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The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 9

The storm did not quite hide the sins of the flesh last night.
There had been a thunderstorm at Camp Lake Blue Water last night. The students and teachers were all fine, as were the camp buildings. Some of the trees however, had not fared quite so well. A few trees were strewn about the grounds. It was nothing major, nothing a few hours of cleaning up by the camp owners would not fix.

Mr. John Michaels and Mrs. Sandra Michaels, the camp owners and supervisors surveyed the main camp area. Mr Michaels started to clean up the broken trees, while Mrs. Michaels started to head down to the lake to check on the camps sailing boats. Miss Noefun insisted that Mr Steven Black, one of the health and physical education teachers from the school attending the camp accompany her in case she needed any assistance. Miss Noefun was keen that the students should be able to continue with their sailing activity that had been planned for today.

Miss Noefun was the headmistress from The Long Stockings Private School for Gifted girls and young ladies. She was keen for the young ladies to study rather than to have a break. Even if the storm had caused some damage last night, Miss Noefun saw no reason for the young ladies not to be learning while at the camp.

When Steven and Sandra got down to the lake, they saw that two of the sailboats had broken their moorings; they were adrift, but looked to be undamaged. So they checked out the shed with the kayaks and other equipment stored inside. It was fine, so they turned their attention to the sailboats adrift on the lake. They decided to swim out to the closest boat, then sail it over to the other one before bringing them both back to shore again.

“I’ll race you onto the sailboat. The loser has to strip down to their underwear and give the winner a back rub.” Sandra said as she waded into the cool water of the lake.

Seven followed her, and was the first to touch the boat. Sandra quickly clambered on board. Steven climbed on board soon after.

“I won. I am looking forward to a nice back rub too,” Steven said.

“Oh no Steven, I specifically said onto the boat. Not just touching the side of it. I was the first one on board. So I will be getting a back rub, thank you. And yes, I am looking forward to a nice back rub.” Sandra corrected him.

“Okay Sandra, you did say onto it. So yes, you are the winner. So if you lay on the seat, I will give you your reward,” Steven said as he conceded defeat.

“Well turn around Steven. There is no towel here for me to conceal my modesty.” Said Sandra.

Steven turned around and waited. He could feel the sailboat rock from side to side. Sandra undressed, hanging her clothes over parts of the sailboat to dry. She then lay on the long seat in the middle of the boat to receive her reward.

“When you are ready Steven, you can strip down to your underwear. I am looking forward to my back rub. You should put a little effort into it; I may give you something in return if it is good enough,” said Sandra.

Steven was hesitant at first, but he soon stripped down to his underwear and began to give Sandra a nice relaxing back rub. Sandra seemed to enjoy it too. Steven based this on his observations of how she moaned as he worked on her beautiful ebony body. The only problem Steven now had, was the fact that Sandra was actually totally naked. At least she was lying face down and looking the other way. So Sandra could not see his erect member straining to get out of his pants. But after ten minutes, his problem was not just discovered. Sandra did something to make it worse. Sandra rolled over onto her back exposing her gorgeous body to Steven. He tried to look away, but Sandra’s beautiful body was too good to look away from.

“Well Steven, that was wonderful. Would you mind giving my front a little rub?” Sandra purred.

Steven did not know what to do. Why not? There is nobody here to see. It is only a massage. Sandra just happens to be naked. Steven found Sandra’s body to be very alluring. He rubbed her legs from her cute feet up to her toned thighs, stopping just short of her neatly trimmed womanhood. Then started again above, and continued up her stomach. Steven stopped just under her breasts. His fingers just lightly brushed her breast as he worked his way to her shoulders.

“You are doing a very good job. But Steven, you have missed a bit. I want you to give my breasts a rub too. While you do, would you like me to work on your stiff muscle here?”

Sandra purred as she pulled his underwear aside, releasing and slowly stroking Steven’s erect manhood. Steven froze and thoughts filled his mind, time seemed to stand still around them as they did. Eventually though, Steven spoke.

“Sandra, you are a married woman. I should not be looking at your gorgeous naked body, let alone have my erect manhood in your hands. What if someone sees us? How would we explain this?” He asked.

“Who is going to see us? I am lying below the sides of the boat. Only you can see my naked body, thank you for saying it is beautiful. No one can see me do this either,” Sandra replied.

Steven was awestruck as Sandra quickly swiveled around and took him in her mouth, sucking him in slowly, deeply and sucking hard on his stiff manhood. Steven though he was in heaven as he watched as it slowly disappeared into Sandra’s willing mouth.

“Ooh God Sandra. Who cares if anyone can see us, they certainly can't stop us in a hurry. That is amazing; please don't stop. My manhood has not felt so good in a long time.” Steven sighed.

“Well Steven, your cock must have felt pretty good last night. It must have been awesome fucking Kelly and Jane last night. You may have been uninterrupted, but I know you fucked them. Why else were you all in the ladies’ shower block with them for so long last night? You could have come out not long after you went in there. Or did you have two hot young ladies stopping you? Two hot young ladies who needed a hard cock, your hard cock?” Sandra stunned Steven with her reply.

“Oh shit. I thought we were Okay. I thought no one had seen anything when no one mentioned it this morning. Please Sandra, I will do anything not to have it get out. I will do whatever you want; just don't tell anyone, especially Miss Noefun. You and I both know that I would lose my job if you did.”

Steven was already on his knees; he would have begged her if he needed, if Sandra wasn't sucking his cock. Sandra chuckled as she did. Steven just moaned in pleasure as Sandra sucked his cock and swirled her tongue around the head. Sandra used the tip of her tongue to tease his urethral opening and the underside of the head, slowly sucking his whole shaft into her mouth once again. Before sliding her mouth back off it again. There was a popping sound as it escaped her lips.

“Okay Steven, I will say nothing. But you will need to fuck me. I am so horny right now; I want you to eat my pussy. I want you to eat me like you did Jane and young Kelly last night.”

Sandra said as she lay back on the bench type seat and opened her slender thighs to give Steven unrestricted access to her wet womanhood. Steven wasted no time in getting to his knees and tasting her hot wet juicy womanhood. He sucked her labia into his mouth, before exploring her pussy with his lips, fingers and tongue. Sandra’s womanhood tasted wonderful. As he savored Sandra’s juices, Steven looked up her beautiful body to her sweet face. Sandra smiled back at him as she massaged her breasts.

“Oh my lord baby. If Jane and Kelly got these soft kisses and this sucking… Ooh that is good, if they got this last night. You would have had two hot and horny lovers draining your balls for you. I hope you want to fuck me just like you fucked Jane too. Ooh Steven, I am going to cumm.” Sandra said huskily.

Sandra orgasmed in no time with Steven’s expert moves. As Sandra recovered, Steven slowly licked and kissed her inner thighs clean. He did not want to waste a drop of Sandra’s yummy juices, before kissing his way up her gorgeous body to her lips. Sandra did not waste any time in guiding him inside her as they kissed. Steven moaned in pleasure as he entered Sandra’s womanhood. It felt like Sandra had hold of his member with a soft velvet glove. At the same time, Sandra squeezed her pussy tightly around Steven’s hard cock.

“Oh Sandra, I feel like I am in a wonderland today. I have never had my cock sucked and teased so well as you did; and now I am deep inside your heavenly pussy too.”

Sandra chuckled as Steven spoke.

“What is so funny? What did I say to make you laugh?” Steven asked.

“Well Steven, I used to have a roommate in college. Her name was Alice, and we used to call my pussy Alice’s wonderland. She took my virginity, well my lesbian virginity anyway. You just made me remember those days, that is all. My pussy has not been called a wonderland in a lot of years, and never by a man.” Sandra replied.

Steven began to slowly slide his member in and out of Sandra’s wonderful pussy. Sandra would grip his shaft tightly as he slid out, and relax as he slid in again. The feeling for Steven was intense. Steven was working his rod in and out of Sandra at an angle, the veins on top of his shaft were stimulating Sandra’s love button with each and every stroke. Sandra could feel every lump, bump and protruding vein on his member. Steven thought he would explode inside her with every wonderful stroke. After a few short mind-blowing minutes he did.

“Oh Sandra, I can’t last any longer honey. I am going to cum inside you. Can I cum inside you honey? Please?” Steven gasped as he neared his climax.

“Cum inside me Steven. Fill me with your hot seed baby. Cum inside me like you did those two young honeys last night. I want it all Steven, don’t hold back baby. Cum for me.” Sandra replied.

Her voice raspy, her breath short as she too was neared climax. The pair came together, their bodies shaking and shuddering in unison. Sandra’s juices ran down Steven’s balls and dripped onto the floor. At the same time Steven’s cock began to spasm, filling his lover with his hot sticky seed. Sandra had her arms wrapped around Steven, her nails dragged down his back as she climaxed. Sandra also had her feet on Steven’s ass and she applied pressure to let him know to stay inside; not that Steven had intended to pull out in a hurry.

Steven was looking intently into Sandra’s eyes and after a few moments passed by, the pair had regained their breath. Sandra had one more surprise in mind for Steven though.

“Steven, there is something I want you to do. I have always wanted a man to eat my pussy after he had cum inside me. I want you to eat me; I want you to eat me now that our love juices have mixed together. Then kiss me and let me taste our love juice mixture too.” Sandra whispered between kisses.

Seven was taken aback. He was unsure whether he should or not. He decided in the end to do it. He had no qualms with Sandra sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. He liked to kiss a woman with her cum on his lips. He was a bisexual man; he was happy to suck on another man’s cock and taste his cum. So why should Steven not his own cum in this way?

He slid down to the floor, kissing Sandra’s body as he went. He slowly ran the tip of his erect tongue up Sandra’s soft outer labia. He could not taste anything different, and so he slid his tongue in further the next time. Steven continued until his tongue was deep inside Sandra. As Steven sucked her outer labia into his mouth, he tasted something different. This time Steven could taste a little of his cum, mixed with Sandra’s delicious love juices. He pushed his tongue as deep inside Sandra as he could. He was actually enjoying the taste of their mixed love juices. He then got up and kissed Sandra, allowing her to taste their combined juices on his lips and chin. Sandra sucked his face clean, before asking for more.

The exchange continued Sandra’s breathing became rapid again as Steven sucked their cum from her pussy. It was not long before Sandra put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him in deep. Sandra began to grind her pelvis against his face.

“Oh Steven, that is so good honey, I am going to cum again. Keep eating me; make me cum honey. Ooh. Ungh Steven, I am Cumming. Eat me,” Sandra cried as Steven worked his tongue inside her.

After her second orgasm Steven could now only taste Sandra’s pussy juices, and not his own seed mixed with them. Steven had gotten hard while eating his cum from Sandra’s pussy. As he kissed her with the last remnants of their mixed juices on his lips, Steven slid inside her again. Sandra soon stopped him though; Sandra wanted to be in control this time, she wanted to be on top.

“Lie back on the floor baby, I want to ride you. I want to control the angles; I want to control the pace.” Sandra ordered.

Steven did as he was told; it was a huge turn on to have such a sweet and sexy woman in control. Sandra started off slowly lowering herself onto his shaft, her body vertical to his. Steven reached up and massaged her breasts as she slid down onto his member, then caressed her whole body as she rode him. Steven could hardly believe his luck; he had never had a gorgeous ebony lady riding his manhood before.

The feeling of the sex was sensational; his cock felt like it would explode inside Sandra at any moment. The sight was something else again as Sandra rode him; her breasts passed back and forth inches above his face. Steven could take no more, he lifted his head up from the floor to lick and suck her alluring nipples. Sandra teased him though, lifting away to prevent him sucking them.

All the while Sandra was slow and calculated in her strokes on his member. Sandra was enjoying the feeling of Steven’s member sliding in and out of her wet pussy as she rode him. Steven could not just lie there and take it; he began to thrust into Sandra as she slid down him. He also reached up, wrapping his strong arms around Sandra and puling her down to him allowing him to suck her hot nipples.

“Stop baby. I want to change positions a little. It feels so good, so don't cum too soon or I will be disappointed.” Sandra said.

Sandra quickly changed her position above Steven. She was still facing him, her legs were now along his torso; her hands on the floor of the boat near his legs. Sandra was lifting up until his knob almost escaped the grasp of her velvet love glove, before once again sliding back down it until their hips met. Steven had the most arousing view of Sandra as she continued to ride him. Steven could see Sandra’s outer labia parted by his member. Sandra’s love juices had coated him well and his member glistened in the early morning sunlight. As Sandra arched her back, her breasts pointed to the sky well out of reach of Steven’s exploring hands. Steven continued to explore Sandra’s body, enjoying the sensual feeling of her soft skin on his fingertips.

It was not long before he was once again close to climax. Steven did not want to come first though. Steven wet his thumb, placed his fingers on Sandra’s pelvis and began to circle his thumb over her erect little love button. Soon the pair was once again on the verge of another shared climax. Steven had his wish; Sandra came mere seconds before he did. Sandra’s cum flowed out over his rigid cock and onto his pelvis. Steven’s cum pumped inside Sandra’s now dripping wet pussy.

Sandra caught her breath and bent down to clean her juices from Steven’s pelvic region. Sandra sucked Steven’s now flaccid member clean, before sitting on the bench seat again. Without a word being spoken, Steven began to lick and suck the mixture of their love juices from Sandra’s pussy and inner thigh. He savored them for a moment; Steven then kissed Sandra again. Sandra sucked the mixed juices from his mouth and chin. The process repeated until Sandra’s pussy was clean once more.

“We had better clean up and fetch the other boat back so you can teach your students a few sailing lessons. Although Steven, I could stay here all day fucking and sucking you,” Said Sandra.

Sandra and Steven quickly dressed and sailed the boat over to the other drifting vessel, before returning to shore to begin the day’s lessons. No one was on the shore when they returned. Steven went to investigate where the young ladies were. He found most of them just sitting on the chairs at the main hall. John Michaels had taken off his shirt; his muscles bulged as he picked up the broken tree branches. A few of the young ladies had their hands in their laps as they watched…
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