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The Mystery Solved

Terry meets his match when he tries to ask a young black girl for a date
One of the few things that Terry liked about his job was the location. His office building was downtown and convenient to everything. The best thing recently was his regular visits to the sandwich shop next door, “Crusts and Cookies.” Everyone in the office referred to it as “The Crust.”

The reason for his regular visits recently was a rather tall strikingly pretty African American girl named Cassie. Aside from the fact that she was attractive, she was friendly and seemed content with the busy traffic in the shop every day.

Terry was practically mesmerized by her every time he went there for lunch. Her skin was flawless, darker than a tan but lighter than the color of chocolate. Her smile was dazzling and her eyes…oh man, those eyes! Shaped like almonds with pupils so brown they were almost black.

He thought she was taller than most girls, probably about 5’ 10” with black hair that framed her face, making her look like a professional model. Watching her body move gave him lustful thoughts every visit. She walked with her shoulders straight so that her breasts jutted out in front of her, straining at her light blue uniform blouse.

He loved to watch her move about the tables when it was busy. Her long legs looked firm, her thighs testing the fabric of her uniform pants. And her ass…damn! Why did God give black women such beautiful asses anyway? Just watching her ass moving in her uniform made his cock hard. Too hard. Hard enough to induce him to ask her for a date.

A date with such an incredible girl was not going to be easily attained; she was in her 20’s and Terry was 48. She would certainly have a boyfriend or many boy friends, and definitely could choose with whom she wanted to date.

But he finally gathered the courage to ask her. He went to lunch late one day when the lunch crowd was almost gone and Cassie and the other girls would be cleaning up. She recognized him and came over to his table once he was seated.

“Dining late today, aren’t you, sir?” she asked, smiling with that friendly greeting.

“Yeah, I have a long break today. By the way, I’m terry,” he said extending his hand.

She took his hand and shook it. “I’m Cassandra, but they call me Cassie. I’ve seen you here a lot lately. You always sit by yourself and watch people.”

“Yeah, I guess I’m a people person; I like watching busy people.”

She put her hands on her hips and smiled down at him. “You like watching some people’s backsides; I’ve caught you staring at mine more than once.”

Terry was mortified. “Oh my God, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to offend you, Cassie. I’m just fascinated by um…by your um…well, you’re hot, okay? There! I couldn’t help myself; I hope you’re not mad at me?”

“No, of course not, girls like to be admired, even lusted after, too, it gets our juices going.”

Terry’s cock jumped in his pants. Fuck! Was she teasing him on purpose? He decided to press his agenda since he was already a bit embarrassed.

“I was hoping to get to know you well enough that you might go out with me,” he said boldly. She pulled a chair out and sat down opposite him at the table.

“Why would a guy your age want to go out with a young girl like me?” she asked directly.

“Well, it’s not a matter of age, Cassie, I just….” He started, but she interrupted. “Oh, wait, I get it now; you want to know what it’s like to fuck a black girl, right?”

Terry was stunned. She had nailed him and he had little defense to explain himself. “Well, not exactly, I mean, not just that. I’ve heard that black girls are hotter in bed, you know, more passionate and aggressive.”

“Aggressive? You mean you want a black girl to fuck you, so you don’t have to do the work?” she asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

Terry was digging himself into a hole he knew he might not get out of and he didn’t want to piss her off. “No, no, wait, that’s not it; I always try to do whatever a girl wants to make it good for her. I just think you’re gorgeous and I can’t help fantasizing about sex with you!” he blurted.

Cassie stared silently at him for a few moments and he squirmed in his seat. Then she leaned forward and spoke to him in a low voice. “Listen, I only fuck who I want and when I want to and if you want sex with this black girl, you’ll have to do it my way.”

Terry was stunned again. He had no idea how to ask her for a date and here she was ready to let him have sex with her! His cock twitched in his pants again.

“That would be awesome, Cassie; I’d do anything you want, I promise.” He said meekly. Now he was really excited, just thinking about her controlling the action.

“I get off at 7 tonight,” she said. “Get a room across the street at the hotel and call me with the room number. Then get naked, take a shower and make your middle aged white ass comfortable until I get there.”

Terry’s cock was dripping precum in his boxers and his heart beat so loud he thought she could hear it. “Yes, ma’am; I’ll be there.”

Terry left work at 5 that evening to check into the hotel. The St. Regis Hotel across the street was not an inexpensive hotel, but Terry wanted to impress Cassie so he got a small suite, with a huge bathroom, a double shower and oversized sunken tub. The king size bed was round with several pillows across the section near the wall. He called The Crust and told Cassie the suite number.

Then, although he was early he did as Cassie instructed and after his shower he sat naked on the big bed watching the television. When the knock came on the door he jumped up to let her in. He hid his nakedness behind the door as he opened It, but Cassie was not alone.

Beside Cassie was Vera, a petite white girl who also worked at The Crust. Cassie strode into the suite without hesitation and Vera followed her. Terry shut the door and looked for something to cover his semi erect cock, but there was nothing he could reach.

Terry saw Vera staring right at his cock as Cassie introduced her. “Terry, this is Vera; she’s my girl and she’s gonna be with us tonight. Any objections?”

Terry shook his head but was almost speechless. It appeared he might not find out what it was like to fuck a black girl after all...?

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