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Part I

A pleasure model. Becky had been thinking about getting one for awhile. More and more people had been talking about them lately and at first she had thought it was a joke. But she soon realized after meeting a few of them at parties and dinners that they were the real deal. They weren't run-of-the-mill bots like the line they had rolled out a few years back.

These particular models were part human. Their bodies were completely life-like, slight flaws and everything. Their eyes showed intelligence and understanding, and according to the brochures, they were highly trainable and displayed cognitive ability to learn and be challenged. Being pleasure models, they not only were programmed to know how to give, but also to receive and feel pleasure.
Pleasure. It had been a long time since she had felt it. She had a few one night stands, but they weren't memorable. They were just brief moments in time. When her lover, Georgia, died over 3 years ago, her whole world had stopped spinning. She had never felt as crushed, as unable to breathe, as in that moment when the police had come to her door. 3 long years.

She had stopped crying herself to sleep at night and only in the last 6 months or so had she been able to take that needed breath. But the respite didn't lift her moods, only left her feeling empty and aching. Her need to touch and be touched hadn't dissipated, but being with someone else didn't feel right. It felt like a betrayal. Her heart belonged to someone else, and had been buried with them when they died.

When she took the discreet elevator up to the top floor, she wondered if what she was doing was wrong. Purchasing an AI to fulfill her needs. Just because they were the rage right now didn't mean she had to do it too. But she found herself stepping off the elevator into the dark corridor, her feet carrying her silently towards a long reception desk, a woman sitting behind it.

The lighting was conducive to making her feel more relaxed and they nodded at one another. "I have a 5 o'clock," Becky said softly. The girl nodded, standing. "Please follow me ma'am." She walked behind her down a hallway towards a beautifully furnished room overlooking the city, the horizon showing a touch of pink.

"May I get you something to drink?" the girl asked and Becky shook her head, "No thank you." The girl smiled at her, showing perfect teeth."Mr. Hanson will be with you in just one moment." Becky nodded and sat in the chair proffered. Not a moment later, a man came through the door and she stood as they shook hands. "Please Mrs. Thompson, sit."

She sat, smoothing the crease in her pant suit leg as he sat across from her. "So I've looked over your paperwork and everything seems to be in order. From the profile you sent us, we have 3 options for you to choose from. We think all three would be suitable and the preference is up to you in terms of looks and style. Would you like take a look?" She nodded nervously and stood when he did.

They went up a strange looking escalator towards another room. She thought she had been on the top floor but apparently not. He turned on a row of lights and a long room appeared. It seemed to be endless, the monotony of it reminding her of some weird horror movie where no one can get out. There were large glass panes lining the side of one wall.

In each were different environments and trying not to stare, women and men. Well, pleasure models to be more exact. They were all dressed differently, in different styles. Goth, preppy, beachwear. She wanted to almost laugh at the absurdity of it all. It sort of looked like a zoo she used to go to when she was younger, the primates separated in different rooms.

She had to remind herself that these weren't actually real people. Pets, is what the advertisements read. He stopped in front of one of the glass doors. The environment was a hammock and trees with a large pond. The girl inside was sitting on the sand, running her hands through it. She was pretty, long dark hair, rosy cheeks. Looked to be her height. "She's a bit shy, laughs a lot, and is a quick learner," he said, looking at his notebook.

The girl looked towards the pond, then back to her feet. Becky stood for a moment longer, then turned slightly away and the man tilted his head towards the next area. The lighting was brighter in here. A tall Amazonian woman. She looked like a European model. Their eyes met and the girl smiled at her. "This one is very friendly and energetic. Happy." She smiled. She could tell this one would be a handful. The girl almost posed and she shook her head, looking at the guy who was also smiling.

She followed him further down to another glassed in area. She leaned her shoulder against it and peered into the darker room. Her eyes adjusted to the dark and she saw it was a small field. A girl walked towards them slightly, barefoot, shoes in one hands, pants slightly rolled up. "This one is a bit quiet. Very intelligent and quite curious. You don't have to tell her twice. Intuitive."

As she approached she could see that the girl was taller than her. Her face left the shadows and she felt her breath hitch. She was gorgeous and not in a conventional way. Her body was that of someone in good physical shape, almost tom boyish, with beautiful contours. She had big eyes, full lips. Dark chestnut colored hair that was up in a ponytail, the back of it hitting her shoulder blades as their eyes met.

The girl didn't smile but bit her lip, as they looked at one another. "Yes," was all she heard herself say. The man nodded. "Just give us 30 minutes and she'll be all yours." She looked at him, "She comes with me tonight?" She hadn't been prepared for that. "Yep, everything's in order. Just need to tweak a few things and we'll have her ready for you. Name?" She looked at him, unsure. "What would you like her name to be?" "Does she already have one?" He nodded, "Well, we called her Colleen but some of the other models call her Chloe and it's something she respond to." "Chloe is fine."

The lobby was empty when he brought her out with him. She had a bag slung over her shoulder and she towed a case behind her. "Chloe, this is Becky," he said and they both put out their hands, shaking slowly. It was warm, soft. She felt like she was in the twilight zone. He handed her a large manual and pushed the elevator for them. "Call us if you have any issue okay? Everything you need to know is in your hands." She looked down at the book and then nodded. "Thank you." He nodded and turned, waving slightly before heading back down the hall.

The elevator slid open softly and she walked into the elevator, Chloe following her. Up close she made her heart beat faster. She was definitely taller than her. Possibly almost 5"10 to her 5'8. She was wearing the same jeans but rolled down and had changed into a button down shirt, sandals on her feet. She leaned back slightly against the wall, and her purse fell from under her arm. Before she could bend to pick it up, Chloe already had and handed it to her, their eyes on one another. "Thank you," she heard herself say. "No problem," the AI said softly.

Becky blinked at her. She seemed so real. Her voice was soft but strong. "Do you...go out often?" she asked, immediately feeling her cheeks heat. What a stupid question. Would Chloe even know what she meant? The girl shook her head, "Maybe a few times a month? Get-togethers and whatever. And..we go to Starbucks sometimes," Chloe shrugged smiling. "What do you like at Starbucks?" Becky wondered out loud. "Green tea latte's with soy...iced," she responded, her eyes lighting up. Becky let out a startled laugh.

The girl was adorable. And she could not believe she was standing here talking to an AI that she had just purchased...that was coming to live with a pleasure model. She felt her cheeks flame again and knew the girl saw it, but her eyes went down to the floor. Pleasure models were made for specific reasons. They answered your questions intelligently, they helped you out with whatever you needed, and they did mean WHATEVER you needed, but she didn't realize she could actually have a normal conversation with her. The fact that she could pass for a human intrigued her. A sexy human at that.

The door opened and Chloe walked with her towards the parking garage, the building now deserted except for the occasional person in a suit making their way home. She reached the car and popped the trunk and Chloe looked at it, then immediately figured out what to do, putting her bag and case inside, closing the trunk lid before she could. Quick learner the man had said.

She unlocked the car door and got into the drivers side, Chloe opening the passenger door. She pulled out of the garage and they made their way through the city, Chloe taking everything in with wide eyes. The AI's long legs took up the space on her side and she couldn't help but look over at her occasionally. She felt a tingle shoot up her spine looking at her profile. She hadn't met someone so beautiful, human or otherwise in a long time. The music was on low, calming her nerves and before she knew it, she was taking her exit. 

Becky pulled into the garage, it shutting slowly behind them and Chloe got her stuff out of the back while  she unlocked the side entrance. Chloe followed her into the large kitchen and she turned on the lights, illuminating everything around them. She heard Renny bark once from upstairs and then his feet as they padded down the stairs towards the kitchen. "Let's get your stuff into the spare room," she said softly.

Renny came into the kitchen and bounded over to them. She watched Chloe's eyes get big, looking at him. "Renny, down," Becky smiled, crouching to rub his ears. He chuffed, then looked up at Chloe, nuzzling her fingers and then her jeans leg. Chloe carefully laid her hand on his head and mimicked Becky's actions of a moment ago and Renny wagged his tail smiling his silly dog smile up at her. Could Renny tell she was an AI? It didn't seem like it. And he liked her. Normally he was pretty reserved.

They walked up the stairs towards the spare room and Chloe set her things inside the doorway. "This is your room. Bed, dressers, your own bathroom and shower. Oh, and a TV as well," she motioned towards the flat screen on the wall. Chloe looked around, shoving her hands in her pockets, "Thanks." She felt like she had just picked up some kid from a youth hostel for goodness sake. "My room," she motioned as she went to her own room, turning on the light. Slightly larger, queen bed with silk sheets lay undone. Dark light with a huge walk in closet and adjoining bathroom with a jacuzzi.

She took off her shoes and turned on the TV. "Do you need anything?" Chloe asked her. She shook her head, "I'm going to take a shower, I think," Becky answered  her and Chloe nodded, "I can help you." She looked at her confused, "Help me what?" Chloe watched her, "Take a shower." She felt her heart speed up, her mouth slightly dry. "I..." Becky hesitated, unsure. Well hell, she did get her for more than one reason, didn't she? Chloe waited. Dang she was so cute. "Okay," she finally said, heading towards the bathroom.

She went towards the shower door and Chloe reached out, opening it. She watched her look in, then turn the water on, finding the right temperature. Chloe turned back to her and she felt herself freeze as Chloe's hands moved to her shirt. She lifted slightly and she felt her own arms come up as Chloe pulled the shirt over her arms and head. Chloe kneeled and started to undo her slacks and Lord help her she felt herself start to get wet.

She pulled them off of her then stood. She saw Chloe's eyes move up her body to her bra and she felt her nipples harden. Chloe reached behind her and she felt her bra unsnap. Chloe started to pull it off and she suddenly felt shy, holding it to her. Chloe's eyes met hers, "What's wrong?" Becky bit her lip, shaking her head. "You're very beautiful," Chloe said quietly reassuring her.

She felt the wetness now become a puddle between her legs. Chloe pulled her hands down slowly, then took the bra off of her arms and it dropped to the floor. Chloe's eyes went to her breasts as she hooked her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down. Soon those were on the floor next to the clothes. Chloe reached out, feeling the water. "Okay?" Chloe asked and Becky nodded, stepping in.

Chloe shut the door behind her and she fought the urge to open it and pull her in with her. She took a quick shower, careful not to touch herself too much, she felt ready to explode. When she got out, Chloe had changed and was wearing shorts and a tank top. She was holding a towel in her hands which she promptly wrapped her and as she toweled her off, she knew her whole face was red. Chloe smiled at her, backing out of the bathroom

When she had finished getting ready for bed and came out of the bathroom, she almost laughed. Chloe was on the floor with Renny, both of them horseplaying with the ball he normally walked around with. A new best friend. Chloe saw her and immediately stood up. She hesitated by the bed as Chloe pulled the covers back for her. She normally slept nude and she figured she couldn't change her habits now.

She dropped the towel and Chloe caught it, draping it over the chair nearby. She slid into the sheets and Chloe started to pull them up, "Stay," Becky said softy. Chloe looked at her, "Yeah?" She nodded at her. She moved into the middle of the bed and Chloe got under the covers with her. She realized that the AI had also taken a shower as well, her hair slightly damp, her skin smelling good. Chloe put her arm around her and she nestled into her strong body.

This AI was perfect. She knew what she wanted before she did. She was sweet. And she was more turned on than she could remember being in a long time. She chewed on her lip, looking at her, Chloe's eyes watching her. "What do you want?" Chloe asked gently. " to make love to me," she said, her body trembling slightly. She thought she saw a glimmer of something in her eyes at her words. Chloe slid slowly so that she was on top of her and Becky reached out, touching her lightly. She felt solid, warm. She ran her hands up Chloe's back and Chloe pushed lightly into her.

Their heads moved at the same time and their lips met. Softly at first, then more firmly as they got used to one another. God, they programmed everything into pleasure models didn't they, she thought hazily as the kisses pushed her even higher. She felt Chloe's leg press between hers and her legs parted, her moan coming out as her head tilted back slightly. Chloe kissed her face and neck, her soft tongue light against her skin and she felt her nipples push against her shirt, straining for contact.

Her own hands went to Chloe's head as it moved down towards her breasts. "Fuck," she whispered, feeling her mouth envelop her nipple. She felt it being tugged into her wet mouth and she wrapped her legs around her hips, moving with her. Chloe made a sound which sounded sort of like a growl as her mouth moved lower onto her stomach. She felt it quiver, her eyes taking in her movement. Shit. Goddamn it. She groaned as Chloe's mouth made contact with her vagina, the first touch like lightning. She wasn't going to last long.

Her tongue dipped into her, swirled over her clit and then disappeared again. A moment later she was jerking in her arms, Chloe not even having gone inside of her, just the barest brush of her fingers on her opening with her mouth on her clit and she came hard into her mouth, grabbing the sheets. She panted, scared but alive, watching Chloe's eyes move up to hers. Her fingers started to push against her and she shook her head. She wasn't ready for that yet. Not yet. Chloe stopped, her brow furrowing.

"Come here," Becky said softly and Chloe moved up to where she was. Becky pushed her over and straddled her hips. Chloe looked up at her, something close to a look of surprise registering on her face. "My turn," Becky said. Chloe's mouth parted, as she pulled her shirt up revealing beautiful skin, taut stomach, perfect sized breasts free from a bra. She moved her body up hers and Chloe's eyes watched as their breasts touched, riveted.

She kissed her slowly, Chloe responding immediately, her hands going to her ribcage. Becky dipped her head, sucking lightly on her neck, and Chloe moaned. Then her mouth moved to her breasts and she carefully took one into her hand, licking and flicking the tip of the nipple. The response was just as if she were human, as she felt them become impossibly hard. Chloe gasped, her eyes following Becky's movement. She moved to the other breast, giving it the same treatment.

She tugged on her shorts, Chloe helping her. Small strip of hair looking back at her. Lips peeking out. She ran her hand up between her legs, finding moisture. She moved her fingers over her wetness, coating them and her. Chloe was making soft noises, her eyes big. And a thought occurred to her. "Chloe," she whispered, touching her clit in circular motions. "Yes?" Chloe whispered, her breaths heavy. "Have you ever had anyone do this to you?" she asked.

Chloe swallowed then shook her head. "Does it feel good?" Becky asked, never changing her movements, hearing her sex open to her. "Yes," she moaned. "Do you want me inside of you?" she ground out, their faces close. Chloe nodded, "Please." She watched her face as she slowly penetrated her for the first time. She was so damn tight and wet she thought she would come again just from being inside of her. "Ohhh," Chloe managed, her legs spreading wider as she took her inside of her.

"You like that baby?" she asked her, all of the sudden warping back three years. Her last night with Georgia. Making love. Them inside one another, soft laughter echoing in the room, candles lit, just her and the girl she loved. "Yes," Chloe whispered, her legs lifting. "Yeah," Becky whispered darkly, fucking her with two fingers, feeling her tighten and clench around her.

Chloe grasped at her hips, her mouth parted, her eyelids heavy. She rubbed her clit with her thumb and she moved inside of her, finding where her G-spot should be. Chloe arched, her insides coating her with more wetness. "Don't you dare come," Becky raised her eyebrow, pulling her leg higher as she added another finger.

Chloe groaned, trying to accommodate her and she felt herself slowing. This wasn't Georgia. This AI. That she had bought. A toy. But a toy that could feel and think. One that had never been taken like this. She tried to blink back her lust, "Am I hurting you?" she asked softly, gentling. "It's okay," Chloe said softly, her legs still around her hips but she could tell she was trying hard to relax around her fingers. "No it's not...I'm sorry," she whispered, feeling tears come to her eyes.

She withdrew her hand gently, unable to look at Chloe as she pulled away, sitting on the side of the bed, eyes swimming. "Becky, what's wrong? What did I do?" Chloe asked behind her, her voice slightly anxious. "It's not you," she whispered. What was she thinking? Bringing her ease this ache. She didn't think she could do it.

She felt Chloe's arms go around her and startled, Chloe lifted her into her arms, holding her. She lay them down and curled her body around hers and she felt herself slowly relax, feeling Chloe's heart slowly settle into a normal rhythm. Her heart. She could hear it beating under her chest. Science was a damn miracle. Maybe this would work. Maybe she could pretend that everything would be alright. At least for awhile.


Chloe felt her eyes move up the back of Becky's legs to her bottom. She tore them away and looked down at her plate. She felt a throb center between her legs and she pushed them together. Ever since that first night, she had this ache she couldn't explain. Remembering Becky's fingers inside of her she felt her breathing change.

From the moment she existed, she was programmed to give pleasure. She knew that she was not human. Had been told this in no uncertain terms. She was a product of science. Merging technology with the capacity to feel and learn. For the last three years she learned to interact, understand and assimilate with other AI's like her as well as with humans when on excursions the company went out on with them when not inside the building she was born in.

She knew about every erogenous zone on the body, knew how to make a man or woman come quickly or slowly. She knew how to read emotions on faces and she tried to act before being told to. She also vaguely understood that her own body also could receive the same pleasure she gave. Not that she had ever experienced it. Until that night.

Just looking at her for the first time had left her feeling oddly. Like things weren't quite right. She had memories she couldn't reach, feelings she didn't understand. She made her want to react. Sometimes at night she woke up in a sweat, dreaming of water, unable to breathe, to think. That was the part of her that was human. Emotions and memories floating in her head and through her veins.

She didn't think she felt and acted like the other AI's. She didn't feel like what she was meant to do was who she was. She couldn't define it. She only knew that she was learning every day. Learning to be who she was, whomever that was. And being with her owner was like discovering parts of her that were missing.

Chloe had always had a sense of smell, but it seemed to have gotten even stronger. She could smell Becky coming out of the shower all the way down the hall. Or Renny's stinky breath as he panted around the house. It seemed strange to her. She didn't know what was "normal" but this didn't seem to be. She also seemed to be overly in tune to what Becky wanted before she did. She knew part of her programming was being able to learn quickly what her owner wanted, but this was like knowing what to do before she did it.

Like this morning. Becky walked into the kitchen and she had immediately stood up and gone to the cupboard, getting her a tall glass, not knowing why, but just knowing she was going to want it. Becky had looked at her oddly and she could only smile helplessly at her. And today when they were outside, sitting on the back porch she had found herself looking in at the clock in the kitchen and then standing. She turned just as the sound of something hitting the front door whacked against it. Becky had looked up at her and said  "Evening paper."

Why had she even known that something was about to occur? She wondered if she should talk to someone at the lab but she didn't want tests run, to be used as some sort of experiment, which she had seen happen to a few of the AI's when anomalies occurred. A year back, one of the other AI's had gotten angry and literally started throwing a tantrum, things flying across the room. They were always supposed to be in control of their emotions when they felt them. So Chloe never mentioned her dreams and waking up from them scared and feeling so alone. She didn't understand it and maybe she never would.

"Not hungry?" Becky asked, startling her out of her thoughts. "No," she smiled at her, standing to take their plates. "It's okay, you don't have to clean up," Becky shook her head, touching her arm. "I want to," Chloe replied, as she brought them both to the sink. Afterwards they had gone to the living room where she had started a fire and they had played some sort of card game. It took her a few minutes but she caught on and soon Becky was laughing at her when she would yell out "UNO!" like she had taught her.

She had music on, something Chloe had grown to love immediately and Becky was singing about getting respect or that's what she thought the woman was singing, her full vibrant voice like nothing she had ever heard. Aretha Franklin, Becky had told her and she knew that she wouldn't forget the name or the voice.

When Becky put the cards away, they sat with their backs to the couch, watching the fire. She watched Becky's eyes flicker in the shadows. "What does fire remind you of?" Chloe asked her, curious. Becky looked at her, "Chocolate."

Chloe looked at her strangely. "When I was younger, I used to go camping with my family and we used to stick marshmallows on twigs and roast them. Then we would stick them, all gooey, in-between graham crackers with a piece of chocolate," Becky explained. The concept was foreign but it sounded tasty. was something she really didn't seem to have a lot of interest in and after coming to live at the house, she knew why. Because Becky could cook and whatever she had been eating before was not meant for taste. Becky made things she had never tasted before and the one thing she seemed to not be able to get enough of was coffee. Becky told her it was because of the caffeine but whatever it was, she liked it.

"Do you have those things?" Chloe asked her, bringing her thoughts back to what they were talking about. "What things?" Becky asked, confused. "Marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate?" Becky blinked at her and then she gave her a big smile. "I just might. Wait here." She heard her rustling around in the kitchen for a few minutes then a slam of the screen door. Another moment and she was back with a plate, paper towels and two long pieces of the tree from outside.

"Yes!" Becky smiled, sitting in front of the fire. Chloe laughed, pulling the screen away. She watched her put the marshmallow on the branch and hand it to her. She looked at it, unsure. Becky made another one, then stuck it in the fire. She did the same and watched as it slowly got burnt. "Take it out silly," Becky laughed, hers already being put on a cracker.

She did and soon they were eating the little sandwiches. Hers squirted all down the front of her mouth and chin, hitting her pants. "S'good," she mumbled, trying not to get in on the carpet as she chewed. Sweet, was all she could think. "S'mores. That's what they're called," Becky smiled, finishing hers off.

Chloe's fingers were all sticky and she started to wipe them on her towel when Becky took her hand. She eyed her as she brought it closer to her and then Becky put her finger into her mouth. She felt her mouth wet it as she sucked off the bits of chocolate and she swore she could feel her own insides melting. "Becky," she whispered. Becky licked her lower lip and then pulled her over her as they kissed slowly.

She tasted better than the S'mores and as she lay over her, their legs twining, Becky let out a soft sound, her arms going around her neck. They kissed for a long time, their mouths and tongues sliding together, Becky moving under her, becoming breathless. "I want to make you come," Becky said softly into her ear.

Chloe felt her shoulders tense, her eyes meeting hers. "Not until I'm done," she heard herself say, why she said it she wasn't sure. She knew she was supposed to give her pleasure when she asked for it, and even though Becky told her that she wanted to make her come, somehow Chloe knew it wasn't about her.

Becky's slight intake of breath assured her that she was turned on by her words. They undressed in the light of the fire, Becky's eyes moving over her, making her feel hot. She slid onto her, taking her hands in hers as they kissed again, her legs going between hers. Becky parted them, the back of her legs touching the soft carpet.

Chloe got on her knees and then sat up slowly, taking Becky with her until she was sitting on her lap, her groin pressed against her, her legs on either side. Becky locked her fingers around her neck, her breasts brushing her face. She took a nipple into her mouth and suckled lightly, causing Becky to press harder into her. She cupped her bottom, spreading it and pulling her tight, moving her lightly against her.

"God," Becky whispered as Chloe bit her other nipple, licking it soothingly. She moved her arm around her, then deep between her legs from behind and felt her wetness on her fingers as she slid through her folds. She teased her, watching her face, seeing what she liked. Her other hand went to the front and teased Becky's clit as she pressed gently, her fingers curving inside of her.

"Chloe," Becky moaned, her face pressed against her head as she rode her, her fingers disappearing inside of her over and over again, her other fingers light on her swollen flesh. She could feel her walls rippling and knew she was close. "Come for me baby," she said softly in her ear, using the same term of endearment Becky had used when they were last together. Becky whimpered, her mouth sliding over hers and she gave Chloe what she asked for, kissing her as she came around her fingers, her hips moving in time with her languid thrusts.

When Becky finally came down, she held her not moving. Being with her, it seemed it was where she was meant to be. What if...what if Becky got tired of her? What if she didn't want her anymore and sent her back? The idea frightened her. "Chloe," Becky said softly, their faces close. She saw she was looking at her. "What is it?" Becky asked, her hands threading through her hair.

Chloe exhaled and shrugged slightly. She didn't want to burden her with her thoughts. "Tell me," Becky cupped her face, making her look at her. Their eyes locked. "You have to tell me if I'm not making you happy okay?" she hesitated. Becky searched her eyes, "What makes you think I'm not happy with you?" "If you get bored with me or if I'm not doing something right. I just want to know so I can change, make you want me to stay. I don't go back," she whispered, finally voicing her thoughts.

And if Becky didn't want her, then she didn't. She knew she should just not talk and do whatever it is Becky wanted her to do, but for some reason she had told her how she was feeling. "Okay?" Chloe asked softly. Becky bit her lip, then nodded, "Okay." Becky slowly stood and she felt her loss immediately. "Will you put out the fire?" Becky asked picking up the plates.

Chloe nodded and got the poker out, moving towards the logs. After she was done, she stood and saw Becky heading up the stairs towards her bedroom. She felt disappointment. She couldn't remember ever feeling it before, but she knew that's what it was. She trudged up the stairs and started to go to her own room when she saw Becky stop at her door.

"Where are you going?" Becky asked her from the end of the hall. "To bed?" she asked uncertain. "Come to mine," she said softly, going into her room. She didn't have to say it twice. She felt a smile come to her face as she walked the length of the hall. Becky slipped into bed and she followed, both of them still naked from earlier. "I love that you are so make me," Becky whispered, their arms going around one another. Drowsy, she held her close, kissing her head gently and she felt herself fall asleep rather quickly, Becky feeling warm and perfect in her arms.

Chloe was dreaming, a hand on her breast, skin against hers. Her eyes opened slowly and she felt her breathing change. Becky was sliding against her, her eyes moving over her body slowly as her hands trailed lightly against her skin. Becky parted Chloe's legs gently and she tugged on the sheets in her grasp. Becky kissed her between her breasts, rubbing her cheeks against her already hardened nipples.

She tried to suppress the groan that wanted to escape. Her body was anxious still from the last time Becky had been inside of her. Even if it had hurt a little, she wanted to please her, had felt pleasure as well. Becky smiled up at her sleepily and then she felt her lower lip tremble slightly as Becky's head moved down between her legs.

"I want you to feel so good," Becky whispered, breathing against her sensitive bud. She let out a sigh and her hand went to her head, feeling the silky hair run through her fingertips. Becky's tongue ran along her and she jerked slightly, the sensation foreign and good at the same time.

Becky settled into the bed and then started to lick her slowly, her tongue barely moving inside of her, to settle on her clit, then back down. She felt her body start to move with Becky, her breaths short, her body thrumming. "Do you like that?" Becky asked softly, her tongue spiking the top of her folds. "Yes," Chloe moaned, her legs widening.

"I...want you inside of me again," Chloe said hesitantly, her nipples throbbing. Becky groaned and her hand went between her legs. Becky put her fingers in her mouth and then she felt her press against her, running them around her opening. Her legs started to shake as Becky kept up the circling of her tongue.

Becky finally pushed her fingers inside of her and they went in smoothly, making her feel invaded in a very good way. She felt herself clamp onto Becky's fingers as she ate at her and she arched, her hands grasping at nothing. She felt a strange tingling sensation start in her stomach and radiate outward and she gasped, unsure of what was happening to her.

"Relax baby, it's's supposed to feel good," Becky said softly. Chloe tried to settle into the feeling, but found she couldn't, the sensations increasing tenfold and she strained against her, her mouth opening, feeling as if she were about to burst. "Becky...I'm..afraid," she whispered, the intensity almost overwhelming. Becky stopped moving and pulled her mouth away. She kept her fingers in her but moved up so that she was above her, her body nestled into her. "Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you," Becky said softly.

Becky lifted her leg over her arm, her palm pressed against her middle, the swollen bud jumping in her hand and then Chloe's mouth met hers. She moaned into it as Becky started to move again, this time harder. She felt herself open to her, her fingers feeling so good, her palm just the right pressure and the sensations curled inside of her, sparks starting to shoot through her body. "Come for me Chloe."

Chloe looked up at her wide-eyed, grabbing at her shoulders and then she felt some sort of sensation hit her hard between her legs and then throughout her whole body and she cried out, squeezing Becky's fingers inside of her uncontrollably, her body rising on it's own as though she couldn't help herself, could only feel what was happening.

Becky kept sliding in and out of her and she felt everything fade away except for Becky holding her, whispering softly in her ear, her arms around her as the fierce pleasure that whipped through her finally ebbed. She shuddered and Becky wrapped her arms around her tight. "Okay?" Becky whispered.

"So that's what it feels like," she laughed softly in wonder. Becky smiled down at her, "Turnabout is fair play." "Do I make you feel that way?" Chloe asked, a hopeful look on her face. Becky bit her lip, her eyelids sliding down, "Oh yeah." Chloe felt a big smile come to her face and Becky giggled, shoving at her, her cheeks blooming. "Let me make you feel that way again," Chloe whispered, rolling so that she was below her. Becky groaned, her hands lacing with hers.

Becky was still asleep in her arms. Dawn was almost upon them, it still dark outside. She opened her eyes sleepily and felt something cold on her fingers. She turned her head to find Renny nudging her lightly with his nose. "Bathroom?" Chloe whispered. He let out a little whine, wagging his tail.

She slid out of bed, picking up the clothes she had left on the floor when she had walked in last night. She pulled on her jeans and t-shirt, seeing Becky turn over, waking slightly. "What are you doing baby?" Becky whispered, still not quite awake. "Gonna walk Renny. Go back to sleep," she said softly and bent down to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Instead Becky moved, kissing her on the lips. They clung, Becky's hand on her shirt, hers on her hip. The bed was calling to her and she wanted to slide back in. Renny gave a little whine again and she smiled through their kiss, pulling back. "He's gonna pee on the floor," Chloe apologized, stepping back. Becky was now more awake and she smiled softly, nodding. "Be back in a few. C'mon buddy boy," she said, turning to go with Renny out the bedroom door.


Becky stared after Chloe, her words echoing in her head. She felt like she was dreaming. Was she dreaming? She blinked, sitting up slowly. When she had woken up, Chloe was dressed, about to take Renny on a walk. It reminded of her of when Georgia used to do the same thing, trying not to wake her when Renny had to go early in the morning.

It was like a finger had snapped in front of her face and she was wide awake. Something gnawed at her as she sat up slowly. The bed was warm from where Chloe's larger body had been and she ran her hand over it. She picked up the pillow she used and could smell her on it. What was that smell she had? Clean, slightly earthy. She felt her heart start to beat rapidly. She was falling for her. An AI. Was she going insane? How could she fall for her? But she was. Hard.

Everything the AI was purported to do, it did. It was preternaturally scary almost. As though she knew what she was going to do before she did it. And the way she made love, it left her feeling so good, so full. Why had she been able to open her heart to her and not to anyone else? Was it the timing?

She got up, going down the stairs to make coffee. She knew with certainty that Chloe could feel. That she wasn't a robot. That she had feelings and thoughts. But how much of it was programmed into her in terms of her reactions and her words? How would she know if what this was real? Could it be real? With an AI? Her thoughts, synapses were human, weren't they?

She turned on the stereo low and pulled out two cups. She heard the front door open and she poured the coffee. Renny came bounding in, happy as a clam. She rubbed his head, watching Chloe take off her shoes near the door and hang the leash. Her cheeks were flushed from the cold and her clothes were slightly damp from the dew. "Smells good," Chloe smiled, rubbing her hands. "Thanks for taking him." Chloe nodded, "He really had to go." They both smiled as she handed her a cup. Black. They both drank their coffee black.

It was Sunday, so they sat on the couch and read the paper Chloe had picked up from the porch. They sat quietly, Chloe reading the funnies and laughing periodically. She found herself staring at her. Chloe looked over at her and set the paper down. "What is it?" Chloe asked, her hand on her foot, rubbing the arch. "I...I don't want to offend you," Becky said quietly. Chloe shook her head, "You won't." Becky bit her lip, "I...would you tell me more about you?"

Chloe sat back into the couch and looked out the window. "I wish I could tell you childhood stories and recite favorite poems or talk about past lovers...but I don't have any of that," she said almost inaudibly. "What do you remember?" Chloe took her hand off her foot and rested it on her own leg. "I remember one day just being able to see. To know. It wasn't a gradual process of growing up. It was as though I was just thrust into a new time and place. That building, those doctors, the other AI' was my environment. Real trees in rooms, a real lake in a concrete slab. Other AI's like me knowing that this is not real, and yet it's real for us. What we were created for, what we are used's what they tell us we are."

Becky watched her, feeling her heavy words, "And who do you think you are?" Chloe looked over at her. "Don't you mean what?" Chloe asked softly. Becky shook her head, "You are very real to me Chloe." Chloe bowed her head, running her hand through her hair. "I think...I feel like...sometimes there is someone else inside of me. That they put someone else's memories in me. I have dreams. I feel things that I know I am not supposed to feel through not having those experiences. And yet I feel them."

Becky came closer, her legs going over her lap and she rested her head on her arm, Chloe putting it around her shoulders. "I know you do. I can see it, feel it too." Chloe bit her lip, "I don't want to just disappear. Become a number." Becky touched her face lightly. She could hear Chloe's heart again. Under her ear, pressed to her chest. AI's weren't supposed to have hearts, but Chloe could hear it.

"What do you dream?" Becky asked. Chloe hesitated, "It's not pretty." Becky sat up, looking at her. "Nightmares?" Chloe nodded. "What do you see?" Chloe looked down at her hands. "Water. Rushing all around me. Horrible pain in my head. I can't breathe. I feel like I'm going blind. I try to scream. I can't. I'm panicked and afraid. And I can only think of one thing  before everything goes calm..."

Becky stared at her, suddenly very afraid of what this all meant. "What is that one thing?" she whispered. Chloe was still looking down, "Take care of her." Becky felt her mouth part. "Take care of who?" Chloe shook her head, "I don't know. All I know is I wake up in a sweat, gasping for air, feeling...alone." "Chloe," Becky whispered, feeling tears come to her eyes.

Chloe looked up at her. They stared at one another. Chloe blinked, wrestling with something, thoughts trying to align themselves. "You." Becky watched her, wiping her tears away. "I'm supposed to take care of you," Chloe whispered, her voice all of the sudden sounding sure. Becky swallowed, looking at her. "I think....that I know who you are."

Chloe's eyes widened. "Who?" Becky felt tears again. "My ex-lover." Chloe dipped her head, their faces close. "Your ex?" Becky nodded, "She...died...3 years ago...she..her car went off a bridge in an accident and she...drowned," she choked out. The dream. The words..everything. It all made sense. Chloe's mouth opened, then closed. "These memories I have, that they gave me to make me human. The way I know that you are going to do something before you do, the way I know this neighborhood like the back of my hand. I remember having thoughts...3 yrs ago."

Becky's blinked then let out a breath, "This morning, I wasn't quite sure what it was but now I know...right before you left to take Renny on a walk and called him buddy boy, that was Georgia's nickname for him...God, the way he just knows who you are." "Those dreams," Chloe whispered anxiously. "Her death," Becky let out a moan and then started to sob. Chloe bent her head and put her arms around her and they held one another for a long time.

"Her last thought was to ask that you be taken care of," Chloe whispered in her ear. "I can do that." Becky pressed her lips to her neck, nodding, "You have been. I can finally feel again. And we need some answers." Chloe looked at her, her eyes worried. "Don't be afraid. You aren't going anywhere. I'm not letting you go."


"This is highly unusual," Mr. Hanson said, looking at first her and then Chloe. "I want answers. I want to know why it is that Chloe seems so have thoughts, the emotions and feelings of someone I know who passed away. It is not a coincidence," Becky said as they both took seats across from his desk. His mouth opened then closed and then from an intercom in the corner a voice said, "Mr. Hanson, I will be down in one moment."

Mr. Hanson nodded to no one and then stood. "That was Mrs. Standish, the founder of the company." No sooner had he pushed his chair in than a door opened. A tall woman with salt and pepper hair and cobalt blue eyes came into the room. "Thank you Mr. Hanson." He nodded, dismissed, and Becky watched him leave closing the door. "We are very sorry...I am very sorry about this." "We just want to know what's going on," Becky said quietly. Mrs. Standish nodded, coming to the corner of the desk and studied Chloe. Chloe's eyes met hers. "Chloe." Chloe nodded.

Mrs. Standish looked nervous, her fingers plucking at the hem of her skirt. "Chloe is AI." You could have hear a pin drop. "What?" Chloe whispered, looking at her, her hands gripping the sides of the chair. Becky felt her own heart skitter around in her chest, confused. "Chloe was born here three years ago, this much is true. But she was part of a much different program. An acceleration program."

"The sperm and eggs were very real, taken from only the top genes available. While in gestation, certain tests were done. Cognitive tests and hormone tests. And after she..after you were born Chloe...the acceleration program went into affect, aging you to approximately the age you are now almost within three weeks time. During those weeks, you were also...altered...and given a donation...someone else's memories and intelligence..full feelings and emotions but with strains taken out so there was a childlike capacity to learn and grow and also be your own person."

"Georgia," Becky said softly and the woman nodded. "Yes, before her death along with a DNR she wrote that she wanted to be part of this particular program, something she had heard about through her father. "He was a scientist at the University," Becky frowned. "Yes," Mrs. Standish nodded, "he was one of our biggest contributors." Becky bit her lip, confused about why she didn't know about Georgia wanting to be part of something like this. She turned her head, taking in Chloe who looked like she was in shock.

"I'm human," Chloe whispered, shocked and the truth of it stunned them both. "Very much so. Everything about you." Becky felt her breath leave her in a whoosh, "How is this legal?" Mrs. Standish's cheeks stained slightly. "It's not, is it? You're passing them off as AI's. How many of them are there?" Becky whispered, feeling slightly sick. Mrs. Standish shook her head, "Only Chloe. Chloe is the only one that...survived." "What do you mean?" Chloe asked softly, sitting up, her hands in fists.

The woman got off the desk, putting it between her and them as she rounded it. "There were ten of you. 3 didn't make it to birth due to complications, 5 died during the acceleration process and one...she..her brain couldn't handle the memory portion and she..did not make it past the 2nd year here." Chloe's mouth parted, "Leslie." Mrs. Standish's eyes widened and then she nodded.

Becky looked at her, feeling tears come to her eyes at the pain she saw in them. "You made us only to destroy us all," Chloe stood up slowly, her voice unlike anything she had heard from her before, angry, heartbroken. "We created you, to give hope to other people," Mrs. Standish said softly. Chloe's shoulders lifted and then fell. Becky stood next to her.

"We have halted the program," Mrs. Standish said quietly. "For now," Becky answered. "Chloe is a real person, not a toy that you can sell to other people. If I had known that..." "Chloe can stay," Mrs. Standish said, her eyes taking in Chloe with interest a strange gleam in her eye. Chloe took a slight step back, suddenly unsure, "I don't want to," Chloe looked at her, a plea in her eyes as they both heard and then saw a large metal grate slam down in front of the window behind Mrs. Standish's deck, the room going dim.


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