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Wendy Learns About Culture

Wendy Learns About Culture

As it happened, my son's wife Wendy had just completed her university education, graduating from a Mid-Western University with an MA in Geography. This was a fortuitous coincidence because I was planning a business trip to India. Our company was following the trend and was going to open a phone-bank in India to answer questions concerning our business.

The company wasn't proud of out-sourcing, but it was good business. So I was being sent to travel to major cities to survey the situation and I was allowed to take my wife with me. However, my wife was disabled, so I asked for the favor of taking Wendy instead. After all, she had a degree in Geography and had specialized in southeast asian cultures. And I had always liked my son's choice of ladies.

So, she was thrilled as was I. My son, Gregory didn't mind at all. He was twenty-four and still working on his PhD. I had never travelled alone with Wendy and I had high hopes that business could be mixed with pleasure. I was not a very good Daddy to my son, was I?

I myself was an older father, not having married until I was thirty-four. So, since Wendy was twenty-four just as she graduated, I was fifty-eight. But I kept myself fit and in shape, and felt a lot younger. Wendy was a redhead, like her mother and father. That was their Scottish heritage and like most Celts, she had lovely legs and freckles all over, with perky breasts always pointing upward. My family was French in background, so my son and I had dark hair.

I was still in good physical condition because I had served in the Army National Guard until my forties, and I had maintained the physical training regimen I had learned. My body had a little belly, but the rest was still strong and lusty, especially lusting after beautiful women.

My beautiful daughter-in-law and I started our journey from LAX. We flew across the Pacific to Hawaii and from there on to Singapore. We finally ended up in India. We first landed in Mumbai and went to a luxury hotel. The business was paying for everything so we went for the best.

We arrived late in the afternoon and Wendy decided she wanted to go down to the pool. My business had booked a two-bedroom suite, but at the desk, while Wendy was wandering around the lovely courtyard, I had the clerk change it to just a room and bath with two large beds. I had plans.

So when we arrived at our room, she decided to change into a bikini and go down to the pool. This hotel catered to Westerners, so there was no thought of the morals of the locals. We did as we would at home. As she changed in the bathroom the door stood ajar. I could see everything in the full mirror on the bathroom wall.

It was astonishing, especially for a horny old man who had never seen his son's wife naked. Of course, her red hair tumbled about her shoulders and her whole sweet body was covered in freckles. No problem there. Her perky titties pointed at the ceiling and in the mirror I could see she was following the fashion. Her pussy was completely bare and you could see her little clit and her soft labia, so enticing to an old pervert.

Soon, however, she had put on her bikini and was heading down to the pool. I would have went with her but my dick was too hard. She would have seen it standing out from a bathing suit.

So I watched a Bollywood movie on the television, not understanding a word but soaking up the local beauties. The women were dark, exotic and very sensuous. I went ahead and jerked off as I watched them. Suddenly, with keyless entry, Wendy was in the room and I was on the edge of my bed with a hard on in my hand. She blushed as only Scots can.

"Wait," I thought, "This is perfect. Use your plan."

So, I stood up and pointed my cock at her.

"Haven't you seen one of these before, Wendy?"

She continued blushing.

"But it's wrong to see yours."

"Wendy, I've learned over the years that nothing is wrong, unless it hurts someone."

"But, John, you're my father-in-law. That has to be wrong, of course."

"No, Wendy, it isn't wrong. It's how I met my wife. I was dating her sister. One evening I stopped by and she was out, but your mother-in-law was in and one thing led to another, and we fucked in her bedroom that night. No one was too upset. My sister-in-law is now happily married to her lesbian lover. Things work out if people just try to be happy with each other."

So she shyly walked over to me and I simply held her. I was feeling her wet bikini soaking into my white shirt, but not caring. Then, I tilted her pointed chin upward and kissed her softly. Not as we had in the past, but with a new passion occurring. And as I nibbled on her lips she touched mine with her tongue as if experimenting.

The experiment intensified and I finally untied her bikini top and started sucking on her pink nipples. This, I could tell, was something she'd enjoyed a lot in the past, because she wasn't afraid to put her hand on my head and mash my face into her breasts.

"Oh, god, I love my tits sucked. Harder John, harder. Bite them."

This was certainly going well. The whole trip was now a success. What could make it better?

We both frantically threw clothing around the room and we tried to stay lip-locked. Finally, we were both naked and she looked at me in a whole new light.

"You have such a beautiful cock, John. Do you want to bruise my pussy with it?"

Nothing more needed saying. I threw her on one of the bed and spread her long lithe legs. I put them on my shoulders and rammed a hard cock into my son's wife.

She grunted and moaned and made sexual noises. She was begging for more fucking. Over and over, more fucking. I gave it to her. And when I felt her pussy pulsating in a strong come I shot a huge load of spunk up her pussy. I had been snipped years ago. I feared no surprises.

We were both especially tired from the long trip and the long fuck and we both fell asleep almost immediately.
In the morning I awoke first. A leftover habit from the military. And I contemplated my Wendy, the scholar whore on the bed beside me. All was good.

We got cleaned up for the day. Not without a little slap and tickle, but nothing serious. We had plans to go to a local university to do some research. I still had to find a good place for our phone-bank and Wendy had research to do on India. She had been admitted to a doctoral program and was starting early on her research on the Indian subcontinent.

As we were going up the steps of the library a lovely Indian woman was coming down. Suddenly she stumbled, and I was close enough to catch her. I also caught her smell. It was Jasmine. Lovely.

I could see that she had twisted her ankle, so Wendy told me to pick her up and bring her inside to a chair or sofa. I could tell she understood Wendy, because she protested, but I scooped her up and carried her into the lobby where there were several places to put her down.

"It's alright. Nothing bad can happen here. My name is John. This is my daughter-in-law, Wendy. We're just here to do research. Don't be afraid."

She was a little shy, I could tell, but she spoke quite fluent English.

"My name is Aashi. I am sorry to be so much trouble."

"Well, we're here to do research so nothing compels us to stay. Could we escort you home?"

"Oh no. My home is some ways away in Nashik. I was here to do research also. It is on my post-graduate degree. I am staying here at a hotel."

"Well, we're are at a hotel also for a few days. The Hyatt Regency."

"But, so am I," she blurted out. Then I thought I saw regret that she had given personal information out to a stranger.

"Well, then, Wendy can do some research this morning. But I'm taking you back to the hotel. I insist."

And I did insist. She could see it in my eyes.

"That would be fine."

She finally said that after looking into Wendy's smiling and friendly eyes.

I again carried her out, down the stairs, and we hailed a taxicab. On of those recklessly driven cabs that you take your life in your hands when you enter. It seemed only seconds before the driver had brought us to the hotel.

When I carried her into the lobby the staff immediately took control. They whisked her away and I was certain I would never see her again. I went morosely up to my room and watched another Bollywood movie on the television as I thought of Aashi. She reminded me of these girls dancing and singing on the TV.

The phone rang. I thought surely it was Wendy as I answered. "Hi cupcake." I heard a giggle on the line and realized it wasn't Wendy.

"This is Aashi, John. I got your number from the concierge. I wanted to thank you properly for your help today."

This was my chance, I thought.

"Oh think nothing of it Aashi. We're guests in your country. We must act with proper care to be good friends to good people."

"Thank you, again, John. But what I wanted to ask was would you and your daughter-in-law care to dine with me tonight? I'm afraid we would have to use room service, since I can barely walk from my room."

Hot Damn, I thought. This could be the real thing.

"Of course, we'd both love to learn more about you and your wonderful country. My daughter is especially interested in this area of the world. Would you mind sharing some of your experiences and ideas?"

"Certainly. Shall I see you at seven o'clock in room 415?"

"We'll be there." 

When Wendy arrived back that afternoon I sat her down on my bed. I wanted to plot the evening with her.

"Sweetie, we're going to learn some really new things tonight. Even better than last night, I hope. Are you game?"

"I surely am John. I've found a whole new life on this trip. Let's go all the way."

We made our plans. We arrived at Aashi's right at seven on the dot. She had slowly limped to the door and opened it. She smiled broadly to see us both together. She had probably not been so open to strangers before.

We came in and she had a full spread of supper there on her suite table. After greetings we were offered places to sit and we all dined together. I noticed she had also had wine served. Good. All the better to seduce you with my dear. We finished two bottles of red wine.

After we finished dining we sat in the suite chairs to chat but Wendy sat in my lap. I saw Aashi was a little surprised. But she must have thought it was an American custom and didn't comment.

Then, Wendy placed her arms around my neck and spoke to Aashi.

"Isn't he a handsome fellow?"

Aashi blushed, I think, but her dark skin hid it well.

"Yes, he seems so." 

Then Wendy played the wild card. This would make or break the evening. She reached down by her lovely legs and unzipped my fly. She dug out my semi-hard shaft.

"This is why he's so handsome, I think."

We thought Aashi might try to limp away and hide in the bathroom, but she surprised us both, happily.

"Please be my Daddy, also, will you John?"

It had worked. Wendy got down on the floor and began jacking me off. Aashi limped over and stooped down.

"May I have some, too, please?"

Wendy placed her freckled hand behind Aashi's head of black hair and pulled her face down.

"Suck your Daddy's cock."

Aashi started working on my cock like she hadn't had sex in months. She licked on my prick up and down. Wendy stripped naked and then began to take off all of Aashi's clothes too. All the while Aashi kept sucking as hard as she could.

When they were both naked it was quite a contrast. Wendy with her pale freckly skin and small perky tits, and Aashi with her dark exotic skin and long oiled hair. With breasts that would not quit. They were so enormous and juicy looking. However, the two did share one thing. They both had completely hairless cunts. And they both had perky little buttons peeking out. And both of their clits were anticipating good sex.

"Who's your Daddy now cunt?"

"You are my Daddy. Please love your little girl."

"Then get on the bed. Daddy wants to fuck you while Wendy makes love to those huge tits."

That began a long night of cultural learning for all of us. First I fucked my new girl in her wet pussy. She took all of my cock and begged for more. I fucked her as hard as I could and still she wanted more. I came in her and she pleaded for more sex.

Wendy learned to eat pussy. Aashi loved having her cunt sucked on as I relaxed in a chair and fondled my prick. Both girls finally were eating each other at the same time. Aashi didn't want to miss out on that American pussy. They were both whimpering as they made each other have intense orgasms. They ended that with a make out session. I was watching and getting harder again. I needed more.

That was when Aashi learned how to be fucked in the asshole. Wendy was licking my ass as well as she could while I reamed out my little Indian girl's ass. Wendy even stuck her finger up my bung hole as I was coming again, making it as intense as I had ever felt it. And I learned that being old didn't mean I couldn't fuck and suck all night, with any kind of girl in the world.

We all awakened the next day holding a cock, or pussy, or breast. Something by which to remember an evening of culture and delight.

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