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Who Wants Hot Cocoa

Who Wants Hot Cocoa

He stops in for a drink and gets much, much more!
Paul had had a hell of a day. The boss had been on his case all day about a project that he needed to take care of. It wasn't even his project - he was going to have to fix someone else's fuck up! On top of that he had found out that the promotion he had been counting on wasn't going to happen due to "budget cuts". Yeah right! The company wasn't worried about budget cuts - they were just concerned with their profit margin! He was driving home and passed by the same bar he had passed by a hundred times before. It was a small little titty bar called The Lonely Lady. Kind of a dive from the outside, but his day had been going so shitty it really didn't matter what the place looked like so long as they had alcohol and plenty of it! He didn't need any hassles with the cops just to round out a perfectly dreadful day so he had the presence of mind to finish the drive home and then take a cab back to the bar. He planned on getting way too drunk to drive this night!

The cabbie dropped him off at the front door. "You want me to come back and get you at a certain time, mister?" he said as Paul exited the vehicle.

"No that's all right - I don't know how long it will take me to get drunk enough!" he said, flipping the cabbie the fare. "Keep the change." As the cab driver took off for another pickup, Paul walked up to the front door. He read the sign on the front door stating that no one under 18 was allowed and that the bar had a two drink minimum. "No problem there!" he thought to himself. He would have that many on standby! He stepped into the dimly lit, smoke-hazed bar and stood in the doorway as his eyes adjusted to the light. Once he could see well enough, he picked out a table in the corner next to one of the satellite stages and sat down.

The waitress came by within a couple minutes since the bar wasn't that busy. "What can I get you?" she asked.

"Let's start with a beer and see where that takes us." he said. She smiled and went off to get his beer. Paul turned his attention to the stage before him as the music changed and the DJ announced the stage name of the next dancer.

"Gentlemen, I give you Honey! Wouldn't you like to dip into her pot?!"

Honey came out onto the stage wearing a sexy little bee outfit with wings and antenna. As she danced, she removed the velcro cups on the corset top, exposing her well formed tits. Then she moved to take off the little yellow and black tutu skirt from around her waist. Honey danced and gyrated seductively working the crowd of progressively more inebriated men. She was all right looking but let's face it - good looking blondes were pretty commonplace! She would have to be something spectacular to stand out for Paul tonight. So he sucked on his beer and as the last of the cool liquid slid down his throat, he motioned for the waitress again.

"Get you another beer?" she asked.

"Why don't you cut your walking down a bit and bring a couple this time." he said. The waitress smiled at his comment and went off to get his beers.

Next on stage was a young red headed woman who went by the name of Scarlet. "Here is Scarlet - frankly my dear, you are gorgeous!" the DJ announced. Scarlet came out on the main stage and began dancing while Honey moved to the satellite stage in front of Paul. He gave Honey some obligatory glances as well as some to Scarlet and he even got up to slip a buck into Honey's g-string. But he still wasn't all that impressed with the action that night.

But things would pick up for him as the dancers rotated again. The music changed again and once more the DJ announced the next dancer. "On stage for your viewing pleasure is Cocoa! What a pair of marshmallows in her cups too!" he quipped. Paul turned to see this new applicant for his attentions and he was not disappointed this time.

Cocoa was a gorgeous 23 year old mulatto babe with soft light brown skin and long, straight black hair that hung down to mid back. Her tight 5 foot-6 inch body was a perfectly proportioned 36D-23-34 with a well-rounded ass in the back and naturally firm, full tits out front. Paul was awestruck by her.

As the music played he watched Cocoa, even though Scarlet danced her best right in front of him and Honey walked around the floor looking for someone to ask her to sit with them. As she gyrated and worked the pole on the main stage, Paul was transfixed - he didn't even hear the waitress when she came over and asked him if he needed another beer. Paul got up and walked over to the stage where Cocoa danced and motioned for her to come over. She came close and Paul reached up, slipping a bill into her g-string. Cocoa smiled sweetly at his tip and moved back to center stage. Paul walked back to his seat to finish watching her dance.

As the music finished, Cocoa made her way to the stage where Paul was sitting. This is what he had been waiting for. He took up a good spot where he could watch her every sexy, fluid movement. The next song began and Cocoa went to work. She knew that the man in front of her was interested and she played to him as if he was the only one in the place. Paul was mesmerized by her beauty and her charms worked on him flawlessly. He laid a five spot on the edge of the stage and stood there waiting for her to come over. Cocoa, with her back on the dancing pole, slid slowly down the pole to the stage floor and sexually crawled over to where he was standing. Topless, she made sure that she let him see her well formed tits as she crawled, cat-like towards him. She approached the edge of the stage and sat back on her heels, her legs wide spread and her thong panty mere inches from him. She smiled down on him as he slipped the bill into her panty She put her hand over his and rubbed his hand over her pussy teasing him before she leaned over to kiss him and rub her tits in his face. She then resumed dancing, giving him a little wink and smile. Paul loved it and he curled a finger her way motioning for her to come back, which she did.

"When you're through here, come sit with me." he said. She smiled and then went back to finish her song.

Her song finished and she left the stage. She approached him with the intention of interesting him in a lap dance. She walked up to him and sat in his lap. "Do you mind if I have a seat" she asked. "You can sit wherever you like" he responded. "What’s your name sexy?" she asked him. He told her his name was Paul. She told him her name was really Jenny, but she goes by Cocoa when working. They chatted for a while and he held the conversation pretty well. Cocoa Jenny was impressed. Most guys she talked to when she was working are either so wasted they can't form intelligible words, or they start stuttering every word.

Jenny was wearing her skintight gold microshorts and her tiny gold bikini top and she could feel Paul's dick getting harder as she sat on his lap, letting him caress her leg while they talked and laughed. After a few minutes into the conversation Jenny asked him, "Are you ready to have some REAL fun?"

"The question is, are YOU ready?" he replied.

"Why don't you let me give you a little lap dance" she said as she rubbed her ass on the bulge of his pants.

"Can we go somewhere we can be alone?" he said. Jenny smiled, one last VIP dance before she was ready to go home with her earnings for the night. The VIP dances are in a small private room where the customer and dancer can be alone and she is able the bend the rules a little more than normally for a more satisfied customer. Jenny stood up and grabbed his hand and pulled him along. He followed her to a VIP room where she shut the door behind him. The room consisted of a leather lounge chair which leaned almost completely back as flat as a bed, and a small table in the corner with a dim lamp and a timer for the dances. Jenny sat Paul in the chair and told him to get comfortable. She set the timer to 15 minutes, which is the standard time for a VIP dance. Paul laid back in the lounge chair and put his hands behind his head. Jenny slid out of the shorts she was wearing and let them fall to the ground. She stepped out of them and got on top of him, sitting on his still bulging pants with each one of her long, lean legs on the outside of each of his, basically a "cowgirl" position. Jenny sexily untied her top and took it off to reveal her firm round tits and hard-as-pencil-eraser nipples. She threw her tiny top in the corner by the table. Now wearing only a thong to hide her completely shaven pussy. Paul automatically drew one of his hands from behind his head and tried to grab the soft breasts she was presenting him.

"I'm sorry Paul, I can't let you do that because it’s against the club rules to allow the guys to touch" Jenny told him.

"I thought you said you were ready to have fun." he said.

"Why don’t you let me take care of the fun. Don't worry baby I'll take good care of you." Jenny smiled and replied.

"Why don't we take care of each other" he said giving her a smile and continued, "I'll give you 100 extra and all you have to do is let me touch wherever I want"

Jenny thought for a second, 100 is a lot of money, and she could sure use the money. And he was already paying to see her topless, what harm could it be to let him touch her for a quick hundred. "Okay" she said.

With that, Paul grasped each of Jenny's tender tits and squeezed with lust in his eyes. Jenny continued giving him the lap dance even as he mauled her tits. She grabbed the increasing bulge of his pants, aggressively massaging his stiffened cock. He caressed every inch of Jenny's entire smooth mocca body, taking advantage of the extra privileges he was paying for. He grabbed one of her tits and leaned up and started sucking on the stiff, swollen nipple. Jenny didn't say anything knowing that she had agreed to the deal, and didn't specify whether he could do that or not, plus it was turning her on.

"Oooh, baby, that feels good." she mewed as Paul's hot mouth closed over her nipple and his tongue went to work.

She pulled his head in closer and grabbed his hand which was set right above her waist, guiding it to her free tit. He squeezed and massaged one of her tits with one hand and worked his tongue and mouth all over the other one. Jenny was getting more turned on, and wetter, with every minute that went by. For the first time in a long time, she was enjoying this more than she thought she would.

Then Jenny did something she had never done with any other client. She unzipped his pants and got a full grasp on his cock. She unbuttoned Paul's pants and pulled out his rigid, throbbing, cock for a better grip. She stroked his cock up and down at a fast and steady pace. She was tempted to go down on him right there, but resisted. She was so horny and wet.

"Bite my nipple..." she moaned completely turned on by now.

He moaned and grunted while running his tongue across from one nipple to the other. He was making a meal of her tits and enjoying every nibble and every lick. Jenny turned around so her back was facing him. Sitting on his thighs with his cock pressed against her lower back, she leaned back and used her ass to rub his cock. He grabbed one boob in each hand from behind her and started fondling her tits and lightly pinching the aching nipples. He pinched a little too hard and Jenny let out a soft moan. She reached behind her and grabbed his hard dick and started stroking. He started breathing heavily and all of a sudden the timer went off. Jenny stopped abruptly and let go of his cock.

"How was that?" she asked, giving him a smile.

"I want more time" Paul said in a desperate tone, "I'll pay you for another 15 minutes and the same deal." He pulled a bundle of cash out of his pocket and handed her 250 for the lap dance she had just gave him. Jenny had never turned down any money before and she wasn't about to start now.

She smiled at him, "Your wish is my command."

She got up and walked over to the timer on the table. She set it to another 15 minutes and made her way back to where Paul was now sitting up with his legs on the side of the lounge chair. His cock was still sticking up through his boxers and unbuttoned jeans. She was about to sit in his lap when he pulled her in close.

"Please Jenny, let me put my dick in your pussy, I'll pay you." he whispered

This was completely against club policy so her first instinct was to say no, but Jenny noted that this man had a lot of money and she let greed get the best of her.

"How much will you give me to fuck your brains out?" she asked him.

"I'll give you 500 if you show me the best 15 minutes of my life." He quickly replied.

Jenny thought about it for a moment and said, "800 is what it's going to cost, and I promise, you won't be disappointed."

Jenny was about to have sex with a complete stranger for money. He was silent for a few seconds.

"I can't resist, I have to have you." he said, pulling his bundle of cash out of his pocket again and counted 800. He handed Jenny the money and she put it under the clothes that she had thrown near the table. The last piece of clothing she had on was her tiny gold thong. She pulled it off and let it fall to her feet. Paul stared at her smooth shaven pussy and bit his bottom lip knowing he was going to get what he paid for.

Jenny pushed Paul back so he would lie back onto the lounge chair. She got on top of him bringing her pussy towards his face in a 69 position. She lowered herself to his face and he wasted no time utilizing his tongue to lick her already sopping wet pussy.

"Ohhhh" she moaned lightly.

Jenny loved having his tongue run up and down her pussy slit and flicking her clit. She grabbed his cock and massaged it up and down, repeatedly stroking and twisting her hand with a firm but soft grip. She lowered her head down and slowly wrapped her lips around the head of his rock hard cock. Jenny took it further into her mouth, using her tongue to circle the head of his cock giving him a tingling sensation.

Ohhh, Jenny..." he moaned. Jenny loved when her lover's called her turned her on so. She tasted a little drop of pre-cum he let out. She just swallowed it and continued sucking harder and faster while still stroking his cock with her hand at the same time.

Both Paul and Jenny constantly let out little moans from the pleasure they were both getting. She took his cock and licked it all over. Her tongue ran from the head of his cock to the bottom of his balls. She gently massaged his balls with her hand and ran her soft tongue all over them. Then she ran her tongue slowly from his balls back to the top of the head of his cock. Jenny took his cock back in her mouth and continued the blow job. After sucking for a few more minutes, she took his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face. She slapped her face with his cock multiple times before wanting it back in her mouth.

The whole time, Paul ate her pussy without stopping - like he was starving and she was a five star meal. He brought his hand to her pussy and inserted a finger without warning. Jenny let out a moan because that felt so good. Taking her cue, he finger fucked her and used his tongue to make her even hornier. Jenny forced her head down as far as she could until his cock was poking her throat. She wanted to feel his cock down the back of her throat, so she forced herself to go deeper. After a few bobs up and down, she had the entire length of his cock in her mouth, down the back of her throat. Paul let out a cry of pleasure from the feeling of being completely swallowed. Jenny was so wet from him eating her pussy that she couldn't take it anymore. She needed to have his dick inside of her.

"I want your cock...inside me." she panted.

She sat up and scooted towards his cock and guided it with her hand into the opening of her hungry pussy. She slowly lowered herself all the way down so his cock was completely inside me.

"Oh god, oh it felt so good." she gasped as it hit bottom. She was riding this stranger reverse cowgirl position and she loved every inch of his cock being rammed into her pussy.

"That's right slut," he said, "ride that cock, fuck me you dirty slut, fuck me." he growled as she straddled him.

This made her ride his cock up and down even faster. "Oh god yes, I'm your dirty fucking whore," she said. "Treat me like the dirty bitch that I am." Jenny loved when her ex-boyfriends would talk dirty to her during sex. It turned her like nothing else. Jenny bounced up and down letting her tits fly everywhere. She turned around while still sitting on his cock so she was facing him now. He reached up and grabbed a tit in each hand, his fingers digging deep into her soft, supple flesh.

Jenny started slowing down after riding his cock a few minutes. She slowly lifted her dripping pussy off his cock and slowly let it slide right back in. She did this many times, savoring the feeling of his thick cock slipping up and down her pussy walls.

"Get up and bend over." Paul said after several long deep strokes into her wet hole.

Jenny got up and stood on the floor and leaned forward holding on to the lounge chair. He stood behind her and in no time his cock was back in her pussy. Doggy style was one of her favorite positions. He pumped in and out of her soaked pussy, as it dripped juices down her leg. He grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled. This was another incredible turn on for Jenny.

“Yes, oh god yes,” she moaned loudly.

He grabbed her by the hips and increased his thrusts into her. He slammed her into the lounge chair and pounded her pussy savagely. Jenny loved it! She moaned and twisted under his attack, feeling his hard cock skewering her over and over. She gripped the side of the chair until her knuckles turned white as he pummeled her. Jenny could feel his balls slapping against her pussy as he plowed into her repeatedly. She could feel her own passions building as he relentlessly thrust his cock into her wet drooling hole.

All of a sudden he got off of her, stood on the floor, grabbed her hand, and pulled her up to the floor with him. He spun her around aggressively and pushed her so she would lean forward with her ass facing him. He started fucking her doggy style again. Jenny didn’t expect him to be so aggressive, but she loved it. He pushed her head down onto the floor holding her down by the hair. Jenny spread her legs to balance better as he pushed his cock in and out of her at a steady, savage pace. He fucked her welcoming pussy while her juices dripped onto the floor and ran down her legs. He rushed his cock in and out faster and harder and she felt an orgasm coming close. The timer went off again, but Jenny didn't care and he didn't either.

"Fuck, don't stop," Jenny said. "Ohhhh god, ooooh god, OHHH FUUUUCKK!!" Jenny had a huge orgasm. She felt the room spin and the lights flashed off in her mind.

"Oh god it feels so good." she moaned as the orgasm ripped through her. She got so weak in the knees it felt like she couldn’t stand anymore. Paul continued to fuck her from behind without losing his steady pace.

"Keep going," Jenny said, "Please! Keep fucking your little slut! Ohhhh.." He continued just as she told him to.

"Oh god," he said in a light voice, "I'm about to cum."

When she heard him say that, Jenny quickly turned around and wrapped her luscious lips around his cock and started sucking as fast as he was just fucking her. She sucked harder and took his cock deeper and deeper.

"Oh my god, that feels so good, keep going," he pleaded, "Ohhh fuuuuuuuuuck." Paul's cock was still in her mouth as he let out an explosion of hot cum. Jenny dutifully swallowed every drop and kept sucking not letting his cock leave her mouth. A little more cum seeped out and she just swallowed and kept sucking. He moaned every few seconds. Jenny let go of his cock and stood up.

"I told you, I wouldn't disappoint you," she said to him with a wink. He zipped up his pants and buttoned them as she put her thong back on. Jenny put her bra and shorts back on as he sat and watched.

"That was amazing," he said to her. That made Jenny smile. She put her tiny top back on and tied it behind her neck. They walked out of the VIP room and she escorted him back to his seat in the club. After he sat down, Paul gave her another 50 tip. She thanked him and just before she headed to the locker room, he took her hand...

"See you next week?" he asked.

"It's a date sweetheart. I'm looking forward to it." she replied with a kiss on his cheek.

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