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The Redhead Downtown

An urban adventure gives a redhaired slut an opportunity to enjoy big black cock.
Colleen reveled in being a slut when the opportunity availed itself. I saw her as she rounded a corner of a building downtown, wearing high-heeled boots, a matching skirt and blouse, a big purse perched on a shoulder.  It was late in the afternoon.  She was 5'8" 5'9",with thick pale thighs, ample ass and matching bosom, easily 40dd, curly red hair to her shoulders, big sunglasses, voluptuous and appealing, even more so as she smiled at me and walked up to me as I waited for a trolley.
"Um," she said quietly with a cautionary glance.  "No disrespect, but, do you have any weed or know where to get some?"
I smiled.  "I'm on my way to the spot."
"Oh, thank God.  Can I get an eighth?"
"Sure.  Meet me here in half an hour?"
"Can I go with you?"
"You can, but you'll have to wait at the trolley stop."
"Fine.  I'm dying to smoke."

The trolley arrived and we exchanged further pleasantries and some personal details:  Colleen was on her way home from another stressful day on the job and needed to relax.  She was going through a rough spot, her mom had to move in with her because of difficulties with her older sister and her new boyfriend. 

"Racist asshole.  I hate to admit it but I'm from east county.  You know that joke about east county?  The grass grows yay high." She raised her arm as if to indicate height, it resembled a Nazi salute.   "I grew up around that shit.  I'm over it, y'know?"
"Yeah, obviously. You're cute. How old are you?"
Colleen pulled her sunglasses off, her bright green eyes. "No way, I thought you were like, in your twenties."
"Lot of people say that. How old are you?"
"24." The trolley arrived, after another glance she said, "Most guys start to look bad at your age."

Except for a couple of drunks who appeared passed out on a bench, there was nobody at the platform as the sun set.  Colleen sat on a bench and searched her purse for her wallet that had two $20 bills.  "I can get you the twenty from the," she searched her wallet for the ATM card and remembered something.  "We have to go my house for the twenty.  I'm good for it."  Colleen sat up to make her decolletage more pronounced and invitingly smiled at me.
"Don't worry about it. Be right back."

The deal smoothly transacted roughly, I returned to find her yelling and walking away one of the drunks, "Leave me alone!"
"I got money, you whore."  Worse than a drunk is a tweeker, this guy, down to the rotten teeth and perpetual tan must've felt emboldened as there wasn't anyone else at the station, save his friend, still passed out.
"Hey, be cool, man." I said, getting into a stance.
"This your pimp or something?  I'm trying to help you out, bro." 
"It's not even like that, man, just be cool!"
"Well fuck you!"

He tried to grab Colleen, and I punched him in the face.  "Oh my God!" Colleen yelled as he fell backward, and hit his head, a cell phone fell out his pocket, his buddy woke up from the noise.

"Jump on this trolley."  I said as one approached and we trotted across the tracks to the next landing.  At the next station, we let one train go ahead before sitting in the rear car and saw two police officers talking to them on the return trip. 

Colleen clutched my arm. The trolley eased to a halt. "Oh shit."
"Don't worry."  I said.  "The cops aren't getting on board." 

Seconds, it moved on.  One of the bums pointed at the car, but it was too late  "We got away with it!  Yay!" Colleen excitedly  clapped her hands and gave me a hug when we were away from the station.  "You're really cool, Mark."
"I hate tweekers." 
She smiled and said nothing until we got to the stop.

"I live on Cortez Hill, the apartments facing the freeway?"
"Let's go."
"You got a girlfriend?"
"Good," she smirked.  "Can I get your number?"
She pushed the send button, my phone rang.  "Just checking."

We made our way up the hill, Colleen didn't break stride, causing her breasts to bobble slightly. "I had to wear boots today," she groused before she buzzed us in and we made our way to the elevator.  "My mom's got a friend, Ron, they might be home."
"Not a problem.
Colleen locked her eyes on her mine before surveying me from head to toe and smiling.  She hugged me again and whispered,  "Do you like white girls?"
"Good.  I'll get them out of the apartment and me and you can do something."
"I dunno." The doors opened and she clutched my ass. "I'm a real freak in the bed." 

It was a crowded apartment with the four of us.  Ron and I watched television while Colleen and her mom quietly discussed something in the bedroom before they came out.  "Mark, this is Pat, my mom."
"Hi." I waved and we shook hands.
"Hey Ron? Why don't you and Pat watch tv in the lounge?" Colleen suggested and waited until the door eased shut with their exit.  "Want a beer?" She took off her boots.
When she returned from the refrigerator, a button was undone and a freckled expanse of chest and decolletage moved toward me, topped with a pensive smile.  She bit her lip before sitting down.

"Well," Colleen put the beers on the coffee table and sat close to me on the sofa, "there's a little problem," she calmly put her hands on my lap, "my mom spent more than she was supposed to," her nervous eyes met mine, "but tomorrow is payday,"and her hands moved to undo my belt, "I can get you your money," to undo my zipper, "but since you punched that tweeker for me," sent her hands down my pants, "and I should do something to repay," before stopping suddenly. 

"Oh my God."  Her eyes widened when they made contact with my cock, as she extracted it, it hardened into its full length.  "You're huge!  How big is it?"
"9 and a half inches."
"I have to see that."  Colleen left to search for a ruler in a drawer and measured it. "You're not lying!" 

Excitedly, she got to her knees, had me stand up so she could pull my pants out of the way to marvel at it.  I pulled off my shoes with my feet and kicked my pants out of the way as she took it in her hands with an apprehensive look.  "You know Mark, I really want to but I don't know if I can.  I've never had a dick this big before."  She put it to her lips to lick at the head.  "It's so big.  But you almost went to jail for me." Colleen took a few minutes to decide before she opened her mouth and take it in half way, go a bit further and gag it out.  "I'm sorry," she said between coughs.
"You tried."
"It looks so easy in porn.  Sit down," she insisted, unbuttoning to reveal her magnificent, lightly freckled spheroids straining against her bra, to reveal them in their entirety, taking a globule in either hand and leaning forward to place them on either side of my cock.  Colleen slowly raised and lowered her breasts along the length, reveling in the stark contrast of my black cock between her pale mounds.  "You gotta' condom?"
"Fuck!  Me neither.  You gotta' come back tomorrow.  I have to fuck your cock." 

Colleen stood up and pulled her skirt and red lace panties down before mounting my lap, facing me.  She caressed my cock in one hand, masturbating with the other, occasionally rubbing my cock on her body.  "It's the biggest, I've ever seen."

She leaned close, sighs and groans emanated, the last of her perfume lingered with a light scent of perspiration.  Alternating hands, my cock was sprinkled with her increasing wetness.
"I want this dick in me!" She pumped her ring and middle fingers deep within her making wet loud slaps.  Her other hand relentlessly clenched my cock, tugging on it until she came.  Colleen returned kneeling on the floor to surround my cock with her breasts and mouth.  It stood in rigid defiance of her ministrations.  She took it one hand, "I'm gonna' try again."

Colleen slowly eased her orifice down, half way, further, closed her eyes and downed the entire length.  A hand returned its actions on her pussy as she bobbed her head up and down.  Colleen became more acclimated to the length, alternating, a slapping wet noise came from between her legs, increasing in tempo. 

A muffled moan eventually caused her to stop and extract it entirely, gasping and coughing, "I so want to fuck this!"  A brief respite and again my cock was ingested.  Colleen's eagerness gave way to expertise, my balls were lightly handled and stroked as she found new ways to work her mouth and throat upon my cock.  Colleen soon found an agreeable tempo to apply her suctionings, closed her eyes and increased her efforts.

"I'm gonna' cum," I notified her.  She slid enough of it of her mouth to lock a hand around it and apply a pumping clutch with the last of her oral withdrawals.

"Nut on my tits!" Colleen demanded moving them into position, and not stopping the insistent actions of her hand until cum spattered abstractly onto them.  Colleen savored watching it dwindle, oozing cum in a shiny trail, before going to the bathroom to clean up, viewing the stains on her chest in the mirror before wiping them off. "You're coming over, tomorrow, right?"
"I guess I have to."

She returned with a washcloth to wipe my cock off, watching it dwindle into limpness, to refasten her bra around her breasts, and quickly throw the blouse back on. "Yeah, you have to.  Hey, is it true that black guys don't eat pussy?"
"No."  Then the phone rang.
"Fuck!" Colleen protested before picking up the receiver. "Hello?  We're still talking.  Yeah, you left your cigarettes here."  She sat down beside me and took my cock in her hand.  "Now?!  Fine."  She hung up.  "I bet you eat pussy real good too, huh?"
"Spread your legs."  For half a minute, I sucked her nubbin, one hand slapped into the couch arm and she pulled my head away with the other.  "Get dressed.  Go."  She picked up her skirt and panties, went to the bathroom, closed the door before squealing.

3pm, next day, Colleen asks over the phone, "Whatcha' doing?"
"Working. I won't be free until eight."
"Eight?  Really?  That's a long wait."
"It's supposed to be ready at 7:45. I have to be here."
"I can't stop thinking about your dick.  Are you by yourself?"
"Me too.  You should do porn."
"Pay's lousy."
"You're kidding, right?"
"No.  I'm not."
"Well, you got a porn star dick for certain.  You sure you can't get off work early?"
"Guess I'll have to play with myself until then."

8:00, Collen answered the phone.  "Hello?"
"Are you bringing me that big dick?"
"I'm four blocks away."

8:11, Colleen told me through the call box, "I'm in the shower! The door'll be open." I locked it behind me when I entered.  The hideaway mattress in the sofa unfolded in wait.  She was rinsing off when I got to the bathroom door.  "Hey.  Make yourself comfortable.  Really comfortable." 

I obliged as she exited the shower and toweled off before exiting the bathroom.  "You got a nice body for a guy in his thirties, you know that?  Let's go stand out on the balcony.  No one can see us.  I do it all the time."  She opened the sliding glass door and we both stepped out, nude in a cool autumn night.  "Doesn't that feel nice?"
Colleen turned to take in the view and pulled me to stand behind her, where she pushed her butt against my cock.  "I'd do it out here, but it's kinda' chilly.  You ready?"
"Whenever you are."
Colleen turned around to take it in her hands as it began to extend, I gently pinched her nipples erect. "Wow." she sighed. "Dick like this makes me glad I'm a slut."

Colleen dimmed the lights before she sat on the mattress and again took my cock in her mouth, with her new found expertise and enthusiasm proceeded to insure its hardness deep within her throat.  When it was to her liking, she wrapped the condom around it and got on all fours before splaying her torso on the mattress and her ass in the air. "Fuck me like this.  You like it?"

She positioned a pillow under her head, and began to masturbate until her folds gorged themselves open, pink slowly turning a glistening crimson and throbbed in expectation. Collen reached back and held herself open with both hands.  "I want you to fuck me like the slut I am, Mark."  I teased her with the head.  "No teasing!  Stop it!"  Colleen turned around with impatience in her eyes.  "Give me that big dick!  Right now!"

One slow thrust and it nestled deep within her.  Colleen made a guttural groan, "You, you're, stretching me, oh fuck, you're stretching me!"  Her hands remained steady keeping her cleft open as I further cored my tension upward, Collen's chasm fluttered wildly and her hands left their positions.  She quickly took a pillow and bit into it, screaming.  I began a steady palpitation, only withdrawing far enough to emphatically return.

"Do you like it, you dirty slut?" I asked before pulling her hair.
"Harder.  Fuck me harder!"
I slapped her ass.  "Do you like it, you dirty little slut?"
"I love it.  I love it.  Fuck me harder!  Please?"
I retracted my cock slowly to let her walls merge.  "No, no, no."  One swift disruptive tunneling thrust, "Yes, fuck yeah, fuck yeah."

Tempo change, to increase the volume of contact of my balls against her clitoris, tension change, to decrease my cock's exiting, air made spluttering exits with wet flecks.  Colleen stuffed the pillow into her mouth to shriek as the quakes in her cleft grew in intensity and frequency pulling on my measure.  A rhythmic wet glick emanated from between her thighs, a trickle came between my balls and her clit.  I made a steady upward drive when her oscillations became pronounced, slapped her ass.  "Dirty slut."
"Yes," Colleen hissed.  "I'm a dirty slut!  Fuck me like a dirty slut!"

Cadence was changed to afford my length being extracted to the head and swiftly replaced to wet pops and hisses.  Colleen moaned as her pussy began a steady metric clutching, that built to an unreached point. Colleen closed her eyes, bit into the pillow and slapped her hands on the mattress.  With one immense screaming cinch, she drove a hot stream of fluid onto the base of my cock and balls.  "I want it," she gasped, "in my ass!"

Colleen pushed me back far enough to remove it from her dripping cove and angle it toward her puckering asshole. I adjusted before insertion, plunging slowly so Colleen could savor its entrance.  Her aperture pulsed wildly, grasping the diameter as the length vanished within. "Oh my fucking God!  Fuck yes!"

Soon my balls were drenched in her ejaculate before she uncoupled herself to collapse moaning and quavering onto the mattress.  Colleen rolled onto her back, panting and unsated, sat up to remove the condom and voraciously ingest my cock, slathering it in drool and removed it to survey her deeds.

Another condom was duly unwrapped she returned prone and spread her legs wide to allow swift, firm ingress, gorging on every centimeter of segment becoming a eager, welcoming receptacle, thrumming and trilling as I held her legs asunder and drubbed her clit.  Fluid welled up within Colleen with aqueous puffs before being gradually expelled with irregular sloshes. Extracted to the tip, my cock was doused in one groaning spritz.

Colleen writhed under me as her fissure palpitated uncontrollably.  "You have to cum!  I can't take this much longer"

A relentless drive began.  Colleen wrapped her legs around me and put the pillow over her mouth, screaming ecstatically and spurting.  A wonted strain inflated within me and lurched forward, Colleen's eyes snapped open as I avulsed in time to remove the condom and spew flosses of cum onto her heaving breasts and stomach.  She happily ran her fingers through the puddles and splotches, impressed with the large stain on the mattress.

"That's the most I've ever squirted," she took the cover and sheets off.  "It's all the way down to the mattress.  You see that?  Let's take a shower, they'll be back soon."

We cleaned up, Colleen wrapped a bathrobe around her and lit a joint as I dressed.  We returned to the living room.  "I guess I should tell you I have a boyfriend, huh?"
"The cat's away?"
"Jail.  I'm too horny to wait another three weeks."  Colleen thrust her hips back and forth, before she laid a towel over the stain and retrieved a dry sheet with a mattress cover to make the bed. "Wow!  It still feels like your dick's in me.  Wanna' make some money?" 
"Doing what?" 
"Have a three-way with me and my hairdresser friend.  She's a older than you but totally hot and she really likes black dick.  She gives me a hundred to fuck her with a strap-on."  Colleen reached under the sofa to extract her toy box, harness, and black dildo.  "See?  And I'm sure she'll pay me more for the real thing."
The phone rang, she answered, "Hello?" Pressing a button on the keypad she said, "I'd have you stay over but I won't sleep. But," she parted her robe and patted her cleft, "I'll sleep good."
"Good night."
"Gimme' a kiss." Colleen puckered.

4:30 pm, the next day.  Colleen asked, "Whatcha' doing?"
"You got a minute?"
"You leave me sore, but in a good way.  I told my mom about you and she's all, 'That's your problem.'"  Colleen giggled.  "When do you get off work?"
"I can leave whenever."
"I got the office and a big desk all to myself.   You ever fuck a girl on a desk before?"  She said nothing for a few minutes.  "I'm playing with myself.  Megan wants to meet us later.  Are you doing anything important?"
"I can sneak out."
"Oh yeah," she hissed.  "Do that."

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