to call up a friend. So goodnight." I hung up. I ran a hand through my hair. This was just great. He could have told me earlier he wasn't going to stop by. Hell I was raging with need. Plus I had gotten myself all worked up for tonight and it wasn't even going down. I couldn't help but be a little pissed.

My phone rang again. I looked at the screen. It was him. A smile played across my lips.

"Yes?" I said in a bored voice.

"Did you say you was hooking up with someone else?"

"I'm thinking about it. What's it to you?"

"Did you forget what I told you? You thought I was joking." He chuckled.

"Look you ain't my man. And a bitch is mad horny. Besides don't you have your hands full right now?" I said with a little bit of an attitude.

"Hold on a second," he said. I heard shuffling and the sound of a door closing. This time he spoke louder. "Now look my sister flew out to see me. I am not going to just up and ditch her. That's family. And another thing you must not seem to realize I have been waiting all day to come over and beat that pussy out the frame. It doesn't matter if I am not your man. We had terms to this thing and I expect you to live up to them. You disobey an-" I cut him off.

"And what? You don't own me," I said.

"Do it and I promise you are going to find out." That was all he said as he hung up.

I rolled my eyes and placed my phone back the counter top. I looked around my apartment thinking of a way to get unaggravated. My eyes fell on my telescope and an idea popped into my head. I laughed and licked my lips.

I went to my room and locked the door behind me. Even though I lived alone I still locked my bedroom door; it was a habit. I learned my lesson the hard way when it came to locking doors.

My step dad walked in on me in a heavy session of masturbating. I was in the middle of my orgasm when I heard him call my name. It was an embarrassing moment. He told me to just keep my door locked from now on. It had been awkward between us since then. But it's...whatever.

I plugged up my laptop. I had it sitting on my dresser. I had placed it there so my web cam would have a perfect view of the things I was about to do. I quickly streamed through some of the music I had on it. I found a song I could dance to and clicked on it. I made sure to hit the repeat button. There was no telling how long this was going to be.

I pulled up the web cam and hit 'record'. I slowly backed away swaying my hips to the music. I let my hands play around the waistband of my skirt. I dipped and picked it up slow. I bit my bottom lip as I looked seductively at the camera. I palmed my breasts and teased until my nipples looked like twin mountain peaks. I expertly slid out of my skirt not skipping a beat as I continued to dance.

I kicked my skirt out of the way. I gripped the bottom of my shirt as I twirled my hips while I turned in a circle. I eased my shirt off and threw it at my laptop. It blocked my cam briefly before landing on the floor. I stood in my bedroom in nothing but my panties and thigh high boots. I walked to my bed and climbed in but keeping up with my act.

I crawled to the edge of my bed. I lay down on back and let my hands roam over my body. I was super horny. My Kitty was begging for some attention but she was going to have to wait because I wasn't done.