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The Voice of God (Chapter 5)

Where my Chinese lover wakens to pleasures undreamed.

I wake with a start. The sky outside the window is pink with the dawn. The sun has not yet risen. I have not yet adjusted to the time change since arriving in China.

You are lying on your side, just as you were when we fell asleep. Your breathing is even, restful.

I pull you closer and my body mirrors yours; a spoon within a spoon. My cock wakens and presses against the soft skin of your sweet ass, your pi gu.

You murmur in your sleep. Words that are unintelligible; Chinese words. Your ass squirms against me once more.

My cock stiffens, finds its way between your legs, pressing against the slit that my tongue enjoyed last night. You push back against me, harder, with more urgency, and the tip of my cock becomes slick with the wetness that seeps from you.

“Mmmmm.” Is this a sound from your dream? Or is this the sound of awakening lust?

You reach back, between us, and your hand guides the tip of my cock to your swollen slit; moist, hot and ready. You move your ass and push against it. Slowly, very slowly, I begin to enter you.

You are tight; but the wetness that seeps from you eases the passage. Your muscles begin to adjust and relax as I slide deeper and deeper into you.

Will I hurt you this first time? I don’t want to hurt you.

Slowly, little by little my cock slides into your wet passage until you have accepted its full length.

I can sense the tension in your body and I don’t move. You don’t move. I wait.

“Oh, God! That feels so good.” With these words, your body relaxes and you squirm a little as if to adjust to this intrusion.

And then you begin to pull away from me. At the point where only the tip of my cock is still inside you, I fear that you will pull away completely. But you stop. And slowly, so agonizingly slowly, you push back again. And my cock slides home, deep, deeper than I ever imagined, inside you.

Again you pull away; and again you push back. A slow rhythm begins to build. You set the pace.

“Oh, God! Can you move faster? It feels so good. I want you deeper. Deeper. Deeper! Oh God, please, deeper!”

I clutch your hips and pull you to me as I thrust into you. My cock rams into you and you meet each thrust with a small grunt from your throat.

The pace quickens. You have found urgency in your rhythm and your hips pound against my cock harder and harder.

But, I want to see your face. I want to see you as we join for the first time.

I pull my cock from your tight, wet little hole. “Oh God! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” you cry.

I turn you on your back. Instinctively you open your legs. An invitation. You know what you want. I kneel and I guide my cock to the wet little opening and in one piercing lunge I am as deep inside you as I have ever been.

“Oh, God!” Your words are a mixture of a grunt and a cry of joy. “That’s soooo good!.”

Your hips rise with my every thrust and my cock rubs against the little button that is now swollen and demanding attention. Our pace quickens. Faster. And still faster. The heat in you builds in anticipation of what is to come.

Your hands grab my ass and pull me even deeper into you with each penetration. Your body tenses as waves of pleasure wash over you.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Give it to me! Give it to me! I love your cock! I want your big cock! I want it! I want it! I want it! Oh god! Oh, yeeeessss" you moan unaware of how loud you have become and beyond caring.

Your body quivers and suddenly your back arches as wave after wave of orgasm courses through you.

The muscles of your tight little opening spasm and grip my cock tighter and tighter. And the juices from within wash over my balls as I continue to drive into you.

I am close. So close. I can feel my balls tightening in anticipation.

My body starts to tense as my thrusts slow, from fast and furious, to deep and hard. Suddenly my cock pulses, stiffens and erupts, splashing the insides of you with my cum. Pulse after pulse, gush after gush of hot juice floods through you.

“Oh, God!” It is my turn to exclaim.

I want to fill you with every last drop of my cum. My cock plunges into you again and again until I am spent, pumping every last drop of my cum into your burning hole. Your inner muscles tighten around me, milking the last of my cum from the tip of my cock. Sucking at my cock like a thirsty animal.

Panting and exhausted. I lower my body to you, cradling your head, my face buried in your hair.

Your breasts rise and fall as your breath comes in gasps. Your heart pounds and my pounding heart matches every beat.

“I never imagined it could be like that!”

“I promised you,” is my reply.

We lie together, bodies spent, joined in the most intimate way.

As our heartbeats slow and our breathing becomes more even, my cock begins to soften and withdraw from you.

“Don’t leave me! Stay inside me!”

As you flex your muscles to try to prevent my escape, the pressure forces my cock to slip from you. Our mingled juices escape, running over your ass and soaking into the sheets.

“We’re making a mess!”

“I don’t care.”

I leave you for a moment and return with yet another damp towel. As I wipe you clean in the most intimate way, you lie back, legs apart, and take pleasure from this little way that I spoil you.

“Oh, God! It’s better than I imagined!”

“Did you hear the voice of God?”

(This MAY be my last posting to Lush for a while... I leave for China for new inspiration and may not be able to bust through the "Great Firewall of China". We will know in a few days. Thank you all.)

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