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To Dance With Her (Part 2 of 2)

To Dance With Her (Part 2 of 2)

Over the next few days, the couple seemed to hit a rut on the dance floor. More specifically, August seemed to be regressing. It wasn’t a case of him not caring or trying. He was distracted and it showed in his constant stumbles, fumbled turns, and weak holds and lifts.

“I’m sorry. Man, I’m sorry,” he said over and over. It was obvious he was tearing himself up.

There was one particular move that was sticking him like a knife in the gut. After yanking Caleigh up against his body, one hand holding her bottom tightly, the other wrapped in her hair, pulling her back, arching her body backwards as she pushed her hands against his chest. His lips were to glide downward, skimming her skin from her chin, to her neck, to the top of her bosom.

While in the midst of the move, however, Caleigh felt like she was going to slip from his delicate grasp and fall back onto the floor.

“Ah, August! You’re holding me too loosely!” she said as she adjusted her footing.

“Pull her tight, August. Seize her body,” Thalia instructed, “Your pelvises should be grinding into one another. And brush your lips along her skin.”

August frowned and grit his teeth, cursing himself. He pulled Caleigh back up then stepped away, frustrated.

Caleigh stood aside with concern on her face as she watched him struggle with himself.

“Okay, maybe we should call it for today,” Thalia said, waving her hand before the young man started with his effusive apologies again. “Cal, why don’t you go get changed. I just want to talk to August for a bit.”

Caleigh looked at him anxiously. She offered him a reassuring smile then turned and walked away.

August spoke, “Thalia, I’m sorry. I-“

“Shh,” the older woman hushed with a smile. She wrapped her arm around his shoulders and turned him around. They watched Caleigh walking towards the change room.

“She’s really great, isn’t she?” Thalia said.

“God, she’s the best,” August replied, “She’s an amazing dancer.”

“She’s also a beautiful young woman,” Thalia added, “Don’t you think?”

August’s jaw tightened. He didn’t answer.

“She doesn’t need a boy anymore, August,” Thalia went on, “She needs a man. Hold her like a man, August, with the strength of a man. Gaze at her with all the desires of a man.”

He breathed deeply, his eyes still staring ahead.

“She trusts you, August. She’s trusting you with her body,” Thalia said softly, “She has the body of a woman, not a delicate little girl. Treat her like a woman. She needs you to take hold of her like a woman.”

Her words seeped into his mind like fragrant syrup. Even after Caleigh disappeared through the door, he could still see her vividly in his mind’s eye.

“You know how strong she is, right? She won’t break,” Thalia concluded.

Thalia looked at him closely. She saw a flickering intensity in his expression. Without another word, she walked away from him. August remained unmoving from his spot long after she had left the studio.


August’s feet suddenly felt so heavy. He had trouble dragging them up the flights of stairs to the top floor of the 4 Corners.

His mother could tell that he was troubled but was afraid to ask what was bothering him. Since he started dancing with Caleigh several weeks ago, he had seemed to come alive and have more focus and drive than he ever had before. Now he was suddenly withdrawn and sullen.

Even the usually talkative Jimmy Dean could tell there was a cloud hanging over August when he stopped in at Wang’s to pick up the usual supplies of junk food. The shop-keeper said very little and simply loaded up the bag and handed it to August, though he still sported a beaming grin.

Thalia’s words were like an anchor around his thoughts, weighing heavily on him for a day. He didn’t know how he was supposed to feel anymore. Before, when he told himself that he wanted to be with Caleigh, it was only to dance with her. Dancing with her made him feel like a better person. Before, that was more than enough. It was all he wanted from Caleigh.

Now it wasn’t. That unnerved him.

He almost wanted to turn around and just leave. But he couldn’t do that. Caleigh was waiting for him.

Finally arriving at the door, he took a deep breath before entering the apartment.

“Hey, junk food delivery,” he said, mustering some enthusiasm.

Caleigh was tying her hair in a ponytail when he came in. She smiled. Standing by the windows, sunlight casting a glow around her, she was truly beautiful. August, could barely look at her.

He placed the bag on the kitchen counter, his back to her, and unpacked their food. Pulling out what he thought was the last item, a bottle of juice, he frowned and looked down into the bag. He reached in and pulled out packets of condoms. Jimmy Dean was pretty slick.

“Everything okay?” Caleigh asked from behind.

August blinked, his heart surging up his throat. He stammered, “Uh, yeah, yeah. It’s cool. All good.”

He quickly pocketed the small packets as he turned to her.

“Want to get started partner?” she asked.

August inhaled deeply, steadying himself, and nodded.


Caleigh was curled up on the big green recliner as she stirred from her nap. She took a deep, quiet breath as she opened her eyes slowly, awakened by a dream. It was a dream of herself in a pitch dark room with only a bright spotlight upon her. There was a driving, indiscernible beat and rhythm filling the space. She was nude, her white skin shimmering from the light above. Her body was moving, twisting, flailing but she wasn’t dancing; she wasn’t in control of it. Like a play-thing doll she was manipulated, sometimes smoothly, sometimes vigorously, all at the beckoning of another force.

As she slipped from her dream world, the last image she saw was that of strong ebony hands, reaching out of the darkness and moving towards her, taking her glowing white flesh into their grasp. Muscular, sinewy arms held her close. Finally emerging from the blackness were a masculine face and body, darkly handsome silk-chocolate coloured. He seized her body with command and authority, and though she searched his eyes --those amazing green-grey eyes-- to find the boy, the partner, that she knew, all she saw was the fiery passion and undeniable desire of a man.

And it was all focused on her.

Her eyes opened. After that first long breath, Caleigh shuddered softly as she breathed out. Her body was tense. It took her time to realize where she was and absorb what she had just dreamed about. Reassured by the comfort of the big easy chair cradling her, she was finally able to relax a little.

She blinked and frowned. She still heard the heavy rhythm of music from her dream. Was she actually awake? With a sigh, her eyes finally saw clearly. In front of the mirrors, her partner danced by himself. It wasn’t the choreography they had been working on but a jazzy, hip hop routine.

Caleigh shifted quietly in the chair as she watched August shuffled to the music. There was a tangible strength that radiated from him as he popped and snapped his joints and limbs. His body rolled with a unique gracefulness and swagger as he impressively controlled every ligament with deliberate precision. She witnessed an attractive flow of power. In all respects, his positioning and lines were perfect and during his momentary holds, Caleigh had to admire his dark, sleek, muscular features, a type of body that could only be attained by a true dancer.

She didn’t move as she continued to watch him slide and glide his body along the floor. August was flawless. Caleigh never realized how beautiful a man could be…and how attractive a man her dance partner was. Her heart fluttered. A swell of arousal hit her so suddenly, so definitively, she snapped her head away to the side, eyes wide open.

The jerk of her head was enough to catch August’s attention as he looked behind him through the mirror. He stopped his routine, the power and confidence in his body instantly subsiding, and turned to Caleigh.

“Hey, you up?” he said nodding towards her.

Caleigh blinked and looked at him. “Uh, yeah,” she said. She cleared her throat and patted her cheeks adding, “Sorry. Was I out long?”

“Nah,” August replied. He paused, looking at her then he pointed at the stereo and said, “I uh…I was just messing around while you were napping.”

He moved awkwardly, hesitantly, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “I’ll get our music going again.”

“No. It’s alright,” Caleigh said, sitting up in the chair. She yawned and stretched, more to relax herself than anything else. “You looked good. I haven’t actually seen you perform in your own style. Show me more.”

August shook his head. “Nah, don’t want to mess up our choreography,” he said.

Caleigh smiled. “You won't. Come on. Here,” she said standing up from the chair, “Why don’t you show me.”

August rolled his eyes. He looked away with an embarrassed smile and laughed, “Nah, forget it, Cal. Let’s just do our thing.”

“Come on, August,” she coaxed playfully, “Show me what you’ve got!”

She readjusted her pony tail and cinched up her shorts that covered the bottom of her one-piece tights. She threw him a coy look as she limbered up and said, “Teach me August-style!”

He eyed her. “‘August-style’?” he said with a smirk, “What are you on about?”

Caleigh put her hands on her hips, threw them to the side, and pouted her lower lip. “Ain’t no thing,” she sniffed.

The partners stared at each other in silence for a few seconds before doubling over in spurts of laughter.

“Come on!” she insisted, her face red, “Show me before I have to do more awful ‘hood’ speak!”

“Alright! Alright!” August said, bobbing his head. He held out his hand. “Let’s groove.”


The two of them worked up a decent sweat as they danced side-by-side in front of the mirrors. To no surprise of August, Caleigh picked up his steps easily. She slid and popped across the floor with a confident, strong form, quickly moving from cutesy, delayed mimicry to seamlessly matching his steps.

As Caleigh grew more accustomed to the style and they anticipated each other's moves, the space between them tightened, their bodies drawn closer. Slowly, she glided in front of him. As she shifted back, he moved forward, until their bodies were pressing together. They continued to watch each other closely in the mirrors as August’s arms reached for her waist. He felt her hips sway side-to-side like a seductive pendulum.

August’s expression suddenly darkened as he looked into the mirror, seeing himself holding her. He looked at her eyes. They almost seemed dreamy. Through the slender slits he could see that her brown eyes were focused on him. The expression on her pretty face, some sort of look of nervous anticipation, was disarming.

August stopped moving. “We should get back to Thalia’s choreography,” he said as he started to pull away.

“No wait,” Caleigh said softly still looking in the mirror. She held his hands at her sides, “Show me more.”

August gazed at her in the mirror. She was breathing deeply. He could feel the slightest shudder from her body as he held her close. Her nerves were electric but she was doing little to try to calm them. She continued to look at him and hold him with a firm grasp around his hands.

The two of them began to sway together, their bodies in unison, and pressing harder and harder together as the seconds ticked by. Caleigh felt his body heat along her back.

Caleigh stared at his focused eyes in the mirror. She reached over and behind, wrapping her hands around his neck and leaning the back of her head against his shoulder, stretching her slender body against his.

August could smell the sweetness in her soft hair as it fell over his shoulder. Her cheek was close to his and he could hear the gentle breaths escaping through her rose-glossed lips.

Always swaying to the rhythm of the music, she felt his heart beating faster, matching her own increasingly rapid pace. Their heads turned in unison to look at one another. Their lips so close, they traded warm breaths. August glanced at the lips of his partner. They were parted and trembling.

Still feeling the music, he set his jaw and turned away from her tempting mouth. With a gentle yet firm motion, he pushed at her back with one hand while the other held her hips steady. Caleigh bent forward at her waist until her hands were pressed up against the mirrors. Bracing herself against the wall, she gyrated her body in smooth rhythm, pushing her firm bottom against August’s crotch.

He stood strong, feeling her grind against him. He didn’t move even as she pushed harder and harder against his body. His hands tensed around her waist. It wasn’t out of stress or nervousness. He felt a renewed vigour flow through his blood.

Caleigh closed her eyes as she moved. She wasn’t quite certain of her actions and her nerves were racing but she couldn’t stop herself. Even the stiffening arousal she sensed from August as she pressed her bottom into his crotch didn’t deter her. Usually steady and confident whenever she danced, now she was having difficulty dousing the tingling shakes in her legs.

August watched her, his eyes lingering on her expression whenever she looked up in the mirror. The beautiful dancer was fading away. The beautiful woman appeared.

He firmed his jaw, tilted his head toward the ceiling and inhaled deeply. “Dammit,” the his mind screamed.

When Caleigh heard a deep, guttural sigh escape from August and felt his fingers dig deeper into her waist, she opened her eyes and glanced back at him in the mirror. She saw him looking back at her, eyes filled with a sudden resolve and a fiery hunger. Caleigh paused, startled by the intensity of the man holding her tight from behind.

“Au-August?” she said softly.

Firm, strong hands gripped her body and pulled her up. They spun her around and shoved her up against the mirrors. Caleigh gasped, her back pressed up against the wall. Immediately August was in her face. He slapped his palms on the mirror on both sides of her head and she flinched. He leaned in close, barely an inch separating their faces and bodies.

Caleigh’s slender eyes widened and her mouth trembled open. She looked deep into the eyes of her partner. His stare was unflinching, predatory. She heard a rumble from his throat as he breathed deeply upon her. His dark face was set like stone but she could feel the intensity, the ferocity, emanating from him.

They held their position, motionless, for half-a-minute. He was like a big cat deciding what to do with his prey.

The music stopped.

Caleigh swallowed then started to speak, “Augu-mmmnn!!!”

August’s full-pink lips pressed hard against hers, smothering her voice into an unintelligible moan. Her eyes widened further as she felt the urgency of the kiss surge through her. August leaned into her, pinning her against the mirror.

Her lips were as sweet and soft as he could ever have imagined, like kissing fresh rose petals. He folded his lips over hers several times before pulling away.

Caleigh loosed a quick high-pitched gasp for air. Her cheeks were flushed a deep pink and her eyes skittered around August's face trying to find something of her partner in the dark, passionate visage. All she saw was ferocious desire.

As August moved in again, she raised her hands against his chest.

"A-August, m-maybe..." she sputtered, her breaths sharp and short.

The man shook his head and coolly took her hands together and raised them up, pinning them to the glass over her head. With a stern curl on his lips, he said in a low voice, "Cal, just follow me, okay?"

The young woman's mouth hung open but she didn't speak.

"Okay?" he repeated in a suddenly calm voice that sounded like a moment's break in a swirling storm.

The next track on the stereo began to play.

As the sassy, retro-style beat filled the room, Caleigh looked steadily into August's glimmering eyes. She knew then that she had let the lion out of his cage; he wasn't going back and she had no intention of trying to reign him in. Slowly, she nodded once.

"Yeah?" August breathed, nodding as he moved his face towards her.

An unexpected, quivering grin teased onto her lips. A fire sparked in her dark eyes.

"Okay..." he said.

Once more their lips came together in earnest. August's mouth was in constant hungry motion, kissing, licking and sucking her lips, capturing each one of her quick gasps. His aggressive kisses forced her lips apart and his tongue quickly went to work lashing the inside of her mouth, savouring her warm, wet breaths.

Caleigh bore his full weight against her body. She dropped her hands and wrapped them around his back, holding him in a desperate clinch. Her leg lifted and hooked around the back of his muscular calf. She felt his solid chest press into her bosom. As he ground his crotch against her, she tried not to think of the hardening length she felt through his shorts rubbing along her lower belly. Like a dance, she would allow the music --and her partner-- to carry her along.

August fell away from her mouth. His inner lips kissed her supple flesh down her neck to the collar of her pastel-pink tights. Her chest was heaving unsteadily, he could practically see her heart pounding from within. His hand quickly claimed one of her rounded breasts and held it firmly as his mouth came down on it. He licked and sucked the soft, tender flesh quickly covering her tights with his saliva. Caleigh's head listed back, her eyes squeezing together, as she moaned at his kiss and touch.

August could feel with his tongue the tip of her nipple straining against the sheer material of her tights. He hooked her shoulder straps and, with a firm tug, pulled them down to her elbows, peeling her tights to just above her belly. He took a step back to admire the glowing, white, bare flesh before him. Caleigh's smooth, sloping breasts glistened from his saliva. Even in just his tank top he was feeling the heat and he quickly discarded it before moving in again to sample her exposed breasts.

Caleigh's pale fingers rubbed against his ebony back and through his cornrow braids. With each flick of his tongue, with every long, loud suckle of her breasts she gasped and flinched. Her light brown nipples strained erect as he nipped them gently with his teeth and swirled his nimble tongue around them. She couldn't catch her breath and she felt her heart pound up her throat. Her bare back smeared the mirror with her perspiration.

August pushed her shorts down to her ankles. He knelt on the ground, reaching behind Caleigh, clutching the meat on her smooth butt. Caleigh draped a leg over his shoulder as he pulled her in. Again he tasted her through the thin material of her tights as he ploughed his face into her crotch. He inhaled as he licked and kissed her, taking in her scent. His teeth nipped at the tights, stretching them, before pulling the material aside with his finger. His eyes steadied on the clean shaven slit. He moistened his wide-lips with his tongue before swiftly moving in.

"Oh! Ah!" Caleigh gasped the instant he came in contact with her quivering snatch. Her breath pitched sharply as she felt strong fingers spread apart her delicate folds and a slick, warm tongue pressed into her inner flesh.

August savoured her even as his desire for her increased tenfold by the second. The energy surged within him as he tasted her. He flicked his tongue on her clit eliciting trembles from deep within the young woman.

Caleigh clutched her thighs together, her sensitive soft skin rubbing against August's head. She looked down, her small mouth rounding as she gasped, and watched through glossy eyes as August indulged in her tender body. The concentration, the wanton desire, in her partner was as intense as a fireball blasting through a forest. Her whole body was quaking and if it weren't for his strong hands and the wall behind her, she was certain to collapse.

Their passion heightened their senses. The music from the stereo pulsed through their heads but their own heartbeats set the rhythm of their encounter. Every damp kiss and suckle, every quivering gasp and moan increased the tempo.

Caleigh was dripping wet now. August worked furiously, swabbing her with his tongue. She was sweet like honey and he could have gone on for hours tasting her but he felt the pressure of other needs. He looked up at Caleigh. Her pretty face was flushed red, her slender eyes glassy, and she was breathing hard. Inwardly, he smiled -- a deep, dark, carnal smile. His partner had no idea what to be expecting next from him.

Once again, the song faded and the CD stopped.

August rose, wrapping his arms around Caleigh and picking her up like a feather pillow. As he carried her to the lounge chair, the two looked long into one another's eyes. Caleigh could see deep within August. What she saw was raw and powerful and it shook her to her core. She braced herself.

The music had ended. Their dance was just beginning.

August slowly lowered her down into the big chair. The satin material cushioned her body as he leaned forward and they shared another long, deep kiss. As they did, August pulled at her tights, tugging them over her belly and slipping them down her legs and off her feet. He stood back to admire her dancer's body: smooth, lean, toned. The deep purple of the chair perfectly accentuated the creaminess of her skin.

Caleigh eyes shifted carefully down his face and body to the crotch of his shorts. The normally baggy clothing was now stretched taut from underneath, August's swelling desire tent-poling the material. She looked up quickly, anxiously at his face once more.

Silently, August reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom packet. He held it in his teeth as he pulled down his shorts and kicked them aside. Taking the packet and tearing it open, he snickered to himself, "Thanks for getting the size right, Jimmy Dean."

Caleigh's body curled up slightly in the chair as she watched him coolly work the condom onto his rigid length. The late afternoon sunlight that seeped through the windows slipped around the sinews along his rounded muscles. Yellow light highlighted his dark, ebony skin. He was young but he had little curls of black hair on his broad chest which she had never noticed before. And as he slipped the condom on, she was drawn to his cock once more. Almost a dark purplish-brown, it was long and thick, rippling with veins and it seemed to throb from the strains and swells building within August.

She could feel the unbridled intensity as he stood apart from her. As he moved towards her, she readied herself to be swaddled with that intensity. They embraced warmly as they engaged in another heated kiss, lips and tongues jockeying for position. Caleigh's skin shivered as she felt his rigid length brush along her belly and thighs.

August pulled her hips forward to the edge of the chair, her body slumping into the back cushion. She offered little resistance as he propped her legs up and over the arms of the chair. Caleigh was spread wide, fully exposed.

Her eyes couldn't focus, alternating glances at the cool look on August's face and his hard length throbbing just inches away from her. Her taut tummy rose and fell with her nervous breaths.

August handled himself with diligence. He rubbed along the soft flesh surrounding her appealing opening, savouring the moment...the moment all conflict in his mind about his feelings for Caleigh had been settled. Sometimes friends, sometimes dance partners, at this moment they were neither of those. August never felt such a passionate release.

Bracing a hand on the back cushion over her head, the young man steadied his head at her slit with an imposing deliberateness. Then he drove forward with a firm thrust of his hips.

"Ahh!" Caleigh's mouth yawned open as she gasped aloud. Her brows arching high above her widened eyes, she watched in awe as his dark length sank into her nubile body. She felt every inch rub past her tender petals and a charge of lightning shot through her. August was so thick, so long, he seemed to take forever to move into her.

His face came close to hers as he sank in to the hilt of his crotch. Both their mouths were open wide, less than an inch apart, as they shared heated, quivering breaths. They remained that way for seconds before August leaned forward past the invisible wall and gave her an impossibly soft kiss on her lips.

August's strong, wide hips rolled smoothly as he quickly got into his motions. Swift, long strokes filled Caleigh with increasing rapidity.

The young dancer gasped with each solid thrust.

August's stomach tightened as he continued to drive into Caleigh, sinking deep into her tender warmth. He felt her legs clinch against his side, bracing herself against his body as he rocked her faster and faster. The large chair held its ground even as the two bodies shifted their passionate session into high gear.

As she felt and watched him find his rhythm, Caleigh began to steady. Her dancer's training guided her as she recovered her breath. Her hips and tummy shifted, her muscles tensed and eased, syncing with August's sturdy thrusts. She could feel him better now, feel the slow swells and throbbing pressure within her. A tingle flowed from her chest and she groaned aloud again, "Uhn! August!"

August smiled. He was well experienced at this. The fact that he had waited so long to indulge in his deepest desires made this moment all the more satisfying. He also knew Caleigh's body well, what it was capable of, and that excited him even more.

"Get up, Cal," said with a deep, breathy voice. He pulled her from the seat as he withdrew.

He led her around to the back of the large chair and leaned her back against it. They gazed at one another as he gently brushed away the strands of hair that had fallen across her pretty pink-flushed face. They kissed, Caleigh's tongue drawn from her mouth and tangling with August's. His large lips were so warm and tender.

Then August reached down and lifted Caleigh's leg. He stretched her nimble limb high, resting her calf on his shoulder. August kissed her ankles and shin before moving in. With a smooth shift of his hips, he drove upwards, burying itself within Caleigh's sweet spot.

With each burgeoning thrust, Caleigh was lifted to her toes. She was stretched into a standing split yet all she felt was August's thick length propelling into her over and over.

"Oh God!" She gasped and then clasped the sides of his face and pulled him in, wrapping her mouth over his lips whenever she could.

August's own lips, like his undulating hips and stomach, were in constant motion, moving from her mouth to her ears, to her neck, glossing her white skin with wet licks of his tongue.

The heat around them was building quickly as their sighs filled the empty apartment, sounds of their passionate love-making bouncing along the walls. Once more, August slipped out. Caleigh's leg dropped, and just as her foot touched the floor, she his assured hands at her waist, spinning her around, leaning her forward. As Caleigh grasped the back of the chair, August positioned himself behind her, nudging her ankles far apart on the floor. He looked down, admiring the rounds of her firm pink bum. He nuzzled the head of his cock between her cheeks.

Caleigh groaned as she felt him surge into her with a stiff stroke. Her head snapped back slightly as his crotch slapped up against her behind.

There was little build up now in August's movements, each thrust eliciting maximum pleasure. The room was filled with the sounds of damp slaps of flesh as he pumped hard into Caleigh's backside. He looked down with intense satisfaction as his ebony length sank swiftly into her repeatedly, his crotch tanning her bum till it glowed pink.

Caleigh tried to steady her position, shifting on her spread out legs, digging her fingers into the cushions of the couch. "Oh! Ah! August! Ah!" she cried out, her face contorting and straining.

Strands of light brunette hair fell across her face and neck. August reached for the band holding her hair in a ponytail and yanked it off letting the rest of her silky locks flow freely. He reached back and undid the band in his own hair, the long corn rows dropping to his neck.

They were completely unhindered, their honed bodies basking in the afternoon sunlight pouring through the window, glistening beads of sweat like stars on ebony and white flesh. Neither of them had allowed themselves to imagine just how good they could be together like this. Each stroke of his rigid length filled August with a passionate vigor that made his whole body quake. He grunted and growled aloud, sinking his fingers into her soft flesh as he pulled her in and filled her with swift spikes of his hard shaft of muscle.

Caleigh dragged her forehead along the top of the chair, the velvet material wiping the perspiration from her brow. She bit down carefully on the side of her finger, her eyes closed, as she absorbed the confident thrusts of her dance partner, her lover. Their training gave them both heightened stamina, but she already felt the rush within her taking its toll. Even as her legs began to tremble and the knots in her tummy and throat tightened, she wanted this to last forever.

August slipped out and turned Caleigh around to face him. As he kissed her, he lowered her onto the cool, wooden surface. August knelt down between her bended knees and watched her shift slowly and seductively on the floor, her light brunette hair falling around her glowing face. He had to taste her one more time.

"A-a-ah!" Caleigh twisted her head and mouthed her smooth shoulder as she felt August slick his tongue up and down her slit again. Her groans seeped out in trembling breaths now. Her body had long been surrendered. It was all for August to lead and guide.

August savoured her dampness, her sweetness on his tongue and lips like crisp, ripened fruit. He dragged his tongue hungrily around, along, and within her twitching folds and licked and nipped at her tingling clit. His cock was aching now, swollen to a painful rigidity. He made his way up her body, her flat tummy arching upwards as he rounded her belly button. His ebony fingers fondled her firm, white breasts as he sucked on her straining nipples. His large lips felt the groans surge up from her throat and escape her lips with lingering satisfaction.

Finally he looked upon her glittering, pink face. Her beautiful pinched eyes were glassy but steady and her small red lips were slightly parted. He brushed away some hair matted to her forehead and smiled.

Caleigh looked up into his handsome, dark face. Her hands held fast around his muscular back as he lowered his body onto hers.

August moved in and kissed her deeply. His strong arms held her firmly and steadied her trembling body as his hard length found comfort in her warmth once more.

"MMmnn!" Caleigh groaned into his mouth. The feel of his cock as it pulsed within her was familiar now but no less imposing nor unwelcome.

Even on the cold hard surface of the floor, August was relentless, his stiff strokes no less fierce as he reveled in the feel of Caleigh's sweet, warm body. As he felt her arms hold him tighter, and her legs cinch upward and clench around his torso, it was all the encouragement he needed to fill her with passionate thrusts. Each stroke was sure and deliberate, almost withdrawing completely before the full length surged in again, his crotch grinding into her.

Caleigh felt each one of his explicit strikes, her body absorbing every one of them. Her toes clenched. Her feet whirled in the air following the rhythm of his undulations as their session reached a fevered pitch.

"Ah! Ah! August!" Caleigh's cried, the ecstasy in her voice sounding so foreign to her. He was so strong, so powerful -- she could have never imagined.

Again and again the young dancers hit their mark. August slipped his arms under the bends of her knees, bending her agile body, rolling her bum up from the floor. She was folded in half, her legs bent up to the side of her chest, allowing for unimpeded thrusts. Their eyes were trained on one another, inches apart. Hot breaths passed between them as sweat from August's brow fell onto Caleigh's cheeks and around her lips.

"Ah! Cal!" August groaned.

They were peaking now. All their training and discipline was tossed aside as they surrendered to their desire and passion. Abbreviated cries and grunts, unsteady breaths and gasps, filled the room. Both of them strained and groaned, their bodies aquiver, trying to stretch their moment together. Caleigh dug her fingers into August's back. His buttocks rolled and ached with shorter, swifter strokes.

Caleigh squeezed her eyes shut, so tight that a tear streamed from each of them. Every muscle in her body tensed. She inhaled deeply, held her breath, then groaned, "Ahhhn!"

A surging release flooded out from deep within her body. It was so wet and warm. It shook her to her inner core as every last breath slipped from her lips in a trembling, raw groan. Her head listed back as she gasped and blinked towards the ceiling. "Oh God, August!" she sighed heavily as she felt the dampness drip down her milky skin.

Hearing the prolonged and intense cry of his partner spurred August on towards his own climax. Dropping her legs down, his hips slipped harshly between her soft thighs with definitive thrusts. He embraced her tightly, pressing as much of her loving body along his as he could. He felt his stomach strain and his buttocks tense as he bucked into her one last time.

"Uhhn!" he gasped, chasing that with a ferocious grunt as he felt a rush of liquid fire course through his body, filling the condom. He crunched his stomach, jetting out more each time he did, pushing as deeply as he could into Caleigh's tenderness.

"Ah God! Ah! Cal," he rasped with heavy breaths as he rubbed his forehead against the side of her head before collapsing against her body. Even out of breath and every muscle in his face and body aching now, he loved saying her name, "Caleigh."

Caleigh looked up at the ceiling. She sniffed back a tear and her body hitched slightly as she felt August throb and twitch inside of her. As she slowly recovered, she never stopped holding him, stroking his back as it rose and fell and brushing his head tenderly.

Their bodies were glistening with perspiration as the afternoon sun fell into the horizon. Strong, toned, dancers bodies, white skin pressed against ebony flesh. The partners, the lovers, stayed joined long after their dance floor fell dark.


Mrs.Bailey never stopped enjoying watching her son dance. Each time she saw him, which was often these days, it was like the first time and it was enough to swell her eyes with tears every single time. The young spirited beauty he had for a partner was no less entrancing and the combination of the two of them lifted her away from any past bitter memories and concerns she once carried with her.

She wasn't alone in her feelings though.

The type of perfection and love of the art displayed on the dance floor each time Caleigh and August stepped onto it was capable of buoying the spirits of everyone in the audience. Whether it was for competitions or for exhibitions, no matter what dance they were doing, the two young performers showed just how far putting trust into one person can go.

And Caleigh trusted August implicitly; she never had any cause to doubt him. August would never breach that trust. He held her with all his strength like she were the prize of his life. He held her as if he was making love to her.

The choreography, a daring blend of dances and risqué storytelling, sent ripples of hushed whispers amongst the audience but they were all entirely mesmerized; some even holding in solemn arousal. Every hold was done with a graceful passion, every entwined position convincingly sold the desire that palpably existed between them.

Thalia sat off in the wings admiring her creations and how well the two dancers brought them alive. She would have to go back into her romance novel collection for some new ideas. The two were strong, the movements so fluid and confident, the choreographer patted her chest feeling a bit choked up.

The audience was already on their feet before the dance had ended, a roar of applause and cheers filling the cavernous auditorium. Mrs.Bailey looked around with pride and joy before calling out her son's name. Thalia made her way to the front to blow the two kisses.

In the glare of the spotlight, Caleigh and August stood together holding hands with firm grips. They acknowledged the appreciation from the darkened crowds washed out behind the white stage lights with waves and bows.

Amidst the cheers, Caleigh leaned aside. Through a bright smile she asked her partner, "Where's your mother's car?"

August continued to wave as he answered, "Out back. Far corner of the parking lot."

Caleigh giggled as she wrapped her hands around August's strong arms and pulled him away off stage, her steps high and brisk.

Thalia watched them disappear behind the stage curtains. Pulling out a cigarette, she grinned crookedly, knowingly, and growled "Fierce."

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