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The Mystery Guest

Emma gets surprised with her first black cock
Emma had waited so long for this night. It had seemed a lifetime since she and John had had any swinging fun, due to the new baby. She had that feeling as though her insides were doing somersaults. It had been John’s idea to meet someone in a hotel, mainly to get back in the 'swing' of things. The only detail Emma knew is that she was in for a treat, but not who it was with, or how many.

John arrived back from the hotel bar with a couple of glasses and a bottle of wine. He had a very happy glow to his face, that knowing look that something fun and unexpected was on the cards. The two of them sat there drinking the wine slowly and John was not giving in to the questions that Emma had to ask. He’d fought off the interrogation for about an hour, at which point he told Emma it’s time to make her way upstairs. The couple stood up and Emma led John to the lift.

As John followed, he couldn’t help get a twitch in his groin when he looked at Emma’s body. The tight red dress she wore showed off her perfectly curved body, and the black stilettos made her legs look amazing. She looked back over her shoulder with a smile, her big blue eyes glinting and her bright red lipstick glistening. They took the lift to their floor and headed for the room.

John told Emma that they have a guest waiting for them, but she wasn’t allowed to see until she’d taken off her dress in the room, and made herself comfortable on the bed in her stockings, heels and lingerie. Only at that time would she find out who the mystery guest was. She didn’t even know if it would be a he or a she!

The door opened slowly as Emma cautiously walked in the room. The bathroom door was closed but she could tell the light was on. Behind that door, was the person or people that were going to be fucking her as soon as she was ready. Emma’s heart raced. John closed the room’s door as Emma began to slip off her dress revealing a stunning toned and pale white body, framed by silky black lingerie. John couldn’t believe how sexy she was looking while being equally as nervous. She took a glass of wine that John had filled, then taking a deep breath, sat on the bed. This was the moment she’d craved for so long, yet she had no idea what lay ahead.

John asked her if she was ready but before she had time to reply, he had opened the bathroom door. From around the corner stepped a man she didn’t know. He introduced himself as Nick and gave Emma a kiss on the cheek. John went on to further introduce Nick, explaining to Emma that they had talked on the internet then arranged tonight after John had asked for someone with his description. Nick was about 6ft, slim and toned, and most surprisingly to Emma, he was black. Emma and John had always talked about sharing with black men and it had never been one of Emma’s interests, but it was occasionally one of John’s.

As with anything they both shared, Emma was completely happy with the introduction and was more than willing to have some fun. With that settled, she stood up and stepped the few paces towards Nick and then leaned in for a passionate kiss. Instantly John was struck by the contrast in skin tone. Emma began to unbutton Nick’s shirt as they continued to kiss each other’s necks. His shirt slipped to the floor to reveal his toned abs and chest, which Emma had already started to rub her hands over. She stepped back and sat on the bed, inviting Nick to join her with a wiggle of her finger.

Nick kneeled on the floor between her legs. He lifted her leg and started to kiss her from her ankle to her silky knickers. Emma lay back and submitted herself to his touch. He tugged gently at her knickers and slowly pulled them from over her hips, down to her ankles and off. On display was a perfectly shaven, tight pussy, which Nick rubbed and kissed softly. He grasped her firm arse and pulled her whole body to the edge of the bed, then started his work on her pussy. He licked her labia gently and then made his way up to her clit. He flicked it with his tongue and then took it between his teeth.

Emma was moaning loudly, her eyes tight shut as she savoured the feeling of this stranger’s tongue on her pussy.

Nick had licked her for only a couple of minutes when Emma came with a short and sharp moan. Her pussy glistened as Nick pulled away. She rubbed herself, spreading the cum around her pussy, catching any before it dripped. She sat up as Nick stood up. She started to unzip his jeans and as she pulled down his legs, she saw the nice cock shaped package inside his shorts. She pulled on his shorts and they dropped to the floor. Emma took hold of his big, thick cock and examined it. This would be her first black cock ever. Nick was not outrageously large, but he was definitely big enough to stretch Emma’s pussy more than normal.

Nick took hold of his cock and presented it to Emma’s mouth. In an instant she was wrapping her lips around the swollen helmet of his cock. Just as when they kissed John was excited by the colour difference. The sight of Emma’s pale white face sucking a thick black cock was enough to give him a throbbing erection. John unzipped his jeans and started to wank, from the end of the bed where he was sat.

Emma was now making a good effort to swallow as much of Nick’s cock as she could, which was at least five of his seven inches. She cupped his dark black balls and massaged them as she sucked. Nick was elated, his eyes were closed and his head tilted back. Emma was doing a great job to impress him. She let his cock spring from her mouth, dripping with her saliva. She reached behind her and unclipped her black bra, then threw it in John’s direction. She lay back down and looked at Nick invitingly.

Nick didn’t hesitate, he stepped between her legs and leaned over her body to kiss her, knowing he was about to be her first black fuck.

She lifted her knees towards her, opening her pussy for Nick’s black cock. Slowly he pushed against her tight pink pussy, inching his way in. Emma was dripping wet so he had no problem getting his cock inside her. He pushed in deeper until Emma had got his full black length inside her. She gasped as he pushed one last bit. She gripped his back with her fingers and he started to rhythmically fuck her pussy, starting slow then speeding up.

John watched from two feet away as his wife was fucked by a thick black cock, hard and deep. He wanked himself slowly as he spectated this sexiest of sights.

Nick’s dark body was resting on Emma’s pale breasts as he fucked her. Their bodies sweated against each other, and their heads rubbed as he leaned over her shoulder.

Emma was holding her legs up, allowing Nick to fill her completely with every stroke. John could see her legs begin to shake as she started to climax. She let out a loud moan as she came, but Nick didn’t slow. He continued to fuck her. She could hardly catch her breath. Then in a storm of sex, Nick jerked and pumped on top of her. He was cumming, filling her with his cum.

Emma moaned quietly and a smile appeared on her face. Nick gently collapsed on Emma, still slightly twitching as every last drop of cum left his cock and found it’s way deep inside Emma’s pussy.

The two lay there for a minute and then Nick found the strength to stand up. Emma sat up and smiled at Nick, then looked across at John to smile even more. Nick started to dress himself as Emma sat on the edge of the bed in ecstasy. Once Nick was dressed, he gave Emma a kiss and then shook John’s hand. John told him that he’ll hear from them again soon, and then he left the room quietly.

Emma used that same finger motion to invite John over. He went to her and gave her a passionate long kiss. Emma asked in her filthiest of tones, if John wanted to fuck her, and without an answer he pushed her back on the bed. He stepped between her legs and rubbed his cock against her soaking pussy. Nick’s cum had already started to dribble out so John pushed his cock inside Emma with ease.

He could tell how much she had been stretched by Nick’s black cock, and he could feel Nick’s heavy load of cum wrapping around his length. This made him tick, and he started to fuck his wife hard, with only the sound of Emma’s moans drowning out the wet slapping sounds from her pussy…

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