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The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 10

The storm brought new awakenings.
Camp owner, Sandra Michaels and one of the schoolteachers, Steven Black returned from the lake. Two of the boats on the lake had broken their moorings during the storm last night. Thankfully though, they were undamaged. Sandra and Steven had sailed them back to shore and secured them, ready for the students to sail today in classes.

The students were at the main hall at the camp. Quite a few of the young ladies were just sitting on the chairs in front of the main hall. John Michaels had taken off his shirt; his muscles bulged as he picked up the broken tree branches. A few of the young ladies had their hands in their laps as they watched.

Steven Black gathered the girls, and Miss Shapely together. Miss Shapely was going to be the other teacher for today’s sailing lessons. The conditions were perfect, bright sunny skies and a moderate breeze to aid sailing.

Becky Watts however, somehow managed to slip by her teachers. She waited until everyone had gone off to their respective classes for the day. The only other person anywhere nearby was John Michaels, one of the camp owners. John had not been paying any attention to anybody around him as he focused solely on cleaning up the mess at his camp.

John had almost finished cleaning up all of the broken branches around the main hall. Becky wanted to act on her desires to make love to John; she decided it was now time to make a move on him. Becky fetched a towel from her dorm. Becky then went into the ladies shower block and stripped off.

Wrapping herself in the towel, Becky walked over to John and told him there something in the showers that he should see. John walked into the shower block. Becky cast an eye around the camp to see they had not been seen by anyone, and then walked in behind him.

“What is the problem in here Becky?” He asked.

"There is no problem in here; I said there was something you should see. I don't recall mentioning a problem." Becky replied.

Becky had removed her towel, and draped it over her shoulder. When John turned around, she was naked before him.

“Becky you should not be naked in here.” John said.

“Why not John? It is a shower block. Am I supposed to be dressed in here?” Becky replied.

“I mean that you should not be naked now. You should at the very least put the towel on and tell me what you brought me in here for,” said John.

“What is wrong john? Do you not like my nice firm tits? Do you not like my neatly trimmed bush? Do you think I should take care of it by myself?” replied Becky.

“Becky, I am a married man. You are a student staying at my camp, it would not be right for me to do anything like that.” John said, trying to send Becky back to her classes.

“Oh John, your words are saying one thing; but your body is saying something else. You say you want me to leave, but your cock is nice and hard. It says you want me to stay. Your cock likes me, and I want it.” Becky said as she walked over to John.

John was backed into a corner in the building, with young Becky standing close in front of him. Becky then put her hand on his hard manhood and rubbed it a little, before John brushed her hand away. He tried to push passed Becky to leave the room. But Becky stopped him. Becky kissed him on his mouth; John began to give in to his desires. Becky was a great kisser, John tried again to leave the shower block.

“Becky I am dirty from all the cleaning up this morning. I would need to clean myself up before I did anything like this with you. Maybe later?” He was trying to say no, but…

“Very funny John, we are in a shower block. If you want to take a shower before you fuck me, it is okay. We can shower together and then fuck each other.” Becky said.

As she spoke Becky pulled his shorts down. John had tried to grab the waistband of his shorts. But Becky was fast and John missed it. He now stood naked, his shorts on the floor around his ankles. John's erect manhood was no longer hidden from view. Becky kissed him again, this time John explored her young body with his hands. Becky explored John’s mouth with her tongue, while she explored his body with her hands. Becky was using both of her hands to pay a lot of attention to his rigid manhood and balls.

Without a word, they made their way to the shower. Becky turned the water on and washed John’s sweaty body clean. She turned the water off and knelt down to enjoy his hard cock.

“Are you a… I mean have you ever…” John stammered a little, before Becky helped him out.

“No, I am not a virgin. Yes I have had sex before. I sucked my first cock at my sixteenth birthday party. Then I lost my virginity a couple of days later when I caught my Aunts' next-door neighbor masturbating himself in his pool. He was my age, but I soon graduated to older men. Young guys are all about themselves and their own orgasm, while older men make me cum too. I have had sex with a black man before, but he didn't have a cock as big as yours. I am going to enjoy this, slowly.” Becky said.

Becky then started to lick, kiss and suck John’s member. As Becky stroked John’s hard cock, she sucked his balls. John stopped her after just one minute.

“Wait a minute Becky, you are so good at that. My cock feels awesome, but I want to eat your hot little pussy. Come and suck my cock over here on the bench. That way I can eat you while you suck me. I love eating pussy while I get my cock sucked.” John said as he lay on the bench in the middle of the room.

John lay on the bench and Becky straddled his muscular body. Becky had barely knelt on the bench, when John put his hands on Becky’s sweet ass and pulled her to his eager tongue. Becky began to slowly stroke his shaft; admiring his hardness as she did, before teasing his length with her own young but experienced tongue.

Becky licked and kissed his length, coating it with saliva. Becky sucked John’s hot hard cock into her mouth. Eventually, Becky was able to take a little over half his length in her mouth. John moaned with his young lover’s magical lip service. Becky held the head of John’s cock in her mouth and with her hands, wrapped her breasts around his wet shaft.

John was in heaven, eating Becky’s sweet young pussy. While she started to slide her breasts up and down his rigid male member. Becky was also in ecstasy as John worked his tongue deep into her tender pussy. Becky wanted him to cum for her, but John was more experienced and it was not long before Becky could feel that familiar warm feeling building inside her. She was about to cum herself. John’s experienced tongue and hands sensed his lover fast approaching her climax. He circled the tip of his tongue around Becky’s erect love button, but with a very light pressure.

Becky’s knees grew weaker and weaker as John worked his magic. With each circle around her clitoris, John applied just a little more pressure, until Becky gripped his head tightly between her legs. She forgot all about John’s cock, as all of her attention was now on his wonderful oral technique. Becky was in heaven; she could feel her pleasure building to its peak. But somehow John seemed to be holding her back from climaxing. Then it happened, Becky finally started to climax.

“Ooh John, that feels so wonderful baby. Please don't stop. Make me cum. I’m going to cum; Oh John, I am cumming baby.” Becky moaned as her climax reached its peak.

Becky could hold out no longer; she gave in to the erotic pleasures John was giving to her. Becky’s hands were on the bench beside John’s hips, her weak knees trembled beside his chest as she came. Becky’s sweet juices began to trickle, and then flood into John’s mouth. As they did, John sucked Becky’s sweet pink inner labia into his mouth. John slowly worked his tongue between them. Becky’s cum tasted wonderful. John allowed Becky to calm down and regain her senses for a moment, before changing positions.

John had Becky lie on the bench with her legs over the end. He picked Becky’s legs up and draped them over his big muscular arms. He slowly inserted his mature manhood into Becky’s tender young womanhood.

“Ooh yes baby. Take me slowly; stretch my young pussy with your hot hard cock. I want you to fill me with your hard cock,” Becky moaned in pleasure as he did just that.

“Oh Becky, you have a nice tight pussy baby. I am not hurting you, am I? I want you to enjoy me as much as I am enjoying you,” John asked as he started to build a slow and steady rhythm.

After a few gentle strokes John was deep inside Becky. Becky could feel his thick manhood stretching her tight young pussy as his balls slapped against her cute little ass. Even though Becky had her hands around her hot young breasts, they still bounced a little with each thrust John made as he slid in and out of her. Soon he had picked up a nice pace.

Becky was now used to John’s length and girth and her hands explored his muscular chest and arms. Sweat was beginning to bead on both their bodies. Becky was pleased that John was inside her, she did not want to be anywhere else right now.

“Fuck me deep with your big dick. I want it all John, make love to me like a woman. I may be young, but I want it and you are all the way inside me now. Ooh John, I am going to cum again baby. I want to cum on your hot cock. Fuck me baby, make me cum again,” Becky moaned.

Becky had a look of intense pleasure written all over her face. But John did not let her cum. John was enjoying his young lover; John wanted this sexual liaison to last forever. Becky’s pussy felt amazing as it gripped his thick manhood. John stopped to let Becky’s climactic pleasures subside, just a little. John slowly lifted her sweaty young legs up.

Becky’s legs were now draped over John’s shoulders. The angle of his rigid cock inside Becky made her pussy feel awesome. John had his strong arms around her thighs as he tweaked her gorgeous nipples. Becky was smiling back at him. Becky reveled in the awesome feeling of his large cock inside her and caressing John's muscular arms.

John could not hold back anymore. Looking down at Becky was too sexy. No man could resist thrusting deep and hard into such a beautiful young lady. As John thrust into Becky's sweet young pussy, he could feel his scrotum tighten around his balls. John knew he was about to fill her pussy full of his cum.

“Ooh John, I am going to cum again. Don’t stop this time. Let me cum this time baby. I want to cum on your heavenly cock.” Becky moaned, loudly as she began to orgasm.

“Ooh Becky, I too am going to cum baby. I am going to cum deep inside you. Ooh fuck Becky, you are such a sexy woman. I am cumming Becky,” John cried as his cock began to spasm.

After they had climaxed together, John let Becky’s legs slowly slide down his arms. Her feet touched the floor, though Becky felt like she was floating. John’s cock was now semi rigid, but still inside her. John leant down and kissed Becky’s tits; he sucked the sweat from them before kissing his way up her neck to kiss her salty lips. John kissed Becky for a few moments, before telling her to hop into the shower with him.

After they had showered and dressed again, Becky carefully made her way down to the lake to rejoin her classmates. Her knees were still a little weak from having sex with a sexy older man, her pussy felt amazing. As she walked along the track to the lake, Becky was surprised to see fellow student Sarah Barker.

“That was so hot Becky. I bet John’s cock felt awesome as he fucked your tight wet pussy. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone today. But Becky, I will tell you this much for free. One day maybe soon, maybe later. One day in the future, you will repay me for my silence. You will do something for me in return for me not telling his wife, your parents, or Miss Noefun. I am sure Miss Noefun our headmistress, would be very interested to know you were fucking a married man just now.” Sarah said smugly.

“You bitch. You were watching us. I’ll…” Becky started to reply to Sarah’s blackmail.

“You'll what bitch? You will what? How does it feel to be the one on the receiving end for a change? Do anything to my friends, or myself, and Miss Noefun finds out what you did. Just shut up and join in with the rest of us as a normal person, instead of being a total bitch. You never know, you may just have some fun.” Sarah said.

Sarah then stopped Becky as they walked. She stood in front of her and placed a hand against her chest. Sarah could feel Becky’s nice and firm beasts, but did not go there.

“Do we have a deal, bitch? Or do I go down there to our classmates and tell them how Becky took that big, black cock deep into her pussy. Do I tell them how Mr. Michaels came deep inside you? Do I tell them it was all your idea too? Well Becky? Do we have a deal?”

Sarah was very persuasive. She did not really need to ask, Becky was never going to say no.

“Okay Sarah, you have won this round. I will do as you say. But if you tell anybody, you know what will happen to you.” Becky replied.

Becky and Sarah both got into trouble for being so late to join their classmates. Becky smiled when she felt a trickle of John’s seed escape the confines of her panties as she sailed around on the lake. Sarah smiled knowing she finally had some much needed dirt on that bitch, Becky Watts.

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