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Vanilla Fantasy

Straight up, black on blonde
I grab a fistful of your silky gold locks, exposing your neck. I bite into it with passion, like a vampire sucks blood. I inhale your skin and suck your bottom lip into mine. I nibble your ear and flick my tongue. I bite into your shoulder, while running my hands to and fro over your body.

I am excited at your scent and the color of our skin; brown and crème gets me hard. Your body is so soft and inviting. I place my hands in yours and devour your breasts, pressing them with my tongue. I lick from your breasts to your navel as my hands trace down the sides of your body. I spread your legs and dive tongue first into your pussy.

Up and down, side to side, circles and swirls, I have your clit all in a whirl. I like it when you arch your back. I love to hear it when you moan your responses and feed my hardness. I cup your legs, finding pleasure in the warmth my dick feels from your pussy. Slow at first, grinding circles inside you.

Then I tell your pussy to come here with my dick, thrusting slowly forward and back. You are so wet. I turn you over and pull your hips into me and begin to make skin clap against skin, the sweet sounds of doggy style. I go faster and faster. I pull your silky gold locks again, inhaling your scent. Savoring it, I bite into your neck once more as we cum together.

I feel your urge to return the favor, so I sit and watch as your mouth devours my chocolate cock. I hear you moaning with delight while sucking my stick. I love the way your strands of hair dangle down while you suck. I place a hand lightly on your head. I love the feel of your hair and run my fingers through it as you bob up and down. I am smiling as your tongue works me over round the sides and playing with my tip.

I push down making you gag on me with my manhood stuck down your throat. I release you, letting you suck once more, liking the way your cheeks move when I blow. I push your head down again, this time exploding in the back of your throat. You reflex back and lick my load off my tip and suckle it off your fingers.

You are not satisfied with me yet, so you throw your hair back and look at me. Smiling, you hop on me and begin to ride. I let out moan of delight. I like how you move your ass up and down on my dick. You lean forward to kiss me. Your tongue slides between my mouth, I suck on it then slide one of your lips between mine.

I grab your ass and spread your cheeks as you ride me. I give them a smack, and another. My hands then run along your body and up to your shoulders. I pull you toward me as we fuck each other. We kiss again, inhaling air from each other. I love the feel of your hair on my face. Your soft hair, I pull it once more making you arc. Exposing your vulnerability to me, your neck and breasts lay bare before me.

I lick from the center of your chest up to your mouth and attack your breast, making circles on your nipples with my tongue. As you moan and throb I make you cum. I nibble on your ear then I kiss you, coming inside your pussy.

We lay side by side spent, wondering where the time went.

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