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The Job Pt. 2

Harvey was scared shitless....
Just over 10 minutes ago Harvey was putting his dark seed inside of one the finest white female he'd ever encountered. As he got closer to his home on 747 Hover Drive his mind kept drifting to what had just happened.

Annie was giddy. She just had some of the best sex ever, with her handsome black co-worker. Her pussy lips were swelling at the thought of having Harvey's dark shaft deep inside of her.

Harvey was certain that his wife would find out. She had a 6th sense about these things. Some of her friends had been in relationships where infidelity had taken place and Laura always had an inkling that something was wrong and usually she was right. Harvey was scared shitless.

Annie knew that her boyfriend would be out of town away on business and after just fucking Harvey that was completely fine with her. She would take a nice long shower (thinking of Harvey of course), drink some wine and reheat some leftovers for dinner.

Harvey arrived at home. His wife opened the front door smiling with a cold one waiting for him in her hand. Harvey was sure that she would smell, see or know that something was amiss and begin questioning him. He made sure that before he left work he wiped Annie's sweet honey off his cock and that there were know scratch marks on him. Laura kissed him deeply as he stepped inside.

Annie wanted another round with Harvey and she couldn't wait.

Harvey and Laura didn't even make it past the living room before she his pants down and her lips wrapped around his cock. Harvey had left quite a load in Annie so, he didn't know if he would have any left for his wife. Laura loved to swallow his seed and sometimes Harvey thought she liked sucking his dick more than him fucking her pussy. Either way he couldn't go wrong. She was rubbing her lips across his dark pole as if she were playing a harmonica. Her fingers were slightly touching ball sack which drove Harvey insane. She then started flicking the head with her tongue while her other hand was slowly moving up and down his dark shaft.

Annie once again thought about Harvey. The television was on but, she really wasn't paying attention to it; she just needed some background noise. She had slipped into her old raggedy torn gym shorts and a wife beater. She was drinking her favorite red wine while she was heating up leftover chicken alfredo. Her thoughts kept going back to what had taken place a couple of hours ago. Her pussy lips were swelling.

Harvey's dark meat was deep inside of his wife's throat. Laura was a masterful dick sucker and the title was well earned. She was playing with her clit while she had her husband's dick in her throat. She was so happy right now! She couldn't decide if she wanted Harvey's cum in her ass, mouth or pussy. Either way he would enjoy. He often told her that her ass, pussy and mouth were magic! She decided that she wanted his seed inside of her pussy tonight.

She stopped sucking his dick and stood up. Harvey undid her bathrobe and they both watched as it fell to the floor. Laura's nipples were stiff and and her dark areola had goosebumps. Laura's breasts' were perfectly made. Even in high school the male teachers would take a peek @ her wonderful mounds when they thought she wasn't looking. Harvey immediately began to suck her tits and Laura threw her head back taking in Harvey's wonderful nipple licks.

Annie's pussy needed some attention right now; oh how she wished Harvey was between her firm thighs right now; tasting her sweet pussy! She sat on the couch and spread her legs. She licked two fingers and inserted them inside of her already wet cunt. Her imagination took her to having Harvey's head between her legs lapping and kissing her pussy. He was kissing her thighs and had one of his fingers inside of her. He was kissing her flat belly and working his way up to her erect nipples. He now had two fingers inside of her soaked pussy and we was nuzzling on her very sensitive nipples.

Harvey was ready to put his cock inside of Laura. Her favorite position was to have her legs up on his shoulders this of course was for deeper penetration. Since this was an impromptu fuck, he decided to have her just bend over. Laura was short around 5'4 and Harvey stood 6'0 so, sometimes fucking like this was a challenge. She bent over and Harvey eased his cock inside of his wife's wet, hot cunt. She was liking this. His thick meat filled her cunt and she could feel every inch of her husbands hot black meat inside of her. Harvey always liked fucking his wife. Her pussy wrapped around his cock just like her lips did and she could work her muscles to milk him dry.

Annie thought of Harvey's dark shaft inside of her mouth while her fingers were in her pussy. She thought about how the dark meat tasted and how she was ready for him to fuck her mouth again. Slowly, he was in and out of her mouth, not to fast and not to slow. She could feel his ball sack hitting her chin as he moved in and out of her mouth. She was rubbing on her clit and she was ready to cum. She could feel Harvey's seed ready to break through and invade her mouth.

Harvey and Laura were in rythym and they were going at it like teenagers. Harvey knew his wife's titties were swinging freely so, he reached around and began to tweak her nipples. This made Laura's pussy get hotter. Harvey then grabbed Laura's hips and started thrusting harder and deeper. He would dip down and then up which Laura said gave her pussy a good workout. Harvey did this several times and he could see some of Laura's liquid sugar on his cock. He was ready to cum and Laura felt him swelling up inside of her.

Annie knew that Harvey was about to explode inside of her mouth and she was ready. He grabbed her head and started going faster and then he let his seed into her mouth. She started releasing her own cum as she vigorously rubbed her clit. She called out his name as her honey flowed from her pussy. She couldn't wait for the real thing.

Harvey had an immediate thought of fucking Annie's mouth while inside of his wife's wonderful cunt. He imagined that Annie was going to let him cum in her mouth. The thought of Annie sucking him off made him go faster and harder. He imagined Annie with red lipstick on and her lips going up and down his shaft. He was let loose a powerful nut and he thought about his seed all inside of Annie's mouth. Laura told him that was some of the best sex they'd had in a few weeks. He agreed wholeheartedly.

Annie couldn't wait to get work and neither could Harvey.

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