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Two Friends Share a Halloween Costume chapter 3

Husband sets up wife to be seduced
This story stands on its own merits, and you do not have to read the original stories to enjoy it. The original stories dealt with a heterosexual man and his first foray into gay sex, this story continues his story but it is strictly heterosexual.

My Name is Dave. About five years ago, my best friend seduced me while we shared a Halloween costume. A lot has happened since then; Tom and I are still best friends, but he moved away so I have not seen him in a few years.

Since that time I, have met my current wife. We got married about a year ago and we both couldn’t be happier.

I never quite got up the nerve to tell her what happened between me and Tom. I am not sure how to bring up the subject because now that I have experienced that, I would like to share it with her and get involved in swinging.

I am a voyeur at heart and I would love to see her getting fucked by other guys as well as girls and all of us have a fun time. But how do you tell your wife without her freaking out and not ruining your marriage.

So I devised a plan to see how receptive she would be to the idea of swinging. Let me begin by describing Stephanie. She is simply gorgeous, she has green eyes and dark auburn hair, and she is one of those rare white woman that has a big beautiful bubble butt, the kind usually reserved for Latin or black woman. She is 5 foot 7 with b cup breasts and she has very sensitive nipples.

So getting back to my plan, she works at a medical office and one of her best friends happens to be her boss, a Cuban woman with that Latin flair. She also works side by side next to a black woman named Keisha who is also a really good friend. It is not unusual for the three of them to get together for a drink after work.

They are all about the same age in their early forties and all MILF material. Stephanie is 42 and has two kids from a previous marriage. The other two women each have a son but their sons are older 19 and 21.

I went to a store that lets you order custom made costumes and I ordered a unicorn costume for two people, Steph adores unicorns, so I thought she would go for the idea. I had the costume delivered to my office.

Stephanie goes to a Halloween party every year at her boss’s house, it is only for the staff and their spouses, no kids allowed. It is a perfectly innocent party but all the adults want to have a kid’s free night.

As the party approached I told Stephanie that I had ordered a Unicorn costume for her and she seemed excited but when she saw it she gave me a strange look.

“Dave what am I supposed to do with this, the costume is for two people and you told me you couldn’t go this year."

“Steph, I thought you could ask Keisha to share the costume with you. The two of you could have so much fun not telling anyone who you are at the party and let people try and figure it out.”

“Seriously Dave, what possessed you to even think Keisha would want to share a costume.”

“Look I thought as much fun as you two have it would be something different the two of you could try this year.”

“Okay, okay I will talk to her at work tomorrow and feel her out.”

Steph comes home the next day and tells me that Keisha was actually excited about the idea and thought it would be fun.

So far my plan is coming together, I specifically ordered the costume once size too small so it would be a tight fit and the two of them would be rubbing together, I had hoped that by the end of the evening, one would seduce the other and Stephanie would actually approach me about swinging.

From this point on, I am going to let Stephanie tell what happened next.

So the big night approaches and I call Dave, who is still at work, that I am headed to Keisha’s house to pick her up and head to the party. Dave tells me to have fun and I hang up the phone.

I arrive at Keisha’s house and Jerome, her son, answers the door.

“Hi Stephanie, my mom and dad had to go to the hospital, my Aunt is having a baby and my mom promised to be by her side, she told me to tell you she is really sorry she is going to miss the party and to forgive her for leaving you in a lurch.”

“Damn…Damn..Damn, I understand, I was just really looking forward to this year’s Halloween party.”

“If you need someone to go with you, I can go.”

“No, you don’t understand, your mom and I were going to share a costume together.”

“Oh, I see, well if you still want to go, I will share it with you.”

I laugh, “I don’t think your mom would appreciate us sharing a costume together.”

“Really Stephanie, it is no big deal, we don’t have to tell anyone I am in the costume with you.”

“Seriously how are we going to get away with that once people start mingling with us?”

“We can tell them I have laryngitis and I lost my voice.”

“That might work, hmmm Okay let’s do it, otherwise I will just be going home to an empty house tonight.”

So Jerome gets in my van and we head to the party, when we arrive we park on the street, thank god I have dark tint on my windows so no one sees us getting into the costume.

As I unpack the costume, Jerome makes a comment that it is going to get really hot inside it, so he suggests that we strip down to out underwear. I realize he has a valid point but I am a little uncomfortable getting down to my underwear in front of him.

I ask him to turn around as I undress down to my lacey thong and bra, I then put the costume on and I tell him it is okay to turn around.

It is going to be awkward for him to get into the costume inside the van so I open the side door, thank god it is a dark street and no one is walking by. I see him take his jeans off and he is standing in his boxers waiting for me to unzip so he can climb in.

I am totally mesmerized by his the outline of a huge cock inside his boxers, finally I come to my senses and I unzip and he climbs inside the costume behind me.

I immediately realize this costume is too small for the both us, he squeezes in anyway and I can feel his body next to mine, radiating heat, especially from his crotch.

We manage to walk to the front door and ring the doorbell and Isabella, my boss opens the door.

“Hey guys glad you made it.”

“Hi Bella, Keisha lost her voice but she is a trooper and wouldn’t miss your party for anything in the world.”

So we mingle for a while and head over to the table and grab a couple of drinks, heaven knows I need a good drink. I am crazy to have agreed to go along with this, what Dave would think if he knew I was sharing a costume with Keisha’s son. Hell, what Bella thinks as well. Oh my god, I can’t believe what predicament I have gotten myself into.

After a couple of shots of tequila I stopped worrying about it and started realizing that Jerome’s cock was growing inside his boxers. I am sure it didn’t help that I was wearing a thong and I kept rubbing my big bootie up against him.

I wasn’t trying to rub it against him, but the costume was so small it could not be helped.

John, one of the guys that work in our office asked us to dance, so we made it to the dance floor, it was pretty awkward and after one dance I told John it was too hard to dance with two of us in the costume and that I needed to sit down.

Then I realized my next dilemma, how in the world was I going to sit down, just as the thought crossed my mind, Jerome whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, I can sit first and then you can sit on my lap.”

So John followed us to the couch to continue our conversation. Jerome sat down and then I sat on top of Jerome, and that is when I felt it, a big hard naked cock, that little fucker must have pushed his cock out through the fly before he sat down.

I could feel his rather humongous erect black cock wedged between my ample cheeks. I have to admit it felt really good, I have never felt anything so large. I was getting really wet. At this point, I felt Jerome’s hands slide toward my pussy. Here I am carrying on a conversation with John while one of my best friend’s sons is molesting me.

Jerome very carefully reached my pussy and slipped a finger inside, I thought oh my god that feels so good, I can’t believe this is happening, I felt so guilty and at the same time so excited.

At this point I told John I needed another drink and I would be right back, so Jerome and I made it to the drink table and I took another couple of shots of tequila. And headed back to the sofa.

John had disappeared so Jerome sat down and as I lowered myself on his lap I felt his huge cock slip into my pussy like a hot knife going through butter.

Thank god everyone else was over in the family room because I couldn’t hold on to the sigh that escaped my lips when I felt him completely inside of me. He started to rock back and forth and I told him to stop.

John made it back to the couch, but all I could think about was the big black cock inside me. So I told John I wasn’t feeling well and that I was going upstairs to take the costume off and lay down.

Jerome and I walked upstairs to Bella’s master bedroom and closed the door behind us. I unzipped the costume, turned around and admired the magnificent cock before me, I dropped to my knees and Jerome took his cock and slapped my face with it, I went to grab it but he slapped my hands away.

“Bitch put your hands by your side.”

He took his cock and rubbed it all over my face, caressing my lips with the head. I parted my lips and he slipped the head just inside my mouth. I licked all around the head, tasting his pre-cum before letting the rest of his cock inside my mouth. I could only get half of it in it was so large.

“Bitch, I am going to fuck your pussy so good you will want my cock all the time.”

Jerome picked me up by my shoulders and laid me down on the bed, he tore off my bra and thong and then lowered his boxers.

There in front of me stood a magnificent beauty, he was 21, hard rock, and muscular, he was only about 5 foot 10, 190 pounds but all his muscles rippled, especially his rather large cock, that I estimate must have been about 9 inches long but what was more amazing is how thick Jerome’s cock is.

I saw Jerome approaching with his cock pointed at my pussy, whatever guilt I felt was overwhelmed by the lust I felt at the moment. Jerome’s cock was at the entrance of my pussy, he is teasing my pussy now, rubbing his cock past my lips to my clit, and back and forth he does this, driving me nuts.

“Please Jerome, put your cock inside my pussy.”

Jerome gets of me and lays in bed, “you want my cock inside you, then bitch come sit on it.”

I can’t stand it anymore I want to feel his cock inside me. I move up to kiss him as I stroke his cock.

I raise one leg over him and point his cock straight up at my pussy. I then lower my pussy until it is touching my lips. I rub his cock all over my clit and lips. Back and forth, I rub his cock then I aim it at my pussy and put the head in. We both gasp.

I did it so slow and methodically that the head of his cock feels the warmth of my pussy. I feel my pussy expand to take the head in. I lower my body and allow another inch to go inside my pussy. We both savor every moment. He grabs both my hips and roughly pulls my pussy down to devour his cock. I have never felt fuller. My pussy is so wet and I am so horny that I take his entire cock deep inside me without pain.

I start to bounce up and down on his cock. Going faster and faster as my passion erupts. My body starts to quiver and I start to cum. Jerome feels me Cumming and he explodes inside of me. I can feel him erupt. His cum is so hot. I feel it explode deep inside my pussy. As we both come down from our orgasms, I notice a pair of eyes in the doorway of the bathroom

I ask who is there and Miguel, Bella’s son comes out of the bathroom, completely naked with a hard on. He said he was taking a shower in his mother bathroom because it is bigger and he heard us come in and couldn’t help but watch.

He walks over to me and pushes his cock near my lips, “Suck it, or I will tell everyone what happened here tonight.”

What could I do, I didn’t want my marriage ruined or my job jeopardized so I let him slip his cock inside my mouth. He wasn’t as long as Jerome in the cock department, but then again who would be, But Miguel had an even thicker cock, so even though it was not as long it was thicker and I could really feel it as I tried to wrap my lips around his cock.

At this point, Jerome gets up from under me and I kneel on the bed as I suck Miguel. Jerome then gets behind me and starts fucking me from behind. Oh my god what would Dave think if he could see his wife getting fucked by a black man while sucking off a Cuban man.

“Oh yeah baby, chupa mi pito, that’s right suck my cock baby.”

Miguel tasted so good, I loved sucking his cock, he must have liked it too because without warning he exploded inside my mouth, so much cum that it was dribbling from my lips. He got up and went to the bathroom.

Jerome continued fucking me and about a minute later, the master bedroom door opens and I see Bella, with her mouth wide open watching her best friend getting fucked by another friend’s son.

“Steph, what the hell are you doing.”

“Oh Bella, please don’t say anything to Dave, it just sort of happened”

As I said this, I noticed Bella entered the bedroom; I could see both amazement and lust in her eyes. Jerome, never stopped fucking me, even when she discovered us.

I pushed Jerome off me and got up and went to Bella and grabbed her hand begging her, “Please Bella ,don’t tell Dave.”

Bella kept staring at my breasts and I started rubbing her hand in mine and I brought her hand up to my breast. I helped her rub my nipple and she started to respond.

Jerome got off the bed and came up behind her and he started to take her costume off, luckily for him it was pretty easy, she was wearing a French maid outfit that was very sexy but also very easy to take off.

Lust must have overcome her, because there was no resistance from her at all. As Jerome took her panties off I dragged her in to bed with me and she landed on top of me. We started kissing as our breasts were mashed together.

Bella had beautiful breasts, larger than mine with big dark areolas, her breasts were so large that they sagged a little but they were so soft and inviting. I pushed her face down to my breasts and she proceeded to lick my nipples.

I couldn’t believe just two days ago we were going over my performance review at work and here she is licking my breasts. Bella went down started to lick my thighs and moved her way up to my lips, she licked my outer lips and slowly curled her tongue and put it inside my pussy, Bella found my “g” spot because I was squirming all over the place.

Bella then moved up to my clit and drew little circles with her tongue all around my clit, she then wrapped her lips around my clit and sucked it into her mouth, and I had a mind blowing orgasm as I drove Bella's head into my pussy.

As I came down from my orgasm, my head resting on the pillow, I noticed Miguel hiding behind the bathroom door watching us. At that exact moment, Jerome pushed his beautiful black cock into Bella’s pussy all while Miguel watched his mom getting impaled.

I can’t even think of the ramifications of what has transpired this evening, all I could think about how horny I was watching Miguel watching his mom take a big black cock. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I am pretty sure he was masturbating behind the door.

I then turned my attention back to Bella and watched her get fucked doggy style, her head down between my legs, her ass up in the air, getting stuffed over and over again by Jerome’s cock.

Jerome grabbed a hold of her hips and started to fuck her senseless, he must have been getting close because he let out a yell and came deep inside my best friend and boss. He collapsed on the bed next to me.

His cock softening, I couldn’t resist the urge and I licked him all over tasting Bella’s juices on his cock. At this point a third figure entered the bedroom; I didn’t know who he was because he was wearing a Spiderman costume which covered him from head to toe.

I saw him, he came into the room but he had a problem trying to open the costume so he ripped it around the crotch area, pulled out his cock and got behind Bella.

Bella was still between my legs licking my pussy and I watched Mr. Spiderman, fully erect come up behind her and slip his cock into her wet, juicy pussy. He slipped in so easily and she managed a deep moan as he started to fuck her.

Oh my god we have both turned into sluts, thank god Dave wasn’t here to witness his wife becoming a slut for black and Spanish cock.

I felt Bella stop licking and instead grabbed my thighs, I then felt her body going into convulsions as Mr. Spiderman was making her explode all over his cock.

Mr. Spiderman hadn’t come yet so when she collapsed, his cock slipped out, he grabbed it and started jerking off, and he must have been close to Cumming when Bella collapsed because pretty soon he was spraying come all over her ass. Gobs and gobs of cum flowed from his cock.

Miguel was mesmerized; I could see him peeking through the door as his mother just got fucked by a complete stranger.

I didn’t notice Mr. Spiderman slip out; my attention was on Miguel, so when I looked back Mr. Spiderman was gone. I took a hold of Bella’s face and kept her head down on my pussy, I them motioned for Miguel to slip out as well, which he did, he snuck out of the bedroom and his mother never knew what he witnessed.

At this point I told Jerome to leave me and Bella alone and he left the room as well. I kissed Bella and told her, this has to remain our secret. She looked at me like I as stupid.

“Seriously Steph, do you think I want this to get around.”

“Just making sure.”

“By the way, you owe me, come down here and lick my pussy.”

I did as I was told; I licked my way down her body until I reached her toes.

Then I started kissing my way up her leg up to the Bella’s mid-thigh, getting closer and closer to the Bella’s shaved pussy. I could smell the Bella’s scent. It was turning me on and her juices were flowing from her pussy.

I couldn't take anymore; I had to know what another woman's pussy tasted like. So I stuck my tongue out and licked Bella’s clit. It tasted so good, and I knew from then on, I was bisexual, and will be licking a lot more pussies.

“Oh yes baby, eat my pussy.”

I ate her pussy till Bella exploded on my mouth with another mind bending orgasm. I then crawled up to her and kissed her on the lips.

“Bella, what am I am going to do, I can’t believe I have done this to Dave, but at the same time I can’t go back to the way things were before. My eyes have been opened and I can’t stop doing this.”

“Don’t worry Steph, we will figure it out.”

Both woman got dressed and got back to the party, it was winding down and Jerome had already left, he must have gotten a ride from Miguel. Boy what stories those two are going to tell, I will have a talk with them and make sure they understand if they keep their secrets there may be other rewards.

I drove home and Dave was already in bed, he looked up at me and asked if I had a good time. I told him yes, it was fun, if he only knew what fun I had. I told him I was hungry, and I was going to make me a sandwich. He said ok and turned over and went back to sleep.

I went down to the kitchen and I was reliving the night’s activities. How good it felt to be fucked by Jerome and licking Bella’s pussy was amazing.

Tomorrow was trash day so I took out the trash bag to the curve. Dave had already taken out the container, but even though there was a new bag in the trash I ended up eating some leftover chicken and I didn’t want the bones and leftovers stinking up the kitchen.

So I opened the lid and I was taken aback, inside the trash can was a Spiderman outfit, I took it out and I noticed the rip in the crotch area. That fucker not only knew what happened, he had fucked my best friend and didn’t say anything.

I don’t know where we go from here, do I let on that I know he knows, or do I play along and pretend I don’t know and see what happens. And Miguel, what does he do with the knowledge of his mom becoming a slut, and oh my god, I hope Keisha never finds out I fucked her son. I don’t know what awaits me, but the possibilities are endless and I can wait to see what happens next.

I want to thank all the readers and your kind comments, I don’t get to write as much as I use to but so many of you have emailed me wanting a sequel that I had to write one. I hope you enjoyed the story and please don’t forget to vote. I read every single comment and e-mail, and I take it to heart when writing these stories. So if you have any suggestions, now is the time to let me know and I will consider them in writing my next story.

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