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Weekend Away

Away together at a cottage Sam and Zaz have a bit of fun
We were sitting together in the car, quickly gliding along the highway, coasting towards a weekend together and away from all the rules and regulations that stayed in place at home.

I turned my head towards him. He was so dark this time of year, like rich dark chocolate. His hair was just starting to grow out of its close crop. I let my eyes wander, his beautiful eyes were focused on the road, while mine continued downwards. I could see his beautifully cut chest beneath his light and airy t-shirt.

His left arm was resting on the wheel and I could see the definition of each individual muscle. His other hand was playing with the hem of my favourite summer dress. He had noticed my careful evaluation of him. A sneaky smile graced his face and his white teeth stood out in ridged contrast with his dark skin. “Staring at me again are you?”

I giggled. “I can’t help it, you’re just too handsome.”

He winked at me “Not too bad yourself.”

I moved over on the seat of his old truck and snuggled into his side; he rested his arm over my shoulders and began to fiddle with my long dark hair. “How much longer until we’re there?”

“We just came out of Garthon, so we should be there in about ten minutes.”

A quiver of excitement ran through me. We were headed towards his cottage for Canada Day and our one year anniversary. I had been looking forward to this for so long. I had lied successfully to my parents and was escaping to a weekend alone with my lover and boyfriend.

My mind wandered as I thought about all of the naughty things we could get up to out here, in the middle of nowhere. I came back to the present as we took a right onto a little dirt road. I sat up and looked out the window. I could see the lake from here and all the little cottages. We pulled into a parking lot and he parked.

I frowned. “What are we doing here?”

He laughed. “I forgot to tell you, our cottage is on that little island in the middle.” He gestured towards the small heap of rocks in the middle of the lake. "We have to go the rest of the way by boat.”

“That’s so...” I couldn’t quite grasp the word.

“Cool?” he said with a smirk.

I stuck my tongue out at him. “I was going to say adventurous.”

He laughed and started to pull our suitcases out of the flatbed of the truck and head towards a little canoe.

Together we got it into the water and then he asked me to get in. I had never been in a canoe before so when I jumped in I didn’t take any extra precautions to balance. Being an incredibly clumsy person already it might be obvious what happened. In a second there was a huge tilt and as I stumbled the water came rushing up to meet me. I was underwater, and completely disoriented.

I relaxed and felt myself start to float towards the surface. I spun and swam that way and came bursting out sputtering and coughing. I could hear something, it sounded like laughter, but surely no one would be laughing after what had just happened. I swam toward the dock and on his back, dying of laughter was Sam. He could hardly breathe.

I pulled myself out and stood over him dripping wet. His face was scrunched up in happiness at my fall. He choked trying to talk. “That...was the funniest...thing I have ever, ever seen.” He rolled over on to his stomach and jumped up. He saw the smile growing on my face and his smile suddenly vanished. “Zaz, don’t do it, it’s not worth it!” But I was already running, I grabbed him around the waist and went flying of the end of the dock into the cold water. The splash we made as we fell was epic. We resurfaced, laughing and splashing one another.

We flipped the canoe back around and tied it quickly to the dock. As we headed towards shallower water he reached out and grabbed me. He pulled me back into his huge chest and titled my face upwards slowly with his thumb. I closed my eyes as he leaned down to kiss me. His lips touched mine and happiness flooded through me.

Our mouths began to work together and he slowly slid his tongue into my mouth. A shudder ran through me and he smiled through the kiss. This would never ever get old for me. He tucked his hands under me and lifted me easily. I wrapped my slippery legs around him and my arms around his neck.

Still kissing he walked out of the water and back onto the deck. He set me down and grabbed the suit cases. He put them in the boat, then still chuckling helped me in. He slid in easily and began to row. I tried to help but I don’t think my weak strokes really made any difference. We finally slid in beside the dock that was jutting out from the rock. I sat and watched while he jumped out quickly and grabbed the bags. Then he reached in and guided me out slowly.

He led me up a path towards the dark shadow of the house that I could see. As we got nearer and I could see it better I gasped. It was so pretty, dark wood with little patches of flowers around the base. The picture frame windows were shut tight but I could see they could be thrown open to allow in all the sunlight possible. I laughed out loud and ran the rest of the way up to the door. My getaway house for the long weekend.

We slipped into the warm water hand in hand, the dark night shielding us from anyone’s view. He pulled me towards the rock that was sticking out of the water. He pushed me up against its smooth weathered side. He had each of his hands resting about a foot above my shoulders. He leaned down and brushed my forehead with his lips. I closed my eyes. He kissed each of my eyelids. He kissed the end of my nose and finally came to rest on my lips. He was gentle, working his mouth with mine.

This time it was me who poked my tongue into his mouth, I pulled it across the roof of his mouth and felt him shiver against my chest. He moved his hands down and pushed them into my hair. They went lower and he wrapped his huge hands around my ass pulling my hips closer into him. I lifted my legs wrapping them tightly around his waist.

After holding me securely for a few more seconds, he deepened the kiss pushing his tongue to the back of my throat. His hands left my bum and traveled slowly up my back. He stopped at the strings of my bikini. Our kiss paused for a second “go ahead” I sighed into his ear. With the smallest tug the bikini drooped. He went up to my neck and pulled that cord as well. I pulled the stringy top out from between us and put it on the rock. When I turned back around he was staring at my breasts.

His hand slowly slid up my tummy to them and he wrapped his hand around one. It fit perfectly into his palm. He lowered his head and kissed my nipple while caressing my other breast. He sucked the tender skin into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it. My eyes closed as I let the amazing feeling take over my mind. He switched and treated the other the same.

I felt his lips back on my mouth while his hand still held my breast firmly. I began to grind my hips against his, slowly, but firmly. I felt him start to harden underneath his shorts. His breath became more ragged as he deepened our kiss, his strong arms pulling me closer until my breasts were squashed up against his chest. Our breathing was in sync and I could feel his heart beating happily beneath his strong chest.

Slowly I unwrapped my arms from around his neck and reached down between us to feel his rock hard cock. I adjusted the band of his shorts and pulled his shaft up so it was between our grinding pelvises. Slowly I shifted until my crotch was at the base of his cock. Then slowly I pulled myself up grinding right on his dick. I heard him sigh and relax. I continued and began to let my lips wander over his shoulders. I found the knot on his collar bone that turned him on and brushed my lips over it. His body quivered underneath me. I shifted just slightly so that my clit was now rubbing up against him too.

I sealed my lips over his collarbone and began to suck and nibble. His breathing quickened and I felt his dick get larger, ready to explode . I enjoyed him when he was like this, completely under my command. He took in a deep breath and I knew he was going to shoot. I gave one finial hard bite on his neck and he came. White ropes of seamen splattered against my bare chest. I was covered by the time he was finished.

I let go of him so I could slip under the water. He sank too and rubbed his cum of my chest, caressing my body as he did. Finished he reached behind him and grabbed my top, then he grabbed me too and carried me to shore. He stepped onto the sand and expecting him to put me down I squirmed but he held on and carried me all the way into the little cottage and to the huge king size bed. He laid me down soaking wet on the clean white sheets. He dropped his shorts and climbed onto the bed in all his glory. I giggled as he licked my thigh and pulled the waistband of my bikini down with his teeth. He used his hands to pull the rest of it down and kissed my mound.

I closed my eyes and gave myself away to the feelings that were over taking my body. I felt the bikini slip over my toes and then his fingers were pulling apart the lips of my wet and ready vagina. His tongue poked into my folds and he snapped it over my swollen clit. He worked my entire region for a while before inserting three fingers into my cunt and nipping my clit, I jumped from the sudden intrusion and then fell into ecstasy. As he sucked and nibbled me I had my first orgasm of the night, cum pouring out of me. He sucked me dry and lapped up every last bit of juice. He gave my clit one last lick and slid up to my face.

My eyes were still closed as I enjoyed the last throws of my orgasm. He kissed me and I could taste myself on his lips. I opened my eyes and smiled. I reached out to the desk for a condom and paused. I was on the pill and quite sure nothing could happen. I pulled my hand back to his face.

A glint entered his eyes. “You’re sure?”

I nodded. He rolled me over so I was on top of him and began to kiss me with new vigour. His hands searching up and down my back for that special spot. Off course just like every other time he found it. A tremor went down my spine. He trailed his fingers up and down over it until I had to close my eyes and my whole body was twitching ever so slightly. Then he rolled over again and slid himself up into my dripping cunt. Every one of his 12 inches entered me until I was resting right against his balls.

He started slowly pulling in and out. I moved my hips in a tiny circle adding to the pleasure against my clit. His lips were on my breast, one hand beside my shoulder, the other gripping the bed frame. Together we built momentum until our breaths were coming in short bursts, mine mixed with moans of pleasure. Finally I felt him grow inside me again, stretching my walls. I clenched my muscles holding him in as he exploded into me. The shudder of his body on mine sent me into convulsions. As my orgasm racked my body and my vision went blurry I heard him whisper in my ear. “I love you.” My vision went black and I passed out in pure bliss.

When I woke up my body was still shaking. I was panting and I could hear him beside me breathing hard as well. I sat up onto my elbows and looked at his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open. I rolled onto him and settled myself into his muscular body. His arms came up around me and we embraced. The moment was perfect. We stayed like that until our breathing regulated again. He kissed my cheek and warmth spread through me.

“Ready to go again?” I said, eyes still closed. His responding chuckle was answer enough.

The End

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