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The Night Out - Diane gets ready for the Ball

Diane and her husband discuss the party she is going to with her black lover

Diane looked at the clock.

"Damn, 6:10. I need to get going," she said to herself as she applied eyeliner to her freshly washed face.

The tennis match had gone extra sets, putting her behind schedule. She smiled. Well it was worth it she thought. She was in the Club championship. Not too bad for a 37 year old married mom. She grinned, looking in the mirror, then refocused on the task at hand, getting ready for the night.

Diane leaned closer to the mirror, as she did the cold granite countertop of her bathroom vanity touched her naked belly. She got goose bumps. She lifted up on her toes to get closer to the light. She needed to get her makeup just right. She knew David cared about every detail. She set the eyeliner down and tightened the sash around her short silk robe, picked up the lip gloss and applied it. Pursing her lips together she decided she was done. She spritzed on a dash of her favorite cologne scenting her neck, wrists and the inside of her breasts. She took the makeup mirror turned on the back light and held it low so she could look at her sex. She smiled. Josie, her esthetician had done a nice job. She had a nicely trimmed triangle just above her slit, the hair lay perfectly flat, the curls cut away. Just the way David liked it.

"Admiring yourself, honey?"

She looked at the sound of the voice and smiled. It was Mark, her husband, standing in the doorway. She blushed.

"Oh, Hi baby," she laughed, "just making sure."

"I am sure you will be the belle of the ball. Where is it and what is it this time?" Mark asked.

"It’s a charity. David is on the Board of it, I think it is for inner city kids. Scholarships or something. It's at the Four Seasons."

"Will you be coming home."

"Yes, Thomas will bring me home. I think I will be about 1 or 2 unless David has other plans."

They both knew what "other plans" entailed. David expected, and Diane enjoyed, the dalliances that sometimes occurred at David's request after some of his business get togethers.

Diane's mind wandered about the extent of her relationship with David. She was amazed at how it all came about and how her life had changed so much in 6 months. David was a very substantial client of Mark's firm. A wealthy contractor he provided millions in yearly fees. Mark became the account manager about a year ago and he and David hit it off fabulously. David was erudite, handsome, rich without flaunting it, and not an overbearing client. He was 45, single and black. As Diane and Mark discovered he was also the most sexually adventurous person they had ever met. He brought out in both of them something they never imagined.

They first met at a client dinner and Diane was thunderstruck at her reaction to him. He simply had a sexual magnetism she had never felt. He didn't do anything, it was just there. Mark noticed it too and commented on the way home that she was attracted to him. He said he wasn't surprised; David had that effect on everyone. He was simply quite charismatic.

That dinner led to others and he invited Mark and Diane to his house for small get togethers and even took them to New York for a day and dinner on his private jet. He and Diane flirted but he was always the perfect gentlemen in a sexy kind of way. She would always kiss him hello and goodbye, the kisses became more comfortable and he would usually caress her ass when she gave him a chaste peck. Mark didn’t seem to mind. Diane was flattered that he looked at her the way he did. He had his pick of women she was sure. At her age, 37, she felt that she was still desirable. But she wasn't 25. She worked hard to keep her shape and after meeting David even Mark commented that she seemed to up the ante in the gym.

The big change came about 4 months after they met. They were at dinner and David mentioned that he had a fundraiser for the Governor that he had to attend. He was tired of the affairs, especially when he went solo. He asked, if as a favor, Mark minded if he took Diane as his guest. Mark said it was totally up to Diane and she said she would be flattered to attend. Unspoken by all three of them was that the palpable chemistry between Diane and David.

The night of the affair Mark was nervous. He was torn between his wife going out with another man and the fact that this was his biggest client. He also told her later that he knew that they were attracted to each other. Diane's only memory was that he told her to relax, enjoy herself, but no matter what make David happy.

The evening was actually wonderful for Diane, although repetitive for David. She had never met so many famous people and, because David was a big donor, she was treated very well. She loved the attention and the champagne. Plus David had that animal magnetism, he wasn't tall, about 6' 1", but he was a presence and when she stood next to him she felt "enveloped."

The evening ended and they headed out to his limo. His driver Thomas opened the door and she slid in the back. As she did she realized that her skirt had hiked up slightly and she saw David look and smile. Intuitively she knew she had flashed him. She blushed. He laughed and told her to relax. Then he teased her saying that he loved black lace. She blushed again since that confirmed her intuition. She teased right back and said she was glad because she wanted to make sure he was happy. Thomas pulled away for the drive home.

They chatted about the evening, Diane felt like a schoolgirl talking about all the people she had seen there many of whom she had only seen on TV. David laughed and put his arm around her and said that she was the most beautiful person there and that he could not have made it through the evening without her to look at. She leaned on his shoulder to get comfortable and blushed. She said she was tired and closed her eyes as they talked. She was relaxed, she also was wet. David did that to her.

"I am so fucking tense." He said as they drove home. "These people are always hounding me for cash, another fundraiser; appear at a dinner, and on and on. They think I don’t have a real life."

Diane sympathized with him she had seen that in the times they had been at public functions. She wished she could help.

Thinking back on it she couldn't recall how it happened, she only knew there was a point where they both knew it would happen. Thomas kept driving, they kept chatting, the sexual tension kept growing and Diane couldn't remember who actually broke the ice. She just recalled that somehow she was massaging his cock outside his trousers and he had his hand on her ass doing the same. In the back of her mind she heard Mark, "just make sure he is happy." She knew this is not what he meant but ... . She looked at his eyes, she grinned and wordlessly moved her hand to his zipper. He smiled back and moved forward to the armrest of the door. As she lowered his zipper he raised the privacy shade in the limo. She heard him click the microphone and tell Thomas to take the long way to Diane's house.

The next 15 minutes were a blur in Diane's memory. She had flashes of the event, fumbling with his belt, his cock in her hand, admiring its length and girth. Licking and kissing his cockhead. She had had a single experience with a black man, long ago in college. David's cock was slightly bigger than her previous black lover but more than size something about it was captivating. She remembered stroking him, tossing her hair aside and then taking his manhood in her mouth. She knew she shouldn't but she knew she wanted to. She recalled blissfully tasting and enjoying every minute of the time she got him off. She sucked and stroked him while he caressed her ass and finally slid a finger under her panties into her wet slit. She almost came from his touch she was so horny. That just made her want him more and she went down on him with an even greater passion. She also remembered him telling her as a warning that was going to explode. She remembered not caring, and the sensation of swallowing his hot cum as he filled her mouth.

"What are you smiling about Diane?"

Mark said bringing her back to the present.

"Oh nothing," she grinned and said she had to get ready so as not to be late.

She walked into the bedroom taking her robe off as she did. She was nude underneath and Mark watched her walk across the room to the bed where she picked up a white thong. She slipped it up her legs and seductively adjusted the front so it covered her neatly trimmed labia. She took the stockings that were lying on the bed and rolled first one then the other up her legs. She stood and her back to the full length mirror and admired her backside. She frowned.

"I am losing my tan." she lamented.

She giggled.

Mark looked and had to agree that the tan line that crossed the middles of her ass and served to accentuate the inner third of her breasts was lighter.

"Nothing a couple days in the tanning booth or a quick trip to the Caribbean can't fix. Is David going there soon?"

He asked, he knew that she might be invited to join him on his private jet. Diane shrugged her shoulders noncommittally and walked to the closet. Mark felt a stirring in his crotch watching her almost strut. She walked out with a beautiful teal gown.

"Wow!" Mark exclaimed, "This must be some bash."

Diane nodded, "Yes. It's a Vera Wang original. David had it sent over. It's Black Tie" She smiled, "Black tie and Black cock as David told me."

"Your kind of evening." Mark said with a sly grin.

She lifted the dress and slipped it over her shoulders and down her body. She was not wearing a bra. She shimmied it into place and then reached inside the top and adjusted her breasts in front. It was backless, cut very low in back and had a classic V in front. Although Diane was not that busty, the dress accentuated her cleavage. Mark thought she looked stunning. Once again she turned to look in the mirror to make sure everything was in place. She frowned, the string of her thong was showing above her backline, in fact, the waist was so perfectly tailored that the outline of the waistband, small as it was, showed as well. She reached under and slipped it off. She went to her drawer and rummaged through her panties and tried on 3 others to no avail.

"Oh well," she sighed, "I guess I have to go commando."

She laughed and slipped the white thong in her clutch purse. She looked at Mark giving him a "just in case" look.

She frowned once more.

"Now what sweetie?" Mark asked.

"I need to restock. Honey reach in the drawer there for some condoms, I ran out."

Mark opened the drawer and took a couple packages from the collection she had there.

"I thought David was 'fixed' , he said as he handed them to her.

"He is sweetie, but there will be others... Oh, ummm , no baby I need the magnums, maybe half a dozen."

She blushed as she handed them back to her husband.

"Half a dozen?" Mark asked incredulously.

Diane turned beet red as she put them in her purse and started to walk downstairs with Mark, looking to see if David's driver had pulled up in the driveway. Mark lovingly caressed her bottom as they walked. He was amazed that their relationship had changed so much in a few short months. Their sex life was incredible; his wife was energized, more confident and more outgoing than ever. She had always been a wonderful lover but now she was a dream. The fact that she was David's play toy didn't bother him at all anymore.

"Do you really think you need half a dozen?, He asked.

She shook her head no.

"Probably not. Most of David's really big donors, the ones he may want to make happy just prefer a blow job, if anything. So I won’t need any for them. I just want to be prepared in case I get the urge. David said there will be about 500 people there. That’s probably at least 200 black men baby. One never knows ... " Her voice trailed off.

Mark looked out and saw the Limo in the driveway, David's driver, Thomas standing waiting. He was a huge black man, at least 6'4" and big. He was also part of David's security.

"I am not sure who likes this arrangement more Diane, you or David."

He smiled and kissed her deeply. Her tongue danced between his lips searching for his. When she found it the feeling was electric.

"Have you ever fucked Thomas?" Mark asked looking out the window.

She shook her head no.

"I asked David if I should. I mean he is so sweet to me and so protective. But David said no, it would be a bad idea. Too bad though, he is hung like a horse." She smiled.

"Well you will have to tell me how you know. But you better not be late. See you later."

Diane kissed him and walked out the door. He watched her climb in the limo. He thought of the half dozen condoms. He smiled and hoped she ran out.

He would find out later.

He smiled and kissed her deeply. Her tongue danced between his lips searching for his. When she found it the feeling was electric.

"Have you ever fucked Thomas?" Mark asked looking out the window.

She shook her head no.

"I asked David if I should. I mean he is so sweet to me and so protective. But David said no, it would be a bad idea. Too bad though, he is hung like a horse." She smiled.

"Well you will have to tell me how you know. But you better not be late. See you later."

Diane kissed him and walked out the door. He watched her climb in the limo. He thought of the half dozen condoms. He smiled and hoped she ran out.

He would find out later.

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