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The Protection Plan
Soccermom & oz99

The Protection Plan

Contributing Authors: oz99 

A wife does what she needs to do to keep her husband safe while in prison

My husband John and I married just about eight years ago now. We met in college where John was a business major and I was studying psychology. We fell in love immediately and planned to marry just out of college.

Our sex life was fantastic right from the start and continued to strengthen as our relationship grew. John landed a wonderful job in a very large firm in the city, just as he graduated. Within the first few years John climbed the corporate ladder and we were living an elaborate lifestyle. We bought a beautiful house in the suburbs, bought fine-looking cars, ate at the best restaurants and even joined the country club. Our friends were all very well-to-do and we were enjoying a wonderful life going on lavish vacations and spending like there was no tomorrow.

John wore high priced suits that looked very handsome on his 6’5” frame. He was an athlete in both high school and college and continued to work out regularly keeping his muscular build. John was a very sexy man who would always turn me on with his body. And his thick eight inch cock would have me in a continuous state of readiness for his loving.

I am a blonde, with blue eyes, a 5’8” frame and 38DD breast. I have long legs that I love to encase in stockings and with John’s height, I can easily wear 4-5 inch heels.

As the national economy slowed to a snail’s pace growth, John’s firm, like many businesses took a turn for the worse. Although one of the last in his firm to suffer this fate, John became a victim of downsizing. Soon we found ourselves with no income. We were forced to live off of our savings and investments, while John looked for a new job. We thought it wouldn’t be too long before John got a new job. Who wouldn’t want to hire an up and coming in the business field like John?

But as the weeks and months went by it was becoming apparent that there were no job prospects. As our savings dwindled and money was becoming even shorter, we found ourselves selling many of our luxurious items, but still continued to fall deeper and deeper into debt. We failed to come to the realization that we needed to downsize our lifestyle as the flow of money became a major factor in our relationship. We were both so stressed that we seemed to be fighting all the time.

I spent more and more time out of the house, finding other things to keep me busy. One of those activities was to take tennis lessons at the country club. I figured I might as well get what I can from the club before we lost our membership. So I would spend many days at the club learning tennis.

The country club is where I met Diego. Diego was a very handsome twenty-four year old young man from Spain. All of the women at the club talked about, as well as fantasized about him and I was no exception.

Diego was giving me lessons three times a week and I really did enjoy his company. Not only did I love that sexy accent, but I really loved before and after class, when Diego would walk around with his shirt off. This sexy sight invariably made my cunt wet instantly. We developed a strong bonding relationship as Diego told me quite a bit about his family and where he was born. He often talked about leaving his lover back in Spain, until he could earn enough money to bring her over here. One day he broke down in tears, when he told me she would no longer wait and left him for another man.

Our bond grew stronger as our lessons progressed. I have to confess that I thought of Diego often, in fact, many times after our lesson I found myself masturbating as I thought of Diego making passionate love to me. There was little doubt that, given the opportunity, I would fuck his brains out; he was so hot!

A few weeks went by and one evening I went out with some of the girls to a new club that was opening up. We went to see what it was all about. I had a prior appointment arranged, so agreed to meet my friends at the new club after my meeting. I entered the club wearing a white halter top dress, complete with the cleavage cut down to my navel and the hem about two inches below my womanly charms. Coupled with white four-inch heels and sporting neither panties nor bra. As crowded as it was, I was definitely a show stopper as numerous sexy men and women interrupted their conversation to gawk at the sumptuous dish that had entered; hey that was me! I must admit that was quite a rush.

My girlfriends were already sitting at one of the tables, just off the dance floor. The place was packed, with everyone dressed to the nines. I ordered a cocktail and relaxed taking in the scenery. At the far end of the dance floor I spotted Diego dancing with an attractive redhead. I watched his moves on the dance floor. His moves were as natural and as sexy as his moves on the tennis court. I could feel myself getting moist in my southern regions, as his workout caused his shirt to cling to him enhancing the appearance of his beautifully ripped body.

It took a little while before he looked over and noticed me, but apparently he was impressed as evidenced by that beautiful smile of his and the sparkle in his dark eyes. He approached me, kissed me on the cheek and complimented me on how hot I looked. Inside I was melting from hearing his words and I longed to feel his arms around me. I told him how great it was to see him, but that I didn’t want to interrupt his date. He looked over at the redhead he had been dancing with and corrected me. He informed me that she was not his date; just someone he met on the dance floor. I felt a sense of relief as my imagination went wild, with the alcohol having its affect of kicking in my horniness genes. Almost immediately, I could feel the humidity once again rising beneath my skirt.

“I’d rather dance with a much more beautiful woman like you he whispered in my ear.” I smiled as I heard those words, happy that I had chosen the sexy ensemble that I had; apparently it was having the desired affect. Diego held his hand out and asked, “May I have this dance, pretty lady?”

I took his hand and as I rose, I whispered in his ear, “Ya know, flattery will get you everywhere,” and then kissed and quickly dipped my tongue into his ear. We danced the night away, enjoying every minute of it. He was a wonderful dancer who just made me melt as he held me in his arms and close to his hot muscular body.

Suddenly we noticed we had a lot more room on the dance floor. Reality set in as we realized the crowd was thinning out. That is when we noticed the time and how close it was to closing time. Diego looked panicked all of a sudden and told me he had to go right now. I asked him what was the matter. He explained that he did not have a car and he would have to take the bus home. With the last bus running in twenty minutes, he was going to hurry to catch it.

I smiled and running my hands lightly over his chest, I cooed, “Oh Diego, you don’t have to worry about the bus. I can give you a ride home.”

Immediately, a sense of relief came over his face. “Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to take you out of your way.” I told him it’s the least I could do for such a wonderful dance partner. Then without thinking, I leaned into him a kissed him on the cheek. I think he was as shocked as I was that I had done that.

As soon as we got outside, we began walking to my car. Diego stopped and saying he needed to cool down, he removed his shirt. I felt myself getting weak in the knees and damp in the crotch, as once again, I admired his ripped body. We walked to the car, which was parked in a nearby parking garage. As we got to the car, Diego opened driver’s door for me, and I thought to myself what a real gentleman he was. When I moved to get into the car, Diego put his arms around me and without saying a word or hesitating, he leaned into me and kissed me passionately. His hands caressed up and down my back and ass as we kissed long and hard. Once our kiss broke, Diego asked me if I wanted to go back to his place for a nightcap. I didn’t say a word, although I really don’t think I could have said anything if I had wanted to.

I sped to his place as fast as I could. I knew that I could not resist. I knew I wanted him and I wanted his cock in my cunt badly! As we drove to his place, his hands were all over me. He reached inside my halter top dress to fondle my unencumbered breasts, without any resistance on my part. His strong hands invaded between my thighs under my dress, sliding up my inner thigh to my already soaking wet pussy. Once he realized the treasure he had found, he gave me an evil grin when he found I was not wearing panties. It was an ahha moment when he came to the realization that he truly had a white hot and needy slut on his hands!

It seemed like forever, but in reality, it was maybe only ten minutes until we reached Diego’s place. I parked the car and we both rushed into his apartment. He took my hand and guided me right into his bedroom. As we stood next to his bed he once again took me into his arms and kissed me hard. While kissing, Diego’s hands were all over me; he dropped my dress to pool at my ankles as he removed the garment in one skillful move. Suddenly naked, I stood before this man as he drank in the sight of my fit body. Diego stepped back and whispered, “You’re even more beautiful than I have imagined.” There was pure lust in this man’s eyes and a very willing and aroused woman wanting him to devour her.

With that I knelt in front of Diego and slowly undid his zipper. Then when his belt was undone, I slowly lowered his slacks over his hips and let them fall to the floor. My hand moved back to his crotch and taking hold of his cock I stroked it as I stared into his eyes. He looked down and saw a huge smile on my face coupled with a look of desire in my eyes that matched the lust I saw in his dreamy eyes.

As I lowered his boxers a semi-hard, eight inches, thick and cut cock popped out into my face. He witnessed my spontaneous look of surprise, which registered a smirk on Diego’s handsome face. I took him in my hand and stroked his manhood as I leaned in, then slathered each of his balls, before taking each orb into my sucking mouth. Our eyes were locked together as I continued to lick up his hard shaft swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock. Proceeding to take the head into my mouth, I then engulfed his cock to the base.

As his cock slid over my tight lips and into my throat, I could see Diego close his eyes and moan as the pleasure began to overwhelm him. My mouth bobbed up and down on Diego’s hard cock. Each time he entered my mouth he went deeper and deeper as he fucked my mouth. Soon, he was banging up against my tonsils knocking for entry to my throat. I was totally engrossed as Diego’s cock slid in and out of my mouth.

So it took me by surprise when he pulled his dick out of my mouth. Pulling me up off my knees, he laid me on the bed. He bent my legs up until my feet were flat on the bed. He then kissed and nibbled his way north from each knee up the insides of my thighs, alternating legs coming closer and closer to my needy cunt. Diego was now inches away from my soaking wet pussy and used the tip of his fingers spread open my labia. Suddenly he stopped!

Backing away slightly and his dark eyes rose up to meet mine. He whispered in his oh-so-sexy voice, “Donna, she is so pretty. You are so beautiful. Thank you for this precious gift.” I know I had to turn bright red. No man had ever spoken so lovely and romantically to me. He had my heart melting. Then he said, “May I?”

“Oh my God, Diego … please don’t tease me. I need you; I need you NOW!”

With that he proceeded to flatten his tongue and oh so slowly lick from the bottom of my labia up to my clit. I closed my eyes and let out a gasp that filled the room. I went off like a rocket I was immediately so aroused that when Diego’s tongue licked me so skillfully, he brought me to an amazing orgasm!

I lay there limp trying to regain a normal breathing pattern as Diego kissed and caressed his way up my body. Stopping to kiss and lick my hard nipples, he continued northward, leaving a hot trail of kisses, saliva and nibbles, until he reached my smiling lips. Everywhere his oral ministrations had touched me, my skin was on fire, I was so aroused. Plain and simply, this man knew how to totally stoke the sexual fires within my body!

I could taste my juices as he pushed his tongue into my mouth delivering the most amazing and salacious kiss. My hands caressed up and down his back as he lay on top of me. I wrapped my arms around Diego pulling him tighter to me, whispering in his ear, “Fuck me, I want you in me! I need to feel your cock deep in my drooling cunt! Fuck me Diego, fuck me!”

He masterfully brought his thigh between my legs and I spread my legs apart, opening my womanhood to this man that I so needed in me. I wrapped my feet around his tight ass pulling him to me. I felt his thick veined dick slide into my soaking wet pussy. He pounded hard and deep within my honeypot, as I begged him for more. He fucked my cunt with such intensity that he quickly drove me over the edge bringing me to my second orgasm.

Diego lay next to me on the bed, his cock throbbing and still as hard as a rock, in that he had yet to unload his ejaculate. With waves of orgasmic bliss still rolling through my body from deep inside my vagina, I managed to lean over him taking that lovely piece of man meat in my soft hands, I then wrapped my lips around the helmet of his cock. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and sucked gently on him before I felt his hand on the back of my head. I licked my juices from this hot shaft, before taking each of his balls into my mouth. I then licked his full length up to the tip and shaft bringing as much pleasure as I could to my lover. I took his cock deep down my throat, having long ago learned how to mostly control my gag reflex, at least with normal sized cocks.

Diego then urged me to mount and ride his cock. I straddle his hips, and taking hold of his hardness, I guided his missile to my wet opening. My outer lips easily spread open for his entry, as I lowered my body onto his cock, feeling him opening me up and sliding deep into my hot wet cunt. My pelvis was thrusting up and down! We were like animals in heat with Diego building speed and depth with his penetration. My breathing became heavier and shallower as I rode that dick hard. My moans filled the room, as I couldn’t get enough of his fabulous cock. My eyes were closed as my moans turned to screams; my body started shaking as I started riding head-long into my third orgasm.

In the middle of my orgasm, I felt Diego’s hands gripping my hips tighter and tighter, as he continued thrusting into my clutching pussy. Ever the gentleman, he inquired, “Where do you want it? Do you want me to pull out?”

Fully aware, I cooed to him in the most erotic manner, “Diego stay right where you are. I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum,” as I continued to ride him. I felt his cock twitch and throb inside my pussy, as he began to spew rope after rope of his manly ejaculate deep within my womb, filling me with that hot thick creamy nectar. His cock was still inside me, I leaned down and kissed him, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as we settled into a comfortable embrace. After a couple of minutes of enjoying our afterglow, I moved off of Diego. I moved down to his cock taking it in my mouth for cleanup detail. I licked and sucked his spent manhood, relishing the taste of his cum mixed with my feminine juices. This is something I have come to really enjoy.

I spent the night and well into the next day at Diego’s, since John (you remember John? My husband, John) was out of town. I left Diego totally sexually satisfied that day. But that was the genesis of our affair that would just get hotter and hotter as time went on.

With job prospects becoming more and more unlikely, John decided to do what he had to do to save our house. John had been approached several years prior by a rather nefarious character because of his appearance as an upstanding businessman and the fact that he had his pilot’s license. The proposition that he rejected out of hand, when we were enjoying his great success, was beginning to be more and more enticing. These unsavory characters wanted him to make flights into South America and shuttle plane loads of cocaine back into the States. John was so desperate, that unknown to me, he approached his old contact to see if the “opportunity” was still there.

John told me he got a job flying a corporate plane for a business, shuttling executives and papers back and forth to their offices in Columbia. I was just so happy that our lives were starting to get back on track, since the money was becoming plentiful once again.

We started replacing all the luxuries that we had to sell off and our friends started inviting us to their events once again. Life was good once again. Like they say in that 38 Special song, we had “plenty of friends and the fun never ends, that is, as long as I’m buying.” And it was nothing but fun that we were having with our many fair-weather friends.

And then it happened. One beautiful sunny Saturday morning there was a loud knock on our front door. I glanced out the window in the dining area and saw several people at various points around our house. I scurried to the front door wondering what the hell was going on. I was shaken out of my stupor when it finally sunk in that they were yelling, “SEARCH WARRANT.” As I opened the door there stood several men with jackets on that read FBI and DEA emblazoned on them.

I looked at John and said, “What the hell is going on?”

John looked at me and said, “Don’t say a word, baby. You are not involved in this.” We were handcuffed and placed on the couch while the agents rummaged through our house. One agent came over and took John into another room.

A female agent sat next to me telling me that they were searching our house because they knew there was drug money and drugs in the house. She then confided in me, saying, “We are going to find it, but if you help us out and tell us where it is, it can go a long way in helping your case. We will tell the prosecutor how you helped us.”

By now I was crying hysterically, telling the agent I have no idea what she was talking about. With that, agents came up from the cellar with a plastic container marked Christmas Decorations. As they opened it I could see it was filled with money; stacks and stacks of neatly arranged $100 bills. I stood there in awe, not believing what I was witnessing.

Another group of agents came in with white plastic pipes that were covered in dirt. As they opened the pipes, it was evident that they also were stuffed with money.

At that moment the agents rushed both myself and John out of the house. We were placed in separate cars. I looked around as our neighbors were standing in their yards, gawking dumb founded, as they saw us escorted out in handcuffs and rushed away. I hung my head in shame as I was crying hysterically.

When we arrived at the federal courthouse, John and I were placed in separate rooms and handcuffed to the table. I sat there alone, still in wonderment, for what seemed like an eternity.

From there it was a whirlwind of events. I was released, with very stern orders, “not to leave town.” John had told the agents that I had no idea what was going on and thought he was flying for a corporation. When I corroborated that story in my twenty-two-hour interrogation, they finally released me with no charges filed.

I secured a lawyer just before John was taken to be arraigned on drug trafficking charges and about ten other minor charges. Bail was set for 1.5 million dollars. Since the government seized all our money, I had no way to post bail for him. After the preliminary hearing I finally got to see John in a small room in the courthouse.

He told me that everything was true. The job was bringing drugs back into the United States from Columbia. He was out of options and that, in his mind, this was the only way he could save our assets. His lawyer informed him they have an insurmountable amount of evidence against him. The attorney said it was not a matter of if he went to prison, but for how long. They both agreed that John should cooperate with them to help him get the least amount of time as possible.

John’s cooperation strengthened the government’s case against some key drug lords and their suppliers; all very dangerous people. When it came to John’s trial he pled guilty, and because of his cooperation he was given three to five years in a federal prison, that was only a few hours from where I lived. John was rushed off to his new home right after the trial. He was processed and it took about two weeks before I was allowed to go to see him.

I can’t even begin to describe how scared I was going into the prison, seeing all the inmates in the yard as I walked towards the visiting center. I made sure that I dressed down, wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers. Although there was nothing sexy about how I dressed, it didn’t matter. I had inmates yell sexual innuendos and catcalls at me; even trying to proposition me as I walked toward the visitor's center. There, I was searched for contraband in a very frisky manner, if you know what I mean.

After what seemed like forever, I finally spotted John being escorted to a large room filled with tables and benches. I went to give John a hug but was stopped short by a large black guard who told me there is to be no contact with the inmates.

John and I talked about many different things, with him telling me just how scared he was in there. I again complained that I couldn’t believe he had done this to us. He told me that I should file for divorce. Once the papers were served on him, there would be no fighting it and he will sign them. However, I told him I was standing with him and would wait and would do whatever I needed to do to survive until he gets out.

Tears were running down his face as he told me how much he loved me…..acknowledging how our relationship had changed and was not what it once was. He pledged to change that when he got out. I wanted so much to hold him and kiss him right then and there but knew it was not allowed.

John asked if I was heading back home after the visit. With it being late, I told him I was going to stay in a motel down the road and head back in the morning. I told him how I got a job working as a therapist in a mental health facility to earn some money and had gotten an apartment (I didn’t tell him the apartment was in the same building where Diego lived). While I was struggling, I was getting by.

As our visit ended and I was leaving the prison, I could feel everyone staring at me. And not only the prisoners but it was also the guards. I continued to feel uneasy every time I entered or left the prison. After each visit I felt so sad for John, and even though I hated to go to that prison, I felt myself counting the days until I could return.

I was limited to visiting every two weeks but John was able to call me. Normally he would call me each Tuesday and Thursday. He always told me how much he loved seeing me and how it made it a little easier knowing I was standing behind him and will wait for him to get out.

He didn’t call like he normally would one Thursday; so his next call was not until the following Tuesday. He asked me if I was definitely coming to visit him this weekend. I agreed that I would be there for him. I found it curious when he asked if I planned to stay in the motel again before I headed back. I told him that was my plan. When I asked him why, he just told me that he was glad because he didn’t want me traveling that late at night. He said he wouldn’t worry about me if I stayed.

Thursday night John called again, there was something different in his voice. When I asked him what was wrong he said nothing, but it was obvious that he kept both his remarks and answers very short.

Then he asked me if I still owned that short leather skirt. I told him I did. He then asked me if I would wear it on my next visit. He further detailed that I should wear it with that white blouse I always wore with it. He said he dreams about seeing me like this, particularly with sheer black stockings and my black four-inch heels. I told him that I didn’t feel that outfit was very appropriate to wear to a prison. I expressed to him just how uncomfortable I would feel, since the neckline plunged very low and it showed off a lot of cleavage. This was not to mention how short the skirt was. But he begged me to please wear it…."I need for you to wear that this weekend baby, please." Against my better judgment, I finally agreed to wear the outfit to appease him.

Saturday came and I left very early to make it to the prison in time for visiting hours. I had worn the outfit that John requested. Although I felt very uncomfortable, there was also something arousing about being on display as I knew I would be. I could actually feel somewhat moist when I parked my car and swung my mostly exposed legs out of the car to exit it. There was little doubt that even the tops of my nylons were exposed due to the shortness of the skirt. Then there was the walk to the gate.

As I was let in through the gate, the click of my heels was like a mating call to the always horny inmates lurking in the prison yard. With their unfiltered lust on display, the inmates were loud and even more vulgar than when I had entered the visitor’s center on my last visit.

After being searched again, which felt more like I was being groped instead of searched, I felt dirty. I just hoped that my womanly scent would not be noticed as I felt sensations that had never before; I felt like such a slut!

As I sat in the room again, my appearance brought lots of stares from the other inmates, visitors, and even the guards. Finally John was escorted into the room. I was shocked when I saw him! “Baby what happened to you?” I asked him. He was bruised and swollen all over his face; he had bruised ribs and even a black eye. He went on to tell me how he was beaten by other inmates and the guards hadn’t done anything to stop it until they had beaten him badly.

He told me he is okay now, but he needs to have protection while in prison. I asked him what he meant by protection. He told me that the guards will make sure nothing happens to him and that he is safe, if they are paid. I looked at him confused. “How are you going to pay them, baby?”

He looked me deep in the eyes and said, almost in a whisper, “You.”

“WHAT!!! What do you mean by that?”

“Baby, I made arrangements for the guards to visit you in your room tonight for the payment.”

“John, I have no money with me to pay them.”

“You don’t need money baby, they want your body.”

“MY WHAT!!!!! You're pimping me out?”

“Baby, you said you will have my back and if you do not do this for me I will be killed in here, Please baby, please, I know I am asking a lot but I cannot think of any other way.”

Then he added a crushing blow when he said, “Beside it’s not like it will be anything new for you. I know you’ve been whoring around, fucking that tennis pro for some time now.”

I was shocked by his assumption that he could offer my body in payment of his debts, but I think I was more shocked that John knew of my affair with Diego.

Suddenly the guards announced visiting hours were over and inmates were to report back to their cell blocks. John had a helpless look on his face…. “Please baby, please; I will die in here if you don’t help me,” he begged.

I was escorted with the rest of the visitors to the main gate. I don’t know if I was paranoid, but it felt as if everyone’s eyes were focused on me!


Well, I drove to the motel and just picked at my dinner. I sat around the motel room and I kept thinking, “What am I going to do? Am I really going to go through with this?”

Then at 6:10 PM, I heard a knock at my door. I opened it and a large black man still in his prison guard uniform stood there. "I am here for my payment, bitch." I was taken aback, yet a bit turned on from his strong tone. I stood aside, in a zombie-like mindset, and let him in. He walked over to the chair and sat down. “So your man sold your cunt, so he won’t get hurt,” he laughed. “You better be good enough or even your lily white pussy won’t be enough to keep him safe.” He then commanded me to strip naked so he could see my slut body. With that I started to undress, feeling his eyes burn into my body as I removed my clothes. A feeling came over me like nothing I had ever experienced.

I had never done anything like this before in my life, nor had I even imagined that I could, but damn, something took hold of me and by the time I was fully nude in front of this huge black stranger, I could feel my womanly nectar leaking down my thighs. He was turning me on!

Actually, a thousand different emotions were flashing through my mind. Here I was doing something that was clearly beneath my station in life. I rationalized that it was all John’s fault to have put me in this position. I justified my actions as some sort of noble action to save the man I loved. I was pissed that John had done this to us; done this to me! At the same time I was standing before this strange man, embarrassed but at the same time, I could not deny my arousal. Yet the bottom line, if I crossed this line, I knew it was so far below my station in life? Actually doing this, and I knew full well what I was doing, I was becoming a whore, a fucking tramp, and … I was loving it! In the end, was I doing this to save John? No! Emphatically no! My animal lust had taken hold of me and I wanted to be a whore! I wanted to have my body ravaged by this stranger, but in reality, I couldn’t wait for the next man to dominate and abuse my body. After all, I am a whore and this IS my station in life!

Making it as much of a show as I could, I soon found myself standing naked in front of him except for my heels. In his deep voice he said, “Your man built you up pretty good. I must say, he didn’t exaggerate; what a killer body you have. You are one hot bitch, but looks aren’t going to get the job done by itself. You better not only be a good fuck, but you better be able to suck a mean cock as well. So show me that pretty mouth around my cock and prove how good you actually are.”

I don’t know what the hell had come over me, but I couldn’t wait to meet his challenge. I went to him. I knelt between his legs, with the calmness of a professional whore, undid his pants and lowered them over his hips and then lowered his boxers. My cunt was leaking like an old bucket as my eyes were locked on a big thick black beautiful cock poking out at me. Without even thinking or realizing what I had said, I blurted out, “OH MY GOD!”

In a booming voice he taunted me, saying, “I take it you haven’t had a black dick before, have you slut?”

“I, uhmmmmm, I,” I stuttered, “uhm, no I haven’t. I’ve never seen a cock so big.”

All the while, I kept thinking to myself, “Oh my God, how am I ever going to put this thing in my mouth, let alone my cunt? He is going to rip me wide open.”

His gruff voice brought me back to reality when he told me, “Go ahead. Suck it. Show me how a real whore like you can suck cock.”

I leaned in as I licked his cock from his balls, up his shaft, to his tip and continued to do that as I marveled at his enormous large veined cock. I couldn’t get over the contrast of his big black cock and my little lily white hand. Not only was the color contrast hot to see, but as I held his cock in my hand, my hand looked so small as I stroked that big black cock.

Staring intently at his huge cock, I leaned in and wrapped my lips around his tip. I slowly licked around his tip. I so love that first taste of a man’s pre-cum. I just closed my eyes and savored that taste of this stranger. Slowly, I started to work that cock into my mouth, caressing his balls with my dainty white hands. I felt that big cock stretch open my mouth as I took more and more of this man-meat into my mouth. I imagined how sexy it looked as his big black dick slid between my pink lips. Faster my mouth moved up and down on his cock taking it as deep as I could. Then I felt his big paw on the back of my head as he forced my mouth farther down on his cock. With that I gagged and started gasping for air. My eyes tearing, I struggled to regain my composure and continue sucking his cock.

He startled me when he suddenly pushed me off his cock. I sat on the floor staring at him, wondering if I had done poorly while trying to regain some semblance of a normal breathing pattern.

This giant of a man then stood and removed the rest of his clothes as I sat on the floor looking up at him in a daze. In one quick move he scooped me up off the floor and carried me to the bed. He gently laid me on it. He handled my body with such ease, seemingly without any effort at all, that he made me feel like a minuscule toy. My mind reacted with a leap of passion. In a strange way, his power made me feel almost like he was my protector; not a whore to be used and tossed aside. But then my mind raced back to the fact that I had crossed the line. I had willingly crossed the line, and yes, I had become a whore! I relished it!

My giant then gruffly said, “It’s time to see if this cunt can fuck with the same talent that you can suck cock. He leaned down between my legs and with his meaty fingers, he spread open the lips of my pussy. I felt so exposed, so vulnerable. He then licked from the bottom of my slit to the top. My pearl then emerged from beneath her protective hood and his tongue flickered over my hardened clit as I moaned loudly with pleasure.

He licked and sucked my pussy. I flooded his mouth with my womanly ejaculate. At the same time his hands reached up and caressed my big tits. I remember thinking that this was the first man I was with sexually since John was arrested eight months ago. I thought to myself that this might not be the right way to be with a man, but I have so missed it.

I felt the movement of the bed and realized he was re-positioning himself, as he crawled between my legs. I laid on my back while he pulled me to the edge of the bed and then pushed my legs up over my head. As he put his arms around my knees he held them there as his big thick cock rested on my soaking wet pussy.

“You want this, don’t you slut?”

I moaned my surrender, “Yes, oh yes, yes I do.”

“Then beg me for it, bitch.”

“Please, oh please fuck me,” I whimpered. “Ram that big thick black dick in my soaking wet white pussy. Show me how you fuck your whores! Please, please, fuck me,” I pleaded.

With that he pushed the tip of his cock past my outer lips and deep into my wet pussy. With the position he had contorted my body into, I was able to watch as his big cock slid into my whore cunt. I was so aroused and remember feeling euphoric at the contrast of the color of the skin of this black giant with that of his little white toy. I was also turned on by his control over me. I realized that I loved submitting myself to this Goliath of a man.

“Yes, yes, that’s it fuck me, give me that big black cock,” I heard myself scream!

With that he pushed his big prick into me. I lay there and watched as his dick filled my hot cunt. His invasion was slowly in and out of me at first. Then gradually he picked up the pace and fucked me hard and deep. It was the first time I ever had such a big dick in me like that and it was driving me to seventh heaven. Then that oh so familiar look a man gets on his face, as he thrust in and out of my needy cunt; I knew he was about to blast his hot load of cum deep within my womb.

About the same time, out of nowhere, I started feeling my body shake and with the throbbing deep within my cunt, I knew I was riding the first waves of my orgasm. My moans turned to screams of pleasure as I started to come. That must have been enough for him since he started thrusting harder and deeper. I could feel his cock twitch deep inside me as he started filling my cunt with his hot thick creamy cum.

After a good number of shots against my cervix, his cock went limp and he pulled out. I could feel his cum oozing out of my cunt and running down to my ass.

With that he pulled my hair and dragged my face to his dick……”Look at the mess you made slut, now clean it.”

I wrapped my mouth around his cock that was covered with his cum and my juices. I sucked it clean, enjoying every drop. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. As he started to get dressed, I laid there on the bed smiling remembering how much I do love to get fucked.

As he got dressed, he looked at me and told me I better get cleaned up. He informed me that I would have three more visitors to entertain that night. It didn’t upset me at all to think I would be fucked repeatedly that night. In fact, it excited me even more to know that I was officially now a cum slut and a whore!

I asked him if he would be back to see me the next visiting day. He smiled at me and asked “You're already missing my big black cock, aren’t you, slut?” I just smiled and blushed at him.

Once he left I showered. I must admit I fingered my swollen cunt while I relived how he had taken me and fucked me in such a strong domineering and forceful manner. As I masturbated, I couldn’t wait to see how the next visitor would use his whore that night!


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