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1st Time For Emma Part 4

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There was a change in Emma
I didn’t see much of Emma during the next four days as we both work and I usually don’t get home until about eight o’clock in the evening. When I did bump into her she was very quiet, moody and definitely not her usual chirpy and chatter self. I didn’t know if this was a reaction of embarrassment to me following our lovemaking or if it was just her having one of our standard female mood swings.

She was never impolite to me during those few days, she still smiled and said hello but there was no conversation in her and there was a lingering tension in her eyes when she looked at me. I had expected at least some discussion on her plans for Tom’s Birthday but she wasn’t forthcoming on that or any other subject so I didn’t know if we were still going ahead with it or not. I decided to keep quiet myself and I would leave it up to her to let me know. I hadn’t made any other plans for that date so I could easily be brought into the frame at short notice if I was still required.

In readiness I had dug out my old hockey skirt and tried it on. When I first held the skirt in my hands and looked at I smiled to myself and wondered why on earth I not chucked this in the bin years ago with the rest of my horrible old school uniform. I had never consciously kept it thinking it might come in handy some day for a sexy role play but for some reason it was still there. So I slipped it on and was delighted to find that it still fitted. I had grown a few inches in height since I last wore it and my hips had also filled out a little so the skirt was now a much shorter fit than I had remembered. It’s a black pleated Ladies Games Skirt made by Carta with an elastic waist so if I had grown a little in that department it didn’t show. It was perfect for a naughty school girl role play and to be honest I thought I looked very sexy in it. It was so short that when I sat on the bed with my legs closed and looked into the mirror I could still see the V shape of my knickers. Only putting my hands on the top of the skirt or a well place handbag would stop someone getting an eye full of my crotch.

I pranced around the room in it with just a thong on underneath taking quick glances into the mirror. I felt so naughty even in the privacy of my own room, as the tiny pleated skirt flapped around my thighs it easily exposed my thong and the cheeks of my bum from the back.

I imagined myself walking into a bar full of lusty fit young men with hard cocks gawping at me and their jealous girlfriends sneering in contempt at my overt sexual display. Oh well that was my naughty little day dream over. I like wearing short skirts and love teasing men by giving the odd flash of my knickers but I would never wear a tiny skirt like this in public.

On the Friday the sun was shining, my last appointment finished early and was only in Swindon so I got home before Emma or Rachel. This was unusual for me to be home before either of them and wanting to enjoy the sunshine I showered and changed into a skirt and chemise, picked up my book, sun glasses, grabbed a can of coke from the fridge and sat out in the garden. I loved the feeling of the warm sun on my arms and legs with nothing more to do than read my book and sip chilled coke.

About half an hour later Rachel arrived home. She quickly poked her head out of the door to say hello said she would join me in a few minutes then went back into the house. She was gone for about fifteen minutes before joining me in the garden and had also had a quick shower and change of clothes.

I don’t see Rachel very often she’s an attractive brunette about 5ft 6 she spends a lot of her time out with her boyfriend Colin.

“Hi Kim, how are you?”

“I’m great thanks, just enjoying the sun and a quick read”

“Are you doing anything interesting this weekend?”

“No not really, I don’t have any plans at the moment. What are you up to?”

“Colin is picking me up later and we’re off to York for the weekend”

“That sounds great, I’ve been told the Minster is a lovely place to visit but I’ve never been there myself”

“Oh it is and I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Is everything okay with you and Emma?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Oh I don’t know, she just seems to be in a bit of a funny mood recently, I was just wondering if you knew why”

“No, I have no idea but I have noticed she hasn’t been her usual happy self recently”

“Oh well, hopefully it’s nothing to serious, I’d better go and pack a few things for the weekend as Colin hates waiting for me, if you manage to find out if there’s anything wrong with Emma over the weekend please let me know, I’ll be back late on Sunday”

“Okay” I said “Will do”

A short while later Rachel knocked on the kitchen window to get my attention, waved and mouthed a goodbye to me.

I returned to my book for about another twenty minutes. By then the sun had lowered in the sky and the heat had gone out of it so I went back into the house and settled onto the sofa with the house still to myself. I was very engrossed in reading ‘The Museum of Innocence’ by Orhan Pamuk which is a haunting novel of memory, desire and loss. Not a light read or a small book but unbeknown to many who see my sometimes meek and easy going exterior there is a much deeper side to my personality.

It wasn’t long before Emma arrived home. She was dressed in her usual working clothes of black trousers and a red shirt with her breasts bursting out of the top and showing a deep cleavage. Not for the first time I wished I also had a great pair of breasts like hers to display to the world.

Not even stopping to put her bag down she looked at me with those recently acquired tense eyes of hers, didn’t say hello or hi, she just looked at me.

“Are you going out this evening?”

“No I’m staying in”

“Have you seen Rachel?”

“Yes, she been in and gone, won’t be back till Sunday evening”

“Good, I’m just going to change out of my work clothes then I want to have a talk with you”

Oh good I thought, Tom’s birthday surprise is still on and we’re going to finalise our naughty little plan. Emma went upstairs to change and I put my book down on the coffee table and waited. That hockey skirt was going to come in very handy after all. I’d never dressed up for role play sex before but the idea of it was exciting my dirty little mind. I’d also never been involved in a threesome before either but just thinking about Emma, Tom and I sucking, licking and fucking each other made my nipples harden and my clit throb for attention.

Emma returned to the lounge wearing a very tight fitting and very short red cocktail dress. She had also applied some eye makeup and bright red lipstick. Wow I thought, Tom’s in for a good night with her dressed like that. All she was missing was a pair of Fuck Me high heels which I’m sure she would be wearing later when they go out. Before I had a chance to tell her how great she looked she launched into conversation.

“Kim I’m a bit pissed off with you”

“I’m sorry, what have I done?”

“You’ve done nothing”

“I don’t understand”

“After you made love to me you haven’t done anything. I was hoping you would want me again, sneak into my room at night or at least try it on with me or something”

“Oh I see, well I thought the deal was that it was just a one off experience”

“I thought it was to but I’ve been thinking about you and what happened ever since and I was hoping it would happen again. I’d hoped that you enjoyed me so much you couldn’t wait for another chance to get me into bed. You like girls so I thought you would want more of me, you obviously didn’t so I felt rejected and got into wondering why I wasn’t the type of girl you would normally go after”

“Well I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you, I don’t go after girls. I’m not like a man that goes around looking for girls to get off with. I only took the lead with you because you wanted or needed me to”

“So what do you do if you see a girl you fancy then?”

“I just admire her subtly and hope she gives me a signal by eye contact that she’s interested”

“That’s a bit pathetic, what do you do if you really have the hots for her?”

“Hope she might like girls and fancy me”

“What then?”

“Wait patiently knowing that it’s very unlikely that anything will happen”

“So what happens, does she have to come on to you first?”

“I like girls but I haven’t been with many. Yes I guess I’m meek and pathetic but I’ve only had sex with girls who have come on to me first. I don’t have the confidence to go after a girl and let’s face it almost all of the pretty feminine girls that I like are straight anyway”.

“Oh I see, I think. So what do you do if a butch spiky haired lesbian comes on to you?”

“I act like a scared straight girl”

Emma’s mood had changed and she burst out laughing.

“That is so funny. How many times has that happened?”

“It’s never happened yet but that’s my plan if it ever does”

“Okay, I feel much better about things now, I thought you hadn’t enjoyed being with me”

“I enjoyed it very much and you look gorgeous in that dress, I bet Tom’s in for a treat. Where are going tonight?”

“Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I’m not going out with Tom tonight, I put this on for you and now I know what the score is with you and girls I think you should come upstairs with me right now young lady”

Emma smiled put one hand on her hip raised her other hand curling her index finger backwards and forwards in a come here motion and winked at me.

As soon as we entered her room she took me by the waist turned me around and used her taller frame to gently pin me to the wall. Her hands came up cupping my head from the back and pulling my lips towards hers, she started by planting her lips firmly onto mine and giving me a deep passionate kiss with a circular movement of her head whilst her tongue darted in and out of my mouth.

I gasped for air in response to her kisses as she ran her fingers though my hair pulling me even stronger onto her mouth. Then she eased off a little so she could move her left hand down to my right tit, groping it through the material of my chemise and gently squeezing my hardened nipple. Keeping me against the wall she lowered her other hand and was then lustily massaging tits.

She kept this going for a few minutes then her hands moved down the sides of my body until they reached the hem of my skirt. On touching the skin of my legs her hands moved up my thighs moving behind me grabbing and groping the cheeks of my bum. My legs naturally parted as her right hand came around to the front and went straight down the front of my thong. The way she was groping me had I was already very turned on, it wasn’t rough but was full of lust and passion.

Her hand found my pussy as she gently rubbed her fingers over my lips. She pulled back from kissing me looked me in the eyes and I gasped with pleasure as she inserted two fingers deeply into my now throbbing pussy.

“Kim your pussy is soaking wet, you like being kissed and groped by a horny girl don’t you?”

“Yes I love it”

“Good, now your mine and I owe you one so let’s get you naked and on my bed”

We both quickly removed our clothes and my thong which was half off anyway, Emma slipped her dress over her head and hadn’t been wearing anything else.

Before I had a chance to get on the bed Emma put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me backwards just hard enough so I lost my balance and fell onto the bed landing on my back. She moved swiftly and positioned her self on all fours above me putting one knee between my legs. Her large breast hung down invitingly and her nipples were erect and begging to be touched but she was on a mission and stopped my hands from reaching for them. She then moved to one side of me, her hands gliding over my breasts and down over my stomach until they reached my pussy.

She slid two fingers into me again and started pumping them in and out of me and it was driving me wild. Seeing that she already had me in a high state of excitement she used the tip of her index finger from her other hand to rub my clit in a fast circular motion. I bucked and pushed my mound onto her fingers as the feeling became very intense. My clit was getting more and more sensitive and I had waves of tension building up in the lower half of my body, my nipples felt like they were about to burst. The tension just got to be too much and I couldn’t hold out on any longer, my whole body went rigid then convulsed in waves of orgasm. I gasped and took in great lungs full of air as my body slowly went limp from all the pleasure and tension it had just released.

Emma looked down on me with smirk of victory written all over her face.

“Kim, I think you might just have enjoyed that”

“My God, that was awesome”

Emma said “Good girl” just before she lowered her lips to mine this time giving me a gentle loving kiss. She moved away slightly with her long blonde hair dangling over my forehead with just enough space so she could make eye contact.

“Now then young lady, I think once you have recovered it’s time for you to lick me again, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, I would love to”

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