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Yes Daddy

Submissive girlfriends gives into her dominate boyfriend

I am cleaning dishes as you come home from a night out with the boys. I am in a pair of boy shorts and a t-shirt and you can see just the bottom of my butt cheeks. This makes your dick hard, and you come up from behind me and begin to kiss my neck. Soft at first, just enough to get my attention. It makes my pussy wet and my stomach get butterflies in it.  I keep trying to
do the dishes but you bite me harder and kiss my ear and neck. I am trying to ignore the now very hard cock that is pushed up against my ass. It is all I can do not to grab it through your pants and touch it.

You smile and I can fill it on my neck," You want some of this Daddy dick? Go upstairs and get on the bed on all fours. So I can see your ass as soon as I walk in."

I dry off my hands and begin to walk towards the stairs, you run up from behind me and grab my hair and bite me hard. Which makes me wet and I groan loud." I can see it is going to be one of those nights already!! How do you answer me when I tell you to do something? What should you say to me? Get on your knees and suck my dick!!" So I pull is cock out and begin to suck it, just the tip at first when he grabs my hair and pulls me off." You better answer me the way I like or I am going to have to punish my bad bitch!!"

I look up at you and whisper. "Yes, daddy"

You look at me, "Do it with my cock in your mouth!!"

So I slide your now very hard black cock in my mouth and mumble Daddy!!"

"What a good bitch, now suck it just the way I like it so I can go upstairs and fuck you!!"

I begin to suck your cock just the tip at first, darting around it with my tongue at first. Slowly I slide down your thick black shaft, not to deep, all the while I can feel your hand on the back of my head trying to help me keep the pass. It makes me wet to be sucking your cock. I love it gliding in and out of my mouth. I slowly take it deeper and deeper. Till I slide it all the way down till my nose it touching your stomach. I gag a little and it makes tears come out of my eyes. I look up at you and you have this devilish grin on your face.
" MMM...You know how to suck Daddy's dick. It turns me on so much when you try to take all of that cock down your throat. MMMMMM!!  Go upstairs and get on the bed!!"

So I start up the stairs, I know you are behind me and I go a little slower because I know you are looking at my ass. I feel you reach up and touch my now very wet pussy in between my legs. Your finger hits my clit and makes me jump. While walking up all I could think about is what you had told me before going to work. I could not touch my pussy, that means no bath tub time, just a quick shower because if I did go in the tub I would touch my pussy and cum.  You wanted me to wait till tonight. As I make it to the top of the stairs, you grab me and pull me in," You are not doing very well with this answering me tonight. What should you have said when I told you to come up here??"

"Yes Daddy, I am sorry I will try to do better. I was good for you today and did not touch my pussy."

"Really?", you say with that damn smile again.

You turn me around and kiss me deep, as you slide your hand in my panties, you flick your finger over my now very sensitive clit. I groan as it makes me feel so good. My nipples get hard from under my shirt and you lift it over my head with your other hand and take it off. You put my very hard nipple in your mouth and flick it with your tongue, and then you bite it. Making my hips come forward and grind on your fingers that are on my clit. I feel your rubbing it side to side, and your pussy is getting wetter and wetter. You slide down and put a finger in it. In and out you slide and fuck your pussy. I groan, and I try to grab your dick but you tell me no not yet.  My knees get weak as you whisper in my ear, I hope you cannot tell how turned on I am because I do not want you to stop!! You keep playing with your pussy fingering it in and out and I can feel that warmth of an orgasm coming.
You Whisper to me. " You like the way I touch your pussy, MMM you have made it nice and wet for Daddy, You want me to fuck you?"

All I can do is whisper,"yes Daddy!"

"Go get on the bed,"

"Yes daddy."
I take off my panties and let them fall to the floor. I know you are watching me so I bend over and take them off from around my ankles. I look at you and smile as I get on all fours.

"Like this Daddy" knowing fully well that this is your favorite way for you to fuck me.

"Yes just like that, stay there and do not move"  I start to think while I am waiting, kind of worried what might happen next, this position gives him alot of options of things to do to me. But I am so turned on right now I do not care as long as he touches my very aroused body. It is all I can do not to reach in between my legs and touch my pussy. But if I do this I know I will get into trouble so I just stay there and wait. I can hear you behind me undoing your pants and letting them slide to the floor. The thought of your tight boxer briefs over your hard erection makes my pussy get even wetter, You slide them off and let them fall to the floor as I feel you put one hand on each ass cheek and squeeze. This sends tingles all over my, body and my nipples get hard all over again. You reach forward and pinch them and make them hard, which makes me arch my ass. I know you are, smiling and I can just feel the wetness of my pussy grow. I groan as you slide a finger in between my butt cheeks, and your finger hits right over my tight asshole. feels good but you do not stop. You keep going over my very wet pussy, you keep going knowing that all I want you to do is slip it in and finger fuck your pussy. You slide down to the clit that now is hard and ready to be touched. You hit it soft barley touching it, I groan and you pull me toward you. One hand on my hip you start to touch it harder, side to side. Slow at first rubbing soft, then you get on your knees and start to use your tongue. I scream out loud as your tongue hits the clit that first time.
"Oh Daddy!" Is all I can manage to get out, all the other thoughts in my head are gone, it is all I can do not to cum as soon as it touched. You flick your tongue over my clit as you slide a finger in and I moan, my heart starts to beat fast as I feel you fingering me harder and deeper. Flicking your tongue over my pearl, making me want to cum. I can feel it growing, I start to beg you, "Daddy please daddy can I cum. Oh please let me cum on your face." As I start to beg you put two fingers in and fuck your pussy. Slow and deep, as you are still flicking your tongue over my clit. " Please daddy, please let me cum"

You stop," You want to cum for Daddy? Yes cum for me I want to feel it and do not try to run. Stay there, and cum on my face. I want to hear you, and you better tell me when you start. Do you understand?"

I groan, as I am so close it is hard to answer. You fuck my pussy harder. "Do you understand? Answer me bitch or I am gonna not let you!!

"Yes, daddy!!", I mumble.

So you start to flick and suck on my clit taking your fingers out, you  grab both sides of my ass and flick the clit, I can feel it closer and closer. I start to shake. you know I am getting close so you hold on tighter to my hips. I start to explode all over your face, I can feel the spasms of the orgasm pulse through my whole body, I try to jerk forward and get away from you because it is so sensitive. All the while moaning, "Daddy I am cumming, oh daddy, please Daddy."

"Stop running and let me taste your cum. MMMMMM.....fuck you have my dick hard! It tastes so good, you like cumming on my face don't you bitch, What a good bitch!!"

"Oh please daddy put your cock in me please, oh shit. Please Daddy!!"

So you stand up and slide the tip in as my pussy is still throbbing from the orgasm I just had. My pussy just dripping with cum, but you only put the tip in. You lean forward and kiss and bite me all the way down my back, making me get goose bumps all over, and I shiver and arch my ass hoping that a little more of that big cock will slide deeper in, I look back at you and beg you, "Please Daddy fuck my pussy. Please fuck me hard. Please make me cum again, I really want to cum on your cock!!"

So you slide it in deeper, both hands on each side of my ass and you start to fuck me. Pulling me in deep, slow at first but then you speed up, and you start to pound that pussy. Deep and hard, long hard strokes, hitting my g-spot over and over again.
You lean forward and whisper, "Touch your pussy, touch it right bitch!!!"
I start to touch it, but kind of fucking around not really doing it to make myself cum. You know and you smack my ass, hard twice. I moan, and I touch it side to side, just the way it needs to be. It feels so good with your dick in me and me playing with it. I am gonna cum quick if I keep doing it, and you know it,
"Keep touching your pussy, touch it!! You like me fucking you bitch?  Yeah touch that pussy.!!!"
You are deep inside now grinding hard in and out. I can feel you sweating and it lands on my back. As I start to get ready to cum, I feel you spit on my ass and you slide a finger in,
,"Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, I groan," You gonna make me cum, doing that"
You start to finger it slow at first, it is hard to think about the dick that is fucking my pussy now, and then me touching the clit it is to much.
"Don't stop touching your pussy, just because I am fingering your tight ass. MMMMM...fuck it is tight, and your pussy is sooo wet. Yeah touch, and don't  even think about cumming until I say it is okay. Do you understand?"

"Yes daddy," I moan as you slide another finger in.
I can feel you reach for something. You open it up and the cool lube slides over my asshole. You take your finger out and back in lubing up my ass as the 2 fingers slide in again. It feels so good having both holes being used, I pinch my nipples hard and I moan as I am touching my pussy still trying to hold back that orgasm, but it is so close. I feel you pull out of my pussy and the tip of your hard black cock pushes against my asshole.
Just the tip pops in and you moan loudly," Relax and let Daddy in. I will be nice to that ass. Let me in, I know just a little at a time. keep touching my pussy. What a good bitch, let Daddy in that tight ass."
As you slide in a little at time, it makes me want to cum, but I hold back. It hurts at first, but I know I just have to get used to it in there. Slowly your stroke it, slow and short. I am playing with my clit and it really starts to feel good. You put your  hands on each side of my ass and start to fuck it. Oh shit, is all I can say. You speed up and  your get your stroke going, MMMMMMMMM is all we both can manage to say. It feels so good, I rub my clit harder and harder with each stroke. I can feel that orgasm cumming.

"Daddy can I cum, please can I cum Daddy"
"Yes baby cum on my dick, I am close too. Shit it feels good. Cum on Daddy's dick, while I am fucking your tight ass."

As soon as your say it I start to cum hard, it feel so good with each thrust I explode harder and harder. My ass gets tighter and it is to much for you and your start to cum also,
"Uggghh, I cumming."
I can fill you shooting deep in to my ass, jerking with each thrust and I can feel the shots of warm cum. My pussy is still pulsing as you finish cumming. You stay in to make sure all of it is in there, and collapses as you go soft and your dick slides out limp. I can feel your hot cum in my ass and want to taste it so I stick a finger in and put it into my mouth with your cum on it. MMMMMMM!!
We lay there sweaty and exhausted. Knowing fully well that, that is just round one for the night. In the back of my mind I wonder if the handcuffs are gonna come out later and I just smile and lay my head on his chest and rest.

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