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Who's your Daddy!

hot first time affair

Who’s your Daddy!

I was 24, and in top shape. I noticed her checking me out on the squash courts while I did the same but we were both too shy to break the ice.
One evening when my court partner failed to show, Jackie came over and asked if I would hit a few with her and maybe show her some pointers, we played around a bit while I made sure to keep the ball in the front court so I could enjoy the very nice view of her butt.
The time passed quickly and before we knew it, night had fallen; she thanked me for the tips and invited me to have couple of beer at her place. I jumped at the offer and when she let slip that her husband was away on a business trip my cock twitched.

“Follow me” she suggested, hopping on my bike I followed, arriving at her house in about 10 minutes, we sat on the balcony sipping Red Stripe beers as we watched the fading lights of the beautiful Jamaican sunset on the ocean.
Jackie was in her mid 30’s and beautiful; exuding an air of sexual energy she could turn on and focus, so that in a room filled with people only her intended would be cognizant of her desire. I was young and smitten and just happy to be with her, though I tried to cover it with youthful bravado.
 “Make yourself at home and fix yourself something to eat while I shower,” she purred.

A flood of thoughts crept into my mind, the sexual tension was there but I was so unsure of myself.

Soon she returned all fresh and clean, with a towel wrapped around her hair; a pair of light green shorts showed off her legs, while her small but full breast were gently restrained by a cream colored blouse. The cool air after her warm bath had her nipples quite erect and I saw for the first time her beautifully manicured toes.
I eyed her slyly and continued to munch on my sandwich as she entered the room, her lithe body moved with energy and her bare feet barely made any noise on the tiled floor.
In an instant she moved and with determination pinned me against the wall, I was surprised and chuckled at her boldness, for I was much stronger than her, but with her hand squeezing and searching between my legs, she gently kissed my neck and my resistance slowly faded and I became quiet and allowed her to press me up against the wall.

I definitely was not in control and all my plans of seducing her faded to the urgency with which she was now stroking my cock, as it throbbed outside of my shorts. Just as quickly, she turned and walked away and I was left with a decision. -finish my sandwich or follow?
With my cock pointing the way I followed and found her lying on the bed. Taking my cock again in her hands she began to kiss it and with little flicks of her tongue she played with it as it grew ever so hard. Hormones raging I started to shove my cock into her mouth when she stopped again.

“Do you like this?” she asked.
I must have grunted my response but it was irrelevant, she already knew the answer.
 Proceeding she told me
“If you want more then you will do what I say and please me” again I nodded.
“Kneel” she commanded.
Pushing my head down, she swung her legs around, draping them around my shoulders while lying across the bed.
I could smell her sweet pussy and see her swollen lips, the neatly trimmed hairs glistened with moisture, holding my head firmly, she brought my lips to her mons while I slowly parted them with my tongue.
“Look at me” she whispered 

“I want to see your green eyes as you eat my pussy”

“Do you like it?” shoving her juicy lips deeper into my mouth.
The taste was salty and sweet, and I was intoxicated, never before had a woman taken charge of me and I was bewildered as to the next step. Jackie, however knew for sure, arching her back and positioning me so as to bring about her maximum pleasure, riding my face she told me I was hers and she was going to train me for her exclusive pleasure, she was tired of the boring sex with her husband and wanted to be satisfied by a big black cock. She told me how she loved to watch me play and that might tight ass turned her on she was determined to have me.
It was erotic to hear her verbalize her thoughts, as she clenched her legs around my neck, I have no idea how many times she came, some were intense, raking me with her nails; while other times she just whimpered and moaned. Finally with the sheets in a puddle she brought me to the bed, we lay kissing as she licked her cum off my lips, as I played with her nipples.
I remained hard throughout the engagement and now she was ready to reward me, inching her head towards my cock she played with my balls, separating them, stirring and squeezing them, commenting how big they were and how full of cum they must be, “but” they must wait for her and not be too ready to fire.

“ problem mon” I said with another chuckle.

Grasping my cock she started to suck it with such furor, it took my all not to drill my ass  deep into the bed. As she lay half cotched on the bed  I lifted her over for a proper sixty-nine, as I tongued her  more, I spied her cute rosebud.
Something devilish in me made me stick out my tongue, and proceeded to lick her from back to front, my first pass hit her like a bullet and she went limp, with my cock still embedded in her mouth I could feel the vibrations of her moans.

“hmmm!” I thought and continued to part her ass plunging my tongue deeper and deeper, her response was incredible she loved it but was now too weak to move.  

“...hah who’s your daddy now baby?”

Another intense orgasm followed and still I had not penetrated her but now I was really randy, mounting her from behind I slowly entered her, I can still remember the tightness and warmth of her greedy maw as it enveloped my cock, quivering and clenching as I explored her deeper, her groans only served to heighten my arousal and I pushed with determination till I was buried completely. We began to move to a tempo mix of reggae and rock, she was fiend.

I would later observe she had a near insatiable appetite for sex, she rocked back and forth meeting my every thrust urging me on and reaching round to kiss and bite my neck while simultaneously playing with her clit.
Sometime later under the luminescence of the moon, our bodies entwined like pretzels, her pale white skin contrasting with mine was just to much for me and I exploded like never before, cum was everywhere, her pussy was filled and leaking, inserting two fingers she brought one to her lips,sucked it clean and presented me with the other for me to do the same, then she turned around snuggled into my back and with her hands firmly grasping my cock, she kissed me goodnight.
Jackie and I had many incredible and passionate affairs lasting over 3 years and I would love to share the continuation and how she educated me in the art of love; if this turns you on hit me up let me know your thoughts.

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