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A Bar Get Together

Guy with several friends from college and he gets horny due to lesbian story and they fuck too
We were in the bar together. There were six of us and we’d been talking about anything and everything that came up in our four years of our college lives. That meant everything. As we talked of course the bar got more and more crowded and more guys walked into the bar.

You know where the conversation headed too at that point. It started focusing on what the girl’s were thinking about guys. There were three guys and three girls. As usual, in the long run, things got a little spicier as far as conversation was concerned.

Then out of nowhere she threw out the idea. Seeing as we all were a little on the drunker side of things when she brought up the subject we all stopped talking and turned our attention on her. She had been smiling when she said it. The looks on our faces said it all.

“What did you just ask us?” one of us said.

“Has anyone ever made love or played around with another girl?” the friend said again.

Nobody answered the question. Was that because no one wanted to or that no one wanted to admit to anyone else in our group that they’d had sex with a member of the same sex. Everyone, including me, looked around as they searched for someone else’s expressions to see what their answers might be.

“Well has anyone done that?” she asked again.

She looked around and waited for anyone to answer. All but two of them either lied or weren’t being honest with us. Most of us, and of course this included the three guys too, shook their heads while we waited for the girls to answer the question.

We remained quiet as we stared at the girls. Beneath the table, we discovered, they were holding hands with one another. I was asking myself if it mattered to me or not. They weren’t sure what to say as they held the other’s hand under the table. They wanted to say something but what that was they couldn’t be sure how to answer it.

Obviously they were the two who had done it with each other. In truth, I actually knew they’d done it but I’d guaranteed one of them, Allison, I would not say a word about it seeing as they were only experimenting on each other. Still I hadn’t said a word. I kept my promise to Allison as I assured her I would. She looked at me. I saw the expression on her face. She wore this guilty look and I could tell she felt guilty too.

I continued to look right at them. They knew I was looking so I asked both of them, in a real nice tone of voice, “How about you two? Have you two ever done it before?” She tried keeping the expression on her face as normal as possible and once I asked the question they happened to look one another in the eye. “Have uhhh you two ever done it before…you or Allison?” I asked. I already knew the answer so I did not need a response.

They looked at each me. They looked at each other. They gave it away when they looked down into their laps or the table. I couldn’t be sure. But for whatever reason it sure looked like as if they felt bad about it.

“Uhhh, do you feel bad about doing what you did with Allison?” I finally asked Terri, letting the cat out of the bag.

Allison finally looked at me and then Allison and Terri looked at the rest of us. Finally they looked at each other. It appeared to me as if they were still holding hands underneath the table. They looked back at me and for whatever reason they nodded their heads and Allison, it looked like, smiled a little as she did.

However, I had to know it all. I wanted to know, for my own personal reason, what it was like, to them, to make love to another girl, and I told myself I was going to ask her sooner or later. Seeing as no one else was paying any attention and everyone was back to talking openly I leaned over and whispered in Allison’s ear.

“Care to tell me what went on that night finally?” I asked her.

“No, not really,” she said as she shook her head.

“Why not?” I asked, whispering.

“I don’t know,” she told me. “I guess that was personal.”

I left it alone as we joined in on what conversation was going on. Seeing as she lived down the street about six blocks or so and seeing as we all felt pretty damn good seeing as we’d been drinking quite consistently all night. It didn’t matter. I am her good friend. I still offered to walk her home but I didn’t realize just how drunk I was, nor did she, when she said something to me as we left the bar that night.

“Alex, will you walk me home?”

“Uhhhhhh take you back to your place? Me, walk you home?” I said.

She smiled this smile which indicated to anyone else but me that she was a little on the inebriated side of things. We started walking. As we walked we walked from one side to the other. We could not seem to walk a straight line if we tried. We laughed at each other. We laughed with one another. We crisscrossed back and forth as we went back to her apartment at the complex she lived in.

Somehow we got up to her apartment. Somehow we got to the right apartment too. We knew one thing. We knew we felt good and once we were inside, and I don’t know why I went upstairs with her, but once we got to the apartment building I don’t know why I went up with her to her apartment.

We fell to the couch in her apartment. Damn, did that couch feel nice. She offered me a drink but I declined. I was as happy as a clam seeing as I knew I felt good and I watched her, closely, as she walked around the apartment and got herself a glass of water. And I studied her nice, slim, and shapely looking body.

“Have I ever told you just how sexy I think you are Allison?” I said.

She was walking back and once I said that she stopped. She smiled. “No, tell me that again,” she told me. “I don’t mind compliments. Not like that I don’t so tell me it again,” she went on to say as she stood there wobbling kind of.

So I repeated myself as she walked over and sat down on the couch, next to me. And then I asked her again what I’d asked her back at the bar. I looked at her. I looked right into her eyes. She was looking back at me. We smiled at one another. She took her glass of water and said “Here, wanna sip?” she said and she went on to add “For you Alex, anything you want.”

I took a sip and asked her to tell me what it was like for her and Terri when they got together. “You mean when she and I made love?” I said yes. “Really you want to know?”

Sitting close to her, I was shoulder to shoulder with her, and it was just then that I thought she smelled quite good in my opinion. I refocused. “Soooo what was it like? What did you two do when you two made love to each other?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said “Uhhh I don’t know. We came in here. Unlike tonight, we came in here, and we were uhhh sober. We were completely sober but we’d been talking in the past and we wanted to know what it was like to be with another girl. You know like make love to another girl?” she went on to say. She blushed but she smiled as well.

She continued. “I’m not sure for sure how it all started but we were here, on this couch, and we just sat here kind of looking at each other. Maybe we were uhhh wondering about it. I don’t know. Before I know it we were sitting here uhhh just staring into the other’s eyes and as we did we started thinking. ‘What would it feel like if I kissed her?’ So I was the one who leaned in and I kissed Terri on her lips. She pulled away. She had this look of surprise in her eyes but she said something to me.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’m not sure exactly what she said but it was something that she loved me kissing her on her lips and she asked me to kiss her again and so I did. We pulled away. That look in her eyes, and I felt odd about it all too, so I assume mine as well said to both of us we desired more of the exact same thing.”

I was feeling a little aroused but I didn’t do anything. I just listened to her. God, it was a big turn on to me listening to her story.

“But the next time we kissed each other I remember putting my arms around her body and I pulled her up against me and before we knew it we were going at each other. I loved it! I loved kissing her on her lips. I loved it a lot because I felt our tongues inside each other’s mouth already. God Alex, it was fucking hotter then ever. I mean we were kissing each other and she put her tongue inside my mouth so I did the same back to her. Can you believe it? I mean two girls kissing each other and kissing one another using their tongues too?”

I was hornier then hell as my friend Allison described her adventure with Terri. I wanted to jack off. I wanted her to reach down and feel my cock. I wanted that and soooo much more I remember telling myself.

And then I said “So you two like did other stuff too, right?”

She looked at me and then she said “Yeah but it got intimate and romantic. I don’t know if I should tell you about that.”

“Ohhhhhh come on Allison,” I said defiantly almost. “Tell me! Come on and tell me, please Allison?”

“Ohhhhhh okay,” she said.

And she proceeded with her story about what she and Terri did that night almost three weeks ago. “I stood up,” and she actually stood up, “and I took her hand in mine like this.”

And she took my hand in hers and she led me down to her bedroom. We sat down on her bed and I even got hornier then I was before.

“We sat here, like we are right now, and we started kissing again. But this time our hands started moving all over each other’s body. Now that well that felt incredibly good to me. Feeling her hands rolling over, running all over me like they were was a terrific feeling. We kissed some more but as we kissed that time somehow either my clothes or hers started to come off each other. Oh wow Alex it was like making love to another guy. I mean it. It truly felt as if me and another guy were getting it on.”

“Oh fuck Allison,” I said. “Whoa, now that does sound cool.”

“Yeah trust me. It was really cool,” she went on to say. “Our clothes seemed to be coming off. I didn’t have on a top nor did she. We were still kissing and now we were kind of pawing the others tits. She had this bra on which was a phenomenal looking bra. It was like almost, putting it in guy terms, a sexy looking bra.”

I was getting way too excited. “What did it look like?” I asked referring to Terri’s bra.

She told me. It was a sexy sounding bra with its embroidered and lace designs all over it. And if you knew Terri and if you have ever seen her in a bikini, which I have, you’d understand completely how it may basically look on her body too.

“Yeah, I guess I’d agree. Terri did look incredible in it. It aroused me, seeing her breasts sitting in that bra like they were. I ‘felt’ it too. I mean as attractive looking as they were and as horny as we’d gotten all of a sudden I knew I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to feel them and make love to them and heck yeah, I wanted to make love all over her body Alex. Wouldn’t you too?” she said.

I’m telling myself yes, yes, and heck Allison take off your clothes and I’ll show you what yes means to me. “Go on, finish your story,” I told her excitedly.

She smiled and went on to tell me the rest of it. “We were petting each other. We did it affectionately too. I loved doing it and I’ll assume she did too. With our tops off we were moving on so to speak. I leaned in and kissed her around her cleavage. She’d do the same to me. It was erotic in my opinion. But before I knew it I felt her hand down on my tummy. It was moving around and merging somewhat down into my waistband,” she went on to add.

“Ohhhhhhh my fucking God, Alex!” she exclaimed. “Knowing that her hand was down in my waistband and knowing it wanted to get down into my uhhh vagina like I’ve seen and felt before turned me on in a big, big way. I unsnapped my jeans. I opened myself up to it all. Her hand was down there and it was inside my underwear in seconds. I felt that hand and I loved how it felt when she went down inside them.”

My eyes were huge and I said “Really were you?”

“Yeah, ohhh God Alex I was burning up inside. I wanted to do anything and everything that would get me off. And I mean it. God was I fucking horny as ever. Anyway my jeans and underwear were still on me as her hand felt around my crotch. I could feel it as she rubbed me down on top of my pussy. She was rubbing it and she was pressing down on it hard Alex. I was getting soooo horny. I knew I wanted to feel her fingers on it so I stopped her fingers for a moment and we both got totally naked.”

And then I said it. “Ohhh God Allison you’re getting me soooo damn horny right now!”

“Uhhh me too Alex,” she cried out softly, “me too!”

“But she went on to say “She had one hand on my pussy again and the other on my breasts. It felt soooo damn good as she fingered and did stuff to my boobs.” Allison’s eyes were out in outer space in a manner of speaking as she recalled that day she and Terri made love to one another. She was fingering me. She was grabbing and petting my boobs. And we were trying to kiss one another too!”

I felt it in my crotch. I felt the tingling as my cock seemed to get harder.

“We’d done so much more Alex. Besides that, beside her doing my body over I started going at her pussy. I started licking out her pussy and making her feel good too. My tongue was up inside her pussy. That tasted and felt really good actually. I loved doing it and she told me afterward she loved feeling my tongue up inside her pussy too.”

“Oh God,” I cried out.

“And get this,” she went on to say. She was the one who did this first but she started ‘humping’ me sort of. She got on top of me and she started grinding out her body as if we were fucking each other. Wow was that cool and well it was exhilarating as heck! It turned me on and I know she was turned on by it too!”

I told myself that I could have easily jumped Allison’s bones right then and there. I wanted to. But I wanted to hear the very end of her story. “So what happened next?” I asked her.

“We at that point we had orgasms. We came.” I asked her what happened after that. “Well afterward we lay side by side, snuggling with one another, but we played around a little too. But as we laid there she and I made a promise. We would never tell anyone we made love to one another. And for the most part we haven’t.”

“Ohhhhhh God Allison,” I said to my college buddy. “That story is a story for the ages. I mean I would never have thought you and any other girl would have ever done that before.”

And with that I went on to tell her the truth.

“But Allison to be honest with you I’m as horny as they come. After hearing that story I could easily, and I mean easily, make love to you,” I told her.

“I know,” she replied. “Tell you what Alex. Take off your shoes. Take off your pants.” As she’s saying this to me I’m thinking we’re going to have sex right now but she went on to say “Let’s see how we feel in the morning and if we’re up to it maybe we can lay around and make love to one another. How does that sound?”

And then she did one more thing that night. She leaned in and Allison smiled and kissed me on my cheek. “The idea right now sounds great Alex but honestly I’m way too tired for sex so let’s sleep on it. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to make love with you. Good night Alex,” she went on to say and with that her jeans and shoes came off.

And I laid there beside her on her bed and I stared at her around her waistline. I thought about what was going to happen to her and I in the morning. Yes I did. I knew I couldn’t wait to be with her for the very first time.

The next morning we made love. It was slow, soft, and intense. Thankfully, according to Allison, it was romantic as could be! I know I loved and enjoyed being with her romantically like we were. She told me she loved all of it too!

Am I a God? No I am not. I was simply lucky to be there with her that day. Later, she asked me to go out for another date with her. I said I’d love to. With that we had breakfast together. I made breakfast for us. To top it all off I even cleaned up too.

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