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True Story - Alice and BBC

Asked what her fantasy fuck would be, she replied, “A big fat black dick.”

The story you are about to read is true. The names and places have been changed to protect the not so innocent. Don, (not his real name) and I have been friends since third grade. We went to the same schools up to and through college. Don and I trust each other with our lives. This is why he told me his story and gave me permission to publish it.

Don met a very hot and sexy single woman who was a nurse working at the local hospital. She was working when Don was admitted after a horrible auto accident. She was his ICU nurse and saved his life, not once, but twice. There was a bond between them from the beginning. They dated and two years after the accident, they were married. I liked Alice, (not her real name) from the beginning. 

Today, she still adores Don and is full of life. She enjoys having a good time. She has become more of a MILF now. My wife and her are close friends, we spend many hours at each others homes.


This is Don's story.

“Alice and I had a pretty normal sex life. I was the instigator of most of our sex sessions. When Alice wanted to fuck, things got pretty wild. She was a screamer and would squirt when she came. This one particular night we were fantasizing about fucking other people. I told of my fantasy of fucking an Asian whore. I was turned on by the small stature of their bodies. Alice laughed and called me a pervert for wanting to fuck a teen. That wasn't true, I just wanted a small woman once in my life.

I asked her what her fantasy fuck would be. She replied, “A big fat black dick.”

“Have you ever fucked a black dick?” I asked.

She said, “No.”

Sex was good that night and many nights after. Very often during sex, we would fantasize. Alice would talk and behave like a Asian whore, while I would play that I was a black man fucking his first white woman. Fantasizing gave both of us our best climaxes.

About six months later, after having sex, Alice told me about a new employee at the hospital. He was very outgoing and personable. She told me about how he had hit on her a few times, but she turned him down each time. What really surprised me was when she said. “He's a handsome black man, maybe five years younger than me. He makes no bones about wanting to take me on a date. I tell him I'm married."

He says, “All the better, ask your husband if he would care, I'd bet he won't.”

So she asked me, “Honey, would you care if I went on a date with him and fulfilled my black cock fantasy?” 

I almost shit my pants hearing her ask me to let her fuck another man, it didn't matter if he was black or not. I know she fantasized about that, but to really do it? To go on a date and fuck someone other than me? My mind was racing, trying to determine how I felt about this.

“Honey, a new nurse started working at the hospital last month. She is Asian and she is very cute and small. I wouldn't mind if you fucked Midori. She told me she was looking for a hot man to date. Maybe I could set you two up for a hot date.”

I just didn't believe that my wife of seven years wanted us both to have sex with other partners. I would never cheat on Alice, it just wasn't me. But for her to set me up on a date, I just couldn't believe it.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I asked Alice. “This is all new to me, but just thinking about us fucking different people does turn me on.”

“Oh god, it makes my pussy so wet thinking about it. I've always wanted to see you fuck another woman. I want to see your cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Midori is so small, your cock would really fill her up. C'mon Don, let's do it, let's fuck other people.”

Now I was positive that Alice wanted to fuck this guy. If I said “No”, she might just do it anyhow. This could be her first step to many sexual relationships. Maybe mine also. We both had to be careful or our marriage would flop. The thought of fucking a small Asian woman was very tempting. I always had visions of laying between a small Asian woman's legs. My six inch cock would fill her pussy full. My cock isn't that long, but it is thick, and I know how to use it. The more I thought of fucking Midori, the more I was okay with Alice fucking this black dude.

I reached over and felt my wife's very wet pussy.  “Do you want to fuck again?” I asked her.

Alice answer my question by straddling my body. She held my cock to her pussy and lowered herself. I slid into her, her pussy slimy slick with her juices. I didn't even have to move, she fucked me until she came. I blasted my balls soon afterwards. I was thinking about that little Asian woman giving me the fuck of my life.

We went to sleep, then work, and didn't talk again until dinner time the next day.

Alice broke the silence, “I've been thinking of fucking Andrew, but only if you fuck Midori. Have you thought about opening up our marriage to these two?”

I had thought a lot about it, all day at work. I hadn't accomplished much and a couple of my co-workers commented that I wasn't at work, but somewhere else. My dick was semi-hard all day. I went into a restroom stall and masturbated, thinking that might help. It didn't. Thinking of his black cock in my wife's white pussy and Midori's small pussy stretched around my fat cock was too much. I also convinced myself, that if I said “No”, she would cheat on me and fuck him anyway.

“Okay, okay, we'll do it,” I replied. “Just tell me how do you want to go about doing this?

“At lunch today, he and I sat at the same table. I told him that you were thinking about letting me have a date with him. He's so hot for my pussy. He told me that fucking my pussy was his ultimate goal.  He told me he had never had a white woman before and was excited at the thought of me and him. I told him he would be my first black cock and I was looking forward to him fucking me. My pussy was wet all day, I had to wear a pad, so I wouldn't soak through my dress.” 

“Okay, we'll do it, set it up for Friday night. No double date, I want to be alone my first time with Midori, I'm sure you want to be alone with Andrew, we can be more uninhibited that way. Maybe sometime we can be together when fucking them.”

The next day, Alice came home from work all happy. It was all set, I would pick up Midori at her apartment and Andrew would pick up Alice at our house. There was no set time to come home from our dates. If we wanted, we could stay out all weekend. I was still home when Andrew pulled up to the curb. Alice ran down the steps and jumped into his Caddie. She gave him a kiss and they drove away. I started to get a hardon thinking of what they would be doing later. I wondered if he would fuck her first in his car. Alice didn't like to fuck in a car, but she would if she was hot enough and she looked hot enough. 

I backed my Escalade out of the garage and headed for Midori's apartment. I took her out to dinner, then we went dancing. I had to fight the guys off this chick. They all wanted her. She was so damn cute. She did have a nice figure and her tits were big for an Asian. 

I won't go into details of how we fucked and fucked again and more fucking. She kept me going all night. We slept until three in the afternoon on Saturday. Midori wanted to fuck again, so I obliged her. She made me a Japanese dinner. It was so delicious. After eating, she told me she wanted to spend the rest of the weekend at her apartment. She said how she loved my big cock and how well I fucked her. After she cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher, she closed all the drapes. We were now sealed off from the rest of the world.

Midori stripped me of all my clothing. I felt silly sitting there nude with a  big hardon pointing towards the ceiling. Midori made a point of making me comfortable by stripping off her clothes. I was treated again to the sight of a small woman. Midori straddled me and worked her pussy around my cock. She fucked me hard, but when I felt myself building for a climax, she would bring me down. This happened over and over. She finally fucked me until I came hard. She raised up and plunged her body down, her pussy tightening, squishing my cock. My cock throbbed as my cum was pumped deep in her. Midori shuddered when her orgasm took control of her body. Her climax causing her to black out and crumple forward onto my chest. We stayed locked together for minutes, her pussy milking me.

Midori and I finally parted Sunday afternoon. I went home tired, well fucked, and hoping that Midori and I would have another date. She was one hot little piece of ass. When I arrived home, the house was empty, Alice was not yet home. I poured myself a shot of single malt Scotch and sat on the couch. I thought of what had happened to me this weekend and I had no regrets. I wondered if Alice was enjoying her date.

Alice came home about an hour later. She looked tired. Her hair was brushed, but the ends were tangled. Her impeccable makeup was not, her lips were bare of lipstick. Her eye shadow was streaked down her cheeks. Her dress looked like she had slept in it. She said, “Hi,” and walked into our bedroom, I followed. She took her dress off and she was naked underneath. No bra, no panties. Her tits and belly were covered with hickeys. Her ass cheeks were red, like she had been spanked. Her normally brown nipples and areolas were reddish brown, someone had worked them over by either sucking and/or twisting them. Alice always trimmed her pubic hair neatly, now it was gone. Someone, maybe Alice, had shaved it off. Her skin was flushed, like she had just been fucked. My wife looked like a common street prostitute coming home from a busy night. That's how bad she looked.

“Will you take a shower with me?” she asked. “I need to get clean, he wouldn't let me shower all weekend. My cunt is full of black man cum and I want to soak in a tub after I shower.”

We showered, I soaped her up and rubbed her briskly with a shower sponge. My wife looked almost human when she stepped out of the shower. She went directly to the tub and took a nice hot bath. I tossed some bath beads into the water to help sooth her. She worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, trying to clean the cum out of her. I saw some float on the surface of the bath water. How much cum had this guy left in my woman?

Alice stood up, exiting the tub, reaching for me. I held a large bath towel and wrapped it around her. I led her back into our bedroom. She sat on the bed and said, “Thanks, you're such a good husband. I love you so much and now I know how much you love me. You are a good sport for letting me live out my fantasy. I hope yours was as good as mine.”

“Tell me about your weekend, Honey. I want to hear everything about your black cock experience.”


This is Alice's story.

“I was excited when you told me I could do it, that my fantasy could come true. I went to lunch with Midori and told her about my fantasy of having sex with a black man. Her eyes were as big as saucers. Then I told her about you and how you wanted to have sex with an Asian woman. I told her that was the deal, I could fuck a BBC, but she had to fuck you.  At first she seemed reluctant, her being my co-worker and you being my husband. I assured her that it was alright with me for you two to date and whatever else that would happen. She told me she would go out on a date with you. She also told me straight out that she was going to fuck you senseless. I thanked her for helping me out, she said it was her that should be thanking me. 

Andrew was really putting the pressure on me to go out with him. He kept asking if you had given me the go ahead to date him. When I told him we would be going out on Friday, he was very pleased. I told him that I wanted to fuck his black cock and I would on our first date. When he stood up to leave, his pants were bulging out in front. My pussy flooded with juices because I knew he had to be really hung. You saw how I ran out to his car, I was in a hurry to get him in bed.

First we went to a restaurant in his neighborhood. The food was excellent and I was plied with drinks. If he thought that would break down my resistance or make me more uninhibited, he was nuts. I would have fucked him on the dining room table if he wanted. Andrew has really brought out the whore in me, that was locked away!

After the restaurant, we went to a local club. You would be surprised at the number of white women that were there. Every one of them with a black dude. The place was wild, the dancing was wild, the dancers were wild. I saw more female asses there than a sheikh in a harem. Andrew took me to a table in a dark corner. We watched the crowd for awhile, then Andrew got down to business. After kissing, fondling my breasts, and rubbing my pussy, Andrew worked my panties off me, stuffing them in his pocket. My bra was next. You know how I can remove it without taking my top off, well not Andrew. He undid my dress and pulled it down to my waist. He reached around and unlatched my bra, pulling it off my breasts, that too went into his pocket. He then helped me redo my dress so we could dance.

We spent maybe an hour there, I was getting a little drunk. A few times when Andrew and I were dancing, I felt hands on my ass, I knew they weren't Andrew's. There were times my dress was up around my waist. I felt pretty wild and let what would happen, happen. Soon Andrew and I were surrounded, I think it turned him on seeing me manhandled as we danced. It sure turned me on, my pussy was dripping, I was so fucking hot. More than one finger found my vagina. I was being finger fucked on the dance floor and I didn't care. That's when Andrew took my arm and led me out of the club. I didn't want to leave just yet, but I knew what was coming next, me.

Andrew said, “We're going to my place. We will be more comfortable there.”

His place was a real nice condo. I wasn't to much interested in his place, I wanted to be fucked. I headed straight for his bedroom. Andrew unzipped my dress and pulled it up over my head. I was naked now except for my heels. I bent to take them off and Andrew said, “No, leave them on, like a porn star.”

Now my pussy really flooded with my juices. Andrew wanted me to be his own porn star. Well I would be, I would be better than a porn star. I would fuck him until he couldn't fuck anymore.

I stripped Andrew, I had all his clothes off except for his tightey whiteys. I dropped to my knees and gripped his waistband. I pulled his underwear down slowly. The waistband stretching when the root of his black cock started to appear. I pulled them down the rest of the way, his cock slapping against my face. Andrew's cock was semi-hard. I took his cock in my hand, my fingers could not touch and he wasn't totally hard yet. I took his cockhead into my mouth. I sucked his cock like I've never sucked a cock before. He grew to a full erection, my mouth could barely contain his cockhead.

Andrew now wanted my pussy. He lifted me up, placing me on his bed. I was so hot, I wanted his cock in me. I spread my legs wide, my hairy cunt inviting his cock to come inside. Andrew lifted my legs and aimed his cock. My pussy lips spread and stretched as he pushed his way into me. I felt pain, his cock was to big, my pussy to small to take him. My screaming for him to stop, went unheeded. I pushed on his arms, trying to get him off me and I couldn't. He thrust his hips forward and his cockhead broke through my tightness. My pussy stopped hurting and I then started screaming for him to fuck me. He pounded my pussy until he could get no more cock inside of me. I gasped every time his cock head hit bottom. Once he was inside me, his cock grew more. I was so full of black cock and it felt so good.

I can't tell you the number of times I had orgasms. It seemed I was having one big long climax. I kept begging him to come in me, to pump me full of his cum. I knew when he was building, his ass sped up driving his cock faster and harder into me. Suddenly he froze, he was deep in me. I felt it throb as he pumped his hot cum deep in my receptive pussy. My cunt milking and squeezing the monster cock inside me. Finally the throbbing stopped, I knew his load of cum was planted deep in my pussy. His cock locked tightly by my squeezing pussy walls. It took minutes for me to relax and let him loose. When I did, he pulled his cock from me. Cool air filled my pussy until it closed. Andrew kissed me, “I'll be right back. I want to fuck you again in a few minutes.”

He left, turning the bedroom lights off. I could see his unrecognizable figure leave through the bedroom door. I just lay there, thinking how well I had just been fucked. My pussy was still wet and juicy, wanting Andrew's black cock back inside. I relaxed, my eyes shut, until I heard bare feet on the floor, coming my way.

Ahh, Andrew's figure came back through the doorway. He kneeled between my legs. I felt his hands behind my knees, lifting my legs up and apart. He was ready for round two. I took hold of his cock and guided it to my slit. I slid his cockhead up and down, mixing his pre-cum with my slippery juices. I pushed his cock down until he was at my opening. I pulled him forward, letting him know I was ready for him. He pressed forward, my pussy sliding over his cockhead. No more pain, just pleasure.

Andrew was ramming me hard, he wasn't fucking me like he did before. I liked it, maybe he fucked different the second time. He brought me off a few times before his dropped his second load in me. He grunted a few times as cum shot into me, and my pussy milked him. I tried to lock onto his cock like I had the first time, but wasn't able to. He pulled out and left the bedroom. I thought that was somewhat strange, not even saying one word to me the whole time. About twenty minutes later, I saw him return again. He was coming back for a third go around. The man was insatiable. How many times could he get hard and cum again? I was about to find out.

Again he lifted and spread my legs. This time when I took hold of his cock, it didn't feel the same. I was now sure I was fucking different men. Andrew had set me up for a black gangbang. When this cock penetrated my cunt, I knew for sure. I was being gang fucked by multiple men. It wasn't Andrew who came back for a second fuck, it was a new man. I was as horny as hell with the thought of me taking on an unknown  number of different black cocks. I gave this guy the best fuck yet and he returned the favor. We fucked like animals, his black cock and my pussy working like a fine tuned instrument. When he pumped ropes of his cum in me, I had orgasm after orgasm. This dude could fuck much better than Andrew. I would fuck him again in a New York minute.

I called out, “Andrew, come in here and turn the light on!”

My eyes blinked at the brightness in the room. Andrew quickly dimmed the lights down to a sexy glow. 

“Bring the other guy in here. I want to know who I've fucked so far.”

I was still under the last guy, his limp dick still in my pussy. I looked and saw the second dude standing there. His cock was nice sized as was the third man. I pushed him off of me, his limp dick making a sucking sound as he rolled next to me.

“How many more men have you got lined up? I asked Andrew.

He sheepishly replied, “Enough, you will have a sore pussy when I take you home.”

The thought of more black men lined up to fuck me, drove me into a fuck frenzy. My cunt was lubricated with my own juices and the cum from three different men. More sperm would soon be joining those already there. I liked the thought that I was being bred by multiple men.

“Bring them on,” I implored of Andrew. “Let's just see how many I can handle. I'm a whore for black cock, I want to fuck and be fucked.”

That's when another black man approached the bed. The third guy rolled off the bed and left the room. I saw this black man over me, he was going to fuck me missionary, just like the first three. When his cock was firmly in my pussy I pulled him against my chest. My tits were squashed by his chest. My hands were on his bobbing ass as he drove his cock in and out of my pussy. This guys thick, but shorter cock was all in. I could feel his balls bouncing off my ass. It didn't take long for both of us to reach a climax. My ass was wild under him. My pussy fucked him as hard as he was fucking me. I orgasmed just a couple seconds before I felt another load of cum splash into my cunt. I was hooked on this guy's size, thick and just the right length. He pulled his cock from me, I looked, probably just under eight inches. He was a perfect fit for me. This guy had the cock I wanted, maybe he would line up again.

I had taken four cocks so far. Andrew came into the bedroom. “I don't like pussy hair, Shayna get in here and shave her pussy bare.”

A black woman came into the room with a towel and a bowl. I felt warm water on my snatch. I heard the swishing sound of shaving foam leaving the can. Shayna was now rubbing the shaving cream into my crotch.

“Spread you legs, bitch,” she commanded.

I did, even though I was skeptical of how adept she would be. I needn't have worried. She did a very good job, my whole crotch and ass crack were free of any hair. After she had cleaned me up, she leaned over and kissed my clit. That was the first time in my life that a female had touched me there. I was about to freak out, but instead I said to her, “Eat me, bitch.”

She did and I had my first orgasm from a woman's tongue while she fingered my pussy. It was good and I have no qualms about doing a woman now. I returned the favor, I ate her black pussy until she had her climax. We kissed and she pushed me back onto the sheets. There was another black man standing there playing with his hard cock. He got on the bed, I spread my legs, inviting the fifth man's cock into my cunt.

We fucked hard. It seemed the more men I fucked, the more I wanted. He blew his wad in me and another man was on the bed ready. I was ready too and I fucked him. The bed was soaking wet from all the cum that was leaking out of me. I was sweating too, I was fucking these men so hard. My ass and pussy had a mind of their own, and there wasn't enough black cock to satisfy me. I kept count of how many men came in me, eleven all total. Honey, I was the biggest whore on the planet this weekend.”


Don continues.

“After Alice had told her story to me, I had a hardon that wouldn't quit. Alice looked at my crotch and saw my dick standing tall.

“Does my Honey want some pussy? Some well fucked pussy?”

Alice unwrapped the bath towel from her body. Again I saw her body covered with hickeys, but it didn't bother me like it did when I first saw them. The redness on her ass was gone and her nipples were back to their normal color. The shower and bath had worked wonders on Alice. I picked my wife up and laid her on the bed. I laid next to her and we proceeded to  make out. I was very careful when I felt her tits, no sense giving her pain.

I slowly worked my way down, kissing every inch of her as I ended up at her clit. I looked at her clit, thinking that a woman had worked it over not that long ago. I noticed a small bite mark on her clit's hood, the woman must have bit her. I kissed the bite mark and then her clit. Alice was moaning while all this was going on. I had to spend more time with my face in her pussy. This was the first time I had the opportunity to eat a bald pussy and I wasn't going to miss it. I lapped that fine cunt for what felt like hours. Alice had quite a few orgasms before I fingered her pussy. I pulled no punches while finger fucking her with three fingers. Soon she was begging me to fuck her.

I thought that maybe she would be a size queen now, but as soon as my cock was buried deep in her, she was herself. She fucked me hard, not like she used to, but with more pussy action. It didn't take my mind long before I was picturing Alice on her back taking black cock. I could see her spreading her legs gesturing for the next black cock to enter her.

My fucking action brought Alice to a sheet grabbing, leg stretching orgasm. While she was at her high point, I blasted my balls. I pumped more cum into her than ever before. Her pussy milking and clinging to my shaft. Her arms were around me, her tits crushed by my body. I moved so I could kiss my wife. We continued to make out while my cock returned to it's limp state.

“Do you love me?” she asked.

“Yes, I love you more than anything.”

“I'm going to tell you something. I've had my fling, my fantasy has been satisfied. I never will fuck another man, only my man. I am entirely satisfied by you and need no other cock ever again. I love you Don, I love you forever.”

Thanks Honey, I'm so glad to hear you say that. I was worried about how you would feel after fucking a black cock. I had a good time with Midori, but she is no you. She is a nice piece of ass and if you don't care I would like to fuck her a few more times. If you don't want me to, I won't.

We went out for a quick dinner then returned home. Alice was rummaging through her purse and pulled out a USB stick, looking quizzically at it. “I wonder where this came from and what is it?”

I signed onto my laptop and inserted the stick. A list of what was on the stick appeared on my display. A file name was listed, “Alice's Weekend” I showed Alice the name. I also saw the file extension was “.mp4”. It was a video of some sort. I'd a bet my life it was a video of Alice and probably one of the black guys.

“Go ahead, open the file. If it is me and some dude, you can either watch it or delete it.”

The file was of Alice and Andrew, from the first moment they entered his bedroom, until the room went dark. I saw her trying to fight him off, his huge cock bending as he pushed it into her tight cunt. I was fascinated watching my wife's pussy stretch, taking his huge black pole inside her. Once he was in, she fucked him like an animal, her ass moving back and forth, up and down, all around. My cock was stirring in my pants, I was fascinated, watching Alice being fucked, she had given me my own private porn movie.

The room went dark, but I could hear what was going on. Mostly what I heard was cock sloshing in and out of an extremely wet cunt. There was a pause of a few minutes, then more fucking sounds. That was when I heard Alice call for Andrew. 

The bedroom was awash with dim light. It was now that I watched Alice take on and fuck a few more guys. I was somewhat upset seeing them spanking her ass and twisting her nipples. Every guy left a mark on her, a hickey. Some of the guys left many hickeys. One dude latched onto the bottom of her tit and sucked a large hickey. I opened Alice's blouse and saw the hickey first hand. It was large and dark reddish black.

When the black woman came on scene carrying a pan of water, I knew she must have shaved Alice's pussy. It was a stirring video as I watched her touch and shave her crotch. I removed all of Alice's clothing as we watched the woman clean her up and then kiss her clit. Alice watched as she bit near her clit. My cock was raging hard now. I took Alice's hand and rubbed my cock. She took my cock in hand and jacked me slowly as we watched my wife getting her pussy licked and sucked by the woman. When her black fingers entered her pussy, I felt like I would cum. I took Alice's hand from my cock.

I was really surprised when Alice went down on the black chick. I watched in amazement when the black chick had her orgasm. My baby eating pussy was a real turn-on.

The rest of the movie was of Alice fucking more black cock. When the guy with the short thick cock fucked her, I could see Alice respond. She fucked this guy relentlessly, I thought she was trying to tear his cock from his body. This was also the part of the video that had many closeups of their genitalia crashing together. I saw their juices mixed into a foaming mess on his black cock. When he came, he rammed her pussy hard, his cock completely disappearing inside her cunt. He was pumping my wife full of his sperm and she loved it. He stayed locked inside her for the longest time. I think Alice had more orgasms after he cum. She was panting hard when he pulled his cock from her. The video ended with that scene.

“Wow, that was some fuck you gave that last dude,” I exclaimed. “You are telling me that you don't ever want to fuck him again?”

Before she could answer, I shoved my hand into her panties. I ran my finger through her slit. She was soaking wet, her panties were wet and there was a wet spot on the leather couch. My wife liked her own video.

“It was hot and I liked being fucked by him. I really gave him my pussy. I don't know under what circumstance I would fuck him again. Maybe if you brought him home and told me you wanted to see live how we fucked each other, then maybe.”

Well that answered my question, to me that was a yes. But only if I initiated the fuck session.

“What about the black woman eating you and then you eating her. How do you feel about that?”

“That was my first woman. I did question myself, in the past, about having sex with a woman and decided that I didn't want that. But when she kissed my clit, I changed my mind. I liked how she ate me out, a woman has to do a better job than any man. She knows how she wants her pussy eaten. I had a glorious orgasm from her. I ate her out too, just to see how I felt about eating a woman's cunt. I would be lying if I told you I didn't like it. Maybe we can do something like that together.”

“You would get another woman and we would have a threesome? You would want to do that?”

“Yes I would, but only if you want me to. If you want, I will ask Midori to come to our place and I'll seduce her. Would you like to see her and I together? I would like to see you fuck her.”

I was ready to fuck Alice again. “Yes, let's have sex with her. Yes I would like to see the two of you having sex. And yes, I would like for you to watch me fuck the hell out of her. She is one fine piece of ass.”

Midori is our lover now, she has moved into our house. You know she remains there today.

I secretly contacted Andrew and found out the name and phone number of the normal length, but thick cocked man. You know, the fourth man to fuck her. Alice was very surprised one Friday night when she came home from work and was greeted by a nude “Anthony”. It took only a few minutes before she was naked and fucking him. I watched Alice's pussy lips split and surround Anthony's thick cock. After Anthony filled her with his cum, Anthony and I doubled teamed her. We took turns fucking her most of the night. Alice and Anthony, meet at least once a month for their special time together.

I talked both of them into letting me film them. Alice agreed readily to make a fuck film. Anthony was concerned about being identified. Masks solved Anthony's problem.

I had them professionally filmed. After the film was edited, it was sold on the internet. The comments were good and they did three more films. That ended when Alice became pregnant. She was sweating it out, thinking that maybe Anthony had knocked her up. The baby was mine and she's a real little sweetie. The baby brought an end of her porn movie career. Alice would only fuck Anthony using triple protection, he grew tired of that and moved on.   

That is how we lived out our fantasy sex.


To conclude this true story of Don and his wife Alice.

Alice and Don are very happy in their marriage. I was glad Don trusted me enough to write their story. He gave me copies of his wife's movies, and with Alice's permission, her private BBC movie.

When my wife watched Alice's first BBC movie, she gasped when she recognized Alice. After watching, Joan said, “Looks like Alice likes big black cocks. She sure fucks them hard. I'm having a hard time believing my best friend fucks men other than her husband. I think she really fucked that last guy. She wanted him to stay in her and leave all his cum deep inside. God he has such a nice thick cock.” 

Joan and I always have great sex after watching Alice's films. Joan's pussy is slick with her juices. Watching black cock sliding into her friends white pussy apparently turns my wife on.

Maybe my wife “Joan” would like to try a BBC. If she does, I'll have another true story to write for you. Keep your fingers crossed, I am.


Before I could submit this true story to Lush, my wife Joan started fantasizing about fucking a black cock. When we watch one of Alice's movies, she comments on how she would like to feel a BBC in her pussy. When she does that, I slide my cock deep into her and she has an orgasm every time. We also role play, me coming into our dark bedroom and fucking her hard. She fantasizes she is being fucked by an anonymous black dude. She is a wild fuck, cumming again and again. All I can say is that Joan is a great piece of ass during these fantasies.

I would bet my last dollar that my wife will be fucking a big black cock within the next six months. Does any one want to bet against me?  


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