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When the Subs are Ready, the Master Will Cum

This is the true story of how Bisexlover introduced his wife to sex with a black man.
When the Subs Are Ready, the Master Will Cum

Nancy, my wife, and I had just entered the nice hotel suite I had rented for us on the sixth floor. The view out the windows showed the city lights and the last vestige of the sunset. We were both horny, as I had promised her a “sexual surprise” for the evening. I refused to give her any clue what it might be. Soon, we were on the bed, making out and losing our clothing piece by piece.

If I knew then what I know now, would I have done it? I don’t know. Maybe not. But I’m going to tell you what really happened, and the consequences we had to face.

I told her to close her eyes and be still. I carefully wrapped her wrists together over her head, and tied them to the headboard. I put a soft blindfold on her. This was a common enough technique in our sex life that she knew it wasn’t the surprise. After I removed her lacy black panties and bra, I spent a couple minutes sucking on her fabulous tits and fingering her wet pussy. I moved around on the bed, and tied her ankles.

I whispered for her to wait, I had to get something. Very patiently, but with a big expectant grin, she waited while I crossed the room. I quietly opened the door to the adjoining room, and allowed my “secret” to enter our bedroom and climb up on the bed next to Nancy’s head.

She said, “Steve? What’s my surprise?”

Then I reached over and tugged the blindfold off.

Nancy found herself staring up at the torso of a tall, well-built, naked black man, sporting a fully erect, thick, nine-inch black cock dangling only inches over her face.

Nancy’s eyes got as big as tennis balls. She glanced at me in horror, and back to the giant black penis, then back to me.

I said, “Nancy, I’m giving you to my friend, Jamal, for the night. He just loves to fuck white women.”

Jamal leered down at her and said, “Happy birthday, bitch! Tonight, you’re gonna be my little white whore!”

Nancy screamed, “NO! NO! OMIGOD NOOOOOOOO…!!!”

= = = = =

To be fair to my readers, I need to give you some background.

Nancy was raised back in the seventies as a "proper" southern girl, in the “whites only” country club life style. Our home town in Georgia was a lot more segregated back then than it is today. I guess that goes without saying. The only contact that Nancy had with black folks was with the maid that her parents hired, and then when she went to college, with the newly integrated black students. Like her parents, Nancy was a bit racist, looking down on blacks but secretly intrigued by the sexual powers commonly attributed to black men.

Now let me say up front, Nancy may have come from a “proper” southern household, but she was anything but “proper” in any moral sense of the word. No way Jose!! Shit, she was seventeen when we first met (I was 22), and she already had a reputation as one of the biggest sluts in her high school. She was 5 feet 2 inches tall, 110 pounds, with sandy light brown hair and deep green eyes. She had a firm little tight ass, a very nicely trimmed pussy, and she KNEW how to use them! She had firm 34-B breasts with aureoles about the size of nickels. She was a fucking hot looking bitch, even if I say so!!

I was no goody-goody-two-shoes either. I had been fucking a different girl every weekend ever since I turned seventeen. And sucking off several guys, to boot. I had known Nancy only two weeks before I asked her out, and she let me inside her panties on our first date, in the back seat of my ’72 Mustang convertible.

She was fucking awesome! Thankfully, it took us no time at all to discover we were extremely sexually compatible, and got off on the same things! Sexually, Nancy was really as kinky as I was! She got turned on being used, abused, humiliated, treated like and fucked like a filthy gutter slut whore! She even loved some light B & D, like having her hands tied, her hair pulled, and her ass slapped. When I was fucking her really, really hard, it would make her cum if I called her a filthy fuck pig whore, a cock sucking slut, or a nasty cum eating whore!

We both very much enjoyed XXX magazines, adult stores, and strip clubs. Just like me, she was also into role-playing of all kinds; and watching porn of men sucking cocks and fucking each other’s asses; and watching hot lesbian chicks getting it on. We were both bisexual as hell and soon found ourselves swinging with other bisexuals.

Over the months we had been together we had enjoyed numerous threesomes with other guys and girls. Sometimes another guy would join us, and she would get used and fucked like a whore. Twice, she was worked over by another couple as I watched from the sidelines.

Less than a year after our first date, she had graduated and started working as an aid at a hospital. I was a cop in Atlanta. And we were still dating and still fucking like crazy! Her 18th birthday was coming up and I bought her a ring. After she blew out the candles, I proposed, and she accepted!

It really turned me on proposing to Nancy, knowing that two other men had had their cocks in her just the night before! And that her vagina was still probably full of their cum!

I started noticing Nancy would start getting even more turned on when we were watching some porn and there was an Interracial scene with a white slut being used by a black man with a large cock! So one night while watching a fuck film, and a scene like that came on, I asked her if she had ever had a black cock, or been curious about being fucked by a black man. She grinned and said she fantasized about black cock every now and then, but she had never had one and doubted she ever would.

I asked her why and she said that basically she was a bit afraid of black men. She was intrigued by their large cocks in the porn, but she had never been around black men, or even shaken hands with one. Well, I started renting movies with more such scenes in them and over the course of a couple months we talked about black cocks, and them penetrating her pussy, mouth and ass. I fucked her using our big black dildo.

Nancy was a cock loving slut, but the whole problem here was with her "proper" upbringing. Inside, she was excited about the total taboo of interracial sex. She really got turned on by this, in fantasy, but insisted she wasn’t ready for the real thing, and never would be – as if there were a “whites only” sign tattooed just above her pussy lips.

Well, I thought she WAS ready for it!

Six months after her 18th birthday, we got married. And I kept fantasizing about seeing my young, southern country club raised white wife being naked in front of a very dark black man with big black cock meat hanging between his legs, and talking to her like she was just a filthy white trash slut! I imagined watching as this black man held my young wife’s tiny body in his huge arms and forced his black tongue between her lips, filling her mouth, and listening to her moans. THAT was nothing but a HUGE fucking turn on for me!

Like I said, I was now a cop for the city of Atlanta. I was working the inner city streets with my partner, Jamal, who was black. We got along fine from the start. We had been on the force together for two years and had gone through a few "bad calls" together. So we had a "bond " or whatever you want to call it. We talked about all kinds of stuff, and our races made no difference at all.

We talked about ALL kinds of stuff. Including sex, and looking at girls on the street and making comments like guys do. Jamal was different from a lot of blacks I had known. He didn’t have an “attitude.” He wasn’t trying to prove anything. Certainly not to me. And if a white woman crossed our path, and she was particularly hot or slutty, Jamal felt totally free to make some comment on her, like he would love to suck on her tits, or feel her nice ass, or get his cock up inside her. Hell, I was saying the same kind of things about white and black women. It worked both ways.

One day, a group of three young white women, all of them pushing strollers, passed our squad car and waved at us. Jamal and I smiled and waved back. Half a minute later, one of the white women looked back over her shoulder briefly and grinned again.

Jamal said, “Damn, those are some fine white bitches, the kind I love best.”

I asked for explanation, and he replied, “Young white married women. They all had wedding rings. I love fucking a white woman knowing she’s got a white husband off somewhere and he doesn’t have a clue in the world that his sweet little wife is spreading her legs wide, letting my big black cock fill up her pussy. That’s when I love to catch ‘em. They been married to their small-dicked hubbies for a while, and they begin wondering what a really big cock would feel like. A big dirty BLACK cock. They dream about it every night with their fingers in their pussies. I can see that look in their eyes, like that one white bitch that turned back and grinned at me. I know what she was thinking. Man, if I wasn’t on duty… She was sumpin’!”

Listening to him talk like that made me think of Nancy, and my cock got hard as a brick! I had been lucky enough to see Jamal’s big black cock in the showers at work! It was a fucking damn nice piece of meat! Oh by the way, did I mention that I was bi? Of course, I hadn’t told Jamal that.

It was just a month until Nancy’s 20th birthday, and there we were in the patrol car on a stakeout in the middle of a rainy afternoon. I say, “Jamal, I got a proposition. How would you like to fuck my wife?”

He stared at me like I had just slapped him in the face.

“Your wife? Did I hear you? Fuck your wife?”

I pulled out several pictures of Nancy that I kept in my wallet. One of them showed her in a very brief bikini, and another in just panties, and he commented how pretty and hot she was. I told him what Nancy and I had been talking about for months. I told him how fucking wet she got watching interracial porn, and how play-acting that I was a black man, and fucking her with a huge black dildo drove her insane with lust.

“Yeah, Jamal! I want you to fuck my wife, and I want to watch you do it!”

He said, "I'd fuck your old lady in a goddam second! Damn, you filthy motherfucker, I would fuck her anytime she wants to know about black men!"

We shook hands and I promised him I would arrange it all. Then he pumped me for all the details I could tell him about her sexual kinks. Damn, if Jamal didn’t get a hardon right there in the patrol car, and had to free his erection from his underwear, and let it expand down the leg of his uniform slacks. When I looked down and saw the bulge in his pants leg, I damn near creamed in my underwear!

It took two weeks to arrange the meeting and get reservations for a suitable hotel suite. Nancy never had a clue as to what was going to happen. Actually, neither did I.

= = = = =

Yea, I had been kissing and rubbing on Nancy, getting her all worked up for a few minutes before the blindfold came off. She knew there was going to be something special, but she had no idea what! Then, when Jamal and I were ready, I kissed her deep and hard, and whispered in her ear, "You’ve been wondering what the surprise is. It’s been something you’ve wanted for a long time, whore, and now you’re gonna get it baby, so cut loose and enjoy!"

Then I removed the blindfold and her eyes about popped out and her mouth flew open! Jamal told her, "Happy birthday bitch! Tonight, you’re gonna be my little white whore!”

Nancy screamed, “NO! NO! OMIGOD NOOOOOOOO…!!!”

I sat on the edge of the bed as Jamal began rubbing his hard cock and his balls all over Nancy’s face. She fought against her restraints, but never hard enough to break them. She thrashed her head back and forth, crying no! no! no! no!... but she never used the safe word that we had agreed on before we were married. All she had to do was holler, “poodle”, and I would have stopped everything. But she didn’t.

Jamal grabbed her face and forced her to look at his uncut cock, at the massive size of it, then forced his cockhead between her lips. All the time he was calling her nasty names, like cheap cunt and white gutter slut, and other names too dirty to publish in this story. Then he fell down over her and forced his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply, and making deep grunting sounds. Nancy looked like she was in horror for her very life, but I could tell she was getting really hot! She didn’t want to surrender to Jamal. She wanted to be taken by force. And so he did!

After kissing her, he mauled her gorgeous tits with his mouth and tongue and began ramming his fingers up between her thighs. Nancy kept writhing, resisting, begging and pleading for him to stop. Seeing how hard and swollen his cock was, I knew it was unlikely that he was going to stop. Man, I could NOT take my eyes off Jamal’s swollen fuck pole! I just had to rip off my underwear and free my erection, which was throbbing painfully.

As Jamal’s fingers thrust into her pussy deeper and faster, Nancy stopped begging and started moaning and grunting. I knew from the sound that she was approaching climax quickly. Jamal was talking dirty to her the whole time, telling her how much he loved shoving his big black cock into young white women, and violating the purity of a "proper southern white lady."

I was spell-bound, on the edge of the bed on my knees. Watching Jamal work on Nancy had me so hard, my nuts hurt. I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I stroked my cock. Jamal looked down at me masturbating, and grinned into my face with such a lascivious and evil look that it scared me.

“And another thing I love to do is have husbands watch their lily-white wives being violated by my big nasty black cock. And if my guess is correct, Nancy ain’t the only bitch in this room getting turned on by my cock! Ain't that right partner?”

Speechless, all I could do was nod my head and stroke my erection.

“Then you get your white ass over here, partner, because YOU are gonna put my black cock into your wife’s slut hole! Come on, bitch! Take my cock in your hand! Feel it! I can tell this turns you on, bitch! Now aim it in!”

I was helpless. I grasped his massive cock in my hand. God, it was two inches longer than mine, and at least half an inch thicker! It was oozing lots of pre-cum, and it was all I could do to keep from jamming into my own mouth! God, I was so fucking horny! Jamal was on his knees between Nancy’s thighs. He picked up her hips as if she weighed nothing, and began easing himself closer and closer to her crotch.

Nancy knew she was about to be penetrated by Jamal’s cock! I pumped it a few times and I was rubbing the coal black head of it all over Nancy’s dripping wet pussy and up and down between her pussy lips, asking her if she wanted this black cock inside her – did she want to be a black man's whore!

She was pleading like, "Yes! Yes! Yes, I want his black cock in me! Put it in my pussy honey, please! Jamal! I want to be your whore! Make me your slut whore! I’ll do anything! ANYTHING! I want your filthy black cock in me! NOW!"

Jamal began thrusting his black prick into her pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off it! Inch by inch, it disappeared into my wife! God it was so hot!

Jamal said to me, “She’s my whore, partner, but YOU are my bitch! Play with my balls, bitch! I love it when the white husbands play with my balls while I fuck their wives!”

Jamal spent the next ten minutes noisily fucking my wife. Nancy was groaning and convulsing the entire time, peaking into another orgasm every five or six strokes of Jamal’s massive cock. The whole time, my hand – actually, both hands – were playing with the huge testicles hanging between Jamal’s thighs, and caressing the magnificent black cock that was fucking my wife.

After Jamal dumped his first load of cum inside Nancy (which made her orgasm the second she felt it inside her!), he pulled out and ordered me to untie my wife – that is, untie his whore. Nancy only got a minute of relief, for then Jamal flipped her over on her knees and mounted her from behind. I’ll never forget the deep sigh of sexual lust that escaped from his mouth as he plunged his still erect cock back into her pussy. Huge globs of his semen oozed out of Nancy’s cunt and drooled down her thighs.

Then he ordered his bitch (me) to go to the other end and “relieve” myself in Nancy’s mouth, to use her mouth as my “cum bucket.” Which I gladly did.

I cannot begin to describe the rest of the evening. Nancy’s orgasms were beyond counting. Often she begged us to stop because she was literally out of breath. Sometimes we did. Jamal was relentless, and pushed both of us to our extremes, in more ways than one. He humiliated and abused both of us. He left me in no doubt at all, that I WAS his bitch. And I found myself enjoying it beyond anything I had ever experienced. I lost count of my own ejaculations.

He made Nancy crawl on her hands and knees and beg to suck his cock, while he pulled on her hair and called her filthy names I don’t even remember. But after five or ten minutes of hot cock-sucking, he let her go and ordered his bitch to get down on hands and knees. Trembling with fear and lust, I did as I was told.

He ordered me to grasp his rigid penis and stroke it. And I did. My semi-soft dick suddenly swelled to full erection again.

He ordered me to kiss his cockhead. And I did.

He ordered me to suck his cock. And I did. I sucked his cock with all the passion that Nancy had done! My lust for cock had totally overwhelmed me!

He ordered me to swallow his cum. My eyes flashed open in horror, my vision filled with the sight of Jamal’s deeply veined slab of black fuck meat in my face, my lips tightly pressed around his slick cock shaft, my tongue worshiping his mighty cock head – and my mouth and throat filled with surge after surge of Jamal’s thick pungent semen!

I had no idea there would be two surprises for the price of one. Nancy got fucked by her first black cock – and I sucked my first black cock.

Jamal laughed, “Oh man, this is just too rich! Not only did I cuckold this white man and make his wife my obedient whore, but now he’s my cock-sucking bitch! Hot fucking damn! Now I get to go to work every day with my own private cock-sucking bitch! How do you like the taste of my cum, partner? Cause you’re gonna eat a lot of it! Hunh? You like how it tastes, white boy? Hehehehe…”

It was humiliating! And yet it made my dick hard again! Nancy was staring and finger-fucking herself. Seeing her husband suck a black cock and swallow cum made Nancy hot again. Like I said, I can’t describe the whole evening, nor the wee hours of the morning, as my wife and I begged over and over for Jamal’s hot cum – in our mouths, in our asses, in her cunt, and over and over again he gave it to us.

And yes, it changed my relationship with Jamal on the job. Mostly, things went back to normal. And then we would be off behind some crime scene at night and he would say, “Come here, bitch!” and I knew that I was going to suck his cock. Sometimes he would jack me off; other times I had to masturbate in front of him while he insulted me. I couldn't help myself: I loved it.

And then there were the days that Jamal would take the day off – and go to my house and fuck Nancy while I was on duty. And the next day, I would have to sit in the patrol car with him, while that motherfucker would tell me every detail of what he had done to my wife, and make me masturbate right there in our patrol car. I couldn't help myself: I loved it.

Nancy and I discussed breaking off the relationship with Jamal, but the gravitational pull of the orgasms he gave us was just too much to resist. We were his sex slaves. Willing sex slaves. We hated the control he had over us. But we loved it. Most of all, we loved the days when all three of us got together: Jamal, his whore, and his bitch, and we obediently gave him every pleasure that he desired, and submitted to every humiliation he dished out.

For good or ill, my marriage with Nancy was never the same again.

= = = = =
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