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1st time for Emma Part 3

Emma experiences a woman's touch
Sorry it's taken so long for me to write part 3, I've been very busy and not at my computer much for a few weeks...

I quickly took off my top and skirt and moved onto the bed on all fours, moving over Emma and gently pushing her shoulders down so she was positioned underneath me. I looked at her directly in the eyes then brushed my lips against hers. She responded by gently kissing me back and pushing her tongue into my mouth. We kissed in this way for a few minutes playing with each others tongues. It wasn’t a passionate horny kiss it was two passive females discovering each others soft lips.

I’m not accustomed to initiating sex but it seemed Emma wanted me to by her passive response. As I was going to be the first women she had been with, and I was more experienced in this department, I guess in her mind it was only right that I should. It would have been made easier if she was as horny as hell and pleaded with me to fuck her but she didn’t. She seemed to be drifting away from me and I was losing her interest. Usually when a girl comes onto me I respond to her passionate kisses, my nipples harden and my pussy moistens with anticipation of what is to come but Emma appeared to have decided that either this girl on girl experience just wasn’t what she had hoped it might be or I simply didn’t turn her on. I needed to do more than I was currently doing to try and get her going.

I kissed her again but this time a little more forcibly, as I pulled back I sucked gently on her bottom lip then went back to kiss and suck harder on both of her pouting red lips. She responded with a whimper of please and a deep intake of breath which made her chest rise and she pressed her large firm breasts into mine and my already hardened nipples tingled in response to the contact.

I shifted my position so I could lean onto my left elbow which released my right hand, as I did this my mouth naturally changed its position to being almost at a right angle to hers. I whispered to her to close her mouth then seductively ran my tongue along the full length of her lips and inserted my tongue to emulate licking her pussy.

Continuing with my seductive and suggestive kisses I used my freed hand to gently cup her right breast, I then extended my forefinger and using the tip of my finger I gently traced circles around her nipples then moving my finger up and down over her nipple followed by trapping her nipple between my index and forefinger and rubbing back and forth with the ball of my thumb.

Whilst continuing to gently play with her lightly trapped nipple I moved my lips away from her mouth and slowly kissed her neck, moved up a little, kissed her ear then gently sucked on her earlobe. She moaned in pleasure and moved her head to one side extending her neck, I kissed her neck again all the way down to her collar bone. I moved lower to her left breast taking her left nipple into my mouth and gently sucking whilst continuing to tease her right nipple with thumb.

Emma was now breathing more deeply and continued to let out small moans of pleasure, she squirmed under my touches, twisting slightly to one side then to the other whilst crossing and uncrossing her legs. I knew she was getting very turned on by now and her movements told me her pussy was wet and aching to be touched.

I continued sucking and running my tongue around her left nipple whilst my right hand moved slowly down her side to gently caressed her smooth outer thigh.

Emma suddenly sat up, reached down and removed her panties. She looked at me and appeared to be hot and flustered by my gentle teasing and the way she removed her panties suggested she desperately needed me to pay some attention to her pussy.

She returned to lying on her back, her breathing was heavy, her nipples were very hard and her whole body was glistening with a light fresh sweat.

I looked into her eyes and she stared back at me for a few seconds, she still looked a little nervous as this was new to her but she was so turned on she knew there was no turning back. I have no idea what her sex life was like with Tom but I guessed she probably wasn’t accustomed to being gently teased for such a long time.

She opened her legs whilst grabbing my hand which she then pressed to her pussy. She was so wet I easily inserted two fingers as deep as I could into her then stretched her vaginal walls by moving my fingers in a walking style of movement, she gasped and arched her back pushing her mound into my probing fingers. I opened my fingers as wide as I could then gently twisted them around as she continued to gasp, moan and squirm to my touch. I kept this going for a few minutes then slowly removed my finders which were now glistening from her pussy juices looked her in the eyes then licked her juices from my fingers.

Without saying a word I slipped down her body so that my head was between her legs then gently blew a stream of air from my pursed lips up and down her vaginal lips. She let out a whimper of pleasure and frustration at my continued teasing then grabbed my hair pulling me towards her and pushed her mound firmly against my mouth.

“For fucks sake Kim,” she said. “I can’t take anymore of your teasing. You’ve made me so fucking hot and horny I’m going to explode, please finish me off.”

I hardly had time to flick my tongue on her swollen clit then run around it in a few circles before her orgasm hit hard.

“Oh my god,” she screamed out loud as she pulled my hair and pushed her pulsating pussy hard against my mouth. I felt every spasm as I sucked gently on her now highly sensitive clit which prolonged her orgasm. I wasn’t counting the number of spasms she had but her orgasm seemed to go on for a long time and was very intense. Finally she pushed me away and her whole body was jolted by the pressure of my mouth releasing her now super sensitive clit.

Still breathing heavily she pulled up to her, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a cuddle.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was fucking amazing, and I have never cum that hard or that quickly before.” 

“I’ve never heard you swear before either,” I replied.

Emma laughed and pushed me away gently.

We sat on the bed and chatted for a while. She felt a bit selfish as she had done nothing to return the favour but I put her mind at rest by saying that was the deal we had agreed on and I wasn’t expecting her to and furthermore I was quite happy with my role. I also explained that I had given a few blow jobs to guys in the past without the favour being returned so doing it to a girl was just as much fun. We both laughed and she said she was shocked and called me a dirty little slut. I made a point of licking my lips and told her that had not minded me putting my mouth to good use on her.

Then we discussed Tom’s Birthday and decided that we would dress up as dirty school girls, do a girl-on-girl show for him then give him a good time with both of us. I told her that I couldn’t wait to get out my old hockey skirt, find a small white blouse, school tie and put my hair a pony tail. We never wore them at school but I guessed that high heels, stockings and suspenders would also be required but that was easy as I have plenty of them to choose from and love wearing them. I was also looking forward to having Emma again and putting on a show that would make Tom’s cock rock hard.

I was also excited at the thought that Tom would expect to see Emma doing things to me as well and smiling to myself I wondered if Emma had thought of this possibility yet.

I reckon Tom would love to see Emma and I doing a hot 69 for him.

I quickly dressed, winked at Emma and said “See you later bi-curious girl.”

Emma blushed and blew me a kiss I smiled back at her as I opened the door and left the room.

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