The Great Dane

By whorecrux

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A black woman finds herself lost in Denmark, only to find a handsome and helpful stranger.

She sighed, settling on a barstool in a bar while she stared at a map, turning it this way and that while tracing her fingers over the lines of the streets of Denmark.

"Shit... I've only been here for an hour and I'm already lost - it just figures."

She sighed, pushing her hair back and looking around for a friendly face to ask for some much needed help. She felt even more lost when no one looked back at her - in fact, they seemed more intimidated by her dark skin, contrasting sharply with the snow on the ground outside and the light skin that surrounded here.

She walked outside, wincing at the bright light that reflected off the snow and went back to her map. When a light tap touched her shoulder, she whirled around in surprise and ended up looking into a friendly smile, equally smiling brown eyes and curly dirty blonde hair.

"Oh... just a minute," she stammered, reaching for her pocket sized English-to-Danish dictionary, fumbling through the pages with her cold fingers.

"God... aften, ah, taler du engelsk?" she ventured, blushing at her mistreatment of the Danish language. To her surprise, he chuckled, a bright smile illuminating his face.

"Actually, yes, I speak English, so don't worry about your Danish with me," he said, taking her book and closing it, placing it back into her pocket.

"I just thought that you looked confused, and since I don't have anything better to do, I thought that I could help you."

She frowned, pressing her lips together and stepping back, turning on a heel as she began to walk away.

"I don't need anyone's charity, thanks."

"That's not what I meant! Wait, stop for a second, let me explain... just a few minutes, what harm could it do?"

He said, looking flustered and rubbing his arm, quickly catching up with her in a few long strides as he touched her arm again, sitting her down on a cold bench on the side of the street.

She glanced at her watch, biting her lip and rolling her brown eyes.

"You've got three, so take it or leave it."

He nodded, taking a deep breath.

"Okay, that isn't what I meant and I think that you knew that. I can see that you are... frustrate, is that the right word? My English is not the best... Anyway, I think that you knew what I was trying to say to you. Let's get something to drink, yeah?"

Her frown deepened and she quickly removed his hand from her arm.

"What makes you think that I want to drink anything with you? Get real."

She almost took back her words as she saw his face fall, his smile fading as the words left her mouth.

"Okay... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. I'll take you up on that, if it's okay with you, uhm... I don't know your name."

His smile brightened again quickly, almost as if he hadn't heard what she said in the first place.

"I'm Daniel, and your name is...?"

She returned his smile for her own,

"It's Isis."

"Well, that's a lovely name, Isis." he grinned, leading her to a small coffee shop on the corner of the same block. When they sat down and he ordered a coffee that smelled strangely of rum and cinnamon, she took out her map again, looking for where her hotel was supposed to be located. She sighed, pushing the map away and picking up the mug, inhaling the scent of cloves and coffee.

"So, what are you looking for, anyway?" he inquired, taking the map and looking at the lines and circles that she had made with a black pen.

"I'm just looking for my hotel..." she sighed, giving him the hotel's name on a piece of paper while she took a sip of the drink. She winced at the strong rum flavor that entered her mouth.

"Shit, why does this have rum in it? I wasn't planning on getting drunk at 3pm..." she chuckled, setting it back down quickly on the table.

"Oh, you wanted this hotel? That's right up the street, you must have walked right by it and not have even sawn it," he said, taking her filled mug and pouring the drink into his own almost empty one.

She looked at him, a smile playing at her lips as she watched his hands grasp her mug and pour the coffee into his own. For a moment, she wondered how his hands would look on her body, and she shivered inwardly.

"I think you mean "seen", because "sawn" isn't a word, Daniel," she corrected him, marking the place on the map where her hotel was located, gathering her things and preparing to leave.

"Wait, wait, where are you going?" he asked her, quickly standing up and moving in front of her. "You're just going to leave and I'm not going to see you again?"

She raised an eyebrow in his direction.

"Well... if you want, you can see me tomorrow at around 8am. You already know where the hotel is. See you tomorrow, okay?"

She flashed him a smile and gathered up her map, walking out and looking for her hotel again.

When Daniel got home that night, he could hardly get through the door before he had shed his jeans, pulled his cock out of his pants and started to stroke himself off furiously. He imagined her dark skin against his own, his hands grasping her breasts (that he could see the outline of even through her jacket), and how her ass swayed when she had walked away. He gripped his cock firmly, laying back on his bed and jacking off his painfully swollen dick as he imagined what her breasts would look like, hanging over his legs while she sucked him off between her lips. He felt his cock swell more impossibly as he came hard over his stomach and thighs, his chest. He pushed back his curly hair and got in the shower, attempting to slow his heartbeat as it throbbed within his chest.

The next morning, he met her in the lobby of her hotel and suggested that they go back to her room so that they could plan what they would do that day.

"If you want to learn more Danish, let's go to places where more Danes would be, instead of those stupid tourist traps like the Little Mermaid statue and stuff, okay?" he suggested, circling some different places on her map.

"I mean, if you want to learn something new..."

To his surprise, he felt her hand on his knee as she leaned forward, pressing her soft lips to the side of his mouth.

"I do love learning new things, Daniel."

He blinked, swallowing a slight lump in his throat as he hoped that she didn't notice the slight lump forming in his jeans. He shrugged and offered her a smile, letting the desire shine through the amusement in his dark eyes.

"And who doesn't love learning something new?" he murmured, letting their eyes stare silently at each other for a few moments. Then he closed his and brought his lips to hers to meet in a gentle kiss. His heart thudded within his chest, his blood warming as his mind switched gears from conversation to play. Not letting his hands stay idle, one hand slid across her neck to the back of her head, tangling in her hair and drawing her mouth that much closer.

She meet his eyes for a moment, leaning forward and whispering in his ear while her hand touched his chest lightly.

"Want to know a secret, Daniel?" she purred, sucking the lower part of his ear into her mouth.

"Ah... yes, please, tell me Isis" he whispered, his fingers already grasping at the fabric of her shirt as he struggled to pull it off. When he finally had gotten off the thin barrier of fabric out of his way, he gasped, seeing her breasts encased in an emerald green bra. He groaned slightly, kneading her breasts underneath of his hand as he guided her to lay down on her bed.

Isis chuckled, playing with one of the straps.

"I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue... does that give you any ideas about what I'd like to do to you?" she purred, nudging the bulge in his jeans with her foot.

"Mgh, yes... you wouldn't mind, would you? I've been fantasizing about it since I saw you, to be honest."

He gasped as she shifted, moving on top of him and quickly hooking her thumbs into the loops of his jeans, pulling them down over his legs. She tugged his boxers off equally as fast, running her hand over his length as he sighed.

"Haha, kan du lide det?" she chuckled, licking a firm line up his cock and enveloping her lips around his head for a moment before pulling off and spitting on her palms, twisting them firmly against your skin for a second before pulling away from him and sliding off her own jeans and putting them in a pile to the side.

He jerked his hips slightly upward in response into her hand as it kept a handle around him. Then she went back, her tongue snaking around his length, paying special attention to the veins and sucking slightly harder on them. She moved higher, wrapping her lips around his swollen, red head and teasing the small hole in the center with the tip of her tongue as her hands twisted around his length and pumped him into her mouth.

"I-Isis... I can't take much more of this..."

Daniel groaned, thrusting into her mouth slightly as her mouth finally touched his head, her teasing sending him spiraling to the point of cumming.

"I know, Daniel... why else do you think I'd do this?"

She grinned before pulling off for a second to catch her breath before going deeper, working him down into her mouth inch by inch until her nose was almost touching his skin.

He let out a sharp groan and put his hands on the back of her head as she tried to fit him completely in her mouth, not noticing as she winced slightly, shifting and trying to will herself not to gag against his cock as it tested the back of her throat and her mouth.

Just when he thought that she couldn't be any more arousing than she was, his toes curled beneath them, his legs spreading further apart as if to give her more access. Inside, his body was in turmoil, caught between thrusting harder into her mouth and letting her take her time as she almost inhaled his white meat.

His cock swelled impossibly bigger, the sign that he was just about at that point. He felt his entire body heat up, pleasure rocking through him as he watched her concentrate on his dick, her hands stroking his balls in time with her motions.

His heart was pounding within his chest so hard that it threatened to break free - his cock swelled even more as he pulled her off, opening her mouth with his fingers while he let her stroke him still with her hand.

"I'm... I'm cumming," he whispered huskily, groaning in pleasure both from the disappointed look that flashed over her face when he removed his cock fully from her mouth, deciding in a split second to stick only his head between her pouting lips - that way she could taste the load she'd worked so hard for before swallowing.

"Keep those lips tight and swallow for me, Isis... okay?" he groaned, finding the strength to say that right before he erupted. His hot spunk erupted into her mouth, three powerful spurts shooting hard into her waiting mouth before they lost the initial intensity... he came still within her mouth, wave after sticky wave of his juices pulsing up from his balls. He quickly filled up her mouth, feeling the hot liquid surrounding his head before she swallowed his cum down quickly.

From below, she squirmed and eagerly let it fill her mouth, letting it sit in her mouth so that when he finally withdrew his still hard cock, he could see how much of his cum was collected in her mouth as she gathered it up into the center. She used her fingers to collect the excess cum escaping from her lips, keeping it all there in her mouth for a moment before closing it to swallow it. She opened her mouth again to show Daniel that it was fully gone, moving her tongue from side to side to confirm that it was, in fact, fully gone.


When he awoke, he felt a body grinding up against his cock as he laid back on her bed, his clothes laying lonely on the floor.

"Mm, you know... I'm in the mood for something else, now, but I haven't ever done it before, so you'll have to promise to be gentle with me."

He sat up on his elbows, genuinely surprised as he looked at her, her heavy breasts swinging slightly with her motions.

"Anything, just name it," he groaned, reaching forward and cupping her tits in his hands, kneading the flesh between his fingers.

"Well, I want it... op I røven - up the ass," she sighed as she got off of his lap, moving off of his bed and positioning herself on her hands and knees.

He jumped up in a split second, positioning himself behind her and leaning forward and running his hand over her pussy, his middle finger tickling her clit as she shuddered at the sudden pressure on it. He used the now slightly sticky hand to lube up his cock, spreading the moisture from his hand over her puckered asshole.

"Sure about this? Because I don't have to, you know..." he suggested, rubbing his finger against her ass and inserting it into her hole.

"No, I want you to do this!"

Her soft laugh suddenly faded with a groan as his finger penetrated her. His finger pressed a little deeper into his ass, pushing past the first tight ring.

He nodded, leaning over her and pushing his round cockhead against her ass. He took a deep breath, pushing it in further until his head was fully within the tight hole. She groaned, holding him back for a second as she tried to relax herself around his dick.

"You okay, Isis...?" he asked, reaching underneath of her and stroking her pussy as she trembled underneath of him. He stopped his cock from moving forward while his finger massaged her snatch, his fingers exploring her dark pussy while he listened to her labored breathing.

"Mm... better than ever," she said, starting to push back against his cock as she got used to the pressure inside of her. He straightened up against her body, pushing his cock in further, inch by inch until his length was fully buried in her ass.

He gave her a little room to breathe, also trying to catch his breath as he felt her tense around his dick. He felt suffocated in her untouched asshole as it squeezed and pulled at him with every small thrust he gave her.

"F-faster, please, Daniel?"

He took his time and waited until she was grinding back slightly against his throbbing dick. In response, he pulled out a few inches, digging his cock into her further as she gasped, her back arching against his as he leaned back over her, one hand supporting him on the floor while the other held one of her shoulders so that he could thrust faster.

After a few thrusts, Isis's breathing became harder, her breaths mixed with groans as his cock pressed further into her virgin asshole.

Daniel sighed, pulling Isis up with him as he put her against the wall, putting her arms up and trapping her hands with one of his while his other hand held her hip.

"You're going to stay still for me, and let me use your ass fully, aren't you, Isis? I need you to be a good girl for me, and if you are, I'm sure I'll be able to cum in this tight ass of yours."

He growled in her ear, repositioning himself and removing his hand from on top of hers.

She nodded weakly, pressing back against him while her forehead against the wall, one freed hand relieving her swollen pussy, ignoring the wet stain that was on the wall from her body.

His cock swelled deep inside of her asshole as he tried to stop himself from cumming into her gaping ass, but the pressure surrounding his leaking member was too great.

Her body tensed up around his when she felt that he was going to cum inside of her ass, and she started rubbing her clit hard so that she could meet his orgasm.

He thrust and she stroked, their grunts and moans filling the room and each others ears - when she came, her body tightened and started to spasm as the orgasm rocked her body. Her movements spurred him on, and he had to hold onto her tits, grasping them in his hands as his cum erupted from inside of himself, filling her asshole as his dick swelled even bigger inside of her ass.

"Shit!" he screamed, pounding the wall with his fist in frustration as his cock slipped from inside of her, his knee only thing supporting her as she slumped down from exhaustion and her massive orgasm.

"Thank... you, D-daniel," she sighed, wrapping himself in his arms as he carried her back to her bed where he laid her down and covered her with one of the floral patterned blankets.

From there, he pushed back his curly hair, stepping into her shower and trying to clear his mind of all of the other things he wanted to do to her when she woke up.