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Wasted Time

A guy fantasizes about what if
It was a Saturday morning in April; the weather was finally sunny for a change, despite it being early. My mom told me she wanted me to ride with her as she picked my grandma up from work and took her home over an hour away; I agreed without saying anything. I already knew how I could pass the time anyway, gotta love emulators. You know, those video games meant for consoles (Playstation, GameBoy, etc) that can be formatted and then played on a computer (or in this case my phone.)

We took off from our apartment parking lot and I instantly popped my headphones into my phone and remembered the audio book I had downloaded last week on I decided to listen to that instead of play video games. It was Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, no need to describe what it was about. I had gotten to about Chapter 9 the night before, so I continued from there, occasionally shifting my attention to my mom whenever she spoke to me. We finally arrived to my grandma’s workplace and we all did the usual greetings while we, well I, loaded her things into the backseat with me. I flopped into the back and continued listening to Gotta Have It.

These stories were incredible! There were a few lesbian stories, one about a sexy voice message, one with a quickie in the kitchen, some kind of vegetarian wanting to eat meat real bad, a gay one, and even something about Godzilla! There were lots and lots more, but needless to say, this audio book was FULL of diversity; just like I like it! It only took about seven less-than-ten-minute stories before I was achingly horny and hard enough to almost rip the front of my jeans; the two women aged thirty five in the front of the car completely oblivious to my situation. I shoot a text to my girlfriend, Trisha, educating her on my turmoil, hoping to torture her to the same yearning I suffered; she never replied. I dared to listen further into my audio book, distracted by my raging libido. I ‘accidentally’ wrapped my hand over my pitched tent. ’Trying to cover it up‘ I lied to myself. Only to be rewarded by chills rocketing down my spine. Fuck! I needed to cum now! But, being in the back seat of my mother’s car, masturbation was definitely not an option. What’s worse, we weren’t even a quarter of the way into our journey yet. I think back to Trisha, her being WAY more sexual than I, but when the mood hit, there was no issue. We didn’t see each other as much as normal couples, the reason being she lived over an hour drive from my house. We decided we would rather wait for that chance to see each other for days rather than a few short hours. Not even a week ago she spent her spring break over at my house; it was a blast, we shared the time with my roommate Shane and his boyfriend. My mom never questioned us much, just pondering on if we used protection; I lied and said we did just to avoid that lecture.

Man, when I think back to that spring break the time we had where my mom was gone and it was just us four chilling watching Netflix on the couch, I can’t help but think no matter how relaxing the moment was, if I was more sexually hungry physically like I am mentally (even my girlfriend doesn’t know how wild it is, yet) I would have fucked her a lot more. I think back to those days my mom would be gone for unknown amounts of hours, all that wasted time on the couch, it’s kind of saddening. If only I felt then like I felt right now in this car, things would have gone a bit differently.

I let my mind slip into the fantasy as I closed my eyes. We’d be holding hands as we always did, and I’d kiss the back of hers being the gentleman that I am. She’d smile at me and I’d stand up and walk towards the hallway that connected the living room to my room. She would smile at me still with her hazel eyes gleaming her happiness, gotta love her so much. But instead of my usual smile back, she would get a hungry stare, my eyes devouring her. She’d notice and smirk devilishly raising her eyebrows in that cute sexy way people do to signal ill intent. I couldn’t help but grin back, and then signaled for her to follow me with a curled finger. She would glance at the other couple sitting on the couch side opposite of us to make sure they didn’t notice. She’d rise and they’d turned to her when they feel the shift, Shane would make his usual comment relating to sex and I’d brush it off with the wave of the hand, trying not to show he was actually right this time.

I’d lead her to my room and close the door behind us, my eyes exploring her pleasantly plump body attached to that oh-so-fun-to-spank ass. I approach her and rest my hand on her cheek; my dark chocolate skin contrasting to her ginger-pale. I pull her to me and our lips lock, both melting into each other. I slide my tongue to hers, inviting it to play. She responds with a sly chuckle and our tongues dance, I flick my tongue along the top of her tongue ring and our tongues entangle once more. We pause and she steps back to undress, beginning with her shirt; I follow suit. Her blouse hitting the carpet at my plain red graphic tee follows, next her bra, then the basketball shorts I lent her and mine as well. She didn’t have on any panties and this day I didn’t feel like putting on boxers, lucky us.

I lean forward to suck one of her soft pink nipples into my mouth; I hear a sigh of appreciation as I flick it with my tongue. I reach down and glide my fingertips down her shaved pelvis; she welcomes my touch by parting her legs. I’d rub her clit teasingly gentle at first the increase my pressure as I switch between sucking and licking on both her nipples. She can’t help but writhe as all her favorite places for me to play are being stimulated at once. Before her knees surrendered, she’d stop me and I smile evilly at her, and then instruct her to bend over. She obeys without hesitation, resting her hands on the edge of the bed as I position myself behind her. Her pussy slick with her lust and my phallus at the ready, I slide into her no problem; we both moan out at the sudden bliss. I’d begin to pump deep and slow, savoring the feel of her at first, then going faster; refusing to waste any time.

Her breathing would become flawed, sighs turn to moans and her hips begin to buck back to receive every inch of my member. I grab onto her hips and proceed to go harder, moaning as she clenches me deep in her depths, not wanting the feeling to come to an end.

“More!” she’d cry out, and I comply; my cock pumping even harder, causing our skin to noisily fill the air with a clapping sound.

Trisha bucks back harder as I thrust forward, grunting fiercely, her nails tearing slightly into the fabric on the bed. I smack her ass as we fuck, adding to our own little sexual symphony and she moans out. Her volume begins to increase more and more, signaling her imminent release as I smack her ass once more. A huge wave of orgasm crashes her body as she coats my shaft in her sweet juices. Her body collapses forward suddenly and I slam deep into her in surprise; she would let out a huge cry at the mix of slight pain and mostly pleasure. Through heavy breaths she tells me to lay down, half throwing me onto the bed as she did so.

She straddles me effortlessly and I’m back inside her in an instant. First a moan at my entry then a sigh to recollect her breath, she would begin to grind her hips back and forth slowly. I’d reach both arms up to cup her soft round breasts, my hands just big enough to cup them entirely. I give her nipples a slight tweak and she starts breathing heavier as her pace increased. My head falls back in pure ecstasy as this beautiful lady of mine rides me in a frenzy only she ever has. She grips my shoulders and I moan out unexpectedly and shift my hands down to her sides. She’d keep up her pace and if possible increase it, moaning and cussing out as she is rocked by orgasm once again, perhaps harder than the first.

“Ahhhhhh……FUCK!” she gasps as she almost falls forward, her cum lubricating my cock even more. Her sweat would be sticking her shining ginger hair to her forehead as she gasps and sighs in an attempt to catch her breath.

I smile and chuckle at how gorgeous her glow is and she gives a half-spent smile in return. She flops to the side of me and I teasingly duck between her legs and flick her pearl with the tip of my tongue. Her entire body shivers and quakes at every flick, I couldn’t help but laugh as she would try to protest. I continue my torture and I feel her body tense, she was about to try and run from me. I wrap my arms around the base of her thighs to hold her in place, she makes a sound that seems like a mix of whimpers and moans; I’d just take it as the latter and continue my assault on her extremely sensitive button.

“Babe…..Oh my…..g-god!” she manages to get out in between shakes and shivers. I stop flicking her clit with my tongue to circle it instead to help her be able to talk but instead her back arches like she just got shocked, which in a way probably happened.

“Oops,” I tease with a chuckle and crawl up the bed next to her. Her eyes glazed and body spent, she looks at me.

“I love you babe.”

“I love you too.” After she regains some strength, we redress and head back out to the living room. And just as we sat down, I hear the lock in the apartment door turn and my mom enters.

“Hi mom!” we all greet playfully.

Man, that would’ve been great if I would’ve done that, I’ll probably try to on the next chance I get. I can’t wait until Trisha’s prom; maybe I could “persuade” her to see my point of view. I can be quite persuasive…

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